Editing Reailty Book 3, Chapter 15: Heavenly Love

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Editing Reality

Book Three: Naughty Fantasies Unleashed

Chapter Sixteen: Heavenly Love

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this.

Steve Davies


Linda stared at me with this look of painful awe. “You were going to give it all up for me?”

I nodded.

Tears streamed down my wife’s face. She stumbled towards me, her dark-red hair spilled down her shoulders. She collapsed into me. I held her as she sobbed into my chest. Her large breasts pressed into my torso. Her arms gripped me as her tears stained my skin. I rocked her as she became incoherent.

“I couldn’t do it,” I whispered. My hand stroked her back. Our children stared at us, not sure what was going on. They didn’t need to know unless my wife decided to tell them. “It just didn’t seem like a better world without you.”

“Of course it would be,” she groaned, her voice choked by her emotion. “You made it into a paradise. You would have thrown that all away for me. I deserved it for putting you in that place.”

“It was a terrible place to be put in,” he said. “It wasn’t a choice at all. The world wouldn’t have seemed better to me.”

“I caused you pain. I made you hurt.”

“Yeah. And haven’t I done the same to you?”

“Not recently. You didn’t work with a devil and hide it.” She swallowed. “You didn’t cheat on me.”

“Yeah, I did. I had an entire weekend of cheating on you before I edited you,” I said. “I didn’t even know about your affair when I fucked Kyleigh. I can’t take the high road. I succumbed to the temptation that same day.”

She squeezed tighter about me and then… She stared at me in shock. “I can remember those other lives. What has happened? Why do I remember all of that? I shouldn’t have those.”

“You’re not human any longer,” I told her. I could feel the universe. It was distant like it was just my body. This vast and expansive stretch of space that held so much in it. Far, far more than Earth. Things I had never imagined. Things that the human race’s brightest scientists had no idea even existed. I could focus on any bit of it or just ignore it, like a minor ache you’ve had for a while, something that you’d grown to ignore unless something caused it to flare up.

“What am I?” she asked.

“My wife,” I told her. I pulled her tight. “You’re the woman I chose to marry. To love. I made an oath with you, and I don’t like breaking it. I swore to stand by you through the good and the bad times. And what had been going on was the worst time. I’d rather have reset everything, gone back to our old life, than lose you. It was the only right decision. It was the only way to undo it all. The only fair way. The choice I was given was no choice at all. Not a fair one.”

She tightened her arms around my shoulder. “I’m so sorry I cheated on you. That I lied to you all those times. I wanted to come clean time and time again, but I was so weak. I tried to rationalize it, but I had this desire I couldn’t fight. An addiction I couldn’t shake on my own.”

“You’re forgiven,” I told her.

She shuddered, her eyes widening. “I can feel it. Your forgiveness. It isn’t just words, you did something when you spoke them.”

“I guess I redeemed your soul,” I said. “That essence of you.” I pulled her to me as tight as possible. “I love you, Linda. I’ve loved you since I saw you at that bible meeting in college.”

She kissed me, her lips flavored by the salt of her guilt and joy. The tears spilled down her cheeks as our tongues danced together. My hands grabbed her ass. I held her. I clutched her tightly to me. My fingers massaged her. I kneaded her rump, my dick hardening against her. She trembled, her nipples hardening against me.

I held her. Loved her. The last God was lonely. He had just himself. He was alone even though he had his Divine Council. He didn’t have companions. Maybe that would let me treat things differently. To view the world differently. Not as a game. Not as a project.

Maybe I would be different.

I broke the kiss and stared into her eyes. She looked back at me with those green eyes swimming with her joy. She rubbed her nose against me. She kissed me with gentle smooches and then she smiled. She pulled away.

“So, God has popped a boner, huh?” she asked.

I shifted, feeling uncomfortable at that word. “Steve’s fine. There’s an entire planet of people praying to me as a god right now. I don’t need that from my wife.”

“Truly?” she asked. “You can hear them?”

“He can, Mistress,” one of the anime girls said. She was named Princess Myne. “There are 3.7 billion people crying out to him right now.”

She sat at one of the “stations” manned by her and the other anime girls. They were doing the jobs that the angels had done. They were doing the work of maintaining reality, nudging things, monitoring things, keeping me from having to do it all. I could, but it would be boring.

I had better things to do. I had a universe to run and manage. A family to love and enjoy.

“Mmm, Sam and Becky,” my wife said. “I know you two are lurking back there, come and help me satiate your father. He’s got the lusts of a god now. You know he’s going to be even hornier now than he was on earth.”

Sam giggled. She stood beside Becky, both naked and both so different. Sam had those small breasts and her petite body. She was a few inches shorter, her hair falling not even to her shoulder, and she had green eyes. Becky was busty, her nipples as fat as her mother’s, her auburn hair falling into a graceful braid. They could appear how they wanted now, but this was how they saw themselves. How they wanted to be seen.

“He’s going to be way hornier than our last master,” said Anael to Jophiel. “The Most High didn’t have sex ever.”

“He didn’t need it,” I said. “He was beyond it. Never even craved it. He created universes out of his loneliness.”

“And you’re just a pervert, Master,” Anael said.

“Because you made me into one,” I said. I gave her a fixed look.

My wife laughed. “Did she? Or did she just give you permission to be that pervert you always wanted to be? That potential must have always lurked inside of you even a little. Then you had permission. It wasn’t like Seth who went crazy with the girls.”

“He just fucked me,” said Tonya, Becky’s friend. I brought her up. “Wow, I can remember that. He did that editing thing to me, huh?”

“Yeah,” Becky said, her brow furrowing. “This is strange. I used to be such a quiet thing. I would have gone years being a virgin, never confronting my bi side. I’d be like you, I guess, Mom.”

“Good thing you’re not,” said my wife. She fell down to her knees before me, her large breasts bouncing. Her nipples throbbed against me. She grabbed my cock. She stroked it, staring at me, her cheeks still shiny with her tears. “Come on, girls, let’s thank your father for making us into goddesses.”

“Is that what we are?” Sam said. “Cool.” She darted up and fell down to her knees. “Wow, Mom, I can’t believe we fought over something as stupid as me wearing pants. I hate pants now.”

My wife giggled. “And I thought you were gay, too, and that was your sister.”

“Oh, no, that was me.” Sam grinned. “I was having so much sex with my friends before Daddy edited anything.”

I groaned as Sam sucked my cock into her mouth. My youngest daughter sucked with delight, her tongue dancing around my cock. The pleasure shot down it. This throbbing pleasure shot down my dick. My balls tightened at the fervor of her sucking.

“Brat,” my wife said with this fond tone. “You’re supposed to be sharing with your sister and me, not hogging him all to yourself.”

Sam smiled around my cock and kept sucking. She stared up at me, her green eyes twinkling. Becky sank down on the other side, her large breasts swaying as she knelt on my left. She slipped her arm around her mother’s waist. She pressed her big tit into her mother’s. They were just about the same size, my wife’s a little bigger.

“Yeah, Sam, you got to share,” said Becky. “Mom and I want to suck his cock, too.”

Sam rolled her eyes though there was this naughty glint in their depths. She sucked hard on me before popping her mouth off. She giggled. “I wouldn’t want to deny you this awesome cock. It’s the only dick in heaven.”

“What do I have?” James asked. My son stood nearby looking a little uncomfortable.

“Yours doesn’t count,” said Sam. “You’re my brother.”

“He’s our father,” James countered.

“I know!” Sam said as my wife and daughter leaned in. They nibbled on the crown of it, sending pleasure through me. “Hey!”

Sam darted in to nuzzle on the right side. I had all three of their mouths kissing and sucking, their tongues licking. They were moaning, our daughters pressing their cheeks into my wife’s. She was in the middle of the incestuous pile.

My dick ached beneath their licking and lapping. I shuddered, savoring this pleasure. I had them for eternity. Beyond, our concubines waited. They were all pregnant. That hadn’t changed. They would give birth to more gods and goddesses. More beings to help me shape the world and guide it. To maintain it.

There could be entire generations of them. The Most High created his angels; I would breed mine.

My dick throbbed and ached. I groaned as My wife stroked my cock and Becky played with my balls. Sam gripped my thigh, groaning as she fluttered her tongue across my cock’s tip. She gave me such pleasure.

It was incredible to enjoy. My salty precum flowed, coating their lips. Their green eyes stared up at me. They twinkled with their passion, glossy with their lusts. Becky moaned and then she slid her mouth around my cock.

Her tongue darted around my dick’s tip. Her lips sealed as she sucked. The pleasure shot down to my balls. I groaned, resting my hands on my daughters’ heads. I gripped them as the pleasure shot through me.

Sam darted her head down and nuzzled at my balls, Becky’s hand pulling out of the way to let her sister have fun. Sam sucked and nibbled on my nuts. I groaned as the pleasure shot up to the tip of my dick. My cock throbbed and ached. The aching reached the tip of my shaft. This pleasure rippled through my body.

“Mmm, look at them,” my wife said, staring up at me. “They love you so much.”

“We loved him before the editing,” Sam moaned. “I’m so glad he changed things. Becky and I were fighting all the time. Sharing is so much better.”

Becky popped her mouth off my cock. As my wife sucked it into her mouth, Becky moaned, “Yes! I’d rather lick Sam’s pussy than get into another argument with her.”

“It’s so much better,” moaned Sam. She sucked on my right nut.

Becky sucked on my left.

My wife nursed with hunger. She bobbed her head as our daughters played with my balls. This incestuous pleasure shot through me. It was incredible to enjoy. My nuts throbbed in my daughters’ mouths. They sucked. They nibbled.

It felt incredible.

I was going to cum soon. It would build and build. I would explode into my wife’s mouth. Shower her with all my passion. My cum. Her tongue darted around my cock, teasing my cock as she brought me closer and closer to exploding.

Then her mouth popped off and Sam moved. My cock rested outside of one of their mouths for barely more than a heartbeat before my youngest engulfed me. She sucked on my dick with such hunger, her cheeks hollowing.

“Kumquat,” I groaned, my hand tightening in her short hair.

“Mmm, that’s it,” Linda moaned. She nuzzled into our youngest’s ear and flicked it. “Just please your daddy. He’s God now. When he cums, I bet everyone in the world feels a little better.”

“The world?” moaned Becky. “The whole universe. There’s more than just our race out there.”

I smiled down at her. She was right. There was plenty to look, to see, to enjoy. It wasn’t just on earth antalya escort bayan that people were allowed to edit reality. It was just our planet where one of us had made that one choice.

I groaned as Sam popped her mouth off my dick and Becky engulfed it. I growled, the pressure in my balls building and building. My wife stroked me faster. She stared up at me. Her tongue flicked over her lips.

“How does that feel?” she moaned.

“Like I have the best family in the world,” I groaned. “Damn, Becky. You are such a loving girl.”

She moaned around my cock. Her cheeks hollowed. The pressure rose and rose in my balls. I was coming closer and closer to my orgasm. I could cum when I wanted, but it was better to let them bring me to the point of my release.

My concubines were moaning, loving each other. James and his two women, Orihime and Ruri, were having their own fun. The anime girls manned their stations as they giggled and gossiped, giving me looks with their strange-colored eyes.

“Damn,” I groaned. I almost said God, but that would be swearing to myself. It felt weird. “That’s it. Fuck, you are amazing, Becky.”

“Mmm, he’s going to cum,” my wife said. “He’s about to pop off. He needs to cum on our faces.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Sam moaned, cupping my balls. She kneaded them.

My wife slid up my shaft. Her lips sealed around my cock. The pressure rose and rose to the tip of my dick. She popped her mouth off my shaft. The pleasure shot through me, a wave of rippling, incestuous heat.

My wife and daughters pressed their faces tight together. My wife pumped her hand up and down my cock. They all moaned and begged. I was about to explode. I would fire my jizz onto their faces. Paint them with my passion.

“Daddy!” moaned my daughter. “Oh, yes, yes, Daddy!”

“Cum on our faces!” whimpered Becky. “Do it, Daddy. Just do it! Paint us!”

“Yes!” I growled, the pleasure swelling and swelling. I would erupt on them. I would paint them. I would just coat them in my jizz. “Fuck, yes!”

My cock erupted. My spunk fired on their faces. It splashed across them. I shuddered as I painted their features. Jizz coated their cheeks and noses. Ropy lines of my passion drenched them. The creamy passion dribbled down their foreheads and the bridges of their noses. My chest rose and fell, the pleasure slamming through my body as I drenched them.

My daughters and my wife dripped with my cum, their mouths open, tongues thrusting out. Salty jizz spilled onto their pink tongues. They moaned in delight as I felt the entire universe, at a sub-atomic level, vibrate with me.

“Damn,” I groaned, my chest rose and fell. “What a lovely bunch of goddesses you three are.”

“Mmm, goddesses with cum-drenched faces!” Sam cheered.

My wife smiled. Then she turned her head and licked up the jizz. She darted up and down our daughter’s neck. Her tongue gathered up the cum, pink scooping up white. I groaned at the sight. Becky attacked her mother’s cheek.

Sam turned, and then all three of them were licking and lapping and pleasing each other. They were gathering up the cum. They were enjoying each other. They moaned as they cleaned up my spunk. They were so hungry for it.

Their tongues fluttered and licked and lapped. They teased each other. It was such a hot thing to witness. A naughty treat. I groaned, breathing heavily as I watched them, reveling in them sharing my passion. Their tongues caressed each other. They licked and lapped at each other, cleaning them.

They groaned and moaned.

“Oh, yes, yes,” my wife panted, both our daughters licking their tongues up her mouth. They dragged their tongues up and down Linda’s face, cleaning her.

Then they were kissing. Their tongues were dancing together. They swapped the jizz. They spilled it back and forth. They savored it, moaning with all their passion. This heat surged through my body as I loved the incestuous sight.

“What a bunch of sexy goddesses,” I groaned, my dick as hard as I wanted it to be. And I wanted to revel. I had done something profound, and I wanted to love my family. They were the most important thing to me. “I love you all.”

They broke the kiss and stared up at me, their eyes brimming with naughty excitement. Sam glanced at my wife and arched her eyebrow. Linda nodded her head and smiled. She flicked out her tongue and licked up the cum on her lips.

“Come on, Daddy!” Sam said. “Becky and I want to ride a god.”

My eldest daughter nodded her head. She arched her eyebrows. She licked her lips and moaned, “I like riding Daddy’s mouth. He’s such a delight to enjoy.”

“And I get the D!” Sam grabbed my cock and grinned. “You’re going to love it.”

“I always do, kumquat,” I said, winking at her.

She giggled.

My wife stood up and smiled at me. “Enjoy them, Steve. I love you.”

“Love you,” I told her.

I stretched out on the floor. It was soft as I wanted it to be. Comfortable.

My daughters swarmed me. Becky bounced and jiggled as she darted to me. She straddled me and grinned down at me. Her hips wiggled back and forth as she lowered her twat. She pressed her hot cunt on my mouth. That wonderful, spicy treat settled on my lips.

I savored the silky feel of her bush and the hot folds of her pussy. She ground her vulva on my face. She shuddered, rubbing her hips from side to side. Her cuntlips smeared across my mouth It was an amazing treat to experience. A wonderful delight. I fluttered my tongue through her folds, I licked and lapped at her.

“Daddy!” my eldest daughter moaned, her hands massaging my chest. “Mmm, Sam, start riding him. I love it when he eats me.”

“Yes!” Sam moaned. She grabbed me and straddled me. She grasped my cock. She stroked me and guided me to her butt-crack. I groaned as I felt her asshole. “Ooh, Daddy, you made me like anal, didn’t you. Made me want to enjoy it.”

“I did, kumquat!” I groaned, my tomboy daughter rubbing my dick against her asshole.

“Then enjoy!”

She slammed her bowels down my cock. Her velvety sheath, slicker than other girls’ assholes, engulfed my cock. I groaned into Becky’s tangy pussy as my youngest daughter took every inch of my dick. I felt Sam’s hot pussy rubbing into my pubic mound. She shuddered, her hips wiggling back and forth.

Pleasure rippled through my body as she rose up me. She squeezed her bowels around my dick. She moaned, her back arching. This pleasure shuddered through me as she gripped my shaft. The pleasure surged through me.

Then she slammed down me.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” Sam moaned. “Ooh, Daddy, I love it! Daddy! I get to swear to you. Daddy damn, that’s good.”

Becky giggled and then she moaned, “Oh, Daddy damn, yes! You eat pussy so well! I love it!”

I thrust my tongue into my eldest daughter’s cunt. I swirled around inside of her. I stroked her thighs as she danced her hips from side to side. Her juices soaked my mouth. Her passion filled my mouth. It was this wonderful delight to feast on.

She tasted amazing.

She moaned and gasped, her fingers scratching at my chest as she squirmed on my mouth. Sam moaned, her asshole squeezed around my dick. She worked it up and down. Her hips swiveled around from side to side. Her hot bowels pumped up and down me faster and faster.

“Daddy damn, that’s good!” moaned Sam. “My Daddy is God! That’s how sexy he is!”

“So sexy!” Becky panted. “Love you, Daddy! And I love you, Sam!”

Both my daughters shifted, leaning forward. I felt the way Sam’s bowels rubbed up and down my cock changed while I stared up Becky’s back past her bubbly ass. Sam’s arms went around Becky’s neck. They kissed.

I heard them as I fluttered my tongue through Becky’s pussy. I licked her as I enjoyed the delights of heaven. Incestuous and naughty bliss. The pressure grew and grew at my cock’s tip, swelling me towards that amazing eruption.

It would be incredible.

I would flood jizz into Sam’s bowels. I would fill her to the brim. It was this amazing passion to enjoy. My cock throbbed and pulsed in her asshole. Her bowels massaged me. She brought me closer and closer to that eruption.

“Damn,” I panted, stroking Becky’s thighs. “You two are amazing.”

“Oh, Daddy,” Sam moaned. “Ooh, you’re going to make us cum. You’re going to make both your daughters explode!”

“Yes!” Becky groaned. I sucked hard on her clit. I fluttered around her bud. “Oh, Daddy, yes!”

Her juices flowed hotter and hotter. I groaned, Sam’s bowels working up and down my cock faster. Her hot, velvety sheath massaged me. I couldn’t take much more. I would explode in her and flood her with my jizz.

Sam slammed down me and gasped. Her bowels writhed around my cock, massaging me with velvety passion. Juices gushed out of her snatch and splattered my chest. I groaned at the hot feel of her juices coating me, soaking me.

“Daddy!” howled my daughter.

I moaned into my eldest daughter’s cunt as Sam’s asshole brought me closer and closer to cumming. She bucked and trembled on me. Her anal sheath rippled about my aching cock. That amazing pleasure that would have me exploding.

“Oh, yes, Daddy!” Becky moaned as I sucked hard on her clit. “Yes!”

Her tangy juices gushed out of her cunt. She soaked my mouth. I drank her wonderful cream. I gulped them down, reveling in her incestuous passion. I squeezed her thighs as she ground on me. I groaned, my daughters both whimpering.

“Cum in me, Daddy!”

“Oh, yes, yes, you’re the best pussy eater, Daddy! Love you!”

“Love you so much! Give me that god jizz!”

The pressure flashed to a boil in my balls. My cock erupted. My cum fired out of me. It flooded my daughter’s asshole. I soaked her. It was this amazing treat to experience. I grunted into Becky’s twat. My body bucked as Sam’s bowels rippled around my cumming dick.

“Ooh, Daddy, yes!” moaned Sam. “That’s good. That’s so amazing! Just fire all that divine jizz in me!”

I growled into Becky’s pussy as the pleasures slammed into my mind. The universe quivered again as I enjoyed the incestuous bliss. I panted into my eldest daughter’s cunt as I hit that wonderful peak. I squeezed her legs, the jizz spurting hard and fast out of my cock.

“Damn,” I groaned as I descended into bliss, loved by my daughters.


Sam Davies

I pulled my asshole off my daddy’s cock. I licked my lips, this naughty hunger surging through me. I stared down at his dick while his cum leaked out of me. I loved it. His jizz felt so amazing in me. I savored it. I loved every bit of it.

I grabbed his cock and stroked him. I leaned down and inhaled the scent of my sour musk on his cock. Becky slid off his face. Her large breasts swayed as she smiled in delight. She clapped her hands in delight.

“Ooh, Mom, where’d you get that?” Becky asked.

“Made it,” my mom said. “Apparently we can do that. You just got to concentrate.”

“Neat,” my older sister said.

I was focused on Daddy’s cock. That wonderful, sour musk. I opened my mouth wide and swallowed his dick. I slid my lips over his spongy crown, shuddering at the dirty thrill of cleaning him. I loved doing this. It made me feel so close to him.

It was so intimate.

“Kumquat,” Daddy said, his hand stroking my hair. He smiled down his body at me. “That’s nice. You’re such a sweet daughter.”

Joy surged through me.

I sucked hard. My tongue darted around his dick, cleaning him up. I bobbed my head, taking more and more of his cock into my mouth, soaking him with my saliva. I shuddered as more of his cum dribbled from my asshole down to my cunt. It coated my pussy lips, making me feel so naughty.

Then I gasped as I felt something nudging against my pussy. A thick shaft. It was such a hot thing to enjoy. It pressed forward. I groaned, realizing a dildo filled me. Familiar escort antalya hands grabbed my hips. She squeezed me, her hands stroking me.

Mom had made a dildo.

It was incredible. I shuddered and groaned as she pumped away at me. She slammed hard and deep into my pussy. She drove the dildo into my cunt. I heard her tits heaving behind me as she fucked me. She plowed into me, her bush kissing my butt-cheeks.

She stroked me hard and fast. She buried in me. Heaven was awesome. Daddy’s eyes stared over my head. He was watching Mom’s great boobs bouncing and heaving. I shuddered, my cunt squeezing around her thick dildo.

“You are so beautiful to watching when you fuck our daughters,” groaned Daddy, his hands stroking my hair.

“You’re pretty hot when you do it,” Mommy moaned. She caressed me. She stroked me. She buried hard into me. Fast. She pumped that dildo in and out of me, driving me wild.

I moaned hard around Daddy’s cock. I sucked on him with hunger. My breasts jiggled and swayed, my hips wiggling from side to side, stirring that fake dick around inside my twat. It felt incredible. I nursed hard on Daddy’s shaft, polishing him.

Loving him.

I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to make his dick sparkly clean. It would be amazing. I hungered to do it as Mom fucked me hard. Her crotch smacked into my rump. My asshole clenched as I squeezed my pussy around the big dildo, forcing out more of Daddy’s cum to trickle out of my sphincter and down to my cunt.

Her dildo was driving Daddy’s jizz into my pussy. I shuddered at that wicked realization. I moaned around his cock, wiggling my hips from side to side. I groaned, blowing Daddy hard. I sucked and bobbed and danced my tongue.

“Kumquat,” he groaned, his hand stroking my hair. “I’m going to flood you with so much jizz. I’m going to fill your mouth to the brim with all my seed.”

“Good!” Mommy moaned. “Give our naughty daughter what she craves.

I so craved it. I wanted my daddy’s cum flooding my mouth while my mommy fucked me hard. Heaven was turning into an incestuous paradise. I loved it. My body trembled with pleasure. I took inch after inch of Daddy’s cock, questing for more of that sour musk staining his cock.

The pleasure burned through my body. I groaned, my heart beating faster and faster. I bobbed my mouth, taking more of his cock. He brushed the back of my throat. That sour flavor swelled and swelled.

I deep-throated my daddy.

“Kumquat!” he groaned as his cock slid down my throat.

I reveled in this delicious flavor of my sour asshole around the base of his cock. His dick filled my gullet. Pleasure grew and grew in my juicy pussy. My hips wiggled from side to side, stirring my cunt around Mommy’s dildo.

She buried hard into my pussy. She rammed her dick to the hilt in my cunt and drove me wild. I shuddered and gasped. My hips wiggled back and forth. I loved the feel of her pumping away at me. She thrust with passion. She filled me up to the hilt.

I groaned, my pussy drinking in the passion.

“Ooh, she’s giving you pleasure, isn’t she, honey?” Mommy asked as she drilled my cunt, driving me towards my orgasm.

“Just like you are,” Daddy groaned. “Damn, she’s moaning around my cock. She’s deep-throated me.”

“Naughty slut!” Mommy panted, pumping away. “Ooh, yes, I’m going to cum fucking our naughty daughter’s cunt.”


I wanted her to cum. I moaned around Daddy’s cock, letting him feel the passion. He groaned, his fingers sliding through my hair. My chest rose and fell. This amazing pleasure rippled through me. The delight of being fucked while blowing him felt amazing.

My eyes fluttered. I groaned, his fingers sliding through my hair. He twirled and twined them about his digits. Then I slid up his cock, sucking the entire way, polishing him. He would be so clean when I was done.

He shuddered, gripping my hair as I bobbed my head up and down his cock, deep-throating him again and again. My lips sealed tight around him. My pleasure swelled, my cunt growing hotter around Mommy’s dildo as I gave my daddy such pleasure.

“Yes, Sam!” he groaned. “Damn, you’re amazing, kumquat.”

“Flood her mouth, Steve!” Mommy howled, burying deep and hard into me, stirring my cunt to a froth.

“Yes!” Daddy groaned.

His cock pulsed as I slid my lips up his shaft. Just as I reached the crown and was about to deep-throat him again, his dick erupted. That wonderful, salty jizz spurted into my mouth. My bowels clenched, forcing out more of his spunk to run down to my cunt.

I gulped it down, my pussy drinking in the friction of Mom’s dildo. She buried deep and hard into me. Then she gasped out in rapture. I heard her moans echoing behind me. She was already cumming, too, just from fucking me hard.

Daddy’s jizz warmed my belly.

“Sam!” Mommy moaned.

“Oh, kumquat, yes,” groaned Daddy.

I squealed in delight and exploded.

I gulped down Daddy’s cum as the pleasure surged through me. A mighty tsunami swept through my body. It crashed through me, drowning my mind. I quivered, trembling. My little titties jiggled as the pleasure rushed through my body.

My cunt convulsed around the dildo pumping in and out of me. Mommy squeezed my hips as she moaned through her own bliss. Stars danced before my eyes. I stared up Daddy’s handsome physique to his face twisting with pleasure.

My daddy was a god! I was so lucky to be his!

I gulped down the last of his cum, my mind drowning beneath the heavenly bliss.


Becky Davies

“My turn with the dildo,” Sam declared and then she gasped as the fleshy shaft vanished from Mommy and appeared thrusting from Sam’s cunt, harness around my sister’s waist. She grinned at Mommy and arched her eyebrows.

Mommy slipped down on her back, her large tits jiggling. “Come fuck me, Sam. Mmm, pound me.”

“Yes!” my little sister moaned.

Daddy glanced at me. I found it hot to just watch the fun. Now I wanted to do something nice for him. My favorite thing to do with my daddy. I crawled to him, my heavy tits swaying. The concubines were moaning around us, loving each other. My friend Tonya was in the mix. I was so glad she was with me in heaven along with Rita and Courtney and Tammy and the others. Even Marissa was here, getting her tits sucked on by Nikkole and Kyleigh.

“What are you thinking about?” Daddy asked.

“Oh, the universe,” I said. I could feel it out there. The answers to every question I had about how things worked along with questions I didn’t even know could be asked. But that could wait for later. “You’re amazing, Daddy.”

He smiled. “You’re pretty outstanding, Becky.”

I blushed as I crawled between his thighs. I piled my tits around his dick. I squeezed them, staring up his body with this hunger shooting through me. This would be so hot. I wrapped my breasts around his cock and winked at him.

He groaned as I slid my tits up and down his dick. It was an amazing experience. My hips undulated back and forth, stirring my tits around his cock. The pleasure surged through me. It was the best thing in the world. The universe. In all of heaven


“You are amazing, Becky,” Daddy groaned as my tits worked up and down his cock.

I beamed at him. “I love doing this, Daddy.”

“What’s your favorite part?” he asked, his dick twitching between my soft boobs.

“Don’t you know?” I asked and then squeezed tighter around him, giving him more pleasure. My breasts were so sensitive, that this felt almost as pleasurable as getting fucked in the cunt. My pussy grew juicier and juicier with every slide up and down.

“I could, but it’s more fun to be surprised.”

“When your cock appears from between them,” I moaned. “Then I can do this, Daddy.”

I leaned down and licked at his shaft. I swirled my tongue around his dick. I teased him before I slid my tits up and engulfed his cock again. He groaned, his face twisting in bliss. He smiled as I flicked my tongue out every time his dick emerged. He grabbed my braid dangling off my left shoulder.

It was a wonderful delight to perform a titty fuck on him. This was an awesome experience to feel. Every time his cock moved through my breasts. It stimulated me. I shuddered, my pussy drinking it in. My orgasm built and built.

I smiled at Daddy as my tits engulfed his cock again and again. “Mmm, your dick feels amazing between my tits.”

“Your tits feel amazing about my dick,” he groaned. He sat up on his left elbow, pressing his stomach into my nipples.

I gasped at the increased pleasure. My tits were sensitive, but my nipples… My nipples were like my clit. Only in had two of them.

My cunt clenched as the pleasure swelled and swelled. This amazing heat surged through me. I whimpered, working my tits faster and faster up and down his cock. My nipples throbbed against him. My pussy soaked my thighs as my juices flowed.

I squeezed my thighs together, teasing my clit, and fucked my tits as fast as I could up and down his cock. I licked and fluttered my tongue over and over across his dick, gathering up his wonderful precum. I loved the feeling of it.

The taste of his precum. His passion.

“Damn, Becky,” he groaned.

“Mmm, are you going to cum from my titty fuck?” I asked, my pussy on fire. My nipples throbbed, feeding my orgasm. His cock felt so hard and hot between my tits. I was on the verge of detonating. “Huh?”

“Going to coat your face in another load of cum!” he grunted. “Shit, Becky, your tits are amazing.”

“Yes!” I howled and came.

I kept pumping my sensitive tits up and down his cock as my pussy convulsed. The juices flooded out hot, bathing my thighs. I groaned, savoring the delight. I pumped my tits faster and faster. I worked up and down them as the pleasure coursed through my body.

My hips wiggled from side to side. This amazing heat shot through me, waves of bliss that reached my mind. A pleasure that would be incredible. I groaned, my cunt convulsed and spasmed. More and more pleasure came from my tits.

“Daddy!” I whimpered, stars danced before my eyes.

“Yes, Becky!” he grunted. His face twisted in pleasure as I kept pumping my tits up and down his cock.

Kept my orgasm flooding through me.

The pleasure swept through me over and over. He snarled out his delight as I pumped my boobs up and down his cock faster and faster. My nipples throbbed. New bursts of pleasure detonated in my cunt. Rapture and ecstasy flooded my body.

“Oh, Daddy, cum on my face!” I moaned, my incestuous titty fuck causing me to spasm and shudder. The pleasure built so fast. It was amazing. “Please, please, just shower me in your jizz!”

“Oh, Becky, yes!” he groaned.

His cum exploded out of him. I gasped as he showered my face in his jizz. I groaned, reveling in the pleasure spilling over my features. Hot cum fired out of his dick over and over. It splattered my cheeks and chin. Salty seeded landed in my mouth.

I gulped down his cum as my tits worked up and down him, milking him dry. My pleasure intensified as he painted my face. I tremble as his head craned back. He growled a final time. A last spurt of his jizz burst from his cock.

“Yes, yes, yes!” he panted. “Oh, Becky, you wonderful delight. You’re amazing. I love you.”

“I love you, Daddy!” I moaned, my pleasure peaking. My mind soared, reaching out to the universe.

To all those amazing answers. I smiled at Daddy, so glad I was his goddess and his daughter.


Linda Davies

I shuddered from getting fucked by Sam as our family orgy shifted. I know the others around us wanted to celebrate, including Marissa, but I just wanted to enjoy my husband and our daughters. I almost cost us everything.

Steve had every right to erase me. antalya escort I would have done it to myself, and he instead chose me over all his power. I don’t know how I could ever repay that. I didn’t feel worthy enough to receive that level of love and forgiveness.

Good thing I had an eternity to do it.

I nestled between Sam’s thighs, eager to eat out her bald twat. The tart scent of her pussy juices filled my nose as I pressed my face into her twat. I thrust my tongue through her folds. She gasped and quivered.

“Oh, Mommy, yes!”

“Mmm, Mommy, look at that furred muff. It needs to be eaten,” Becky purred.

“Definitely,” Sam moaned as she humped against me, rubbing her incestuous cunt against my mouth.

I shuddered as Becky nuzzled into my pussy. Her tongue fluttered through my bush to caressed my labia and clit. I gasped into Sam’s pussy as my eldest daughter caressed my twat. Pleasure rippled through me.

“Mmm, I think I need to join the fun,” said Steve.

“Yes, Daddy, fuck Mommy’s ass!” Sam groaned.

“Good idea, kumquat.”

“I’m full of so many of them,” our youngest daughter moaned.

“Yes, you are,” I panted and then gasped as My husband’s lubed cock pressed into my asshole. He rubbed against me. “Ram into me, Steve.”

He thrust into my bowels. I shuddered as his thick cock stretched out my asshole. My velvety sheath engulfed him with ease. This heavenly bliss shuddered through me as he buried to the hilt in me. My pussy clenched, Becky licking out the juices that must be flowing out of me.

I groaned into Sam’s pussy and licked her harder as my husband pumped away at my asshole. The velvety heat burned down to my cunt. My juices warmed. I simmered, heating towards that amazing, orgasmic boil.

My family was amazing. I loved them.

“Mommy!” gasped Sam, she ground against me. She humped and shuddered and worked her pussy against my mouth. “Oh, yes, Mommy! Put that naughty tongue to use! Oh, Daddy, Mommy’s loving my cunt!”

“Who doesn’t love your cunt, kumquat?” Steve grunted as he plowed his dick deep and hard into my bowels.

“I love it!” Rita called from the concubine orgy.

“It’s delicious,” moaned Marissa. “Like your mommy’s, Sam.”

I shuddered, so glad that the woman I loved, Marissa, was here, too. Thanks to Steve, she’d come to accept that I loved him more. She was finally able to fully share me. Joy surged through me. I squeezed my bowels around my husband’s cock.

I had a lot to repay him. I would find the ways, eager to be a better wife. A better being.

My tongue dove into Sam’s tart depths. I swirled around in her cunt, stirring up her yummy juices. The pleasure danced through my body, stirred partly by Becky’s tongue fluttering against my clit. The drumming bliss added heat to the fire burning in my asshole.

Steve fucked me hard. His balls smacked into my taint. He stroked his hands down to my tits, squeezing them as he drove his cock deep and hard into my ass. This wonderful pleasure rippled through me.

“Oh, god, yes,” I whimpered, my hips dancing back and forth. “Love your cock in my asshole.”

“Ooh, Daddy’s fucking you so hard!” moaned my eldest daughter.

“Yeah, sodomize Mommy, Daddy!” gasped my youngest daughter. She shuddered. “I’m going to cum on your mouth, Mommy.”

“Drown her, kumquat!” panted Steve. He buried so hard into me.

My bowels clenched around him. The wonderful bliss surged through me. I couldn’t take much more of this. I shuddered, moaning into my daughter’s cunt. My orgasm approached that wonderful boil. Steve Hammered my asshole. His cock’s velvety friction fed the fire.

Becky sucked on my clit.

The sensations merged in me. I blazed. My pussy boiled.

I felt my juices gushing out and splattering Becky’s face. I drowned her as the ripples of bliss surged through me. The waves of delight gushed out of my hot cunt. I groaned, my large breasts jiggling in Steve’s hand.

“Damn!” he groaned as my asshole convulsed around him. He squeezed my tits. “That’s amazing, Linda!”

“Cum in Mommy’s asshole!” howled Sam, her body shaking. I latched onto her clit and sucked hard. “Oh, fuck, yes!”

Her tart juices gushed out, bathing my hungry mouth.

I licked up her yummy cream as the pleasure burned out of my cunt. An inferno swept through me, a heavenly rapture that blazed through my mind. It lifted me towards ecstasy. I danced like a spark on the hot air rising above a bonfire, carried higher and higher by the incestuous heat.

“Linda!” my husband grunted.

His hot cum fired into my asshole, feeding that bonfire. I blazed hotter, rose higher. I danced and swirled, loving all these sensations. My family was around me. Loving me. I hadn’t ruined everything with my selfishness.

Steve had saved us all.

As my pleasure peaked, the emotions burst through me. I was crying and moaning, joy and awe and delight and love all swirling through me. I quivered, Becky lapping at my pussy, my bowels milking Steve’s cock, my lips sealed tight about Sam’s clit.

Around us, the rest of our extended family moaned and gasped with us. A new choir sang through heaven: a naughty and sexy one.


James Davies

As I licked at Ruri’s and Orihime’s pregnant pussies, I realized that my children would be new gods. That I had created not only my two goddesses, but all the angels, too. My dad brought them to life, but it was my art that gave them shape and personalities.

I shuddered, wondering what else we could do. The urge to create danced through my thoughts as Ruri and Orihime both squealed in delight. Their pussy juices gushed out of their cunts, bathing me in a mix of sweet and spicy cream.

“James!” Ruri moaned. “I love you, James!”

“Yes, yes, you’re amazing!” Orihime moaned.

“We’re going to do some amazing things,” I said, feeling the extent of the universe. It was so complicated. What would it be like to design one? I would need to understand it better. My dick throbbed and ached as I rose. I had visions dancing in my head. Such possibilities. “I’ll need your help. You’re my muses.”

“Can I be the busty goddess of naughty art?” gasped Orihime. “Then there can be naked paintings of me all over the world. And statues. I’ll be the new Venus.”

“Idiot,” Ruri groaned.

“And you’d be the petite goddess of architecture,” said Orihime. “Boring statues of you fully clothed with plumb lines and t-squares or something.”

“That’s…” Ruri paused. “I could be that. Architecture can be beautiful and practical. Not just decadent.”

“I know,” I said, my dick throbbing hard. “We have an eternity to plan and plot. Isn’t that incredible?”

“Yes!” they both gasped as they broke apart and threw themselves at me. I held them in my arms, loving the feel of my two women. They kissed me, licking up their own pussy cream from my face. They were so naughty and wicked.

I loved them both so much.


Steve Davies

Two thousand years…

I stared down at Earth from heaven. Two thousand years, and Earth was so boring. There was no conflict. Nothing for me to fix. I had perfected humans and given them a world where they were united. They were colonizing space, spreading out on cooperative ventures. They launched ships that would house generations who would live and die all to ensure their descendants would settle on new worlds. There were a billion, billion other races. All equally boring.

Each big galaxy had a few. They were starting to make contact in a few places. I had watched it, sharing my time with my family. My host of gods and goddesses. The anime girls had all born me children, as well as my wife, daughters, and concubines. They did all manner of things, keeping busy, but…

I was starting to get why the Most High created worlds with chaos. I wonder if he started out with perfection, worlds where nothing bad happened to his creations. Those worlds didn’t need an afterlife because their lives would be so easy. Then he would have added more chaos. Diseases. Accidents. Natural disasters. More challenges.

In this universe, there was a heaven and a hell though no one went to hell. I had liberated everyone there with some editing. Heaven was a peaceful place. The humans just lounged around and relaxed, the sense of time not really passing for them.

On earth, things were stagnating. It took them nearly two thousand years to really start colonizing. They didn’t have any drive any longer. Everyone had their needs met, so there wasn’t anything prodding on new ideas.

Humans were designed for conflict.

“I think we’re ready,” I said, eager to create my first universe. For the last thousand years, we had been designing. Having meetings. It would be a small universe. It would be my first, so I wasn’t ready to create an infinite one like this.

“What if we have three genders?” James said.

I arched an eyebrow at my son. We were all around the table. The closest members of my family—my original son and two daughters, the concubines I’d claimed from earth, my son’s two wives, Becky’s lover Tonya, my two angels, and my two wives—all joined me. Linda sat beside me, an amused look on her face.

We looked mostly the same as we had as humans. It was convenient.

“You want to add a third gender this late in the design process?” I asked. “How would that even work.”

“I’ve been working on this for the last five hundred years,” he said. “It’ll work. Once life evolves to sexual reproduction, we just modify them to have a triple DNA helix. A woman would need a man and a futa to fertilize her egg.”

“Futa?” I asked in amusement. That was a fetish that had flourished for a time on earth. A few people had even made sexbots like that. Kinky sex was one of the few things that had driven any innovation.

“He’s a weeb,” Orihime said, sitting beside her husband. The busty, orange-haired girl grinned. “I guess Ruri and I are lucky he didn’t draw us with dicks.”

“Indeed,” Ruri said, as calm as ever even as a touch pink appeared in her cheeks.

“So we’d have a new chromosome. The Z chromosome. A child is female if they have two X chromosomes, male if they have two Y’s, and futa if they have two Z’s. If they end up with three of any one type, it’ll be fine. I’ve built redundancies in the sex chromosomes. They’ll have some defects occasionally, but that happens with the dual sex method.”

“It’s new,” I said, leaning back. “How much of a delay will this cause.”

“None,” he said. “Like I said, I’ve been working on this for five hundred years.” he waved his hand and a mountain of data, more than any computer in the world could hold, flowed into my mind.

I assessed it, saw the projected changes. They were definitely interesting. Something novel. We’d have billions of years just anticipating this new gender setup to evolve into intelligent life. I nodded my head, looking at my family around me. Sam and Becky, James and his wives, my angels, my original concubines, Marissa, and last to Linda.

She had supported me so much these last two thousand years. She’d made heaven blessing. I made the right choice, and not just because of what it gained me. I took her hand and nodded. I could feel my children and the anime girls waiting outside to implement this new one.

Our current universe didn’t need a god. It was doing great. Happy and peaceful, the sentient life working together to deal with any natural problems that occur. It was a good universe. I had improved it. Time for something new.

The creation was amazing. Maybe one day, I’d hand off my next universe to a being from it. Elevating them to this level and teaching them how it works. I would love to see what they would do. I had a feeling the Most High was keeping an eye on me. Maybe this was all just the next step of his entertainment.

And maybe, above him, another entity watched, and on and on and on ad infinity.

I drew in a deep breath and created a new universe with a single word.

The END of Editing Reality

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