Eager CockSucker Gay

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Eager CockSucker Gay
I put on a fresh pair of panties, I knew I was going to obey. I put on a pair of black pantyhose and a bra, before hiding my inner slut with a suit and tie.

I stared at the phone, praying he would text back. My hunger for cum, for being on my knees, possessed my every thought.

I noticed my phone was flashing.

A rush of excitement coursed through me that it might be the black guy. The fact was that even though I had just swallowed two loads and should have been satisfied, I instantly wanted more. I grabbed my phone and read the message:

White boy,

I am at across the street from where you blew me yesterday.. Come to the worksite and ask for Bart.

Do it now, cocksucker!

I stared at the message. He wanted me to meet him at his work. That was way more dangerous. I felt safe in my hotel room. I didn’t respond at first, and then another message arrived.

It’s now or never cocksucker!


Suddenly feeling compelled to obey, I quickly responded:


I will be there in a few minutes.

My mouth watering at the thought of not just another cock, but the big black cock I had sucked at the glory hole, common sense flew out the window.

I quickly left my hotel room, walked down the hallway and back outside. It was only a couple block walk, although up hill, to where I was to go. The whole time as I walked past men, I wondered if they too were cocksuckers, or looking for a cocksucker.

Reaching the construction site, I paused. What was I getting myself into? I would have no control over this situation once I walked inside and found Bart. Yet, as seemed to be the new norm, I threw caution to the wind…my hunger for more cock, more cum again overriding common sense. I walked onto the site and towards an older white man, I asked, “Do you know where I can find Bart?”

“Seventh floor,” the man said, barely looking at me.

I hoped I would be ignored like that for the rest of my time there. I walked up to the seventh floor, which was a bit exhausting, apparently I wasn’t in great shape, and found four men sitting down, obviously on their coffee break. Two of them were black. I froze not sure what I was getting myself into.

Yet, my hunger for cum took over yet again as I asked, “Hi, um, I’m looking for Bart.”

The bigger of the two black men smiled and said, “Oh good, cocksucker is here.”

My face burned in shame at bahis siteleri his blatant attempt at humiliation and control.

“Come here, cocksucker,” he ordered.

I put my head down and sheepishly walked over to him.

He chuckled, “Couldn’t get enough black cock?”

“No, sir,” I whispered as I reached him.

“Sir,” he roared, “you’re too good to be true. Knees.”

I obeyed.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” he asked, as one of the white guys went to the door, closed it and pushed a table in front of it…at least I wouldn’t get anyone else walking into my cocksucking submission.

I awkwardly fished his cock out of his pants and, ignoring the fact that I had three strangers watching, took it in my mouth.

“That’s it, cocksucker, get me nice and hard,” he groaned.

I eagerly obliged, trying to forget I had an audience, as his cock grew in my mouth. The sensation of knowing I was making this big cock hard turned me on. Once it was completely hard, looking way bigger without a wall in the way, I began bobbing hungrily.

A couple of minutes in, the talk from around me began.

“Holy shit, Bart, how do you get these cocksuckers?”

“I have a magic cock,” he chuckled, as I wondered how many men came and sucked him off at work.

“Fuck, he is really an eager cocksucker,” another said.

And I was…I hungrily bobbed up and down on his big cock, again craving cum, ignoring the commentary from the strangers and the utter shame that should have come with being watched performing such an act. Yet, my thoughts were not of shame, but of whether I would get to suck the other black cock and the two white men.

Bart groaned, “That’s it cocksucker, showcase that pretty mouth of yours.”

Having my mouth called ‘pretty’ only enhanced the utter submission I was currently partaking in as I moaned in agreement while I continued bobbing on his glorious cock.

I heard from behind words that enhanced my hunger, “Hurry up, Bart, we want our turn with the cocksucker.”

Bart chuckled, “You guys always want my sloppy seconds.”

I wondered again how often men came to the worksite to suck his cock.

“Here it comes, cocksucker,” he grunted, before filling my mouth a few seconds later.

I hungrily swallowed his tasty seed until every last drop had slid down my throat.

I barely had time to savour his cum when I heard someone say, “Get over here, cocksucker.”

I bahis şirketleri allowed Bart’s cock to slip out of my mouth and, without hesitation, turned around to see the other black man had his cock out. To my surprise, apparently not every black man have a huge cock, as hard he was barely five inches.

I quickly crawled over to him, still in complete submissive mode, and took his cock in my mouth.

“That’s it cocksucker, deep throat my cock,” he groaned as I easily took all five inches in my mouth.

Being able to deep-throat his cock was a completely different experience than pleasing Bart. I continued to do my fast bobs, wanting to feel his cum explode in my mouth, wanting to suck every cock available. I don’t think I sucked him for more than a minute or two before I felt his cum coat my throat.

Bart laughed, “Always a quick shooter.”

“It’s not a race?” the second black man joked.

“Does the cocksucker take it in the ass?” another asked, as I continued slowly retrieving every last drop.

Bart added, “So do you, cocksucker?”

I took the small black cock out of my mouth and admitted, “I took my first cock in my ass yesterday, sir.”

“Well, let’s keep your streak going,” the barely out of high school k** said.

The other white man, quite chubby and in his fifties, said, “He can suck me, while you fuck him.”

“Let’s see that ass,” the young k** said.

“Yes, sir,” I nodded, standing up and nervously undoing my belt.

As I pulled my pants down, another laughed, “Your cocksucker is wearing pantyhose.”

A cocksucker and a crossdesser,” Bart chuckled.

“And an ass slut,” the young k** added.

Bart stood up and said, “If you want a real cock up that man pussy give me a text. I will ruin you for all others.”

I quipped back, flirting like a slut, “I imagine you would.”

He laughed. “There’s no imagining.”

“Breaks almost over,” the older man said, “get over here, cocksucker.”

“Yes, sir,” I agreed walking to him, pulling down my pantyhose, tugging my panties down too, revealing my hard cock. I dropped to all fours and took the older man’s flaccid cock in my mouth, while offering my ass to the young k**.

As his small cock grew in my mouth, Bart said, “Later, cocksucker.”

“Bye, sir,” I said, quickly taking the cock out of my mouth.

“Sir, fucking priceless,” he roared, as I took the cock back in my mouth.

A few seconds canlı bahis later, I felt hands on my hips and wondered if his cock was big or small. I found out a few seconds later it was a mixture of both. His length was not impressive, but his girth was widening my ass.

I focused my attention on sucking on the small cock in my mouth while I slowly got used to the girth of his cock in my ass. He groaned, “Fuck your man-cunt is tight.”

I moaned back.

After slowly filling my ass, he asked, “Ready to get reamed?”

I took the cock out of my mouth and begged, “Yes, fuck my man-cunt,” the term ‘man-cunt’ somehow feeling more submissive.

“What a faggot,” the young man grunted, as he slammed his cock into my ass.

“Yeeeees,” I screamed, as he began fucking me.

“Get back to sucking, cocksucker,” the older man ordered, shoving his cock back into my mouth.

I obeyed, and began to enjoy the thrill of feeling myself take a cock from both ends at once. After a couple of minutes, I began bucking back to meet the k**’s forward thrusts.

“Shiitttt,” the young man groaned, “you’re the sluttiest faggot I have ever met.”

I kept bouncing back and forth, taking one cock all in my mouth and then the other cock all in my ass, even as my own cock began pulsing.

“Here it comes, cocksucker,” the old man announced, as he grabbed my head and began fucking my face.

Meanwhile, the young man behind me continued slamming into me from behind.

Soon I was swallowing my third load in just a few minutes.

Once he was done in my mouth, he let go of my head and I turned around and watched the young man slamming into my ass.

“Ready, cock slut?” he grunted.

“Yes, siiiir,” I whimpered, loving having my ass fucked.

Suddenly he pulled out, grabbed me by the hair, and seconds later sprayed his cum all over my face.

As soon as he let go of my hair, I took his cock in my mouth to retrieve every last drop of his cum.

When he pulled out, he pulled up his pants and said, “Thanks. Faggot.”

“You’re welcome, sir,” I absurdly responded, still on my knees.

I stood up and pulled my panties, pantyhose and slacks back up as the others walked away to return to work.

Suddenly, shame coursed through me as I was standing at a construction site with cum all over my face. I quickly wiped the cum off and instinctively put it in my mouth, then hurried out of the building, avoiding others, and returned back to the hotel.

Once in my room, I collapsed on the bed, mortified at my insatiable hunger and the continual risks I have been taking.

Suddenly exhausted, I fell asleep knowing that this day was just getting started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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