Dainty Daphne Ch. 02

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You don’t NEED to read part one to enjoy this part, but it might be it’s there to read if you want. This chapter may seem a bit long but I didn’t want to break it in two and leave you with another chapter of no “full on” sex and I didn’t want to skimp on character development.


“Daddy, your little girl’s never had a man’s cock inside her pussy.”

That’s what my 18-year-old stepdaughter Daphne said to me, I was sure of it. There I was, my 6’2″ 240 lb frame naked on top of her tiny delicate body, kissing my way down toward her thick red bush. I was acutely aware of every inch of her five foot, 85 lb body against mine. She shivered in anticipation. She clearly had SOME experience, she’d just put on quite a cocksucking performance…making me cum in no time, begging me to spunk on her face then scooping it all up and swallowing it. Had she really just said that?

“Daph…baby…what did you just say?” I looked up from her tummy, over her tiny tits with their beefy, always hard nipples and into her big green eyes.

She ran her fingers through my hair affectionately and looked away, almost as if she regretted saying it. “I…I said…”

I waited a moment not wanting to do or say the wrong thing, then gave her a series of delicate little kisses just above her pubic hair. “Daphne, what’s wrong? You can tell me whatever it is. We can stop if–“

“Don’t you dare!” She giggled as she playfully pulled my face down against the pale, silken skin of her lower stomach. “It’s not that. I want this, I’ve wanted this so long and so bad…it’s just…” She took a deep breath and sighed, resigning herself to repeating herself. “I’ve never had a boy…you know…INSIDE me.”

There it was, I had heard correctly the first time, my little Daphne was a virgin. I just looked up at her, lost for words, almost having to force myself to keep breathing. This was a big deal in a girl’s life, in my own dating “career” I’d been with my share of sexually messed up women and many times it was obviously connected to losing their virginity to some idiot or some predator. Not my baby girl, she had saved herself for the right time. And the right man? Was I the right man to usher her into womanhood?

Suddenly, she rolled onto her side away from me and pulled her knees up to her chest, unintentionally shoving her gorgeous little heart-shaped ass in my direction. “It’s okay…never mind, I understand. You don’t want to, I get it. Why would a guy like you want to be with a stupid girl like me who doesn’t know anything? I don’t–“

“Daphne, stop!” I crawled up and kissed the milky white fleshy of her firm round ass cheek. “I’m GLAD you’ve waited! I’m a little blown away you waited for ME, but I’m glad you didn’t just throw it away on some dipshit under the bleachers.” She tried to stifle a little laugh, I dropped my head down and kissed her sexy ass again, this time much lower. My soft beard brushed against her delicate tufts of pussy hair and she quivered. “I’m not turned off because you’re a…a…”

“Say it, daddy.”

“Because you’re a…virgin. It’s just that I feel this is important and I don’t want to rush into it.”

“Rush?!? I’ve been 18 for, like, EVER!”

“Yeah, well, you’ve only been an insanely sexy WOMAN for about 20 minutes! At least in my eyes. I’m not exactly prepared here.”

She lifted her one leg and moved it to the other side of my head, presenting her sweet pink pussy inches from my suddenly salivating mouth. “Honest, daddy? You really want to fuck me?”

I smiled and gave her a wink, her eyes widened and a huge playful smile broke out across her face. “Now…” I kissed her inner thigh. “…tell daddy…” I kissed lower, as impossibly close to her delicate flower as I could without actually touching it. “…what you want him to do next.”

“Oh, daddy! I want you to eat my pussy, daddy! Oh, please!” She poured on the little girl act just a bit, it was adorable…and SEXY.

I lowered my mouth toward her eager pussy and let my hot, moist breath flow out over the sensitive skin. She wriggled her hips just slightly and let out a little pouty moan, she was anxious for me to move things along. With the tip of my tongue I lightly traced along the line where he outer lips met, up and then down. As a lightly licked upward again I probed in a bit further and her wet little cunt lips opened themselves to me. It was so pink and a little trickle of her juices trickled out, I loved the sweet muskiness of her tight, hot little sex. I laid down on my stomach, my raging cock pressing into the mattress and got comfortable between her legs. With fingers from both hands I gently pulled her pussy open. It was a thing of beauty…pink and moist and pulsing with lust. I could not believe how small her opening was, it looked as though my finger would be a snug fit let alone my cock. The tip of my tongue poked and teased, licking around the newly exposed surfaces, carefully avoiding her clit.

Suddenly, bostancı escort bayan I pressed my face to her tiny cunt, probing my tongue deeply into her. Her entire body tensed, she clenched the sheets in both fists and she drew in a huge gulp of air and held it a moment. “Oh, GOD, daddy,” she she slowly whined as she exhaled. “Eat my pussy, daddy. Oh, fuck! Yeah, just like that, daddy.” She released her grip on the sheets and grabbed the hair on the sides of my head, pulling me even tighter against her sopping wet cunt and grinding it against my face. “FUCK! I didn’t know this could feel so good. It never felt THIS good before!”

I pulled my face up from feasting on her pussy. “Before? Who did this before?”

“Jesus, daddy, don’t STOP!” She crammed my face into her sex again. “Mmmmm…yeah, fuck yeah, daddy. Only two people have eaten my pussy before.”

My curiosity piqued, I pulled back just enough to ask, “who,” before plunging back into her.

“OoOoOoOohhh…fuck! My daddy knows what he’s doing. Hahaha!” She laughed dreamily. “So much better than Tony, daddy. Tony was fucking worthless. He didn’t know what to do and he only did it long enough to turn me on enough to suck his dick. BOTH TIMES!”

I quickly repositioned myself on the bed and grabbed her legs, pushing her ankles up toward her head. She wrapped her arms around and hugged her legs tight, eager for my hot tongue to plunge back into her little pussy. “So, only two times with Tony…that’s it,” I asked before giving her what she wanted.

“That was it for him!” She laughed again then threw her head back and moaned again. “At least Annie knows how to make me cum…but she could learn some things from you, daddy.”

Annie? Sweet little Annie who was always dragging Daphne to church when she spent the weekend at her house. Annie and my virgin stepdaughter were lovers. The world was a very, very different place than it had been when I’d gone to bed that night. I wondered what else Annie was up to, but that would be a topic for another time.

It was clear Daphne was getting close to cumming so I slowed down for a moment. I pulled my head back and admired the view I had…her dripping wet virgin pussy, thick, deep red pubic hair matted with her juices and my saliva and down below her perfect little asshole. I followed a trickle of pussy juice with my tongue from her cunt down to it and she sighed her appreciation. I rubbed her pussy with one hand while I kissed, licked and sucked at her pucker.

“Mmmmmm…Annie does that too, daddy.” My loins twitched again, I couldn’t help but half hump the bed. I was so turned on. “Is that bad, daddy? OoOoOoOohhh…is it bad that Annie licks my asshole, daddy?”

“No, baby, it’s okay. It’s better than okay…knowing that makes daddy even harder.”

“That makes me happy, daddy, I want to be a good girl for you. I like to make your cock hard, daddy. Is it okay that I let her stick her fingers in my ass, daddy? I hope so, cuz I really liked it.”

I knew right then we’d be having a long, hot conversation about Annie sometime in the near future. I moved my mouth back to her cunt and rubbed at her butthole with a spit-slicked thumb. She moaned like crazy when I pushed into into her ass just up to the first knuckle. I pushed harder, just until it popped inside. She groaned with a little discomfort but after a moment she started rocking back and forth trying to butt fuck her herself on my thumb.

“Mmmmm…use your fingers, daddy. Your fingers are longer.”

I was happy to oblige. I rubbed two fingers in the slippery juices of my little girls tiny pussy without putting them inside her to get them lubricated. As I placed them at the opening of her ass she spread her legs wide, still holding her ankles up near her head, and peered down as if trying to see my fingers enter her. I pushed both fingers slowly in at once, her asshole was tight, there was resistance, but it was obvious she and Annie had played this game more than once. She groaned and whimpered but easily allowed herself to accept my fingers. She rolled her hips as fast as she could manage, fucking her perfect ass on my fingers. She moaned from deep inside herself, I could feel the vibration of it all through her body. I looked up at her, her eyes were closed and her mouth open wide in a grimace. She held her legs with one arm now, freeing the other hand to pinch and pull at her long, thick nipples.

“Oh, god! Oh, daddy! I’m such a bad girl! I don’t want you to be mad, daddy, but–” She paused, interrupting herself with an animalistic groan. “I don’t want you to take my pussy, not yet. I want your big dick in my ass, daddy. Fuck me! Fuck my ass like I’m a bad little slut, daddy!”

If I had touched my cock at that moment I would have cum instantly, I even had to raise my hips up off the bed to prevent the soft bedding from kickstarting a cum explosion. “Are you sure, baby? It’s going to hurt…have you had anything other than fingers in your ass?”

“Annie has a little ümraniye escort strap-on cock, daddy. We’ve fucked each others ass with it a few times, but it’s not much bigger than your two fingers. I don’t care, daddy! I don’t care if it hurts! I want you big daddy cock in my ass! I want you to fuck my butt, daddy. I want all that hot, sticky cum inside my little ass! I’m your fucking slut, daddy! Only you, daddy! Please…PLEASE…get your lovely dick in my butt!”

I pulled my fingers out of her suddenly, she gasped and whined. With no effort whatsoever, I pulled her to the edge of the bed and spun her round so that her head was hanging off the edge. I stepped forward straddling her head and rested my throbbing cock on her chest. She lifted her head and began to lovingly lick my heavy balls while reaching up with one hand to stroke my shaft. I rubbed both of her tiny titties and pulled at her long, fat nipples making her squeal….causing the most amazing sensation on the ball she had cradled in her pretty mouth. I ran my hands slowly down her, gliding on the thin film of sweat that glistened over her curves until my fingers found their way to her clit. Again she moaned around one of my balls and lifted her hips up to rub her love button against my fingertips, she stroked my dick faster.

Suddenly I grabbed both of her round little hips and stood up straight, holding her upside down, lifting that hairy red bush to my hungry mouth. She screamed with surprised, my nut popped from her mouth…it hurt slightly but not enough to kill the mood. The scream turned to youthful giggles as I wrapped one arm around her waist and held her pussy to my face. I breathed deep the scent of young, wet pussy as my other hand grabbed a fistful of her hair and forced her mouth all the way down onto my cock. She gagged and giggled then started pistoning her head on my dick like a demon. I pushed my face into her pussy, my tongue diving deep and exploring it’s soft, wet insides. She gushed with juice, I don’t think I’d ever seen a cunt so wet. I buried my face in her, she squealed around my cock again, her juices covered my lips and soaked my beard and mustache.

With my free hand I reached up and slapped her round little ass, she whined at me. I did it again, twice, she whined again and struggled to speak around my raging cock. A few more times, a little harder, her pale white flesh was now red and rosy. I threw her onto the bed, spinning her in midair so she landed face up. She looked at me, suddenly a bit stunned and overwhelmed. She panted in excitement, her chest rising up and down quickly, her fat nipples rising and falling, she reached down with one hand and began to sink and delicate finger into her sopping wet snatch as she stared into my eyes.

“Tell daddy what you want, Daphne.”

She smiled and looked up at me coyly, putting on a shy girl face. When she spoke, her voice was soft and innocent, playing up her little girl persona. “I want my daddy’s dick.” She pulled one leg up to her chest and dipped her middle finger deep into her asshole. “I want my daddy’s dick right here.”

“I’m not sure you deserve it, you’ve been a very bad girl.” I grabbed one ankle and jerked it to the side to expose one butt cheek, my other hand slapped hard at it.

She pouted and looked sad and whined like a kid begging for the hot new toy. “But pleeeeease, daddy! I’ll do anything for you, daddy, just please fuck my little ass. I want to feel your fat daddy dick sliding in and out and I want you to shoot your thick white daddy cum deep inside my butt.”

I could hardly keep up the act, precum was drooling from the tip of my cock as it waved in the air between us. I wanted to fuck Daphne so bad but I knew in my current state I’d be lucky to survive three thrusts before I exploded inside her. I reached out one hand and pulled her to a seated position on the edge of the bed, her head slightly bowed she looked up at me adoringly through her tussled hair and my cock ached. I put a finger beneath her chin and raised her face toward mine and bent down until our noses almost touched.

Very softly I asked, “Are you sure, baby? Is this what you want?”

She reached her hands to both sides of my face and looked me deep in the eyes, they little girl act was gone. She looked at me very seriously and smiled slightly. “God yes, this is a what I want. This is what I’ve always wanted. Daddy, I want to be yours forever.”

She gave me a very firm kiss, her soft lips against mine, it was ripe with heartfelt emotion. I pulled away and looked at her. She smiled up at me, not with playful lust this time but with genuine love. We just stared at each other for a moment.

I tenderly stroked her cheek with the back of my fingers, she closed her eyes and smiled. “Okay, Daph, daddy’s baby girl always gets what she wants.” I kissed her again and smiled. “I want you to stay right here and play with that hot little asshole and get ready for me. I’ll be right back.”

I left the room and walked down the hall, my escort kartal throbbing cock bouncing around in front of me. I went into the bathroom and splashed some water on my face. I stared at myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe what was happening. I just stared at myself and breathed trying NOT to think about the ripe young thing I would soon be thrusting myself into, I needed to “step back from the edge” if I wanted to make it last for her. I waited long enough that my cock had started to deflate a bit and headed back to my room. I was sure I heard Daphne speaking in a hushed tone but as I stepped into the room I discovered she was actually just sort of singing softly to herself. Her hand shot under one of the pillows but I thought nothing of it at the time. I stood, leaning against the doorframe and admired her, smiling at the unbelievable new direction life was taking.

She looked at me and then giggled uncomfortably. “What are you staring at?”

“The most beautiful girl I’ve even been with.”

“Oh shut up! You don’t have to say that stuff, you already have me naked in your bed. I’m too short, my tits are too small, I’m too pale, I have a zillion freckles and I have these giant monster-freak nipples.”

“Stop it.” My tone was so serious it surprised us both for a second. “I won’t hear you talking yourself down. You ARE beautiful. You’re a dream, baby. You’re every fantasy I had since puberty. I want you to be with me as long as you can stand it, when I’m old and fat it will break my heart when you finally wise up and find yourself a young stud.” I don’t know where it came from, it’s not like I rehearsed it, but every world was true.

She sprang up off the bed and bounced to me the way you’d expect an excited 18 year old to do. She jumped up and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately, her little feet dangling more than a foot off the floor. She pulled her face back far enough to look me in the eye, “When you’re old and fat I’ll just have to do all the work.”

She giggled and dropped to the floor, grabbed me by the cock and led me toward the bed. She released me and slowly climbed onto the bed, sexily swaying her ass around. Her hot, pink little asshole looked so inviting, as did the fiery red pussy hair puffing out below it. I slowly stroked myself as she placed a finger into her mouth, slowly sucking it in and out and leaving it slathered in her spit. She smiled at me as she reached back and toyed with her puckered butthole then suddenly sunk it into herself. Her eyes fluttered and she smiled, she was so very ready.

In an instant I was on top of her tiny body pressing her flat against the mattress, my eager cock laying cradled between her butt cheeks. I let most of my weight push down on her, making her moan and gasp for breath, as I reached into my nightstand for a tube of lubricant. I lifted her up onto her knees, her ass in the air and dove in with my tongue. Between her fingers and mine her tight little pucker had loosened just a little and I could get my wriggling wet tongue deeper than before. I moaned my excitement and she responded by reaching back, grabbing a fistful of my hair and shoving my face harder into her crack. I pulled away and gave a her ass a little slap which made her giggle.

“I can’t wait anymore, daddy.”

I smiled and smeared a glob of lube onto my finger and spread it all over, and then into, her puckered hole. She looked back over her shoulder, her eyes darting between mine and the the hand slathering my rigid shaft with lube. She was excited and scared, I couldn’t tell from her expression if she wanted to attack my cock or run like hell. I shuffled up close behind her on my knees, she wiggled her ass at me in anticipation. The fat head of my manhood slid up and down the crack of her butt, finally I grabbed my dick and positioned the head against her butthole. She held her breath. But I suddenly had an idea and pulled away, causing her to expel and whining sigh and look at me almost angrily. I jumped up and moved the large floor-length dressing mirror from across the room to right near the edge of the bed, then positioned her so she was facing it and got up behind her again.

She smiled approvingly. “Dirty, dirty daddy,” she teased then stuck her tongue out at me.

I simply smiled and returned my cock head to the opening of her young practically virgin ass. I pushed but her hole denied me, I pushed harder and Daphne let out a low, guttural moan. In the mirror I could see the fear on her face. “Are you SURE about this, baby,” I asked as I kept trying to push my way inside her.

“UNNH! Umm…” her voice quivered, “ow…oooohhh…y-yes, daddy, I’m…unnnnhh…totally sure.”

One hand keeping my dick on target, I took the other off her hip and reached forward to grab her shoulder. Gradually pushing harder and harder, not wanting to hurt her but knowing I was going to. I felt her tight ring loosen just a little and pushed suddenly harder. The fat head and first inch of the shaft were suddenly inside her tight little tunnel. Daphne threw her head forward, her shoulders suddenly slumped. “UNNNHH!! Fuck! Stop!” Instantly I pulled my cock from her tiny, perfect ass but before I could say anything she shouted somewhat incredulously, “No-no-no! I said STOP not TAKE IT OUT!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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