Dana the Dancer Pt. 03

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Well, there I was in my parent’s bedroom, laying naked next to my twin sister Joanie. It was like we’d never been apart, all the old feelings we had sneaking down as 18 year olds to suck each other came back at age 40. I didn’t want it to stop. It felt so good to sleep soundly with my dick in her mouth.

I struggled to look at the dawn, to focus my eyes on the light, then on her. It took longer for her eyes to open, and gave me a fuzzy look of affection. “Hey, there,” she mumbled around my flaccid cock.

“Hey. Sleep well?”

She shook her head and spat me out. “Beautifully. You?”

“Not bad. Need to savor this while it lasts, we’re getting invaded in a couple of days.”

“Yes. How’s life out your way, Sis?”

She frowned and her eyebrows drew inward.”They’re not going to renew my contract. That’s what I get for being an adjunct professor. As well as crappy pay, no health care and no tenure. My classes are full and my evaluations are great, but they don’t care, say I’ve been there long enough, figure I’ll want a tenure track position and they don’t feel like giving me one.”

“Shit. So what’s next?”

“I’ve got no reason to stay there. There’s bound to be some openings up here, as many schools are in the KC area, I can live with Whoopsie and the folks. It’s a big house, and nobody cares. Heard much from Julie’s universe lately?”

“Got a Facebook message yesterday. Still crazy after all these years. Taking the Denver drama scene by storm, according to her, and writing some fan fiction. Thinks she’ll have a breakthrough like the 50 Shades of Grey author anytime. How she paid for Hawaii is beyond me: there’s a writer’s convention there and she’s working the exhibits.”

“Right, sure.”

“Most of her kids are backpacking in Europe, and her husband is moving through life as usual. Spends most of his time at home in the garage.”

Joanie grinned at me manically for a moment.”You wouldn’t sleep with her, would you?”

“God no! You can send me off to the funny farm if I ever talk about that seriously. As if anybody would want to get into her pants. Bill gets a nomination for sainthood for putting up with her for so long.”

We lay there and I looked at the clock. Seven o’clock, I was almost back to normal. Joanie squeezed my butt and smiled. “You still got it, Pete. I could live like this. Any chance of talking you into coming back to Missouri?”

“Don’t think so, unless my charming boss wants to give me a job close to home. I’m glad I’ve still got an apartment in St. Louis that sees me three times a year.”

“You never know what’ll happen. At least you got released to stay here for a while now. We can see how far we can stretch it.” We got up, put on some sweats and wandered down to the kitchen, where she got out some cereal. I started the coffee pot and looked outside: gray, but not threatening. We looked at the Weather Channel, disdaining any of the other morning programming. It was going to be cold but dry, no storm on the horizon for a couple of weeks.

“Has Dana been giving you much trouble?” I asked.

“No, she’s been a real trooper. Whoopsie and I have spent some quality time together the past couple of years; Mom and Dad needed a break from all that energy from time to time and sent her over a few weekends. She wore me out as well, but we got to do some shopping, went to some concerts, and talked a lot. I like her, I trust her. She’ll take care of the folks all right, once we get things set up.”

“Good. She in on all the family secrets now?”

“Oh, yes. You know, you’re her hero, she looks up to you. You’re the only one of us that’s reached out to her as far back as she can remember, treated her nicely and respected her. She would do anything for you.”

“I know.” I finished my coffee and poured another cup. “I want to run through the shower before I take my turn at the med center.”

“Let me drive you, I’ve got some errands to run, and a couple of resumes to drop off.”

“Done.” I ran through the shower, shaved and got ready, finding Joanie waiting for me at the door when I was done. We didn’t speak all the way down, and when I relieved Dana, she looked very glum. “Quiet night?” I asked her.

“Yeah. Things aren’t good, I can feel it. The doctor came by first thing and didn’t like what he saw, but he wouldn’t talk to me. The kartal escort bayan nurses all call him a damn bastard behind his back.” She looked over at the beds, and a tear crept from her eye. “They say go ahead and talk to them if you want, they might be able to hear you,” she said in a tiny voice. “I’ve been talking to them.”

“Did you get any sleep?”

“I napped a little bit, I’m OK. Where’s Joanie?”

“Running some errands, she should be home again before noon. She can take her time coming back.”

“Right.” She gave me a long hug and walked down the hallway at a normal pace, which meant she was worried.

The day was slow: there wasn’t much on TV, and I spent a fair amount of time just looking at my parents. I was amazed they were still alive, but I couldn’t tell anything from the monitors other than they each had a pulse and were breathing. Mid-morning a chaplain appeared: a good looking middle aged woman in a white clergy shirt, grey hair, a Methodist necklace, and a dark skirt. “Hello, I’m Reverend Donna Summer.”

“Hello. Don’t think I’ll forget your name.”

“Most people don’t. How are things going…Mr…Marks?”

“Not bad, considering. You?”

“Well, glad the storm’s passed, looking forward to having the family for Christmas. Is your family gathering?”

“Some of us. Two sisters and six grandchildren expected, although it won’t be the same without them.” I said, pointing at the beds. “There are more in the family, but they have other plans.”

She paused, a little surprised. “Has the doctor been by today?”

“Yes, but he didn’t have much to say to me sister. She’s very worried.”

“I see.” She tapped her chin for a few moments, thinking something over and making a decision. “Well, I come by ICU every morning to see if there’s anything I can do. Are your sisters going to be here later today?”

“Yes, late afternoon most probably.”

She handed me a card. “No rush. If they come back and the doctor hasn’t spoken with you, please buzz me. Extension 3003. Just need to check in with you for my paperwork.”

“Fine, thanks.”

“No problem, it’s my job.” Giving me strange look, she left and moved on to the next occupied room. The parade of nurses came by at regular intervals to check the monitors, take blood pressure and the like, but they weren’t very talkative. Something was up.

After lunch, a tall, thin man with blonde hair came by. He looked like a dancer, and very young. “Hello, are you Peter Marks, by chance?”

“Yes, I am. Are you a specialist?”

“No, I’m a friend of Dana’s.”

This was weird. “She’s not here right now, probably not going to be around for a while.”

“Thanks all right, I wanted to speak with you if you have a little time.”

This is very weird, I thought to myself. Of course I have all kinds of time hanging with my comatose parents. He shook my hand, and asked if there was anything I needed. I said no. We sat and he proceeded to tell me about himself: he was the artistic director of Dana’s dance company, and he wanted to find out if I’d be interested in a front office position with them. Dana was always trying to set things up: in High School she was a matchmaker for her friends, and had all kinds of schemes for Dad to make money after he retired. The guy was nice enough, and gave me enough background on the operation to make me interested in the job. Finally I said, “I’m under contract right now, and it would take a lot to get me to move on.”

“Mr. Marks, the arts aren’t that much different than athletics, and we truly need a boss who understands business and the practicalities of life. But it has to be someone with a connection to the arts, who has some sympathy for our mission and what we have to live with.” Passing a slip of paper, he continued, “We can pay you this much, as well as health, retirement and other benefits. We’ll even buy out your current contract if we have to.”

I looked at the paper: the arts were worth more than I thought. It was a little less than I was making, but with living back here it would be about the same. “Wow, this is a lot to offer someone you don’t know.”

“You’re Dana’s brother, it was her idea. She told us about your background, and you were a music major for a semester. We don’t know anybody else with your experience who has a connection.”

“I’ll escort maltepe have to think about this.”

He stood up and shook my hand. “I’ll stay in touch. I’m sure you’ll want to check us out; we have nothing to hide. My best wishes for your parents’ recovery.”

“Thank you.” He walked out and I was amazed. A hospital room isn’t where you would expect to be recruited for a job.

I went down the hallway, opened the laptop, and caught up on my paperwork. Things were still pretty quiet, and I was able to close it down fairly quickly. Business was starting to slow down in anticipation of Christmas, since we really weren’t a retail outfit, and the business headlines didn’t have much to report. I called Joanie and told her to bring Dana down so we could talk to the Chaplain together. They got there a half hour later.

The chaplain was in the Emergency Room when they got there, and Joanie wanted to speak with me down the hall for a moment. “I know how nervous and paranoid you can be about secrets, so I’ll tell you now: Dana told me everything about what happened your first night back.” I was shocked. “I’m not surprised: the Dalai Lama would have a hard time fending her off.”

“I don’t know what to say, Joanie…”

She put a finger to my lips. “You don’t have to say anything, just listen. Dana and I have an understanding: we tell each other everything, the folks what they need, and Julie nothing. I’m not jealous nor do I disapprove, but nobody else in the family must know.” She took a deep breath, “Well, I am a little jealous and worried that you’d give into temptation, but I love you and I know you won’t hurt her. I know you won’t hurt me, either.”

I couldn’t believe how she looked at me: warmly, sadly, affectionately. I started to speak and she silenced me again. “She knew about our teenage antics: I told her a year ago, which may be why she set her cap for you when you got off the plane. You were overdue for some action, no denying that, and I’m glad it wasn’t someone hateful like Sylvia. We all may be living together in that old house into our golden years, which might be kinda fun. But don’t worry about us now, we’re all on the same page and we can face whatever’s up with the folks together.”

I kissed her on the lips and didn’t say anything. We held hands all the way back and Dana smiled when we came through the door like that.

Chaplain Donna Summer returned a half hour later. “The doctor asked me to give you this news: it doesn’t look like they’re going to make it. They have infections overwhelming the medication. We’d hoped their brain activity would pick up but it hasn’t and all the machines are doing now is keeping them breathing and their hearts beating. You need to tell us what you want to do, whether you want the rest of your family here now and get started making the tough decision…”

“That doctor is a chickenshit,” the girls said quietly together.

“Obviously,” the Chaplain murmured.

There was a long moment’s silence and the girls came up on either side to hold me. The noise outside faded as we digested the news. I said: “We need to call our brothers and sister. When we know how they feel, we can tell you.”

“Of course. Take your time, we’re not in a hurry. I’ll be back in half an hour.”

I sent Joanie down the hall to call Julie while I talked with Mark and John. They told me they’d be on the next reasonable flight they could get, and would stay with their mates in a hotel so the grandchildren could all sleep at the old house. Dana was standing absolutely still, tears streaming down her face, and I held her as we waited for Joanie. She arrived in ten minutes: “Julie’s coming. She’s not happy, but I got through her delusions of grandeur and she realized she needed to be here. She’s going to stay with her daughter in Shawnee. Her mob will meet her here. Glad Melanie isn’t with her siblings in Europe.” Coming up to my other side, we wrapped our arms around each other and all three of us stood there, staring at our parents.

The head nurse came in and said: “Why don’t you three go home? We’ll look after them and nothing’s getting switched off until your family’s all here and you say so. Come back when you’re ready. They’ll be all right.” We nodded and left.

When we got home, we spent a little time figuring out who pendik escort would make the airport runs, and halfway through the evening we started getting travel plans from everybody. The grandchildren were on their way first thing in the morning, and putting them in the dormers, one for the boys and one for the girls wasn’t a problem. The folks always believed in having room to spare even when the first five were all at home. Dana did some of her exercises, but not with the energy as before. When it was time for bed, Dana disappeared for a moment, and returned with a package in her hand. “I want to give you two your Christmas present early, don’t think the rest of the fam would understand.”

It was a pair of pajamas, red striped and fresh. It was a little on the large side, but getting it out we discovered it was silk. Dana turned me to look at her and said solemnly: “Petey, Todd and I visited your boss a couple of weeks ago, and he just agreed to buy our ballet company yesterday. He said you could come home and stay here to run it for him, and you won’t lose any of your benefits. Since he doesn’t know beans about the arts, he’ll give you a pretty free hand. You’ll get a letter soon confirming all this. Merry Christmas.”

I picked her up and swung her around, making her laugh. Putting her down, Joanie laughed a little as well. “Whoopsie,” she said, “this is only one pair of pajamas. What are we supposed to do with them?”

She reached down to pick up a baseball hat from under the couch, my old Cardinals hat. “I though you could share them like you did when you were teenagers.”

Joanie started crying and bend over to hug her hard. “Dana, that’s one of the nicest things anybody’s ever done for me.”

I surrounded them and whispered, “Let’s go to bed.” We spooned on the old bed: Joanie in her pajama top, me in the bottoms, and Dana naked on the other side. I wish I could say we slept all night, but one last chance to make love before the others got there was too good to pass up, and the first airport run wasn’t until noon. It started with Dana’s hand creeping back into my crotch, but Joanie had the same idea and their hands bumped into each other at my cock. I knelt up and looked at them both, “All right, let’s do it. We’ll figure out a way.”

I pulled Joanie’s legs apart and pulled up her pajama top, exposing her goodness. Like a thirsty man in the desert, I dived into her crotch and started licking, starting a process I knew would take her over the top. Dana snuggled up beside her and guided my hand up, so I started twiddling her twat. Then I sampled Dana’s sweetness while putting one finger after another into Joanie until my whole fist into my twin. Wow, I never could have done that before. They both crested the wave and I was a bit tired. They got me flat on my back; Joanie licking my lollypop as she used to while I sucked Dana’s little titties into my mouth one at a time. They switched and I was savoring Joanie’s big knobs while Dana sucked and then rode me. I got close and they double teamed my privates, Joanie’s magic mouth at the top first while Dana sucked on my nuts, then they traded with Joanie’s tongue teasing my ballsack for the first time. They switched back and forth several times: I don’t know whose mouth I shot in, but it overflowed.

The next morning, Dana was gone when I awakened with Joanie before dawn. There was a clatter from the kitchen, so our little chef was hard at work. Joanie looked me in the eye: “I got fixed a few years ago.”

It was like we had a psychic bond. I flipped her on her back and knelt between her legs: “Then, let’s do something we never did in the old days, Joanie.”


Our first face to face was amazing: we gazed deeply into each other’s eyes the entire time, lost in wonder. My cock fit her cunt like a glove. I thought about trying another position, but it felt so good being a missionary I decided to savor the anticipation of running through the Kama Sutra with her. After we climaxed, we held each other a long time. “Shit, I’m glad we didn’t do this in the old days,” I said.

Joanie gave me a surprised look. “Why not? It would have been fabulous.”

I turned to look her square in the eye. “I never would have let you go. I would have fucked you silly every night: you never would have got together with Henry and I would have never married Sylvia.”

She tousled my hair and gave me a look of mock indignation. “You make it sound as if it would have been a BAD thing.”

At that time, Dana popped through the door wearing nothing but an apron with a huge smile on her face. “Breakfast’s ready.”

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