Dan Meets Meraina Ch. 09

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Authors Note. For those of you following the Dave and Meraina series This will be a little different. This is about Jay and Brandi, how they met.

I’ve been a gamer almost all of my life. My motto used to be any game any time any where. Which is how I came to meet Mark and Brandi. Mark and I and several others were invited to take place in a month long strategy game. We all agreed and spent several hours every night playing this game. During this time I got to know Mark. Can’t really ever say I liked him. We’re both to dominating to ever really get along well. I also got to meet Mark’s wife Kathy. Kathy really looked like a bowler but her hair was top notch. It hung in a braided pony tail all the way to bottom of her butt. Kathy and Mark had three kids together and seemed to be living the good life, until…

One day Mark shows up to game with this eighteen year old beauty. He introduced her as Brandi. She had blonde hair that was just a few inches longer than mine, and she stood a little on the small side being 5 feet 3 inches tall. She was also on the skinny side but boy did she have a rack. D cups at least. When she turned I got a good view of her bottom and it was one of those heart shaped ones I enjoy so much. But her most alluring feature were her eye’s, she had one blue eye and one brown eye.

Mark introduced Brandi as his baby sitter and she was looking for a new boyfriend. It seems his wife had caught in living the American dream…Boinking the baby-sitter. So he had to find her a new boyfriend and stop seeing her. An interesting proposition to say the least. I admit I got very lucky here. There were four of us gaming that night, one was married, one was gay and I happened to be dating a runway model at the time. So none of us were interested. Dave on the other hand was all over her.

In the ensuing months Brandi and her three year old son moved in with Dave and the two buddies he was living with. Dave was truly infatuated with her. He crashed his car into a median thinking about her, continually ran into walls and all sorts of other unique little hd porno screw-ups that never happen if your paying attention. Dave was on top of the world.

Mark became a steady fixture over at Dave’s and he got to see a lot of Brandi in that time. I never really got the feeling that it was over between those two. And then it happened. Dave and his three roommates had only one computer and each had an allocated amount of time to be on the computer. If you weren’t there when it was your turn you forfeited your time. While Dave was using his time on the computer to play an online game, Brandi came out of the bedroom in a see-through pink negligee. She walked over to Dave with every eye in the room on her and asked Dave if he’d come to bed and kindly fuck her brains out. Dave looked her over and calmly stated that his time on the computer had just started and he’d be with her in two hours.

The only reason I can think that Dave would say no is having a mental defect. But whether or not he did was a moot point for Brandi. She picked up another guy and moved out. Leaving Dave with nothing but memories of the best six months of his life.

She was with this new guy for another six months. In that time Mark became separated from his wife and filed for a divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty. Yeah he was a real piece of work. He was back to boinking the baby-sitter and his life was good. The very day his divorce was finalized he married Brandi. I should mention that because his wife didn’t file for the divorce she lost a lot of money. Mark filed and was able to get away with a very small amount of child support because he claimed his wife was trying to kill him.

In this time Dave had come to live with me, and while he wasn’t good with money our lives meshed together fairly well. We ended up living two blocks from Mark and Brandi.. They came over to game a lot.

It was at this point I found out that Brandi was a borderline Nymphomaniac. To see the guy was to want the guy. She spent a lot of time over at our place and talked to a couple brazzers porno of my girlfriends. I found this out one night when Mark and Brandi came over while Dave was at work. Brandi wanted to play a game called The great Delmoody. It’s a fun card game where you establish a social pecking order. The loser has to get drinks, shuffle the cards etc. I’ve lost the game at a restaurant and ended up footing the bill. It’s a fun game. After about a half hour of playing I’m winning Marks in the middle and Brandi has established a solid foothold on last place. I’d made her get drinks, shuffle cards and do a little cleaning. I jokingly informed her that if she lost the next hand she lost her right to be clothed and would remain naked for the rest of the night. She laughed with me and lost the next hand. Mark looked over at her and told her to obey me and strip. I admit I was really shocked. That’s not a path I would have chosen. Brandi dutifully stood up and stripped herself naked. I then made her get us both a drink because I surely needed one. Besides it was fun to watch her serve. As she was getting the drinks I asked Mark how far I could push this. He responded by telling me that as long as it included him I could do anything to her I wanted. Brandi lost the next hand and was forced to masturbate in front of us. The hand after that we both got a blow-job.

Now that blow-job was one of the more interesting ones I’ve ever had. Brandi slithered off her chair and under the table. Where she unzipped my pants and pulled out my member. I heard a little gasp, and then she enfolded me in her warm wet mouth. She had skill the first thing she did was deep-throat me, not the easiest of tasks with a small body like hers. But she had mastered the art of disabling her gag reflex. She bobbed up and down on me and then she got to the good part. The difference between a good blow-job and a great one is the tongue. She used that tongue like it was on fire. So here I am having a great blow-job and I’m looking her husband in the eye trying to keep a straight face, seks filmi When I finally came I think the erotic tension release alone made it a fantastic experience. I should mention, that good girl that she was she swallowed.

She then turned around and began to work on Mark. Mark wasn’t as concerned about maintaining decorum as I was. His eyes rolled back in his head and he began moaning immediately. I scooted back my chair so I could watch her perky little bottom. It was really cute as it bounced up and down. When she finished him off I thought he was going to slide under the table himself. He was so relaxed he couldn’t sit up straight.

She lost the next hand as well which turned out to be the final hand of the evening. As I looked over at this blonde little beauty I just couldn’t think of a way to top the last experience. She must have seen the look in my face because she asked if I’d like to do a three way with them. I glanced over at Mark and he nodded yes. I got up and got a few blankets and tossed them on the floor. I’d never done a menage a trois, so I was fairly excited about it. I was hard enough to cut diamonds as I stripped. It wasn’t until I saw Mark naked that I had second thoughts. My little buddy wasn’t so hot on that either and began to droop. Brandi knew how to fix that though and taking me in her mouth she guided me to my knees. As I knelt there she got on all fours and presented that cute little bottom to Mark. He entered her and began pumping. It was the most unique experience. I’ve already mentioned that she gave great blow-jobs. Well this was just as good with an added touch. Every time Mark pumped her in the bottom, the shock wave would revel up Brandi and up me as well. It really felt like Mark was pumping into me as we rocked back and forth. We rocked back and forth in this position for several minutes and then Mark told us that he wanted to try the shocked Blow-job as well. Brandi let go of me and obediently turned around. I tried for several minutes to enter her cute little bottom but I just couldn’t keep it up. Every time I saw her pump on Mark I drooped a little further. I finally talked Brandi into turning around again and we went another couple of minutes with Mark banging me and Brandi before we all came together. I’ve never felt anything quite like a three-way orgasm before. And I hope never to again.

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