Doctor’s Incestuous Family Chapter 3: Big Brother Knocked Me Up

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Doctor’s Incestuous Family
(An Incestuous Harem Story)
Chapter Three: Big Brother Knocked Me Up
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Dr. Bernice Wilson

I closed my eyes, my hands rubbing my large, naked breasts as I lay in bed. I had woken up horny again. I felt like a teenager instead of a woman of forty. For the last two weeks, ever since Cheryl Elliston showed up at my gynecological practice pregnant, planting the ridiculous notion that she had been knocked up by her own twenty-year-old son Clint, I had been thinking of my own son, and not in a motherly way.

James was nineteen, an athletic, handsome, young man. His eyes these wonderful shade of blue, only adding to his boyish charm.

Just thinking of my son sleeping down the hall made my pussy hot. I could go to him, wake him up. My hands caressed my breasts. They were big and soft, the type of tits that young men were infatuated with. I had seen him glancing at them a few times when I wore a blouse too low cut, something I did more often now.

I groaned, my fingers caressing my dark-red nipples, standing up straight as my thighs rubbed together. That hot itch demanded I do something about it. I had to cum. I groaned again, twisting my nipples. These lusts were driving me wild. I knew they were wrong. He was my son. I carried him for nine months. I gave birth to him.

I created him.

And now I wanted to fuck him. A depraved switch had been flipped, turning my maternal love into lust. I shuddered, moaning, my head rolling from side to side on my bed as I kicked off my covers. I licked my lips, closing my eyes.

Fantasizing something so taboo.

In my fantasy, I walked naked down the hallway, passing my eighteen-year-old daughter Jenny’s room. My breasts bouncing, my hips swaying, my pussy burning. I reached my son’s room, opening his door slowly, carefully. I didn’t want to wake him up. Yet. I was such a wicked mommy. I crossed to the room. He slumbered in the dark, covered by his blankets, lying on his back. He slept without a shirt, and I could see a part of his muscular chest.

I reached his bed, pulling down the blankets. Imagining his chest, I twist my nipples harder. I groaned, picturing his muscular pecs and rippling abs as I pull the blanket lower and lower, exposing the boxers he slept in. I did his laundry. I knew them all. Today, I imagined the white one with pirate skulls and crossbones, his cock already half-hard like he knew Mommy was here to teach him how to be a man.

My fantasy was so wicked. I was so hot. I couldn’t resist any longer. My right hand shot out to the nightstand, grasping the pink dildo I left there. I had masturbated before falling asleep to James. I needed to get this taboo lust out of my system. I needed to find a young stud. I was a cougar now. I could find a guy in his twenties, fuck him hard, and banish this from me.

But I had my practice, my patients. I had my kids to take care of. Where was the time to go out and get laid?

I pulled the dildo to my lips while I fantasized about pulling down my son’s boxers, exposing his half-tumescent cock. It would be so long and thick, the crown darkening as blood flow increased. I grasped it, stroking it. Precum beaded the tip. I leaned down, licking it, gathering the salty treat while I licked the dildo, pretending it was his cock.

I moaned, the fingers of my left hand twisting the nipple as I lock my lips about the dildo, tasting traces of my sweet musk. I shuddered, back arching as my fantasy progressed in my thoughts, my son coming awake.

Mom, he groaned in my thoughts. What are you doing?

Shhh, honey. Mommy’s just making her big, strong man feel sooooo good. Mmm, let Mommy show you how to be a man.

The thoughts made my pussy clench. I sucked harder on her dildo, imagining the sounds my son would make as I blew his cock. The moans, the groans, the grunts. The pleasure would twist across his face as he trembled on the bed. He would try to hide how much he liked it. But, in the end, he was a virile, young man and my mouth was so hot.

He wouldn’t resist.

His hands would shoot down, grabbing my dyed-blonde hair. He would grip it as I bobbed my mouth. I pressed the dildo deeper into my mouth, then pulled it out, sucking on it, swirling my tongue while I imagined it was my son’s cock hard and hot and throbbing.

Oh, Mom, wow. That’s…Oh, wow, that’s amazing.

Mommy just wants to show you her love.

Yes, Mom, show me your love. Oh, yes. You’re amazing. You’re the best mom. Fuck!

I sucked harder and harder, his chest rippling. My own pussy was so hot, so juicy, begging to be filled by his cock. I popped my mouth off the dildo while in my fantasy I popped off his cock, moving, straddling his cock and bringing it to my hot, dripping pussy.

My son’s dick!

I nuzzled the hard end of the dildo along my pussy lips, sliding it through my brown bush. I nudged my clit, shuddering, picturing the rapt lust on James’s face as he stared at my pillowy breasts swaying as I prepared to ride him.

Mom, he groaned in my thoughts. You’re really going to do this? You’re really going to be the first woman to ride my cock?

Oh, yes, Mommy has to make her boy into a man!

I jammed the dildo into my pussy.

I imagined impaling my cunt on my son’s thick cock.

The shaft filled me, stretching my hot hole. The friction sent naughty heat rippling through my body. My cunt clenched on the dildo, pretending it was my son’s cock. I groaned, pumping it in and out as I fantasized riding James’s cock, sliding my cunt up and down his dick, reveling in the incestuous moment of a mother teaching her son to be a man.

It would be so hot. My hands would run across his muscular chest, feeling his strength, while his hands would grope my breasts. He would squeeze my pillowy mounds and pinch my nipples. My pussy would clench on him.

Do you feel how hot Mommy is for your big cock? I moaned in my imagination.


And you love it. You love being back in Mommy! Back in the pussy that birthed you!

It’s so hot, Mom!

It was so hot. I pumped the dildo faster and faster in and out of my cunt. It churned my juices, rippling passion through me. I writhed on my back, gripping the base of the dildo with both hands to plunge it in with such force, my big breasts bouncing, lost to the incestuous fantasy of fucking my son.

Heat burned in my cunt as I rode James’s cock. His hands squeezed my tits, pinching my nipples. My pussy clenched on his dick as I slid up and then I groaned as I slammed down. He shuddered, face twisting with passion, loving every moment of being inside his naughty mommy’s pussy.

Yes, yes, yes, Mom, you’re so amazing. Your pussy! I love it. I love you, Mom!

And Mommy loves her big, strong son. Oh, yes. Mommy raised a man with a huge cock. Oh, Mommy loves your big dick. Mommy’s going to cum so hard on your dick!

I was going to cum so hard. I plunged the dildo so hard, so deep into my pussy. I reamed my cunt, trembling, groaning, spasming on the bed. It was so intense. The fantasy burned so hot in me. The fact it was wrong, illegal, forbidden only made it hotter. Made me wetter.

Made me cum harder.

“James!” I moaned, imagining him cumming into my depths, groaning, flooding me with his incestuous seed. I shuddered, bucking, writhing, plunging the dildo into my spasming depths. “Oh, James, yes!”

The orgasm burned so hot through me. So passionately. I groaned and shuddered and moaned. I kept fucking the dildo into my convulsing pussy, lost to the taboo urge to fuck my son. To feel his cum splash into my depths. It would be so wonderful to feel that creamy delight spilling into me.

Knocking me up like Clint knocked up his mother.

My body bucked. My tits bounced as I convulsed so hard. A second orgasm detonated in me. I moaned my son’s name over and over as the pleasure burned through my mind. My entire body heaved. Rapture burned through my mind.

I wanted to fuck my son.

My orgasms peaked.

And then the guilt crashed through me as I collapsed into a panting heap, gasping for breath. What was wrong with me? Why did these thoughts plague me? Why was I such a bad mother?


Jenny Wilson

I trembled on my big brother’s lap. We were in his bedroom. It was early in the morning. We both couldn’t sleep. My period was two days late. If it hadn’t arrived by this morning, I knew there was only one possibility. And the pregnancy test clutched in my right hand confirmed it.

I was bred by my big brother.

So many emotions roiled through my stomach. I was scared and happy and excited and nervous and horny and frightened and ecstatic and so much more. They all mixed and swirled. I was pregnant. I was eighteen, pregnant, and knocked up by my own brother. The brother who loved me. The brother who would support me. The brother who was happy I was pregnant, his hands squeezing my ass through my nightgown, his cock growing hard beneath me as he kissed me. I clutched to him tightly, kissing him back.

The last two weeks had been magical. It really wasn’t surprising I was pregnant. Maybe we could have gotten away with him cumming in me the first time without a condom. Even if it was in the middle of my cycle, the most fertile time of the month for me. But that was the excuse we used to keep fucking, over and over. After all, he might have already knocked me up. “We’ll wear condoms once you have your period,” he kept saying as he slid his dick into my wet pussy. “But until then…”

“Let’s enjoy ourselves,” I would moan, loving his dick.

And we had. We had all kinds of sex. At home and even at school, enjoying quickies whenever we could. We were both so horny, so in love. It was wonderful. He was wonderful. My big brother was amazing. Awesome. The best big brother in the world.

Better even than Clint, even if he did fuck his two sisters, his two cousins, antalya escort bayan and maybe his aunt and even his mother. Mom told me his mother was pregnant, which was very suspicious to me.

I broke the kiss with James, staring at his blue eyes as I trembled on him, squirming, my pussy so hot. I was pregnant with his child. I clutched the pregnancy test so hard in my hand as I ground on his cock.

He groaned.

“Well, I guess we don’t have to buy those condoms,” James said, his hands squeezing my ass through my nightgown.

“Guess not,” I giggled. “All the bareback pussy you want.”

“Well, I mean, until you’re too pregnant to have sex.”

“Oh, girls can have sex right up until they give birth. I read it on one of Mom’s pamphlets in her office.” I gave a wicked giggle. “I hope you have a pregnancy fetish, big brother.”

“I’ve never looked at that sort of porn.”

“Me either. We should.” Then I kissed him again, my heart just racing with excitement.

And then we heard a low, throaty moan. I broke the kiss, glancing at the wall separating James’s bedroom with Mom. My eyes widened. I knew those sounds. A hot thrill shot through my pussy as I squirmed on his cock.

“Is she…?” James asked, staring at his wall.

There was another moan.

I giggled wickedly. “I think she is. Mmm, and you’re so hard. Let me do something about that.”

“And you’re not wet?” he asked as I slipped off his lap to the floor, my hands reaching for his boxers’ waistband. He wore his white ones with black skulls and crossbones on it.

“I am. And I’m in the mood for pirate treasure, yar,” I said, putting on my best pirate accent.

“What?” he blinked as I pulled down his boxers, his hips lifting to help me out.

“Aye, matey, I need all the creamy treasure you got in them there cock.”

“Jesus, Jenny,” he said, chuckling. “You are such a goofball.”

I beamed at him as his hard cock popped out, bobbing before me. The tip was growing dark with his arousal. Already precum beaded the tip. I licked my lips in hungry delight, grasping his dick with my right hand, the left sliding beneath my nightgown and pushing aside the panties I wore to sleep.

I was hot and juicy, my silky pubic hair caressing my digits as I stroked up and down my vulva, touching my tight slit. I shuddered, teasing myself, digging into my plump folds to brush my hard clit and sending hot shudders through my body as my tongue licked up the bead of precum.

“Damn, you can have all my pirate booty,” James groaned, leaning back on his hands, his muscular chest rippling. “Just do that. You are an amazing little sister.”

“I know,” I beamed at him, my fingers stroking my clit, my other hand stroking his dick. His shaft throbbed with his heartbeat. “And I’m hungry for yar cream, matey!”

Then I engulfed the head of his cock before he could laugh at how corny I sounded. I sucked so hard, making him groan instead. I loved making my big brother groan. It was so hot watching his face contort, his chest rising as he sucked in deep breaths. Precum coated my tongue as I swirled around the tip, my cheeks hollowing as I sucked.

I loved sucking his cock. I loved doing anything with him. Even anal. It was hot feeling his cock slide into my asshole. My pussy and butthole clenched as I remembered two weeks ago when he fucked my ass in the downstairs bathroom.

What a wicked time that was.

I shoved two fingers into my juicy pussy, fingering myself as I bobbed my mouth up and down his dick. I sucked and moaned and shuddered, so happy. I was pregnant with his child. I knew we would have to face Mom soon, but I knew that despite all the angst and drama that would cause, I would have my big brother to support me. To love me.

To fuck me and give me his cum.

He groaned as I sucked harder, bobbing my mouth. I shivered, my tight pussy clenching on my fingers as they reamed in and out of me. My clit throbbed as I massaged it with the heel of my hand. I stroked his cock faster, my tongue swirling as I sucked and bobbed and blew him.

“Damn, Jenny,” he panted, seizing my loose, brown hair, holding it as I pleasured him. “Damn, you are an amazing little sister. And you’re pregnant with my child. I knocked you up.”

His chest swelled with pride. It made me shudder, my pussy clenching on my plunging fingers, as I heard the possessive thrill he took in that fact. That his cock had bred me. That he was virile. A true man.

I sucked harder, moaning as the pleasure rippled out of my pussy. This was so hot. So amazing. I shivered, the heat building inside of me. Juices dribbled down my fingers and coated my hand as I masturbated faster and faster.

“Jenny,” he kept groaning, his dick throbbing in my grip and mouth. He shuddered as I swirled my tongue around his crown before I bobbed down his shaft, sucking the entire time. “Oh, Jenny, yes. I’m going to flood your mouth.”

That sent a hot thrill through me. My clit ached as I massaged it. My little nub sent such wonderful sparks of pleasure shooting through me. I moaned louder about his cock, humming, pleasing him. His face rippled with pleasure, his hand tightening in my hair.

He was getting close.

And so was I.

My pregnant pussy savored my fingers plunging in and out of my depths. I shivered, toes curling. The pressure built and built as I took as much of James’s cock as I could, the tip brushing the back of my throat. I shivered, fingering myself faster and faster.

“Shit!” he grunted. “Jenny!”

Cum exploded into my mouth.

The moment the first splash of salty, incestuous jizz hit my tonsils, I orgasmed, too.

I gulped down his delicious, thick cream as my pussy spasmed about my fingers. I kept plunging them into my cumming depths, the heel of my hand massaging my clit. Pleasure sparked through me, igniting rapture in my mind that had me trembling, moaning about his erupting cock.

He grunted with each blast. I loved it, the flavor swirling through my mouth as I swallowed it. The incestuous load warmed my belly. I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut as the pleasure burned through me.

“You are awesome,” he panted, his dick spurting a final time. He fell back on his bed. “Love you.”

I shuddered, my fingers still stirring up my cumming pussy, the pleasure radiating through my body. He loved me. I knew he did. And we had made a baby together. I wanted to tell the world. I wished incest wasn’t illegal.

What a world that would be. One where you could love whomever you wanted, even if you were related.

I popped my mouth off his dick, panting, my voice tight with ecstasy as I moaned, “Love you, big brother. You’re my baby daddy now.”

“I am,” he said, sounding proud and sleepy all at the same time. “Damn, and I can’t tell anyone.”

I shook my head. We had the lie ready. I went to a party with James the night after he popped my cherry. It was our alibi. People saw me there. Then I even disappeared for a while, hiding in a bathroom, and reappeared looking a little disheveled. A few of my friends gave me speculative looks, and I just winked at them. When I inevitably had to tell Mom, I would claim it was a stupid mistake at a party. There was a guy and we had sex but I didn’t know him. And I didn’t know how to get a hold of him.

She would be disappointed in me, but I would have James. It would all be worth it. I rubbed my tummy, full of his cum and our baby. It definitely would be worth it.


James Wilson

I grinned as Jenny entered the library, wearing a jean skirt and purple tights, a matching purple top with a pink cardigan to help keep her warm. I loved the pink hair band holding back her light-brown hair. It always made her look so innocent. But I knew she was naughty. I had seen the thong she put on before we went to school.

The blowjob she gave me this morning was wonderful, but I wanted more. I had to be in her pussy.

I couldn’t believe I was going to be a father. I knew it was a possibility for the last two weeks, but now it was a certainty. I had bred my little sister. I wanted to strut around like Clint with two women on my arms. I remembered at the end of last year, both Melody and Pam so pregnant, practically glowing as they walked with him.

I wanted to do that strut with Jenny. But she was my sister. It was illegal for me to knock her up. If she were my cousin…

“The library?” Jenny asked as she came closer to me.

I grinned at her. “I found a place.”

She walked with me as the school’s librarian, an old hag who hated her job and just sat behind her desk as much as possible not working. She usually was reading from her Kindle, and did not care what the students did so long as it was quiet. I didn’t even know why our school had a library. No one used it for research only for the study rooms in the back. I mean, sure, twenty years ago before the internet people had to suffer in libraries.

But that meant almost no one came in here.

“This is so risky,” Jenny whispered as I led her back to a tall bookshelf near a circular study table.

“Uh-huh,” I grinned, leading her to the little alcove behind the shelf. I slipped in the narrow gap between the shelf and the alcove, sucking in my chest to get in. Once there, I could see out through the gaps in the books at the rest of the library. Even with that, it was so dark back here.

“Wow,” Jenny said. “Why is there a little alcove back here?”

“Not sure. I bet they had a reason when they built this school, and then later they rearranged the shelves or something, mostly blocking it off. But it left this naughty spot behind.”

“And how did you find this?” Jenny asked as she pressed against me.

“I’m just good at finding places.”

“You’re motivated,” she giggled. “You get off on fucking me at school, don’t you? You like the risk, big brother.”

“I do,” I grinned. “And I bet it makes you wet.”

She giggled. “It does. You’re so daring. I’m so scared escort antalya we’ll get caught, but you’re always so confident we won’t.”

I was nervous, too, but I wasn’t about to tell her that. Not with my dick so hard and she was so close to me. I couldn’t see much of her, but I could feel her heat through our clothing as her body rubbed against mine.

“I found some pregnancy porn,” she said, her hand rubbing at my crotch.

“Oh?” I asked in surprise. “What have you been doing while you were supposed to be learning today?”

“Browsing porn,” she giggled. “I had already read ahead in English, so I just pretended to read with my text book up. But I really had my phone hidden in there. On mute, of course.”

“I have my earbuds,” I said, fumbling at my backpack still slung over my right shoulder. I liked to listen to music from my phone.

We fumbled in the dark with the earbuds. They were tangled, of course, but we were horny. Soon, we had an earbud in each of our ears. Eager, I slammed the jack into her iPhone. The screen’s glow painted her face in blue as she opened the video she had saved.

“Look what you’ve done to Mommy,” the pregnant woman said, her tits huge and pillowy, the size of Mom’s tits. Her hand stroked her swollen stomach. She wasn’t fat. It was the graceful curve of new life, making the woman somehow even sexier. “You knocked Mommy up. Now you have to pay.”

“How do I do that?” the young man sitting on the bed said, naked and stroking his cock.

Jenny wiggled next to me as I groaned, “You found pregnancy incest porn?”

“Uh-huh,” she groaned. “Isn’t it so hot? That’ll be me in nine months. And you better do what he does.”

I nodded, my dick throbbing in my pants as I watched the woman’s “son” lick her pussy. The pregnant woman had mounted him, riding his face as he lay on the bed, her tits heaving and swaying as she moaned and groaned.

“That’s it. Lick Mommy’s pussy.”

Images of Mom flashed through my mind, her bleached-blonde hair spilling about her motherly face, her plump lips pursed. I groaned, my dick wanting to burst out of my pants as I stared at the screen, imagining what Mom’s pussy would taste like.

I bet she tasted as good as Jenny’s cunt.

My zipper rasped as Jenny worked it down. Then she shoved her hand into my pants, pulling my cock out the slit in my boxers. I groaned as my little sister stroked my cock, our eyes locked on the iPhone.

“Oh, you’re going to make Mommy cum,” the pregnant porn star moaned, her tits heaving and slapping together. “Oh, yes. You knocked me up. Now you have to keep my horny pussy satisfied.”

“Yes, you do, big brother,” moaned my little sister, her hand stroking my cock slowly, teasingly. “My pussy is so wet. You bred me. You made me so horny.”

“I’ll eat you out,” I promised, my eyes locked on the screen. “I’ll devour you then fuck you.”

“Good,” she groaned as my hand slid down her back to her skirt. I lifted it, finding her ass covered by her thin tights.

I squeezed her butt. “I’ll keep your horny pussy satisfied, little sister.”

“Good,” she moaned, squirming. My hands clenched her butt-cheek, my dick throbbing in her grip.

The pregnant porn star gasped and moaned, her hands seizing her big, pillowy tits. She brought her fat nipples to her lips, sucking on them one by one. My eyes widened. Creamy milk beaded her nipples. She was nursing herself.

“Fuck,” I panted, my dick throbbing. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“Yes, the lactation’s so hot,” groaned Jenny. “You’ll get to nurse from my tits, big brother. Won’t that be so hot?”

“So hot,” I panted, my eyes locked on the screen. I pictured suckling from my mother’s lactating breasts, nursing from her like I had as a baby. “Shit.”

I shoved my fingers into the waistband of Jenny’s tights, sliding in and gripping her near naked ass. With her thong vanishing between her butt-crack, I could feel the silky warmth of her butt-cheek. I squeezed it, fingers sliding into her crack as she wiggled her hips.

“I’m getting so wet, big brother,” Jenny groaned. “Oh, this is so hot.”

“So hot,” I panted, my fingers nudging aside her thong. I felt her puckered asshole. I stroked it, making her shiver while the taboo idea of breeding our mother washed through my mind. “She looks like Mom.”

“I guess,” Jenny moaned. “Thinking about Mom?”

“Yeah,” I panted, my finger nudging her asshole.

My little sister shivered as I penetrated her asshole up to the first knuckle. She moaned, stroking my dick harder, faster. The porn star came then leaned over, her pregnant belly rubbing on her “son’s” chest as she sucked on his cock.

“Oh, Mom,” he groaned.

My sister’s asshole clenched on my finger. “Are you really thinking about Mom?”

“Yeah,” I groaned then winced. Maybe I shouldn’t have admitted that. Would she get jealous?

Jenny only shivered as I fingered her asshole, her eyes locked on the screen, her hand stroking my dick. My balls ached as her silky grip caressed me. I pressed my finger deeper and deeper with each pump, loving the velvety grip of her asshole.

Then the porn star rose, turning around, moaning about how she needed her son’s dick in her. My cock throbbed as I imagined Mom moaning the same thing, mounting me, sliding her pussy down my cock.

The very pussy that birthed me.

“Yes, yes, fuck me, Mom,” groaned the “son.”

“This cock!” moaned the pregnant porn star. “Oh, this cock is amazing. I made this cock.”

“She did,” Jenny groaned, shivering.

And then I heard footsteps and soft talking. “Shit, turn it off. Someone’s coming and they’ll see the glow.”

Jenny gasped, fumbling at her phone, letting go of my cock. She turned it off, holding it to her chest just to be safe. I heard two girls talking, their voices soft. They were nearby. I shivered, groaning as I caught the sight of two girls sitting down at the round table just on the edge of my vision, one girl’s black hair short, the other’s brown hair in pigtails.

“Big brother,” Jenny hissed, her asshole clenching on my finger. “I need you. You promised.”
“I did,” I groaned, pushing her up against the back of the bookshelf. Those girls had no idea we were here. “Don’t make too much noise. We have an audience nearby.”

“I won’t,” she groaned as I pulled out my hand out of her tights.

I sucked on my finger, loving the sour flavor of her ass as I knelt behind her, my face pressed into her rear. I hiked her skirt up and yanked her tights down. I could smell my sister’s tart pussy. I breathed in the musk of her pregnant snatch.

I bred this pussy.

I squeezed her ass as I nuzzled between her thighs, the crotch of her thong soaked with her excitement. I licked at them, tasting her tart pussy, loving her incestuous passion. I squeezed her butt-cheeks as I nuzzled and tongued at her thong, pressing the thin strip of cloth into her pussy while my sister whimpered, her hips swaying.

But I had to taste her directly. My fingers ripped aside her thong so I could bury my tongue directly into her cunt. She groaned through her clenched teeth and whimpered as I parted her silky folds, caressing her pregnant pussy.

That thought made my dick throb every time it danced through my head.

I tongued my sister’s bred pussy. I lapped and nuzzled at her tart folds, her silky pubic hairs and hot lips caressing my cheeks. I gripped her ass, my nose pressed into her taint as I lapped at her from behind.

“Big brother,” she cooed at a half-whisper. “Oh, big brother, yes.”

The two girls talking at their table giggled. They were so close to us. If Jenny wasn’t quiet, they would hear us. And that would be so hot. My dick ached and throbbed as it jutted out my fly before me. I wanted to the entire world to know I had bred my sister.

That she loved my cock. That she came when I devoured her pussy.

It sent such a hot thrill through me as I lapped at her folds. Her juices dribbled down my chin as she moaned and groaned, her hips wiggling with pleasure, rubbing her butt-cheeks against my temples. They were so soft and plump.

And I could smell her sour musk.

“Big brother,” she cooed again as my tongue lapped up her taint and between her butt-cheeks. I found her sour asshole, licking it, making her shudder. “Oh, you are soooooo dirty.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, tonguing her asshole while I moved my right hand down to her pussy. I rubbed at her hot flesh, stroking her with my fingers as I rimmed her asshole.

“Such a dirty, big brother.”

The two girls were giggling louder, their hushed whispers reaching my ears as I tongued my sister’s asshole. Those girls had no idea what we were doing back here. They were gossiping about boys, I bet, aching for a real stud to fuck them. They would be so jealous of my sister getting her asshole eaten and pussy fingered.

I pushed two thick fingers into my sister’s pregnant depths. My cock throbbed more as her silky flesh engulfed my digits. I pumped them in and out while my tongue wiggled against her tight sphincter. The muscular ring resisted for a moment, fighting my intrusion.

And then surrendered.

I wiggled into her sour bowels, loving the feel of her flesh clenching about me. She trembled, groaning through her teeth as I fucked my tongue in and out of her tight asshole. I loved her sour musk. Her pussy grew hotter and hotter as I tongued and fingered her.

“Such a good big brother. Such a stud.”

“Such a naughty little sister,” I groaned between licks. “Mmm, you love your big brother’s tongue in your tight asshole.”

“Sooooo much.” Her pussy clenched so hard on my plunging fingers, her juices trickling down my hand. She was so hot and silky. My dick was so envious of my fingers. “And your cock.”

“But you’re getting it in your pussy today.”

“Good. Squirt your cum into my pregnant snatch. Oh, big brother, yes.”

“Oh, my gosh,” giggled one of the girl’s loudly. “Oh, Lee, I should spank you for that.”

I only antalya escort half-paid attention, the words floating through my head. I had my little sister to pleasure. I jammed my tongue back into her tight asshole while my thumb slid through her plump vulva, finding her clit.

She jumped as I massaged it.

I loved the way Jenny whimpered and moaned as my thumb rubbed in circles on her clit. Her nub was so hard. Her hips wiggled, her asshole clenching on my tongue as my fingers plunged over and over into her pussy. I stirred her up, made her breathe louder and louder as I devoured her asshole. I excited her. I made her wild.

I made her cum.

“Big brother,” she groaned a little too loud.

Would the girls hear her?

Her pussy writhed and milked my fingers like they were my cock. My dick ached, begging to bury into her depths. I rubbed her clit, plunging my digits deeper and deeper into her pussy while my tongue rimmed her asshole. She trembled, hips wiggling, moaning and groaning, trying not to be too loud. It was so hot. So naughty.

I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Fuck,” I groaned, ripping my fingers from her pussy and rising, my cock smacking into her thigh. “I have to be in you.”

“Yes, yes, fuck me, big brother,” groaned Jenny.

The two girls were giggling again as I pressed my cock into my little sister’s pregnant cunt. I slid my dick’s crown along her slit until I found her opening. And then I buried into her hard, the shelf Jenny leaned against rocking from the force of thrust.

It. Was. Heaven.

I loved being in her pussy. So hot and wet and tight and silky. It was so wrong to be in her, to be pumping away at her tight snatch. She moaned, clenching down as her hips bucked back into me, her soft ass pressing into my crotch.

“Yes, big brother,” she groaned. “Oh, yes. I need this.”

“Because you’re a pregnant, horny little sister?” I asked, my hands sliding beneath her blouse, stroking the bare flesh of her stomach.

“Yes!” she hissed, her pussy clenching on my dick. “So horny.”

The girls kept giggling as I kept fucking my little sister. I reached her round breasts covered in her bra, squeezing through the lacy garment. Her nipples were hard. She groaned as I massaged them through the cloth, her pussy growing hotter, her hips writhing faster and faster.

I nuzzled at her neck, my face pushing aside her silky hair to kiss at her delicate skin. I smelled the perfume she wore. I breathed it in as I plowed her pussy so hard, so fast. My balls smacked into her with wet thuds.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she hissed. “Big brother, that’s it. That’s what I need. Every day.”

“Every day,” I promised, my left hand sliding down to her flat stomach. How long until her belly would curve outward? Swelling rounder and rounder every day, proving that I had bred her?

I couldn’t wait.

The friction sent pleasure rushing down my dick straight to my balls. It boiled the cum in them, bringing me closer and closer to erupting into my little sister’s snatch. I shuddered, thrusting so hard into her silky depths, our flesh smacking together louder and louder.

I pinched her nipple through her bra with my right hand, my left rubbing her belly. I loved how silky she felt as I pictured her round and pregnant. I groaned, sucking and nibbling on her neck, loving how she trembled and whimpered.

“Big brother,” she groaned, pussy clenching so hard on my dick.

“Are you going to cum?” I asked as I nuzzled up to her ear. I licked it. “Are you? On your big brother’s dick?”

“I am,” she whined, her voice so high-pitched and throaty as she trembled. “Gonna cum so hard.”

“Good. Milk my cock. You’re just so horny, you naughty, pregnant slut.”

“Your slut! Your slutty little sister!”

She definitely said those last words too loud as her orgasm burst through her. I didn’t care. I just savored the sudden convulsion of her pussy about my cock as I rammed over and over into her depths. Her flesh massaged my cock, the friction growing so intense as I buried over and over into her pregnant pussy.

My balls ached as I fucked her. Her stomach quivered beneath my rubbing hand. I twisted her nipple as she moaned and groaned through her clenched teeth. She pressed back into my chest. I shuddered, slamming into her.

My dick throbbed.

I slid through her silky, orgasming sheath.

I bottomed out in incestuous paradise.

I came in my little sister’s pregnant pussy.

I groaned, pinching her nipple so hard as my cum burst from my dick. Powerful pulses of rapture shot through my body every time I squirted. I shuddered, groaning into the nape of her neck. I swayed, her pussy milking my cock, so hungry for my cum.

“That’s it,” she hissed. “That’s how a pregnant little sister is fucked.

“Yes,” I groaned as my orgasm peaked. I swayed, holding her as the final blast of my cum flooded her depths. “That’s it. You’ll get that every day. Your horny, pregnant cunt will be satisfied, little sister.”

“Mmm, such a wonderful big brother,” she purred in absolute delight.


Jenny Wilson

James’s cock slipped out of my pussy. I quickly pushed my thong back into place to trap his cum in me and keep from making a mess. I shuddered, loving the feel of him leaking out of me. I wiggled my hips as I drew up my tights.

“Follow in a few minutes,” James said. “Those girls are still there.”

I nodded my head and then shivered as he kissed me. I loved my big brother so much. He broke the kiss and then squeezed out past the bookshelf, leaving our private alcove. I leaned against the wall, my heart still racing, breathing heavily as I came down from my orgasmic high.

I rubbed my belly absently, my eyes closed as I waited for the right time to slip out. I was pregnant with his baby. As much as I was afraid of telling Mom, that thought still made me giddy with delight. My body was meant to be pregnant, and it was so hot that my older, sexy brother had done it.

I shivered, smiled, and then pressed out from behind the bookshelf and…


Alicia Elliston stood waiting for me, her brown hair in pigtails. She wore a pink, frilly dress that belonged on a much younger girl. She was nineteen, the same age as my brother, but looked ten. She held her hands behind her back, her hips rocking back and forth like a little girl who knows a naughty secret about her older sibling.

“I know what you were doing back there.”

My stomach twisted. “Oh?” I asked, my mouth so dry. “What?”

“You were fucking!” She said the word with such a naughty emphasis like a child reveling in saying something bad.

I flushed. “And?” I held up my head. I was taller than her by a few inches, and far more developed despite her being a year older. “What if I was?”

“You are so lucky to have a big brother that will fuck you,” Alicia continued, her girlish face bursting with delight. She clapped her hands, bouncing on her heels. “I am so happy for you.”

My nervousness vanished. I had seen her fuck her older brother Clint. I shouldn’t have been afraid at all. “I’m not the only little sister who’s lucky, right? You have a big brother that fucks you.”

Her brown eyes widened behind her glasses. “Y-You know that?”

“James and I saw you and Clint behind the gym two weeks ago.” I grinned at her. “It’s because of you that I have my special relationship with my big brother. It was so hot watching you and your big brother.”

Alicia squealed in delight and threw her arms around my neck, hugging me so tight. “That’s so wonderful. I’m so glad to have a friend I can talk to about this. I only have my sisters, and they’re all fucking Clint.”

“I thought you only had one sister.”

Alicia just giggled.

Then I asked, “And we’re friends?”

“Of course we’re friends,” Alicia said. “We just shared our deepest secrets. That totally makes us friends.” She bounced against me with all the excitement of a little girl. “I am so glad I had to work on homework during lunch. And you must be starving. Let’s get something to eat and then talk.”

“Compare notes?” I asked. “Does your brother like to eat your ass out?”

“Yes!” Then she gave me a wicked look, her brown eyes twinkling. “You should eat his out. James’ll love it!”

I shivered, excited to have made a new friend. She knew so much about sex. I bet I could learn so many naughty things to try with James.


Dr. Bernice Wilson

“How was college?” I asked my daughter as she stepped out of the laundry room.

“Great,” she said. “I just dropped off my dirty clothes.”

“I should make you do the laundry,” I said. “I think your ‘accident’ that one time was faked.”

“Mom?” she gasped in absolute innocence, made more so by her pink hair band holding back her brown hair. “I would never. And I had an amazing day. I made a new friend. Alicia Elliston.”

“Oh,” I said, my stomach twisting. Just hearing Elliston made me think of Clint fucking his mother, which made me think of James fucking me.

My pussy grew so hot.

“What’s for dinner?” Jenny asked as she passed me.

“Takeout,” I told her. “I left it on the dinner table. Go get your brother. I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

I shivered, my pussy on fire. I climbed the stairs and headed into the bathroom. I stared at my face in the mirror. I had to get my lusts under control. I needed to go and find a bar, pick up a young stud, and just get laid.

My forehead looked flushed from my excitement.

I grabbed a piece of toilet paper and dabbed at my forehead. I dropped it in the wastebasket by the sink and then frowned. There was a pink, triangular box in the trash with the letters “Preg…” in purple, the rest of the word obscured by my piece of toilet paper.

My stomach clenched. That couldn’t be the discarded box for a pregnancy test. Jenny couldn’t be having sex. She was so young. So innocent. She still wore her headband and tights. I mean, I knew girls were so active these days, but not my sweet Jennifer.

I picked up the box, my stomach twisting.

Was my baby girl pregnant?

To be continued…

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