Dreams Sometimes Do Come True

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Shawn strapped on his gear and prepared himself for another patrol in one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. Standing a whopping 6’5″ and weighing a chiseled 275 pounds, citizens and hoodlums alike all new Shawn very well. On the mean streets, his nickname was “Big Jack.” Even his fellow officers looked up to him as well. When they got a rough call, they felt at ease when they saw Shawn arrive as their back-up. By no means was he considered one of those types who hid behind his badge either. Shawn could handle the most heated domestic calls and by the time he left, he had the couple back in loving arms. Shawn was a friendly cop who would stop and render assistance to anyone, but the criminals all knew too well that if they challenged him in a violent way, he could answer their call with a violent onslaught! He had proven that talent on many occasion!

Not only did he have the physique of a chiseled Adonis, Shawn had a downright handsome face to match. His hair was brown and cut in the fashion of a crew cut and his thick mustache always was perfectly trimmed. On the inner police circuit, Shawn was well known as the ladies man. To say the least, he was simply a whore dog. His police shirt fit tight with the sleeves glued to the upper break of his bulging biceps. Not only can he be considered a handsome man, but in his police uniform, he was truly intimidating.

At this time, Shawn is 29 years of age and lives in his parents home just on the outskirts of the city he was sworn to protect. The home was left to him once both of his parents had become deceased and he now resided in the home, all alone. To match his physical perfection, Shawn also had an impressive weapon he was born with. When erect, his cut cock sprang forth a solid 8 3/4 inches and was almost as thick as a 20 ounce soda can. Naturally, getting women was no problem for Shawn, none at all. However, Shawn did have one dark passion nobody ever had a clue about, and that was he knew he was bisexual.

During his 29 years, Shawn only had two occasions where he was involved in gay sex, so to speak. He had let two different men give him a blow job, however, he didn’t return the favor. At that time, he felt had he sucked on their cocks, then he would have been gay, or at least, that’s what he had thought. So, he just let them suck his cock, blowing his huge load down their throats, and that was it.

Shawn’s ultimate true fantasy was that of his neighbor, Billy. Ever since Shawn could remember, he had always looked at Billy differently than he had of others. As Billy grew older, somewhere in his mid-teens, Shawn became even more infatuated. He found himself pounding his cock while dreaming of Billy most nearly all the time. No matter when it was, every time he laid eyes on Billy, his cock would instantly get rock hard. Now that Billy had just turned 18, and was still the spitting image of perfect beauty, Shawn’s desire became ultimately higher.

Through Shawn’s eyes, Billy was an angel. He stood close to 5’8″ tall and weighed a slender 150 pounds. Billy’s hair was jet black, thick at best, and brushed straight back. His eyes were a glistening emerald green and Billy’s eyes lashes were full and perfectly upturned. Billy’s eyebrows were also jet black and carried a medium thickness. To further add to Shawn’s mental note taking, Billy’s small nose only was highlighted by his slender, unblemished, face which possessed the cutest little dimples impaling each smooth cheek.

It was during the summer time, and while it was his day off, Shawn sat in his recliner, binoculars in hand, cock in fist, and was watching Billy mow the lawn. Billy had his shirt off and Shawn feasted upon his hairless chest, and taunt, muscular stomach. As he peered out the window, he lowered the binoculars to take a look at Billy’s straining legs as he pushed the mower. Shawn could only see a few dark curls as they glistened against the sweat on each of Billy’s shins. It appeared that Billy’s thighs were hairless and they offered a wonderful tan as well.

At times, Shawn could just make out the small tuft of a small black patch of underarm hair as he continued pounding his pre-cum spewing cock. As he studied the mouth watering features of Billy’s chest and stomach, Shawn kept on taking mental pictures as his eyes marveled at Billy’s tiny, pale pinkish, nipples. Also, to add to Shawn’s voyeur delight, he witnessed Billy’s small inny belly button. Shawn also discovered Billy didn’t have a “goody trail” either. It was all smooth and totally hairless, unlike his own chest hair which was of medium thickness.

Keeping the binoculars glued to his eyes, Shawn blew his load while he watched Billy bend over and the tight shorts he was wearing displayed the most mind boggling ass any man could ever hope to have. Billy’s butt, in the eyes of Shawn, was solid, yet offered a perfect tear drop bubbly shape. Seeing Billy’s butt made Shawn’s cock erupt, spitting his thick wad of man juice all over his chest and casino şirketleri stomach. Shawn pounded his cock into sheer submission while keeping both eyes locked onto Billy.

Billy’s hero had always been Shawn. Billy and his father would go to the playground and watch Shawn play football and baseball. Back then, most everybody thought Shawn would go on to play professional football or baseball. He was that good! Through Billy’s eyes, Shawn was the pure vision of how a man should look. As he got older, he too adopted Shawn’s street name, referring to Shawn as “Big Jack.”

Billy always looked forward to hanging around Shawn. Just being next to Shawn, Billy felt safe, and Shawn never spoke down to him due to the age difference either. When Billy was in the eighth grade, he was about to get jumped on by three guys who were in the eleventh grade. Just as he was about to get his butt royally kicked, somebody from the crowd that had gathered shouted, “You fuck with him, Big Jack is gonna fuck with you!” That was all it took for the three guys to tuck their tails and run off. After that day, Billy knew just by being Shawn’s neighbor and friend, he didn’t have to be worried by bullies.

By no means was Billy a virgin. Ever since he was around 13 years of age, some girl offered to suck his cock. Up to this point in his life, he had gone all the way with a girl at least 15 times or so. Just like Shawn, Billy too, had a dark secret nobody was aware of. Billy was head over heels infatuated with his life long hero, Shawn. He had never done anything with another guy, but he had spent many a night blistering his cock while he dreamed of the man they all called “Big Jack.”

This day, while covered in sweat, pushing the mower, Billy thought he saw Shawn peering out his window. Each time he pushed the mower in Shawn’s direction, Billy strained his eyes to see if what he thought he saw, he actually did see. A few more passes by, Billy could just barely see the outline of Shawn’s face and the binoculars that were glued to it. Billy by no means took this in a negative, insulting kind of way, instead, he decided to lay a foundation of what he hoped would be a dream come true.

After the last row of grass had been cut, Billy put the mower away and went inside his house. He lived with his parents who were both at work. He ran into the bathroom, stripping out of his soaking wet shorts, then took a well needed shower. His cock was rock hard as it pointed upwards at a 45 degree angle. Billy stroked his soap covered cock with his left hand while his right fingers were busy cleaning out his butt crack. Billy’s cock throbbed with anticipation as his hand slid over the shaft and helmet shaped cock head. The last time he had measured his cock, Billy figured it to be close to the 6 inch range and was about as thick as an average sized banana.

Once he finished showering, Billy dried himself off. Knowing his parents wouldn’t be home in at least four more hours, Billy scurried through his underwear drawer. He finally found the one pair of underwear he had been looking for. It was the skimpiest bikini underwear he owned and it was of a fish net fashion and white in color. It was also a thong bikini and as Billy slid it up his legs, a soft chill danced about his back as the thin line slid in between his butt crack, nestling tenderly against his bung hole.

Billy took a second to take a look at himself in the mirror. Just as he wanted, anyone who dare to look at his cock could clearly see it through the fish net material. Billy’s right hand trembled as he opened his front door. He wasn’t afraid of anyone seeing him other than Shawn due to the fact that their homes couldn’t be seen by any passerby’s. Once the door opened, Billy’s legs began to tremble as he stepped out onto his front porch, in broad day light. With just his eye popping and cock revealing underwear on, and nothing else, Billy began watering the plants. As he did so, he kept on secretly trying to see if Shawn was back at the window.

In about five heart pounding minutes, Billy saw Shawn’s face and the binoculars pressing up against the window. By now, Billy was doing everything within his horny power to not get an erection. He decided he would give Shawn a show, a show that if everything went as planned, he would get to see Big Jack’s little Jack! Billy intentionally bent way over, pausing for a few seconds in order to let Shawn stare at his butt. Not trying to be a narcissist, but Billy knew he has a very appealing and definitely shapely derrière. Billy paraded around the front yard, taking his sweet time putting on a sexy show while watering all the various plants and flowers.

Shawn by no means was missing any part of this show. Though he had already busted one enormous nut, his right hand was steadily stroking his fat cock frantically while keeping both eyes zeroed in on Billy and his every movement. Shawn could clearly see the outline of Billy’s sleeping cock as it rested directly on top casino firmaları of his nuggets. Shawn tried in vain, but he couldn’t make out the details of Billy’s balls no matter how hard he strained his eyes.

As he sat there, stroking his throbbing meat, Shawn decided to do something else. Basically, he couldn’t stand it any longer, so he decided to get a closer birds eye view of Billy and his cock hardening, mouth watering, body. Shawn put on a pair of worn out blue jean shorts and flip flops and walked out the door. His footsteps carried him within a few short feet from where Billy and his near nude body was standing. While Shawn’s eyes fell upon Billy’s tanned solid body, Billy’s eyes feasted upon the heaving chiseled chest of Shawn.

Billy was the first to speak, “Hey Big Jack, what’s up?” Shawn took in a deep breath after listening to Billy’s pure angelic soft voice, then replied, “Nothing much. Just seeing what your plans are for today. I’m off today and was thinking of working out a little, but other than that, I don’t have anything else planned.” Billy smiled while absorbing the total physical awe of belonging to Shawn, then angelically replied, “Yeah, I cut the grass earlier and I don’t have anything planned either. Just finishing up watering my mom’s plants.”

Shawn’s eyes targeted the creamy flesh of Billy’s cock as it freely flopped over those juicy tender nuggets. This time, being up close, Shawn judged Billy’s balls to be about the size of pecans. Billy managed to see precisely where Shawn’s eyes were looking at, and deciding once more to offer his hero another view, Billy turned around and bent over offering Shawn a clear shot of his outstretched butt. Nobody had to question where Shawn’s skilled eyes rested on at this very moment. As his eyes locked onto the tanned stretched flesh of Billy’s butt, Shawn could just barely see the outline of his tiny bung hole and the little black hairs that danced preciously up and down Billy’s tiny crack. Shawn’s cock throbbed severely wanting desperately to free itself from the shorts.

While Billy was still bent over, he asked, “So, would you like to hang out together today?” Just hearing Billy’s soft voice sent a shiver of electricity shooting up and down Shawn’s spine as he replied, “Yeah, yeah that would be cool.” After a short pause, Shawn spoke, “We can go to my house and hang out.” Billy, still with his butt hiked up in the air for Shawn to look at if he wanted to, replied, “That would be awesome. I guess I should go inside first and change clothes.” Shawn immediately blurted out, “No, no. You’re fine just the way you are, and besides, it will only be the two of us at my house. You may as well be comfortable.”

Billy stood up and walked over to shut off the water. Shawn’s eyes followed him like a starving hawk, noting how Billy’s tight little butt flexed upon his every footstep. Shawn took the time to look at his own hand and guessed that he could easily cover both of Billy’s tanned butt cheeks easily with just one hand. As Billy was making his way back to Shawn, Billy’s eyes marveled upon the huge basket of his hero. The bulge inside Shawn’s shorts already displayed the story, and Billy knew that even in his fantasies, he may have underestimated the true size of Shawn’s cock.

Inside Shawn’s home, the two sat on the sofa while Billy was flipping through some channels on the television. While Billy was doing that, Shawn was busy straining his eyes to see more of Billy’s soft cock. He could make out the head of Billy’s cock, noting that Billy was actually uncircumcised. Shawn could now see the foreskin as it covered the little cock head. Knowing this, only intrigued Shawn that much more.

A short time had passed and Billy excused himself to go pee. No sooner had Billy walked out of the room, almost as if drawn in by a commercial magnetic device, Shawn’s face buried itself in the exact spot in which Billy had been seated in. Inhaling deeply, Shawn’s nostrils fought against reality to offer some form of aroma, but nothing could be obtained except the smell of the sofa cushion itself. After a few more desperate sniffs, Shawn sat back up in the upright position and waited for Billy to return.

Once Billy returned, and was seated back into his original position, the two began talking. Mostly, it was Billy who asked a lot of questions about police work and Shawn eagerly supplied the answers. Billy asked Shawn about the use of the handcuffs, but instead of answering Billy, Shawn decided to demonstrate the handcuffing procedure on Billy, giving him first hand knowledge of his own question. Shawn had Billy stand up with Billy’s back facing him. Shawn quickly applied the handcuffs, locking Billy’s wrists behind his back. Shawn stepped closer in behind Billy where his crotch came in direct contact with Billy’s retrained hands. Shawn’s lips immediately parted as his nostrils flared capturing the sweet fragrance spewing from Billy’s hair.

The bulge his hand came in contact with güvenilir casino was as hard as a brick, forcing Billy’s own cock to spring into life. Billy peered down and saw his cock as it freed itself, poking out of the top of his skimpy thong underwear, showing off for the whole world to see, better yet, for Shawn to see! And Shawn did see and he was now drooling over the spectacular sight. The foreskin still completely covered Billy’s cock head, but Shawn could clearly see the thickness and length of Billy’s creamy colored cock.

With his mind racing rapidly, Shawn, unintentionally kept brushing his bulging cock upon Billy’s hands as he maneuvered his hulk like body from one side of Billy to the other. Billy intentionally opened his hands to get a better feel of the monstrous cock trapped inside of Shawn’s shorts. Though both had reached this level of action, neither had a clue on how to go about getting things started. Shawn played like he was a cop while Billy played being the criminal. In both of their horny minds, both Shawn and Billy wanted things to escalate to the next level, but neither had the mindset to make the first move.

While still handcuffed, Billy cleared his throat, then asked, “Big Jack, what if there was drugs involved? Let’s say you had just busted me and took me in. What do you do when you get the guy back to the police station?” Shawn’s legs were awesomely weak and his voice cracked as he replied, “If there’s any kind of drugs involved, we got to give them a strip search before taking them down to jail.”

Taking a brief second to think about it, Shawn blurted out, “Heck, it’s just me and you here and I’ll just go ahead and show you how we do it!” Before Billy knew what to say, his skimpy thong bikini briefs were sliding down his legs. Shawn was behind Billy as the underwear slid over both of Billy’s gloriously tanned butt cheeks. Unable to resist, Shawn inched his face within a fraction of an inch at Billy’s crack and began inhaling for dear life. The only aroma Shawn could detect was that of a mild coconut fragrance.

Once Billy’s underwear was down at his ankles, Billy unconsciously stepped out of them. Shawn had Billy look straight ahead as he bent down and retrieved Billy’s underwear. For no known reason to Shawn, but he found himself greedily sniffing the thonged material that had been creasing Billy’s crack. The aroma greeting his air filled lungs was a mixture of musk and coconut. The concoction was enough to make Shawn’s mind spin even more frantically, sending him into more of a sexual frenzied state of being.

Shawn gathered his thoughts and inched his hulking frame in front of Billy. The first thing that caught Shawn’s attention was the way Billy’s mouth watering cock presented itself. It throbbed upwards at a good 45 degree angle. Shawn was no stranger at seeing an uncut cock, but in all of his fantasies about Billy, he had imagined Billy’s cock being cut. The uncut cocks he had seen, all belonged to prisoners who were being strip searched after being charged with drugs.

The sac holding Billy’s pecan sized nuts tightly held the tender nuggets close to the base of Billy’s rock hard cock. Shawn could see the sparse tiny hairs that littered the tight sac. Billy’s pubic hair was either neatly trimmed or he just began growing pubic hairs. The hairs themselves covering Billy’s pubic area was a meager half an inch wide and a half an inch in length. In Shawn’s eyes, Billy was a sculpture of pure angelic perfection.

Shawn spoke, “Normally, we have the prisoners do this, but since you are already handcuffed, I’ll go ahead and do it.” Lightning bolts crashed throughout every square inch of Billy’s body as he felt Shawn’s hand softly grace his cum filled balls. While holding both of Billy’s balls in his right hand, Shawn hoarsely whispered, “We have to check them in case a prisoner is hiding some paraphernalia.” The balls rolling freely in his hand sent chills racing up and down Shawn’s spine. They felt like they were created from pure silk. Other than his own, this was Shawn’s first time at holding another man’s balls in his hand, and they felt absolutely, positively, great!

Billy stood there while Shawn began using both hands to softly caress (search) his nuggets. Billy’s body began trembling and his cock throbbed harshly with his every heartbeat. The sight of Billy’s dancing cock didn’t go unnoticed by Shawn either. While playing with Billy’s balls, Shawn used his right index finger to softly stroke Billy’s taint area. Billy instinctively arched himself upon his toes as the finger slid freely, sending his already trembling body into a feverish pitch.

Shawn’s taint roaming finger felt the tiny hairs leading up to Billy’s most secretive possession, that being, his butt hole. Once again, Shawn cleared his throat and spoke, “When we have a prisoner who is uncut, we have to have them slide the foreskin back to ensure that nothing had been hidden in that area.” Now, shock wave after shock wave rumbled over Billy’s body as he felt Shawn’s hand grace his aching cock. As his hand closed over the upwards section of Billy’s shaft, Shawn couldn’t help not to notice the silk like feeling as well as the chunk of steel now gracing his hand.

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