Daisy’s Disgrace Pt. 39

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The girl in front of Daisy had rolled over onto her back and was still masturbating, rubbing her clit less than a foot from her face. She had even draped her long legs over Daisy’s shoulders. But as close as she was, neither she nor the men standing around seemed to have heard her plea.

“Please,” she said, louder this time. “I need to pee. Please let me use the toilet.”

Someone laughed. “Hey, the bitch needs to piss.”

“Then piss! You’re gonna be squirting much worse out of your ass in a minute!”

Daisy immediately regretted asking. She had known what the answer would be, but somehow, as desperate as she was, she couldn’t bring herself to just start pissing. Not here, not in front of a load of strangers. They had put nasty things in her ass and ordered her to shit out whipped cream, but they hadn’t ordered her to piss. She was a good girl who didn’t just pee wherever she felt like it. She had some dignity, after all.

But not anymore. Now that they had told her to do it, Daisy felt somewhat less self-conscious. And if she were honest, she couldn’t have stopped herself anyway. The first squirt splattered between her knees. The second, more forceful and urgent, sprayed backward, splattering between her feet. She felt the droplets on her skin as she groaned with relief. The cheering of the crowd came as little surprise, but she did not expect several men to whip out their half-hard cocks and begin to piss along with her. Well, not with her so much as on her.

One pissed in her hair. The other directed his stream on her ass, and even on her pussy, elicting a few irritated exclaimations of “Hey, get your nasty piss out of there. I’m jerking off to that!” Daisy blushed hard, knowing that someone was so aroused by her public urination that he was actually touching himself. Although the realization made her want to finish quickly, she couldn’t push too hard without expelling the nozzle and the liquid in her bowels as well. It took several minutes to completely empty her bladder.

Abruptly one woman hiked up her skirt in front of Daisy, her ass pointed towards her, and reached back to spread her pussy lips. The stream of urine hit Daisy in the face, and she spluttered and gasped. At least, she thought to herself as the girl finished, the whipped cream had been washed off her face.

The woman giggled with delight, and she received congratulations all around. By now, nearly all the women had pulled their tits out of their gowns (or they had been pulled out), and to Daisy it seemed a rather common practice for the men around any particular woman to grope and fondle her bare breasts without preamble. This woman’s tits were particularly shapely and very full, with luscious pink nipples that received near-constant attention. Having pissed on the slave’s face, she was for the moment the belle of the ball, and a knot of men gathered around her. Some patted her bottom, several kissed her, many groped her tits almost casually. One slipped his hand between her thighs, fondling her pussy through the thin fabric of her gown. She stopped giggling and moaned.

Daisy watched the woman stumble backward until she fell onto a couch, hiking up her skirt so that the man could continue to touch her unimpeded by any clothing. This was a pleasant distraction for Daisy from the growing discomfort in her bowels, and she concentrated on the way the man rubbed her clit with his thumb, the way he used his tongue as he eased his fingers into the girl’s pussy. There was something vaguely familiar about his movements, and Daisy frowned, trying to work out why this sex act seemed to jog her memory. It was arousing, certainly, and when the woman began to scream, liquid squirting from her twat, Daisy smiled.

Then something shifted inside her, and she groaned. “Ugh, it’s gonna come out,” she moaned, again to no one in particular.

There were a few guests still standing around her, although several had joined the couple on the couch to watch. One of those who stood nearby commented, almost disinterestedly, “Don’t release it until we tell you, or you’re in trouble.”

The nozzle only just now slid out of Daisy’s asshole, and she strained to hold the warm water inside. “I’m so full,” she moaned.

The man knelt down beside her. “I know,” he said soothingly, stroking her belly-even with her bladder empty, she still looked five months pregnant. “You look so lovely. When you’re 8 months pregnant, maybe even 9 months, you’ll be even sexier. And when you are, I’m going to ruin that pussy.”

Daisy turned, startled, but saw only the masked face of a stranger. He was smiling. She did not smile back. She turned, focusing again on the couple in front of her who were now actually having sex, and tried to forget the sensation in her bowels, the strange man beside her, and the fact that in a few months, she would have a belly much larger than the one she did now.

The enema exploded quite suddenly, and without warning.

One moment, Daisy was watching a man grope those large, shapely kartal escort tits and pound his partner’s pussy into the couch, and the next, she was screaming and liquid was squirting at an unreasonable velocity from her already weakened anus.

No one had told her it was time, or had given her permission, but Daisy couldn’t have cared less. She was only aware of the sensation of emptying her bowels in front of complete strangers, not into a toilet or a bucket, but directly behind her, onto the floor of a stranger’s house, while she knelt utterly naked in a puddle of piss and breast milk. Tears streamed unchecked down her face, both from humiliation and relief. She could hear the splatter of liquid above the roar of the guests that still surrounded her. Others hurried over to observe the debacle.

“Holy shit! Couldn’t she wait to like, use the toilet?”

“Guess her asshole was too loose.”

“That’s what she gets for taking these fucking balls up her butt!”

Someone held an object in front of her face. Daisy’s eyes grew wide as she took in the sheer size of the toy, a mini basketball, the size of an orange. That had been in her ass-no, six of those had been in her ass. Amid her horror, Daisy felt just the tiniest twinge of pride. Her father, she imagined, would have been proud as well.

The enema was beginning to slacken, although she knew she still had some left. As the spray slowed to a trickle, she heard her anus make a wet, gurgling noise as a bit of trapped air escaped the loose hole. Then, after another cramp in her bowels, she squirted out another load. Daisy didn’t want to know what was coming out of her; she hoped it was all water. She hadn’t felt anything solid, but her asshole was so loose that she couldn’t be sure.

At last it seemed she was mostly empty. The crowd seemed to lose interest, at least in what was coming out of her. Someone rolled her over onto her back, and she lay on the cold, wet floor, unresisting, as a man climbed on top of her. She was so exhausted, so humiliated, so lonely, she didn’t really mind what happened to her now. Even when she felt the stranger’s cock bury itself in her pussy, she didn’t protest. She took it, thrust after thrust, half-asleep with her eyes half closed. His hands were on her tits, groping and squeezing the swaying, jiggling flesh. These sensations were vaguely familiar, and she was reminded of her father, the way he had fucked her the few times they had been together. She wondered where he was, and whether he missed her at all. She wondered whether he would be disgusted with her for being such a slut in front of so many strangers.

She felt the man on top of her tense, and then he was emptying his load into her pussy. It didn’t matter, she thought, being that she was already pregnant, but she would have at least hoped that these strangers would use protection. Then suddenly he was leaning down to kiss her, and Daisy’s eyes snapped open. She knew that kiss, that smell, that taste. When at last the stranger pulled away and she could speak again, she looked up into his face.


He waited until the rest of the guests had finally filed out, adjusting their clothes and collecting their belongings, before her father picked her up off the floor. Exhausted as she was, Daisy stood obediently as he bathed her the same way Lydia had earlier that day. She was relieved to be clean once again, but she was so tired she wouldn’t have hesitated to fall asleep in her own filth.

“What are you doing here?” she asked sleepily.

Her father smiled at her. “Having a little fun. I haven’t seen my daughter in ages. Are you complaining?”

“No,” Daisy said softly, then paused. “What is this place? Who are these people?”

“They’re associates of your friend Shawna,” her father explained as he ran the sponge across the broad expanse of Daisy’s breasts.

“Ex-friend,” Daisy corrected. She was surprised at the way her body responded to her father’s familiar touch in ways it hadn’t to others.

“Ex-friend,” her father agreed. “She does a lot of shoots here. You participated in one this morning.”

Daisy’s eyes widened. “That was recorded?”

“Of course,” her father said calmly, using his hand to lather up her fleshy cunt. “Oh, I’ve missed this.”

“Who was filming?!” Daisy demanded, trying to ignore the way her pussy responded to his caress.

“There are security cameras all over that patio, and several guys filming from inside the house, and through the fence. It’s meant to be very voyeur-ish.”

Daisy smirked. “I hope I get royalties for that performance.”

“Oh, you’ll be paid,” her father replied, smiling. He was beginning to rinse her, tipping large bucketfuls of warm water over her skin. Soap flowed down her body and into the drain, leaving her wet and clean. He leaned forward and sucked on a large, stiff nipple. He seemed to be swallowing, and Daisy colored, realizing he was drinking her milk.


But of course he didn’t stop, not until maltepe escort bayan he was satisfied. At last the nipple popped out of his mouth, swollen and red. “Fucking delicious. C’mon, little girl, let’s get you out of here.”

He wrapped her in a large, plush towel and led her off the dais. Once she was dry, he let her dress, giving her a pretty white sundress and matching white sandals. The dress was fairly tight, and the fabric too thin to conceal her nipples, but Daisy didn’t care. She followed her father obediently out through the door and up the stairs. They encountered no one as they walked down the hallway and out the front door to her father’s waiting car.

“Where are we going?”

The night air was cool, and Tom could almost see Daisy’s nipples hardening. They strained against the thin cotton of the dress, distracting him. He struggled to keep his eyes on the road.

“Home,” he said simply.

“Where’s Mom? Won’t she be upset?”

Tom was silent for a moment. Then, quietly, he said, “Your mother is taking some time apart.”

Daisy gasped, as he knew she would. “What? Why??”

“Well, I think she’s been unhappy for awhile,” he explained carefully. “As have I. And,” he added, glancing over at his daughter, “I think she suspects more than she lets on.”

“About us?”

Tom nodded. He wasn’t disappointed that his wife had left him, if that’s what she was actually doing. He expected she would return eventually and try to work things out, but he wasn’t particularly concerned either way. He was just excited to have his daughter back with him.

When they got to the house, he led his daughter up to his bedroom. She was still so beautiful. Her belly had only the slightest curve, and it was possible he was only imagining that. On the bed, he ordered her to pull her tits out of the dress, which she did. Tom admired her jugs for a moment, too perky and taut for their enormous size, and for such a small girl. He leaned down and sucked on one nipple, briefly, to get it wet, then placed a cylinder over the long, fat nub. He did the same with the second before engaging the pump.

Daisy squealed. “What-“

Tom chuckled. “Does it feel different?”

His daughter looked up at him, alarmed, and nodded. “It’s…oh, it’s nice.”

He smiled. “This pump is designed to actually suck the milk out of these beautiful teats. Look, the lines feed to a reservoir over there.” On the bedside table, the chilled container awaited his daughter’s milk.

She blushed, prettily as always. “I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be. Your body is doing exactly what it should be doing.” As he said this, the first spurts of white shot out of her nipples and into the cylinder, which fed into the tubes. Daisy gasped, and then let out a long exhale.

Tom slid his hand up the short white skirt and ran a finger lightly down the length of her pussy, just barely stroking the lips. They were brimming with juice. “Good girl,” he murmured, and pushed up the hem of the dress to expose her.

The cup he put over her twat was much larger than any they had used before. Less of a tube and more of a bowl, it widened her immediately, letting her flesh expand outward as well as upward. Daisy let out a moan this time, and her hips bucked as if she were trying to rut against something. “Oh, Dad, that feels good.”

“Good, because it looks fucking nasty,” he said cruelly, observing the inflated purple bulge through the clear glass. “I’m going to let that pump run on and off all night. We’ll see how pretty you look in the morning.”

Once he was dressed for bed, he crawled in next to his daughter. He didn’t want to disturb the connections or the seal on her nipples and pussy, so he didn’t touch her. Instead, he stared at her distorted body, at the swollen pussy and the nipples being sucked again and again into the tubes, at the milk that squirted out now with each pump. He jerked off slowly, luxuriously, and when he came, he splattered his cum all over his daughter’s tits. She was asleep by now, and he smiled down at her peaceful face, imagining what was in store for her in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Daisy’s belly was beginning to show.

At first she thought it was only that she had eaten too much, or wasn’t getting enough exercise. But deep inside her, she knew what was happening.

Other physical changes were occurring as well. Her father pumped her nipples and pussy every night, and they were growing bigger. Daisy could no longer remember what she had looked like before this whole thing with her father had begun. Even so, these most recent changes alarmed her sometimes, but she was so relieved to be at home safe with her dad that she didn’t object. She had trouble walking sometimes with so much flesh bulging between her legs, but she learned to ignore it, to just let it wiggle back and forth between her thighs. When she wasn’t naked, her father insisted she wear bikinis that wedged themselves between her fat lips so escort pendik that her flesh spilled out on either side. He would make her wear these all day, and when he came home at night, he would make her sit on his face so he could lick her swollen labia without removing them. When she was allowed to take them off before bed, he often kept them. He would smell them in front of her, inhaling her scent directly from the gusset. She would always blush, thinking how awful they must smell, but her father seemed to like it.

Daisy’s belly was also growing, slowly but noticeably. After the first month at home, she could no longer suck her stomach in flat. When she reluctantly relaxed her muscles, it bulged out in front of her as if she’d eaten a rather large meal. Her father praised her and stroked her belly, reassuring her that she was beautiful and sexy. He continued to pump her nipples and pussy so that they grew along with her expanding waist. Her nipples were so long now that when she wore a tight shirt, they were forced to bend, pressed lengthwise against her breasts. When she was permitted to wear a pair of boyshorts, there was always a gap between her body and the gusset as it strained to contain her bulging pussy.

Daisy was amazed by the difference created by the two different cups. The cylinder created a cute, round bulge, while the wider cup created more of a swollen oval. Daisy didn’t like this one as much, as it seemed to distort her lips, making her pussy appear almost monstrous. But her father used both cups fairly equally, and she grew accustomed to seeing the large expanse of fat flesh between her still-slim thighs. What she wasn’t accustomed to was the bulge above her mound. Her belly seemed larger every time she looked at it, so Daisy focused on her pussy instead.

She had learned to love her fat cunt, often spending hours (not always voluntarily) staring at the swollen flesh in a hand mirror while she or her father fucked it with some toy or another. She loved how much pink there was, all the little ripples and folds of flesh, and she particularly enjoyed the way her father seemed to like it. Some evenings he would spend an hour just stroking it, or (if he had used the cylinder) jiggling it back and forth between his thumb and forefinger. Occasionally he would suck the swollen lips into his mouth, testing them gently with his teeth. He liked to spank her fleshy cunt until it was bright red, then pump it for another twenty minutes until it had turned purple again. Once the cup came off, he would spank her again, making Daisy squeal and cry out.

They practiced a lot, too, for what Daisy presumed would be the birth.

One night, her father brought a bench into the bedroom and set it up in front of the door. When she knelt on the bench on her hands and knees, her pussy lined up perfectly with the doorknob. Her father pushed the door open until the knob buried itself inside her massively swollen cunt. Daisy was so loose by now that it didn’t even hurt, and she moaned as he pushed the door back and forth, fucking the large knob in and out of her pussy. He even turned the knob so that it twisted inside her. All the while, her father told her what a slut she was, allowing him to use her in the most obscene ways, penetrating her body with bizarre objects never intended for such purposes-yet here she was getting off on it. Daisy could only kneel on the bench, aware that he was correct. She wasn’t fighting him or begging him to stop. If she had been honest with herself, she didn’t even want him to stop, except that his words were so terribly cruel.

Other nights, Daisy was forced to sit on the corner post of her father’s bed until gravity forced the massive knob up into her cunt. She had had to force it the first time, so many weeks ago, but now it slid in fairly easily, once all her flesh was thrust out of the way. Daisy loved being filled by such a large object, and once her pussy adjusted to the enormous girth, she would bounce up and down on the knob, eager to please herself as much as her father. And he seemed pleased indeed, taking quick videos of her from all angles. He filmed her whole body, gyrating up and down, tits bouncing; from between her thighs, of her swollen twat stretched nearly to its limit; and from behind, at her ass, the knob only a shadow beneath her jiggling cheeks.

While Daisy’s father went at work, Daisy stayed at home doing chores, which inevitably included some sexual humiliation: expressing milk from her tits, pumping her pussy, inserting a large butt plug, pissing or shitting into a bucket, or simply fucking herself with increasingly larger toys. She was expected to send at least one video and one photo of these activities to her father. When he came home, he would either reward her with an orgasm, or punish her with a spanking or an enema. Afterward, he would bathe her, and then they would have dinner together. They often pleasured each other in bed before they went to sleep, though her father rarely put his cock in her pussy, as he had that night at the mansion. He would often masturbate in front of her, though sometimes he would fuck her mouth, or her ass, or even her tits, while she rubbed her clit or fingered herself. Then the pumps were attached, and they would drift off to sleep. They were happy together.

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