Danielle’s Holiday Ch. 02

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“Fuck, mom, I could get used to waking up like this.”

Danielle looked up at her son and smiled as best she could with his huge cock in her mouth. She’d woken up a moment earlier and noticed he had a morning glory and just couldn’t help herself. Kneeling on all fours, her pert ass pointing toward his head, she’d moved the bed sheet out of the way and begun licking and sucking at his cock.

They’d checked into the hotel the night before and, tired after the flight, had crashed out almost straight away. This morning, however, Danielle was determined to enjoy herself.

Jack slid his hand up his mom’s leg and gently caressed her hairless pussy, slipping a couple of fingers inside and gently fucking her with them as she blew him. He watched her lips move up and down his length, her cheek bulging slightly as his cock head slid over her tongue before she moved it back in place. Slowly, she inched herself down, taking more and more of his dick into her mouth until it slid into her throat, his eyes widening as she kept going until her face was nestled against his balls.

“Fucking hell, mom.” He whispered in awe as he realised she had swallowed his entire cock. She released him, gasping for air once his cock was free of her lips.

“Didn’t know your old mom could deep throat, eh?” she said with a chuckle, kneeling up and thrusting her huge tits out. Jack quickly stood up and pushed his saliva coated dick between her big tits, taking them in his hands and pushing them together. “Mmmm, you gonna tit fuck me, baby?” Danielle asked.

“Oh yeah.” Jack grinned, thrusting his cock up and down her cleavage, his mom dipping her head and licking at his dick as it poked up through her tits. “God, mom, you are the fucking best, I swear.”

“You wanna fuck your mom, sweetie?” Danielle asked him, looking up through her blonde hair. She didn’t have to have an answer; instead, she laid on her back and grabbed her legs behind her knees, pulling them up so her knees were against her tits. “Pick a hole, Jack.” She said, both her pussy and ass available to him.

“I think I’ll have them both, mom.” He said, kneeling down and easing his big cock into her tight pussy, inching it inside her until the whole thing was in.

“Fuck, Jack.” Danielle gasped. “Your cock feels . . . so fucking good.” She sighed as he began fucking her, his cock sliding back and forth as he reached forward and played with her huge tits. “You like my big tits, honey?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Oh yeah. I liked watching that hot air hostess lick my cum from them.” He said, referring to the incident on the flight over.

“Mmmm, I hope she . . . pays us a visit.” Danielle began breathing harder as Jack picked up the ataşehir escort bayan pace, almost panting as her eighteen year old son fucked her pussy as hard as he could. “That’s it baby . . . fuck your mommy . . . fuck her pussy!” She dropped her legs down and wrapped them around his waist, urging him to fuck her deeper and harder. “Fuck! You’re making . . . me cum!” she cried as her orgasm rippled through her, her own hands now pinching her nipples.

Jack fucked her steadily until she calmed down, then reached behind him and unhooked her legs, turning her over on to her side. With one hand, he parted her smooth, round butt cheeks, using the other to pull his cock free of her pussy and position it at her asshole.

“Go on, baby.” Danielle said with a smile. “Fuck your mommy in the ass.” She groaned as he pushed his dick into her ass, thrusting as much as he could inside her with one movement before pulling it all the way out and pausing. “Jack?” Danielle asked, slightly confused at why he’d withdrawn.

Jack grinned as he shoved his cock back into her asshole suddenly, pistoning it in and out of her butt, fucking her hard and fast in the ass.

“Oh you bastard!” his mother laughed, gasping as he butt fucked her mercilessly. “Oh fuck my ass! Fuck it harder!” Jack moved the hand that was still holding his dick out of the way and crammed his entire cock up her behind, shoving it deep into her bowels time and again. “Fuck! I’m cumming . . . cumming with my . . . son’s cock in my ass!” Danielle cried loudly as she came, her ass tightening around his dick.

“I’m . . . cumming . . . too!” Jack moaned, shooting his big load deep up his mother’s butt, filling her insides up with his spunk until it began dribbling out around his cock.

“Oh baby . . . that feels so good.” Danielle moaned as he kept moving his still hard cock in and out of her ass, the movement now slick with his spunk. She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled. “I want to taste it, Jack. Let me taste your cock.”

Jack chuckled and pulled his dick free of her ass, moving around to her head. He held his dick out to his mom and watched as she took hold of it and lovingly licked and sucked at it, taking as much as she could into her mouth. She moved forward and, looking up at him all the while, began swallowing his cock, taking the whole thing back into her throat before slowly puling it out and licking it clean again.

“I love the taste of your cock after it’s been in my ass.” She said with an evil grin.

“You love the taste of any cock after it’s been in your ass.” Jack replied with a laugh.

“True, but yours is my favourite.”

“Better than Billy’s?” Jack asked, referring to his twin brother.

“Don’t tell him, but yeah.” She looked at him seriously. “I love you both and would escort kadıköy do anything for either of you, but you’re the one I’d choose if I ever had to, though god knows I wouldn’t want to.”

“Wow, mom, thanks.” Jack said quietly.

“Enough serious shit.” Danielle said, kissing his cock lovingly. “Let’s get cleaned up and hit the beach.”

Half an hour later they strolled along the beach which was only a few minutes away from their hotel. Jack had made do with a pair of denim shorts and an open shirt, while Danielle wore the tiniest bikini she could get away with and a light wrap tied around her waist. The thong bottoms left her firm ass completely exposed and the two triangles covering her nipples were held in place more by luck than the thin string of her top.

There was only a handful of people on the beach and Danielle was pleased to see that they were all similar to her and Jack, not only in their choice of beach wear but also age group; the youngest seem to be teenagers like Jack and she doubted anyone here was over 40. She was glad she’d found out about this place on the net.

The small beach ended at a small collection of rocks and they spread out the beach towels they’d brought with them and laid down to catch some sun. They grinned like schoolchildren as they spread lotion over each other’s bodies, Jack paying more attention than he should to her tits, before they lay back and, in minutes, were dozing.

“Just fuck off!”

Both Jack and Danielle woke to the sound of a girl’s voice, raised partly in anger, partly in fear. Off to their left, at the base of the rocks, two blonde girls in bikinis were facing off against two young boys who were edging closer and closer to them.

Jack jumped up and trotted over to the group. “Hey, you heard the lady: fuck off.” He said to the boys. All four of them looked at him and, even in the situation, Jack couldn’t help but grin: the girls were obviously twins, both of them good looking, slim and (he thanked his lucky stars) filled out their bikini tops with more to spare. The boys, though, looked to be barely in their teens and were both thin and wiry.

“What’s your problem, man?” one of the boys asked him. “This ain’t nothing to do with you.”

“These kids bothering you?” Jack asked the girls.

“Yeah, they won’t leave us alone.” The one nearest him said.

“Take a hike, kids.” He said to the boys.

“Fuck you, man, we ain’t going nowhere.” The speaker rushed at him and almost seemed surprised when Jack, who was obviously older, taller and more muscular than him, punched him square in the nose, dropping him to the floor.

“You want some more?” Jack said, stepping closer. The other boy turned and ran, scrambling up the grass beside the rocks and away, quickly followed by his friend holding his maltepe escort busted nose. “You pair okay?” Jack asked the girls.

“Yeah, thanks mister.” The one who’d spoken earlier said. “They were really bugging us.”

“Yeah, thanks.” Her sister said, both of them smiling at Jack.

“Listen, me and my mom were just catching some sun. You want to chill with us for a while, steady your nerves and stuff?”

“Sure, thanks.” The first sister said. They both walked with him back to where Danielle lay waiting, propped up on both elbows, her huge breasts falling ever so slightly to the sides. She smiled as she saw Jack walking with two busty blonde teenagers, licking her lips subtly as she noticed just how much tit meat they had packed into their small bikinis.

“You okay, honey?” she asked him as he drew nearer.

“Yeah, no problem. A couple of assholes were bothering these two young ladies.”

“Your son was, like, totally the knight in shining armour.” One girl said smiling up at Jack.

“Hi, I’m Autumn and this is my sister Summer.” The other girl said as all three sat down next to Danielle. “Don’t ask about the names; our parents were so into the hippy thing.”

Danielle and Jack introduced themselves and the four of them sat in silence for a moment. Danielle couldn’t help smiling as she noticed both the girls sneaking glances at her impressive tits when they thought she wasn’t looking.

“So are you here with your parents?” she asked them.

“Yeah, they went into the town to do some shopping and stuff.” Summer said. “We came down to the beach and were just, you know, doing stuff when we got caught by those pair of jerks.”

“Caught doing what?” Danielle asked. The sisters looked at each other and blushed, before dropping their gaze to the sand. Danielle smiled and took a chance. “That’s okay, girls, you can trust us. Think about it: a mother and son on holiday together, sunbathing, me with this tiny bikini. Hardly normal is it?”

The twins looked at each other again before checking out both Danielle and Jack a lot more obviously.

“Were you making out?” Danielle asked them quietly.

Summer stared at her and smiled, shyly at first before breaking into a big grin.

“Yeah.” She said with a laugh, still a little embarrassed.

“How old are you?”

“Eighteen.” Autumn said.

“So you both know what you’re doing, and you both know that most people would be against it?” The girls nodded. Danielle turned to Jack and winked. The twins watched as her hand slid over the front of Jack’s well stuffed shorts and groped openly. “As you can see, me and my son don’t have a problem with families being closer than normal.”

She sat up, thrusting her huge tits forward, watching the girls as she pretended to adjust her bikini top, all the while stroking and massaging her breasts.

“The only problem with sunbathing is that sand gets everywhere.” She looked at the twins. “Would you like to come back to our hotel room and use our shower?”

Summer and Autumn swapped a quick glance before both said “Totally.”

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