Daughter Sexbot Ch. 02

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Big Dick

Tim lied next to the robotic copy of his daughter, Alexis. They were both still naked and enjoying their post orgasmic glow. The robot was a perfect copy in every way, and if he hadn’t known better, he would never suspect that she was a machine.

“I love you, Daddy.” Alexis ran her hand over Tim’s naked body and rubbed his softening cock. It was still slick with both of their fluids. “So, this is where David gets it from.”

“I love you too.” Then what Alexis said hit Tim. David was his son, and her brother. “Wait, what?!”

“David has a lovely cock too, just like you.” Alexis smiled. “Just like our father.”

“And how do you know this?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Alexis looked at him. She still had sexual hunger in her eyes, as she was programmed to make the most of their time, which was almost up. “I fucked him too. We were going to tell you eventually, but this seemed like the best way to tell you.”

Tim didn’t know what to say and just stared at Alexis. Was it true? How would he know?

A ping interrupted the soft music in the speakers and a voice told Tim that it was time to get dressed. Tim started to put his clothes back on while Alexis simply lied in the bed. A cable snaked up between the pillows and pierced the back of her head. She gave a gasp and twitched before going limp. It was as if she died, and her eyes stared blankly ahead. Her facial expressions were all totally blank, and it barely resembled Alexis anymore.

Perky breasts moved as she sat up. The cable left her head, and cum dribbled from her pussy. She waited until Tim had all his clothes on before opening the door. One of the receptionists was just outside and greeted them. She paid no attention to Alexis’s nudity, nor did Alexis have any reaction to someone else seeing her naked.

“Hey, did you enjoy your visit?”

“Yes,” Tim said. “What happened to her?”

“Higher brain functions have shut down and her memory is no longer recording. She is just a blank drone now who will follow directions to her storage capsule.”

“She’ll remember this?”

“That’s up to you,” she said. “You may keep the memory file for later use, so that you can have an ongoing relationship. Or you can elect to delete it.”

Tim thought of the way Alexis spilled the beans regarding David. “Will this memory be accessible by anybody else?”

“Absolutely not!” The receptionist shook her head. “We respect our clients’ privacy. This file is kept under strict security and is completely confidential.”

“OK, I’ll keep it. May I follow her to the storage capsule?”

The receptionist nodded. “Many clients like to see the process. Right this way.”

The receptionist guided them through a series of corridors to the back of the building. Alexis followed with a blank expression, still seemingly oblivious to her nudity. They passed double doors, and the carpeted floor gave way to the concrete floor of the storage room. Capsules taller than a man lined the walls; there were at least two dozen. About half were empty. The ones that weren’t contained a featureless metallic skeleton. Except the skull looked different. The skulls looked smoothed over, as if they could turn into any other skull.

Alexis walked into an empty capsule, and Tim took the chance to admire her ass one last time. She leaned back in the capsule and a cable went to the back of her head again. The capsule shut and her flesh became a clear substance that melted off to reveal a metallic skeleton underneath. When escort sincan every bit was gone, ‘her’ skull morphed like the others to become truly featureless. Liquid drained at the bottom of the capsule.

“Slightly disturbing.”

“You regret watching?”

“No,” Tim said. “I had to know she wasn’t real.”


Tim came home from work and had to pretend as if everything was normal. As if he hadn’t just fucked a perfect copy of his daughter. As if that daughter hadn’t told him she was fucking her brother. As luck would have it, Alexis was the first person he saw as he walked through the door. “Hey Dad.”

Those words made his cock twitch, and he knew it shouldn’t. It felt impossible to look at her, as he was so familiar with every inch of her. Except she had no idea. “Hey Alexis. Your brother home?”

“Yeah, he’s in his room.” Alexis looked nervous, and Tim suspected why. “Did you want to see him?”

“Nah.” Tim wasn’t sure how he would tackle this. How could he confront them? He surely couldn’t tell her he had a sexbot made of her, and that sexbot spilled the beans. “I was just wondering if you two were doing anything together.”

“Just, I don’t know. Brother-sister stuff,” Alexis said.

Tim raised an eyebrow. “Brother-sister stuff?”

Alexis shrugged. “Yeah, y’know.”

“Not sure I do.”

David came down from downstairs. “Hey guys, what’s up?”

“Dad’s just been wondering what we’ve been getting up to.”

“Oh well, just stuff, I suppose.” David gave a reassuring grin. The kind of grin you have when you think you know something someone else doesn’t.

“Just stuff, huh?”

“Uh, yeah.” David’s grin faded away. “Um, so did you want to go somewhere or anything?”

“Nah, I’m good.”

The rest of the day proceeded more or less normally. They ate dinner together, and watched a bit of TV before they went to sleep. His wife fell asleep on the couch before the movie was over. David and Alexis started to go to their rooms before Tim stopped them. “Hey, we’re planning to travel in the day after tomorrow. I need to book a hotel. Are you two OK with sharing a room? It’ll be cheaper.”

David and Alexis looked at each other before grinning and shrugging. “Sure, that’s fine.”

“How about a bed?”

Their grins vanished instantly. “What?”

“Is a single bed alright?”

David looked like he didn’t know what to say. Alexis spoke up. “I guess that’s fine.”

David shrugged and nodded as well. “I guess it won’t be too weird.”

“Great,” Tim said with a smile. “I’ll book my room and yours.”

David and Alexis disappeared to their rooms. Tim turned off the TV and lied in the darkness with his wife for over twenty minutes while he booked the hotel rooms. He saw David leave his room and enter Alexis’s, and he crept closer as he listened to them speak through the cracked door.

“He knows,” David said. Tim peeked through the crack in the door and saw David’s naked butt. Alexis lied naked on her bed.

“No, he doesn’t.”

“How could he not know?” David asked. “I suspected when he came in, but now he’s asking if a single bed will be OK.”

“He’s probably just trying to save money,” Alexis said. Her arm was moving back and forth, and Tim realized that she was jerking off her brother. “Even if he knows, he’s clearly OK with it as he’s booking us a room so we can sleep together.”

David let out a pleasurable sigh, and Tim couldn’t believe escort tandoğan his eyes. It was true! “I guess you’re right.”

“You know I’m right.” Alexis climbed over her brother, and the streetlights shining through the window illuminated his hard cock. She positioned herself above him and took him into her pussy. They both moaned and Tim felt himself get hard watching her naked body move. Silhouetted breasts went up and down as she rode her brother, and he spanked her tight ass. “Not so loud.”

“Why?” David asked. “I thought they knew.”

“Well, we don’t know if he knows, we just think he does,” Alexis said. “And we have no idea about Mom.”

“Oh, I forgot about Mom.”

“Did your cock twitch when you said Mom?”


“I can feel it.” Alexis bent down to kiss her brother and Tim took the chance to gently push on the door to get a better look. The combination of moonlight and streetlights in the window gave enough illumination for Tim to check out his daughter’s tight asshole. His son’s hard cock was nestled tight within her pussy and Tim found himself envying him. She moved her hips to take his cock in and out of herself.

It was obvious they couldn’t see Tim, so he pulled down his shorts and started to jack off. Alexis rose up from David and a thrill went through to Tim’s cock. “So what if I do? She looks a lot like you. Oh, your pussy feels so good.”

Tim jacked himself harder as he remembered his daughter’s mimicked pussy. His son certainly was not wrong about that. Suppressed sexual moans came from the room. Alexis moaned just like her sexbot, albeit this was much softer. Tim felt his orgasm approaching and he took off one of his socks to prepare.

David wrapped his arms around Alexis and rolled over so that he was on top. The lighting was actually better this way, as Tim now could clearly see her erect nipples. David looked down at his sister. “What about you and Dad?”

Tim held his breath.

“Will you admit you find Mom hot?”

“I said she loo-ooooks like you!” David was clearly close to cumming.

“OK. Yeah, Dad is hot too.”

Tim felt as if he would explode right there.

“I wonder if you got your big dick from him.”

David fucked his sister harder and Tim pumped himself faster. Tim came first and waves of pleasure shot his cum into the sock. He did everything he could to keep quiet while he stared at Alexis’s perfect tits. David went stiff and made suppressed moans as he came into his sister’s pussy, and then Alexis writhed underneath him.

David pulled himself out of Alexis and turned toward the door. Tim ducked around the corner before he was caught, and retreated to the living room where his wife was still asleep. “Hey, you left the door open,” David whispered.

“Think they heard anything?”

The door opened more and Tim feigned sleep on the couch next to his wife. “Nah, he fell asleep next to her.”

“That’s so sweet.”


Tim walked his daughter down the series of corridors with the receptionist leading the way. “Where are we going, Dad?”

“To our room,” Tim said. The receptionist gestured to the room and Tim shut the door. He tore her clothes off as soon as they were alone and threw her on the bed with force. She looked back with fear as he eyed her naked ass. He slapped her ass with all his strength and red handprint was on her ass.

Alexis cried out in pain. “Dad, that hurts!”

“I know.” escort tunalı Tim slapped his palm against her ass again, watching the supple flesh jiggle from the force. She cried out again. “A father needs to discipline his daughter.”

“For what?!”

“Fucking your brother.” Tim spanked her other ass cheek, leaving a print there as well. “How long has it gone on?”

“M-my birthday!”

Tim channeled his shame and surprise and smacked her again. “That long?”


“You shameful slut.” Tim spanked her harder. She screamed and struggled to get up, so he smacked her with the same force. “Two that time for struggling.”

“Please let me get up.”

“No.” Alexis’s ass was completely red now, and he spread her cheeks to see droplets of moisture on her pussy lips. “You’re enjoying this.”

“No. Ahhh!” Alexis writhed as her father spanked her again.

“Don’t lie to me.”

“Ok Daddy.” Alexis inhaled. “I like it a little.”

“Because you’re a slut.”

“B-because I’m a slut.”

“Fucking your brother, and now your father.” Tim threw her to the ground and watched her tits bounce. “Get up! Face the wall!”

Alexis stood and faced the wall, exposing her red ass to her father. He bent her forward and unzipped his pants. He pushed through her pussy lips and she moaned. She squeezed him as he pushed into her, and her tits swayed with the movement. “I’m going to enjoy fucking my slut daughter.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“I saw you last night,” Tim said. “Fucking your brother.”

“Did you like watching, Daddy?”

“Every second.” Tim used the daughter sexbot and fucked her hard. He treated her like the object she was and smacked her ass more. Fleshed jiggled around his cock and Alexis’s moans got louder. He held her closer as semen shot into her and she moaned as she took in the warm fluid.

“Yesss, Daddy.”

Tim pulled out of her and watched the fluid drip from her. He sank onto the bed and watched her beautiful breasts as she turned to face him. “What do you want now, Daddy?”

“Clean me off.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Alexis wrapped her lips around Tim’s cock. She licked both their fluids off and swallowed. He hardened inside her mouth and she bobbed her head back and forth. His hand went through her hair, and he forced her down to take more of him. She choked slightly as he fucked her mouth, but she quickly adapted and sucked and slurped his cock. Every time she came down, he slammed the back of her throat. He got harder inside her mouth and came into her. Cum went straight down her throat, and her swallowing reflex felt incredible. She slurped his entire length as she came up and took a deep breath. She looked at his organ and smiled. “All clean.”

“Thanks honey. Ready for the vacation tomorrow?”

“Can’t wait. Thanks for booking David and I in the same room. I knew you’d understand.” She lied back on the bed and Tim looked at the cable ready to enter her head just beneath the pillows.

“Of course I’d understand,” Tim said. “I’m fucking my daughter, so naturally I can’t judge you for fucking your brother.”

“Exactly,” Alexis said. The ping and voice told him the hour was up, and the cable penetrated her head again. Her eyes went blank just as before and the receptionist was waiting just outside. Tim asked to walk back to the storage area with her and they went. The receptionist glanced at Alexis’s red ass and raised an eyebrow, but said nothing as they walked to the back.

Watching Alexis’s features liquify added that layer of separation that Tim needed. Except, the act he witnessed last night wasn’t done by robots. That was his real daughter and his real son, and he had all but just given his blessing on them fucking. The vacation tomorrow should be interesting at the very least.

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