Date Night with Mom-Lenny’s Date

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Hi, I hope you guys are enjoying these little story ideas and I’m planning on lots more of them!



My Mom, Emma is beautiful and I’m not just saying that because she’s my Mom. She’s fucking hot and I love to be around her. I also enjoy looking at her very tall, sexy body and I get many hard-on’s watching her. She’s tall, standing at five foot ten inches and I guess she weighs around one hundred and forty pounds. She is solid and not an ounce of fat on her anywhere.

Mom has brownish, blonde hair just past her shoulders and pretty brown eyes, with long and dark eyelashes. She has a nice set of breasts that are a B cup and last month, I found out that they were pierced and had been for years. She was in a nasty car accident about six months ago and her back was hurt really bad, leaving her pretty screwed up and she needed a lot of my care.

My name is Lenny and I’m twenty years old. I’m also tall, six feet and I weigh around one hundred and eighty pounds. I have dark brown hair, brown eyes and a very firm body. I work out when I can and it shows. I’ve also seen Mom checking me out and it makes me hard as a rock. It isn’t everyday that a guy catches his beautiful Mom looking him over and getting turned on.

“Hey Mom, I’m home!” I yelled walking in our house and closed the door. “Where are you?” I yelled again and heard a weird sound coming from our family room, so I headed that way and I found her. “Hey, what’s wrong?” I asked rushing to my sobbing Mom and sat down beside her.

“I had an accident,” she sobbed and I held her against me. “I couldn’t get up and I peed in my pants,” she sobbed more and I felt so sorry for her. Mom was always the tough one and the first to volunteer for anything, but now, she couldn’t do anything and it was killing her.

“Hey now, stop crying before I start too!” I smiled and caressed her beautiful face with my left hand. “What happened and why couldn’t you get up?” I asked, but it didn’t matter and I had to help her get into the shower. I helped her now and then, but mainly when Mom’s back would spasm and she would hurt really bad.

“Every time I tried to pull myself up…my back would spasm and I couldn’t move. The last time I tried…I wet my pants!” Mom cried more, but it didn’t matter and I leaned to kiss her.

“Don’t worry about it Mom and we’ll get you cleaned up in no time! I’m going to pick you up and carry you to your room. From there, we’ll get you in the shower and get you washed.” I smiled and couldn’t to help. I helped her a lot, but showers didn’t come often and this was turning into a great day. “Before we start, I’m getting you a pain pill and a wine cooler.” I added and Mom kissed me back.

“What would I do without you?” she asked and I saw a sparkle in her eyes that I had never seen before. She kissed me again, but this one was on my lips and it last close to fifteen seconds. “I could never ask for a better man and I…love you so much.” She added with a sexy look and she still had the sparkle in her eyes.

“I love you too Mom and I always will.” I replied with a low voice and she kissed me again. “Let me get you a pill and a drink. Or, did you already have one?” I asked and held her close.

She giggled and I knew. “Yes I did and you know me too well! It was a long time ago and over three hours,” she laughed and kissed me again. “Hurry back…I need my man to hold and comfort me tonight.” Mom whispered and ran her long fingers through my thick, brown hair and Mom was turning me on. Little sparks of electric shot from her fingertips, they hit my neck and started tingling all over my body. “After my shower, can I get a big favor from you?” she asked with a sexy and very low voice, as her fingers gently ran through my hair and her eyes were mesmerizing.

“Sure Mom, you know I’ll do anything for you. What do you need?” I asked, looking into her eyes and my cock was fucking throbbing.

She smiled and ran her fingers through my hair again. “Could I get a long back rub from you and afterwards…will you stay with me and snuggle?” Mom asked with a soft and sweet voice.

“Yes, I think I could do that for you.” I replied and look down towards her chest, seeing that her nipples had ground twice their normal size and were pushing against her blouse. I went to get her pill and a drink. “Want me to carry you or can you walk?” I asked as Mom took the pill and she drank over half of the cooler.

“Mmmm, will you carry me, baby and hug me? I feel so useless and I need you to hold me tonight.” She said and I could hear her starting to cry again.

“Stop the dang crying, before you make me do it too.” I laughed and helped her stand up. “I’m ready if you are.” I smiled and tried not looking at her wet pants. I scooped around her back and under her legs. She was in my arms and her pretty face was against my neck. “I love helping you Mom and it makes me feel like…um…” I stuttered and wanted to say it made me feel like I was her man, but she pendik escort was my Mom and I didn’t want her pissed at me.

Mom turned my face to hers and kissed me. “What baby, you can tell me.” she whispered to me and lightly kissed me again.

“It makes me feel like I’m your…man and it’s my duty to care for you.”

Her face lit up and Mom smiled. “I’d love to have you for my man and um…I couldn’t ask for anyone better.” She purred and kissed me again.

“Let’s get to your room and get cleaned up, so we can eat dinner and get to your back rub!” I said and started towards her bedroom.

“That sounds wonderful and I can’t wait!” she purred as I walked through her door and into to the bathroom. “What should I do Mom and you better tell me!” I said with a firm voice and her face turned red.

“I can take off my blouse and leave my bra on, but I don’t think I can get my jeans down. I wore the tight pair that you like so much and they’re very hard to get off.” She smiled and I felt my face getting red too. I didn’t really notice when I got home, but on a normal day if Mom had worn these jeans, my eyes would be glued to her ass and I’d be following her around like a lost puppy. I’d seen a few naked shots of Mom over the years, but I never got over watching her undress and helping her get a shower. This shit was crazy and I always loved it.

I was waiting and she started unbuttoning her blouse. One by one she opened the buttons and Mom’s breasts were before my eyes. “Just…tell me…um…what to do Mom and I’ll do it for you.” I said with a crackly voice, trying not to look at Mom’s tiny white bra and her gorgeous breasts under it.

My cock started filling with blood and it was filling fast. I kept looking into her eyes, hoping I wouldn’t slip and let my eyes peak down. “I’ll unbutton them and you pull down, but I have to wiggle my hips back and forth or they won’t come down.” Mom said with a soft voice and let the blouse fall to the bathroom floor. Her face started glowing and Mom’s eyes sparkled. “I wore something else that was for your entertainment tonight…so, this could be embarrassing.” She said and I’d never seen her face this red before and it was funny.

I looked at her and she was acting very different. “What has gotten into you tonight and what are you talking about?” I asked and Mom looked so happy. Since the car wreck, Mom couldn’t do anything and the poor thing was always hurting.

She was still glowing and her eyes stayed on mine. “Well, before I had the back spasm, I felt very good today and wanted to spend a cozy night with my man, so I wore a tiny pair of white, bikini pair for you and now that they’re wet…” she said and finished with the last button. “They are going to be completely…see-through.” Mom said, lifted her right eyebrow and smiled at me. My cock jumped and I watched Mom start to unbutton her jeans. “Are you sure you can do this baby and it won’t embarrass you?” she asked and I still so shocked at what I was doing with Mom.

“Nah, I’ll just keep my eyes up in the air or something and go from there.”I said and Mom laughed at me.

“On a normal night and circumstances, I wouldn’t bet on that!” Mom smiled, stepped to me and pulled my hands to her sexy hips. “Pull down and I’ll wiggle!” she said, started wigging and I pulled down. Oh god, she was so fucking hot and Mom knew how to fucking wiggle her ass. That thing wiggled from side to side, her breasts were jiggling and I was pulling down her jeans.

I couldn’t look away and I loved when her jeans finally went down. She was right about the panties being very small and they were see-through. “Dang Mom, do you always um…wear things like this for me?” I asked and I looked at her, but I didn’t go crazy with watching her, doing stupid shit like and try watching her take showers, peeing or spying on her at night.

She looked at me and I saw Mom nibbling on the side of her mouth. “If um…I’m in a good mood and I know you’ll be spending the night cuddling with me…yes I do.” Mom whispered and I grew more. My cock was hurting like hell and about to help Mom get into the shower.

I didn’t know what to say and Mom just smiled. “They’re pretty Mom.” I said and returned her smile.

“Their covered in my pee, silly.” She smiled again and slowly opened the shower door. “I need you to find a way that you can hold me or be ready to grab me; if I get another spasm…I know I’ll fall. The last one hurt me so bad and it took a long time to stop.” Mom said and put out her pouty, lower lip and looked deep into my eyes. “Will you um…get in…with me…just in case?” Mom asked me with a sweet voice and put her lip out more.

Like I said, my Mom is hot and she’d been called a M.I.L.F. many times. She makes me hard as a rock and I loved helping her take a shower. I started to pull off my shirt and Mom watched me the entire time. I reached down and started to unzip my jeans. “Mom…I’m…kind of…hard, so don’t get mad at me.” I said maltepe escort and Mom gave me a puzzled look. “I’m hard from looking at you Mom and I don’t want you mad at me.” I said and her right hand caressed the side of my face.

“Oh baby, I’d never get mad at you for doing anything and…um.” Her face turned bright red and I looked at the front of her bra. Mom’s nipples had grown big and they were three times their normal size now. “Do I really…turn you…on?” she asked with a soft voice and watched my jeans slide off. Mom’s eyes got big and I knew why. My cock was hard, pointed right at her and I was wearing nothing but a pair of silk boxers.

“Well…” I said, pointing to my cock and Mom’s face was as red as a tomato.

Her face was glowing and so red, but she was happy and smiling too. “I’ll take that as a…yes!” Mom smiled, reached to turn on the water and we stepped in. “Oh yes! I was sitting there about an hour and I feel so dirty!” she said and reached for a bottle of soap. “After I finish my front half…would you like to wash my back?” Mom asked, as she soaped her hands and started washing her neck.

“Yeah…I guess.” I replied and watched Mom soaping her shoulders and towards her breasts. She held out her left hand, smiled and said. “Squirt in my hand, baby!” Mom said and if it had not been her standing before me, I would have shot a big load of cum in Mom’s hand. “The soap in my hand and wipe that dirty smile off your face!” she laughed and started rubbing both her breasts.

“That was a bad thing to say Mom and if you’d been anyone else…” I started to tell her, but thought better of it.

“Oh you bad boy and I’m your mother too!” she smiled, held out her hand for more soap and Mom started washing her flat stomach.

“Well, you are the one that told me to um…squirt in your hand!” I laughed, watching the soap sliding down Mom’s breasts, over her flat stomach and over her tiny panties.

“What would have happened, if I weren’t your Mom?”

“As horny as I am right now, you will have gotten a big squirt in your hand and a few other places too!” I laughed and Mom turned bright red.

“You are so bad and I can’t believe you said that to me!” Mom replied with a laugh and tried reaching past her stomach, but she couldn’t and gave me a sad look. “I’m going need help with a few more body parts…I hope you don’t mind.” She said with a sexy voice and she handed me the soap.

So, I was washing Mom’s back, her legs and did she mean her hips too. “Well, here goes!” said and reached up to Mom’s shoulders. I was caressing her more than washing and my fucking cock was throbbing now. Mom was sooo fucking pretty and I could see everything she had, plus, I was also touching her and I loved it.

“Oh baby, I should have had you helping me a long time ago! Ohhh yes!” Mom moaned, stepped back and my stiff cock slid between her legs. “Oops!” she laughed and jumped, but stayed where she was and didn’t move. Yeah, my cock was between her legs and Mom didn’t care. I could feel the heat coming from Mom and she must have been on fire. I wasn’t sure about this and tried not to move, but Mom started pushed back even more, until her back was completely against my chest and my cock was all the way between her legs.

“Hug me, baby and never let me go.” Mom whispered as her arms reached up and around my neck. She hugged it and turned her head. “You are the only man I’ve ever loved.” She purred and kissed me.

“Didn’t you love your dad or mine?” I asked and took a chance. I slid my arms around Mom’s stomach and hugged, enjoying her soft flesh and warmth.

“Not really and you treat me better than they ever did.” She purred and gave me another kiss. “Let’s finish and go snuggle in my bed.” Mom smiled and kissed me again, but I felt her mouth open and her warm tongue slid into mine. “Damn, I better stop taking those pills and drinking wine! They’re making me tease my baby and I know that thing has to hurt.” Mom said with love and kissed me again.

Hell yes it hurt and after she kissed me, I was ready to die. “Yeah, but I’m used to it and I’ll be alright, Mom.” I said and Mom slowly turned, letting my hard cock slide over her ass, around her right thigh and to her pussy. “So, I’ll have to remember the pill and wine effect on you!” I said as my cock rested on her right thigh and next to her pussy. I squirted a bunch of soap into my left hand, gave Mom the bottle and rubbed my hands together. “I’m going to wash your back, so hold still and don’t move.” I smiled, reached around Mom and rubbed my hands all over her back, inching lower and lower, until I felt her panties slide under my fingers and I stopped.

Mom lifted her head from my shoulder, smiled at me and gave me another of her kisses. “My butt, legs and hips are dirty too.” she purred and ran her fingers over my face. My cock was hurting so fucking bad and Mom was just making it worse. “Will you wash them…for mommy?” she purred again, but kartal escort her mouth was against mine and Mom looked like she was floating on air.

I was throbbing and couldn’t believe what Mom asked me to do for her, but she needed help and I couldn’t refuse, just because my cock was hurting and hard. “Give me more soap and turn sideways.” I said, holding my hands out for soap and Mom filled them up. I started my right hand on Mom’s lower stomach and my left one on her back; just about her panties and I started moving them in small circles. Needless to say, but she felt so good and I was hurting worse than ever.

Mom was like putty in my hands, as I rubbed all over her stomach and just above her ass. When I managed to pull my eyes off of her ass and look up, her eyes were closed and it looked as if Mom was going to have an orgasm. I massaged lower, until Mom’s panties were under my hands and I enjoyed her ass against the fingers of my right hand, while my left hand gently rubbed her public area and I heard a soft moan.

I kept caressing and rubbing Mom’s entire lower half, while she rested against my chest and her arms were wrapped around my neck. “Oh god, baby…you’d make a wonderful masseuse and I would be your best costumer too!” Mom said, as she looked at my face and saw me checking her out. “I wonder about you at times, but I’m starting to understand things now,” she added, running her fingers through my hair again and kissed me.

I wasn’t sure of what Mom was talking about and figured it was time to stop touching her. “I’m glad I could help, Mom and you know I’ll always be here for you.” I said and reached up to turn the water on her back, when my cock slid right on her pussy and the shaft was resting in Mom’s slit. I couldn’t move and poor Mom came close to falling down, but I grabbed her and pulled her close.

“Ha, ha…you bad boy.” Mom purred, looked into my eyes and kissed me full on my mouth. I kissed her back and we stared into each other’s eyes. It was a soft kiss that was filled with love and tenderness.

“Ok, I need to stop Mom and get out now!” I said and that damn lower lip of hers came out again.

“If you really need too, we will, but it is under protest!” Mom said and she kissed me again. “You’ll never know what you mean to me.” she purred, gave me a soft hug and my cock stayed in her pussy slit. “Someday, you are going to make one woman very, very happy!” Mom said, as her face turned red and she peeked down between our bodies.

I smiled, thinking about Mom’s four best friends and what the ladies taught me about pleasing a woman. “I’ve made a few happy already, Mom.” I smiled and gave her a wink. That always made her blush and Mom’s nipples grow harder.

Mom nodded her head and it looked like she was disappointed that she wasn’t one of them. “All I say about that is, please be careful and don’t catch anything or knock up some tramp. Once they found out how much money I should get from the wreck, they might try and hook you.” She said with her ‘Mom’ voice and my cock started going down.

“Mom I know and I haven’t told anyone, but they’re all guessing that it will be over ten million and a few are saying more than that. A drunken cop, the police chief knew about him drinking on the job and did nothing about him! Oh yeah, you are going to be one ‘rich bitch’ as they say and I’m glad you like me around!” I smiled, showing her my teeth and gave her another little wink.

She turned off the water and opened the shower door. “Oh really and what if I’m planning on running away…and living on a beach, with hot guys all over me, serving all my needs and um…a few other things!” she giggled and Mom was loaded! She was always so cuddly and touchy, always wanting her hands on me, but never in a bad way and I’ll swear to it too.

I reached a big towel around her, started rubbing her back, trying like hell, and not rub my cock on her again. “Are you going to run away and dump me for some beach bum? If you are, I’ll be going to bed early tonight and in the future!” I said, acting like I was mad at her and I turned away from her too.

“Oh bull crap, like I’d leave you…when we’re just starting to know the um…” she stopped to think and I rubbed her butt. “The grown up side of each other and it’s nice. I’ve known you as a baby, a little boy and its nice knowing the ‘man’ side of you too.” She stopped again, I slowly rubbed up her sides and I heard a low moan.

“As close as we are and the way we love each other…I wonder how many mother and sons feel this way?” she asked looking me in the eyes and I could have sworn she was horny.

“I have no idea, Mom.” I replied and guess what started growing in my damn shorts. I reached for my own towel and quickly dried off. “So, what else do you need Mom?” I asked, fluffing my hair and I looked down, my cock was out and he was pointing at Mom.

Her eyes were looking down too and I heard a long sigh. Mom slowly looked up and she was glowing again. “I’ll need help picking something to wear and to my bed. You need to get out of your shorts too and find another pair of those to wear. I like the way they fit you.” She said with half a smile and ran her fingers over the right side of my shorts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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