Daddy’s Little Virgin

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When I was thirteen I started noticing my daddy in a different way. The way he walked, talked, and even slept seemed to become more sexy to me than ever. It was when I was 16 and I had my first boyfriend, that I decided no man was grateful enough to take my innocence except my daddy.

I knew he would never do it, but I always tried to be more sexy when he would see me. I started dressing in tight little clothes and sometimes just some underwear. I noticed he would watch me as I walked down the halls a little more.

When I turned 18, I knew I could finally get what I wanted. But I had to plan it out perfectly…


I was 15 when I had my daughter, Shy. Her mother and I had hooked up once, and the next thing I knew, I’m a dad. It happened way too fast, and the mother took off the day she gave birth to Shy. I had raised Shy by myself and I love her more than anything.

When my daughter turned 15, I started noticing her developing curves, I didn’t think anything of it, because I knew it was natural. But it was when she turned 16, I really couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She has beautiful, size C boobs, curvy hips, tight abs, and a plump butt. I tried not to think of her but I couldn’t help it. But I knew I tandoğan escort couldn’t act on these thoughts, that would be wrong.

When she turned 18, I thought about trying to seduce her, tie her up or something, but the thought of her reaction always stopped me….


I had planned on a Friday night, my daddy always sits at home and watches TV until he passes out. I am usually out with friends, but tonight was going to be a surprise.

I had placed everything just right before I left the house. I put the candles in the right place, my lingerie laid out on my bed for when I got home. I went out to the club, where I had my friends buy my shots. I was a bit drunk when I got home, and stumbled threw the door. I was scared I might have awoken my daddy, but when I went to the living room he was still passed out, I went upstairs and let my long brown hair fall down loose. I slipped on the lingerie and got a lighter.

I crept down stairs and lit all the candles, and turned off everything else. He was slouching on the couch, fast asleep. I walked over to him, and crouched down to his crotch. I unzipped his pants and took out his cock…


I tunalı escort awoke to a slight tugging, still drowsy so I didn’t know what to think of it. I dozed for about five minutes of tugging and I started to feel aroused. Without looking I slid my hand to my cock, but someone’s hands where already on it. I looked down to see my own daughter, with my cock in her hands. I didn’t say anything at first, I was quite shocked, but then it hit me.

“SHY! What are you doing?!?!? This is so wrong!”

But she kept on working my now hard dick. I didn’t know what to do, so I just let her.

“God,” I thought, “there she is, my own daughter, rubbing my cock.” And it felt so good! I decided to take matters into my own hands.

“Shy, why don’t you come up here and sit down, Daddy wants to show you something.” She got up and sat down right beside me.

I got on my knees and looked at her, she was wearing some black lingerie, and it looked so damn good on her! I couldn’t help but rip it off and dive fast first into her tight little mound. She moaned and squirmed and soon I felt her hips start bucking, I knew she was coming.

I stuck my finger inside her slopping wet cunt and started fist pounding her. She was türbanlı escort yelling and screaming and couldn’t control herself. When her orgasm died I picked her up and laid her on the ground…


My plan had worked! My daddy was shoving his face in my pussy and it felt sooo good! I started feeling really really good. I didn’t know what was happening and all of a sudden I felt it, my first orgasm! I couldn’t help but let my body loose. OOOH it felt so good! I was thrusting and kicking and I was pretty sure I could break my daddy’s nose with my hips.

Then my daddy got me and put me on the floor. He got on top of me and started grinding on me.

“Are you sure this is okay baby?” He said. “We can stop if you want”

“No daddy! I want you and I want you now. I always knew you would be my first.”


“Yes daddy, my first. Your going to be the one to explore my very depth first.”

With that he got his cock and started thrusting it in me, and it hurt a little at first, but then it started feeling very good. My daddy was deep inside me, and I loved it! He started going wild and bucking and bucking and I knew we were both going to come. I felt my cunt start throbbing and then it hit me. I came and came and came some more, but then I felt my daddy coming.

“IM COMING!!! OH MY GOD I AM COMING!!” my daddy yelled.

When he was done he flopped beside me on the floor, I turned to him and kissed his cheek. And we drifted to sleep together, both fully satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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