Dancer Ch. 04

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Ball Gag

Christy walked in the door shortly after 10:30 PM looking tired and worn out. On seeing her worn out condition I took her hands and said, “We can do this another time if you’re too tired.”

“No I want to do this. Just give me time to gather my energy.” With a grin she added, “After all, I’m a lot younger than you.” She then led me into the family room and we sat on the couch close together holding hands. Liz, my wife, put in a movie and we settled down to watch “The Princess Bride” one of Christy’s favorites.

Liz returned from the kitchen with soft drinks and the cookies she had baked that afternoon. She settled in a chair where she could watch both the movie and Christy and me.

When the scene came for the Farm Boy to kiss the farm girl I turned to Christy as she turned to me and we kissed. Tentatively at first but quickly deepening to the tongue probing, heart pounding, passionate kiss of two lovers. As we broke apart I looked at Christy and then at Liz and sighed deeply.

We returned to the movie but I watched it with only half my mind as I started to absent mindedly stroke Christy’s knee then outer thigh. Her soft sighs encouraged me to go further. I glanced over at Liz and saw approval in her eyes as she licked her lips in a very enticing way. She was getting turned on too.

My hardening dick was getting painful because of the restriction of my jeans. Christy noticing my movements as I tried to adjust things turned to me and said, “Daddy, why don’t you just undo your pants and make yourself more comfortable.”

Hearing that, I reached down and undid my belt. With my arm still around my daughter’s shoulders I undid the button of my jeans and tried to push the zipper down. Christy seeing my struggles with the zipper smiled and reached over and pushed it down for me. I reached down and quickly adjusted things to a more comfortable position. I showed my appreciation by kissing her again this time gently stroking her breast through her shirt. Her sighs and quiet moans showing me that she was getting as excited and turned on as I was.

I looked over at Liz and saw that she had undone her blouse and was rubbing her breasts through a sexy red bra that I had never seen before. Christy saw my look and said, “Mom and I went escort kartal shopping last week. Why don’t you unbutton my blouse and see what I’m wearing?”

I needed no more encouragement. I reached over and undid all the buttons before slowly pushing her blouse back to reveal a black bra that matched my wife’s red one. I pushed the blouse off her shoulders and kissed my way down her neck and over the soft slopes of her firm breasts eventually nuzzling and gently sucking her hardening nipples. I still couldn’t believe that this was my beautiful daughter I was making love to; and that my wife was not only consenting to it but was encouraging and supportive of what I was doing.

I stood up and pulled Christy to her feet. I pulled off my shirt and hugged my daughter to my bare chest. I could feel her warm skin and nipples pressing against me. I reached around and cupped her bottom as I kissed her as only lovers can kiss. As we broke apart I reached between us and undid her pants pushing them down to her ankles. I noticed the black lace boy cut panties that matched her bra. She smiled and asked if I liked what I saw. All I could do was kiss her again rubbing her back and butt.

Christy broke away and took my hand and said, “Let’s go to bed Daddy.”

I stepped out of my pants which had fallen to my ankles and followed Christy to her bedroom. As we passed Liz I grabbed her hand and we made a little parade to Christy’s bedroom.

When we got there Liz sat in Christy’s desk chair as Christy and I sat on the bed. I reached out and rubbed her breasts through her bra and she reached into my boxers to free my hard dick. I reached behind her to undo her bra and bent down to suck her nipples for the first time. Her moans matched my own as I felt like a virgin with my first girl again.

I knelt down between her legs and gently pushed her back on the bed. I started at her feet and lovingly kissed my way up her legs. First the outside and then the inside; stopping when I reached the crease where her legs reached her panty clad pussy. I wondered if she was as sensitive there as her mother as I concentrated on kissing licking and sucking there. I was rewarded by her moans and an, “Oh Daddy. That feels so good.”

I told her to lift maltepe escort bayan her bottom and I reached up and pulled her panties down and off her legs. I returned to licking and sucking between her legs while avoiding the area she most wanted me to lick. I finally gave in to her, “Please Daddy! Lick my pussy;” and moved my tongue for my first taste of my daughter’s pussy.

I started at the bottom and licked upwards until I reached her swollen clit. A few quick flicks of my tongue and she convulsed in her first orgasm of the night.

When she had calmed down a little she pulled me up and kissed me, tasting herself.

We reversed positions and she pulled by boxers down and off revealing my hard dick. She then proceeded to tease me with her tongue as I had teased her. I glanced over at Liz. She had removed her pants and was rubbing her pussy. When our eyes met she had an orgasm of her own mouthing the words I love you as she came.

Christy had now swallowed me down to the base of my dick and was using her tongue as I had taught her just last weekend. I was getting close to cuming myself and pulled Christy up to kiss her tasting myself as our tongues met in a duel.

As we broke apart I asked her, “Do you really want to do this? Is this what you really want?”

“More than I’ve ever wanted anything else. I want you to take my virginity Daddy.”

We lay down on the bed with me between Christy’s legs. I look into her eyes and positioned my dick at the opening of her pussy. I slowly pushed myself in, letting her adjust to the newness of this dick in her pussy. I don’t remember feeling anything that tight, warm and moist ever before. Because Christy was active in cheerleading and dance in high school her hymen had broken years ago and I met no resistance until I was buried as deep in my daughter’s pussy as I could go. I paused there and looked over at Liz. She had stopped masturbating and was just looking at her husband and daughter making love on the bed in her daughter’s room. The love and approval in her eyes told me that there would be no repercussions from what Christy and I were doing.

I asked Christy if she was all right. And she said, “I’ve never felt better in my whole life. I don’t know why I pendik escort bayan waited so long but I’m glad that you are the one to take my virginity Daddy. Please start stroking because I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel you squirt and fill me with your cum. Please Daddy, make love to me.”

Knowing that Christy was OK I started stoking slowly in and out watching her face go through the emotions of losing her virginity; the feel of having her father pushing his hard dick in and out of her pussy; and the approaching orgasm that would wash over her. I started to speed up and felt my own approaching orgasm. As Christy’s body shuddered in her second orgasm I felt her pussy muscles grab my cock and that pushed me over the edge. I shot my sperm deep in to my daughter’s pussy as we both moaned out our pleasure. I collapsed on Christy kissing her until I had recovered enough to push myself up and roll to the side.

Liz had been watching the whole time but had never taken her lacy bra and boy cut panties off. She got up and came over to us. She kissed us both and said that what we had done was the hottest thing she had ever seen. She told me to stay with Christy that night telling Christy that the next time Christy should be on top. “You will feel him deeper than in any other position; you get to control the tempo; and” with a wink and a smile, “that’s Daddy’s favorite position.”

She quietly left the room leaving the bedroom door open so she could hear and watch what her husband and daughter did that night.

Christy and I lay there quietly talking and touching one another’s bodies; getting to know each other more intimately than a father and daughter should know each other. Christy’s hand finally came to rest on my dick which was getting hard again. She moved down to suck me hard and then swung her leg over me and lined her pussy up with my hard dick. With a smile on her face she lowered herself down until I was buried deep in her pussy once again. I showed her how to move to bring us both pleasure. She learned quickly and varied the tempo and movement driving me crazy.

She smiled at me impishly and said, “Daddy, you’re so funny.”

I could only respond with a moan. She continued moving as I used my thumb to rub her clit. I couldn’t hold back any longer and came in a gush before she reached an orgasm. For some reason I stayed hard and she continued until an orgasm washed over her. She collapsed on me and gently rolled to the side. I pulled the covers over us as we fell asleep in each others arms.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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