Daughter Gets What She Wants

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disclaimer: All the characters who appear in this story are over 18

Ever since she had moved here Josh had been after the hot little honey who was now living on the estate. He’d seen her in the park, walking to and from the shops, making friends with the girls. She always wore the shortest skirts that showed off her fabulous legs, and tight tops that let his eyes rove over her pert breasts. She knew how to carry her curves, always standing demurely, yet pushing her perky ass and firm young chest out.

It was the third time her saw her, on her way home from the shops carrying a bag full of things, as she was enjoying his eyes on her body and flirting her smiles with him that he decided to go and talk to her.

“Hi, I’m Josh,” he said, introducing himself, she said hi and told him her name. Melissa. A beautiful name, he told her, making her blush delightfully. Her voice was a purr, he thought of her as a kitten.

There was a brief silence between them, as she smiled cutely and fluttered her eye lashes at him, standing with her bum and breasts pushed out. He drifted closer to her, they almost touched, she seemed entranced by him, and for a moment he felt he should lean in and kiss her.

Seeing her bag he instinctively reached to take it from her, even as he began to say “let me carry that for you.”

She gladly let him take it, and even tho she didn’t say it he could see in her eyes she thought him quite the gentleman.

He offered to carry it home for her, she happily accepted, and they slowly strolled in the direction of her house, chatting lightly along the way. She made it a point to learn if Josh had a girlfriend or not, a point he knew left the way open for him to ask her out.

“Would you like to come in for a bit?” she asked when they reached the doorstep. He did, and his gorgeous smile was making her tingle all over. In the kitchen they talked about this and that as she busied herself putting the shopping away while he leant on the counter and studdied her form.

Whenever she was close enough to him he would catch the scent of her perfumed skin, a fragrance that ignited his passions. His eyes followed her curves up and down as she went up on tip-toes beside him to place something high up in the cupboard, then when she put the things in the fridge she kept her legs straight as she bent over in front of him, affording him a glimpse of her skimpy pink panties.

She fetched him a drink of water, letting her thigh brush his leg as she handed it to him with a flirtatious smile, and as she turned round he took her arm and pulled her to his body and kissed her. She at first struggled weakly, but once his lips were upon hers she melted in his arms and curled her soft curves about his firm frame.

She soon felt his hardened cock pressing against her fluttering tummy, exciting her tremendously. It felt quite the size indeed! His kisses were so lush, and as he slid his hand up under her skirt and petted her perky bottom she felt like she was falling in love.

After breaking the kiss she stayed submissively in his arms, fanning her face as she blushed like crazy.

“Can I see your bedroom?” he asked.

“Ok,” she replied, a sparkle fluttering in her eyes, then turned, took his hand, and quickly led him upstairs.

Once inside he casually looked round her room, she couldn’t take her eyes off him. As he turned back to her he saw the cute young girl crawl onto her bed on all fours, wiggling that sexy round ass of hers, then she turned onto her back and laid down flat, keeping her legs together primly. She smiled to his infectious smile as he moved to her, he got on the bed and laid down next to her, and a moment later she rolled onto her side and pressed herself against him as her lips sought his.

For long, slow sensual moments they shared kisses on her bed, their lips sliding and gliding and their tongues swirling and twirling together.

Her arms were about his escort maltepe shoulders as she held onto him, and she loved it when she felt his hand on her thigh. It slid up her smooth skin, under her skirt, onto her hip, round to her bum, he squeezed.

“Mmm mmm,” she murmered, letting him know his effect on her. His fingers slipped beneath the elastic of her knickers and pushed down just a little, then paused, waiting to see her reaction.

“Mmmm,” she murmered again, as her tongue entwined with his. He pushed forward with his kiss and his body, gently forcing her onto her back. His hand slid between her thighs, and she parted her legs just a little, an invitation to enjoy her he thought.

He felt her gasp into his mouth as he pressed his palm up against her pussy, his fingers caressed her folds through her dampened panties, she felt his rock hard cock pressing into her hip.

“Mmm, take your jeans off,” she murmered quietly, then found his lips again with hers and shot her tongue back into his mouth.

His hand left the heat of her frisky young puss, he quickly wrestled his jeans down and began to kick them off.

“Will you take off your top?” he breathed against her lips as he pushed off his jeans and boxers.

“You can,” was her whispered response, then she moved her arms above her head and draped her hands thru the bars on her bed. He felt her complete submission to him, and knew he would be able to fuck her.

He grabbed the hem of her tight top and snatched it up over her head and off. Beneath it she wasnt wearing a bra, her naked breasts bounced firmly to his rough motion, she gasped slightly, her nipples had hardened, he took one in his mouth and greedily sucked her fresh young tits. She felt his big prick pressing against her side, and felt his hand slide up her inner thigh to her knickers. He hooked his fingers into them and began to pull them down, she lifted her bum to assist him, then kicked off her panties once they were past her knees.

He quickly pulled off his shirt then took off her skirt and took a moment to admire her in her nakedness. She blushed cutely and drew his lips to hers again. As they kissed his hand slid up her inner thigh, she opened her legs a little more, and a moment later he was petting her sexy little pussy. She began panting into his mouth as they kissed, enjoying the way he fingered her, he seemed to know exactly what to do to make her feel totally wonderful. She lowered a hand, brushing his toned chest, and tentatively caressed his cock, then moaned a soft “mmm,” as she curled her fingers around it.

He licked her neck, sucked and licked all over her pretty tits in his heightening passion, his fingers quickened in and out of her hot wet slit, she moved her hips up and down to meet the thrust of his fingers, panting and murmering as he kissed her.

“I love you,” she whispered as she approached the peak of pleasure. He didn’t say it back, but he did moan with desire. She quickly masturbated his big horny cock, rubbing the hot head against her soft skin.

“Oh Josh!” she gasped, “Yes!” Her legs straightened and tensed, she clung to him, pushing her pussy up as she came. He pushed his fingers deep inside her, felt her cunt squeezing them as she shuddered beneath him. She looked so beautiful.

Neither of them heard her bedroom door opening.

“Will you suck my cock?” he asked in a whisper.

“Ok,” she purred, her cheeks pinkening, “then will you fuck me?” she added.

“Course,” he assured her, the lovers kissed, then when he rolled over they noticed Melissa’s father standing there looking furious. They were both naked, his daughter naked with some boy. He had 2 fingers deep in her pussy, hers were curled around his hard cock. She drew in a startled gasp when she saw him, Josh half rolled over, inadvertantly giving her father a complete view of their indisgressions. In that moment before his protective anger escort mamak built she felt his eyes press all over her naked body, and settle perhaps too long on her pussy.

Josh drew his fingers from her sugar-sweet slit, they glistened with her lust. Melissa blushed bright red, withdrew her hand from the boys stiffened prick, her father began to shout at Josh, as he scrambled to his feet, grabbed his clothes and began to scarper. Mr Harper looked down at his daughter, she looked like a startled bunny rabbit, caught in his headlights.

“Don’t you dare move,” he said quietly, “I’ll be right back.” And with that he chased Josh out of the house, shouting and threatening as he went.

Melissa sighed, what a lovely boy, she thought. Such gorgeous muscles, and what a wonderful sexy horny cock he had, she wished he had fucked her.

She knew her father meant what he said about not moving, but she did feel rather exposed. She tried to pull the douvet over herself, but it only came half way, and only just managed to cover her pussy, and up to her still-hard nipple. It was like this he found her when he returned a moment later. At first he was cross with her, very angry, and she was genuinely a little frightened, not that he might hurt her, but because she had made him so angry.

He had gotton cross that one time before, when he caught her kissing a boy in the garden, but not half as much as he was now. He sat on the bed next to her, which made the douvet slip back from her breasts and reveal her pert nipple. She didn’t dare move to cover herself, but just blushed madly and tried not to look into his eyes.

“You have to be careful honey,” he was saying, once he had calmed down from the shouting.

“You’re a very beautiful and desirable young girl, and the boys will want to get you into bed.”

“Thankyou Daddy,” she whispered softly.”

“What for?”

“For saying I’m beautiful,” she said with a little smile, her cheeks pinkening slightly as she looked up into his eyes.

“It’s true honey, but promise me you’ll stay away from boys?”

“I try to Daddy, honest I do,” she said emotively, “but when I see a lush boy like Josh something comes over me and I just can’t help myself…” she trailed off, casting her eyes down her body. Her heart was pounding, her pussy was tingling wet, her breasts had swelled and firmed beyond their normal state. The way Daddy was looking at her was making her so horny; he was very angry, yet it was out of protection, of his emotion for her.

Her breasts heaved, he was breathing nearly as fast as she was, he had a look of desire in his eyes. Another deep breath made the douvet slip from the hardened nub of her nipple, her chest strained to push out, she felt her back arch, the douvet slipped further. Almost of their own accord her hips pushed up a little off the bed as a slight murmer escaped her lips, her knee raised momentarily, it caused the douvet to fall away from her body, revealing her fresh young nakedness to her father’s erotically charged glare. It thrilled her to flaunt her pert little tits and pretty cunt to his eyes, her tummy fluttered, she wished her had caught Josh fucking her and not just fingering her, little voices excitedly reminded her how Daddy had seen her playing with his cock. The scent of sex filled the air, it was her scent; the arrousal of her wet pussy.

She was lying in the submissive position she had done for Josh, her arms draped above her head, her chest pushed out a little, her legs slightly open, her luscious curves available to him.

“Mmmm,” she murmered softly, purring like a kitten. His eyes were exploring her as they burned with lustful desire.

“Ah..” a little gasp escaped her lips as she pushed her hips up momentarily again, thrusting her pussy, making him look at her there.

“I just, I can’t help it Daddy, mmmm, my body gets so hot and I get so wet between my legs, and I just have ofise gelen escort to have a boy touch me there and make me rush.” Even as she spoke it was like someone else was choosing her words, she couldn’t quite believe what she was doing.

“..I, I don’t want you letting any boys have your pussy,” he said absently mindedly as his eyes roved over her naked young flesh, his breathing was ragged and shallow, her effect on him was exciting and compelling.

“I have to let somebody have my pussy Daddy, or I’ll go crazy…” she said, then breathed out a long sighed breath. His hand had been hovering above her thigh as he fought with his urges.

“You could play with me instead?” she breathed, and raised her hips a little, making his palm touch her thigh. When she lowered her curvy bum again his hand stayed on her leg, she purred her pleasure, encouraging his exploration of her. His hand slid slowly up her inner thigh, she opened her legs as his fingers approached her pussy, her lips pouted into a kiss, her tongue slid accross her bottom lip.

“Higher,” her whispers urged when his hand seemed to pause but an inch from her source of pleasure. He pressed his hand up between her legs, she spread her thighs to his touch, purring soft murmers. Her cheeks glowed red with blushes, her eyes sparkled with lust.

“Mmm,” she softly cried as his fingers parted the slippery folds of her pretty slit, then she held her breath, drawing in a gasp as he slid his finger inside her. He was saying quiet things, telling her how beautiful she was, keeping her horny with his praises of her pussy.

As he fingered his frisky young daughter her hips raised and dipped to the rhythem of his thrusts. She wished she could have his cock inside her instead. With her breasts heaving on her pretty chest she lowered a hand to his jeans, feeling the big thick bulge of his hardened prick encased within. She felt his lips on her neck, his tongue licked, he moved down and was soon licking and sucking her perky tits, gently biting her stiff nipples and pressing kisses all over her.

“Take your jeans off,” she whispered, and a moment later he was kicking them off along with his boxers.

When he laid down beside her she rolled towards him and took his cock in both her hands.

“Oh daddy!” she gasped, “It’s so big!”

“Oh honey,” he moaned as she masturbated his big horny prick, “we shouldn’t be doing this.”

“But I have to have my pussy played with,” she assured him, then pulled his cock downwards and rubbed the head against the front of her hot wet cunt as he fingered her.

She was panting quickly, with her lips almost touching his. he was breathing fast too, his prick was throbbing in her hands.

“Shall I suck it Daddy?” she breathed, then pressed her lips against his. As she kissed him deeply he felt her begin to quiver in his embrace, her pussy began to squeeze around his fingers. She broke the kiss, looked into his eyes, her cheeks flushed scarlet and she placed her cheek to his as she panted into his ear, “you’re making me cum!”

Her tight wet cunt pulsed, squeezing and squeezing again and again and she quivered against him. She rubbed his cock faster and faster, pressing the hot head against her fluttering skin. She began to kiss his neck as she calmed down from her high, whispering, “Thankyou Daddy,” and, “I love you,” into his ear.

He told her he loved her too. He knew his teenaged daughter had seduced him, but he didn’t mind, it was the most amazing pleasure. He slipped his fingers from her tight soft slit and brought them up to his nose, enjoying her scent as she blushed, then put them to her lips, and she licked them clean. She still held his prick, and again offered to suck it. He rolled onto his back and told her he wanted to taste her while she sucked him.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth before you fuck me?” she asked when she sat up. She waited for his reply. He didn’t quite know what to say, she ran her fingers over his muscley chest.

“It’s ok,” she said, “when you want to fuck me just put me on your cock and have me.” Then she quickly turned and wriggled onto his body, and lowered her hot little puss onto his lips as she lowered hers onto his big stiff prick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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