Emma Watson Pays Her Boyfriend’s Debts – Part Fiv

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Emma Watson Pays Her Boyfriend’s Debts – Part Fiv

“Put your hands behind your head Whore! You better give a great air start, because my cock needs some lubrication tonight! Where do you want me to cum Slut? Speak up!” he said.

“I want you to fill my ass with all your white spunk! I want to be shitting your cum for a week!” Emma said.

“Well…we have a dirty talking Slut here! But that’s the right answer. I could get to like her. Take my cock in your mouth and make sure it’s hard enough to force open your tight little ass!” he said.

Emma planned to do everything this guy wanted. She felt him grab her hair and slowly position her mouth exactly where he wanted it! A short thrust put four of his six inches in her mouth! “Now suck Bitch! Suck!”

She sucked! Having her hands behind her head meant she could use only her lips and tongue. But that was what he wanted, and Emma went to town on his cock! Holding his cock in her mouth, she pressed her tongue hard against the underside of his cock and moved it front to back and around both sides! All the time, Emma was staring directly into his eyes: they were blue!

Emma bobbed her head up and down on his only just satisfactory prick! He began pumping his cock in and out of her saliva filled mouth. Soon his cock was hard as a rock and suddenly it wasn’t in her mouth! He was rubbing his cock all over her face, leaving a trail of his pre-cum all over her.

“Don’t you want me to suck it anymore, Sir?” she asked.

“On your hands and knees Whore, and brace yourself! This won’t be gentle but we’ll both enjoy it!” Emma’s slight hesitation earned her a slap across her face! He then pulled her up a bit by her hair and began slapping hard at her nipples! This was a new experience for Emma! It both stung and sent jolts of pleasure from her tits to her brain.

“Oh shit! That feels good! Please slap my titties some more! It’s sooooo gooood!” begged Emma.

Her pleas served to make his prick even harder. Ignoring her, he threw her down on the floor and jerked her onto her hands and knees. With one quick move he lined his cock up at Emma’s tiny little asshole and forced it in to the hilt! His balls met her cunt quickly!

“Shit! Your prick feels good in my ass! Fuck it! Fuck my asshole! Sodomize me, please Sir! Fuck my ass hard and fast!” Emma begged.

He began a very rough shagging of her asshole! With each stroke his balls bounced against her cunt. Soon Emma got into the rhythm!

“Ooomph! Ooomph! Ooomph! Ooomph! Ooomph!” she grunted with each hard stroke of his cock. Her ass cheeks jiggled at the same time. Her tits swayed free and bounced with the same beat!

“Oh Ooomph, that Ooomph, feels Ooomph, so good Ooomph! Please fuck my ass forever! I love it!” said Emma.

“You love it, Bitch? Where do you want my jizz Emma? On your face? No? Where then?” he teased.

“I want you to fill my ass with all your white jizz! Drop your big load in my guts!” she said.

“Here it comes! Here I cum!” he said.

Emma felt squirt after squirt of jizm being emptied in her ass! It was warm and filling! “Yes! Yes! I can feel your jizm squirting in me! It feels wonderful!”

Each stroke of his cock made her feel like a real woman! That she could induce this kind of sexual response from all these men and women made her very satisfied. She was desired! It kaçak casino was one thing to be told how beautiful or how sext she was, but it was quite another thing to have so many people cum on and in her! She wanted to continue her gangbang all night long!

His cock left her little ass finally.

“Next!” Pete yelled out.

“Oh yes! Al! This guy says he knows you! You will suck him off and then he wants to eat you out!” said Pete.

Emma looked at the next one in line. It was Allen Clyve, the Film Director! He was fifty two years old. Emma remembered telling him,

“Fuck…Don’t stop flicking your tongue on my clit! I’m almost there! Fuck! Yes! Keep going! Here I cum….I’m cu..cum…cumming!! Fuck you’re a good little pussy eater! Keep eating me out all night. I don’t care how many other men fuck my mouth! You keep eating me, and then I’ll return the favor to you and I’ll suck your cock for as long and hard as you want! Would you like that? Would you like to have Emma Watson sucking your cock all night long? I’m sure you would like to have a movie of me sucking you off until your dick is sore!” Emma said.

“And if we both agree, you can pass me around to all your director friends: boys and girls alike! Would your girlfriend like being told that Emma Watson wants to be her little sex slave for a night? I would do whatever she wanted…all night long. I would eat her pussy, and stick my tongue way up inside her tight little ass! Just don’t stop eating me out!” Emma said.”

Emma was ecstatic! She could endure his old geezer cock in her mouth, as long as he ate her out afterwards! “Allen! Good to see you! Lay down on the couch and take your cock out for me! Then grab my hair and shove my face down on your cock! I love being slightly out of control!”

Al did as instructed, and gasped as his fat cock entered Emma young mouth! “Suck me Whore! Make me cum in your mouth! Use your hands too this time!”

Here was Emma again with a fat old geezer cock in her mouth! She put a thumb and finger around his cock and began stroking it in time with her face going up and down on him. Allen stared at her gorgeous face as his cock went in and out of her mouth. On the out stroke her lips dragged on his cock and expanded when his cock head almost escaped her mouth! She really was an excellent cock sucker! And he had his cock sucked by most of the beautiful porn stars of the nineties and two thousands. Jeanna Fine was excellent, as was Jenna Jameson. But none of them were as good as Emma Watson!

Al’s geezer cock, all wrinkled and barely hard was going in and out! She hated it, but if it led up to Allen eating her out, it was very worth it! She had eaten her out before and he was certainly the best she had ever had! The anticipation of having his tongue in her cunt was driving her on to make him cum in her young beautiful mouth!

In and out! In and out! In and out! In and out! In and out! In and out, his fat slimy cock went! He began shifting his hips under her mouth! He was about to cum! He was cumming!

His ejaculation wasn’t forceful, but all of a sudden her mouth was filled with his warm seed! Emma swallowed! Then she swallowed a second time, and a third time! She couldn’t keep up with the flood of geezer cum filling her mouth, and a good amount of it escaped past her lips, to drip casino oyna down her chin and onto her fabulous tits!

“Oh God, you old Berk! That was a big load you dropped in my mouth!” she thought.

“Shit Emma! You’re still the best cock sucker around! Now switch places! Get on your back and spread your legs!” Allen said.

She made the move quickly and happily! She remembered just how good a cunt lapper he was! She slouched down on the couch so her cunt was at the edge! “Here you go Allen! Now get busy!”

Emma had a perfect view of his mouth on her pussy! As soon as his tongue made contact with her clit, she jerked her hips forward pressing her pubic mound against his face! “Fuck! Oh fuck that’s good! Did you bring any of your director friends with you tonight? Did you bring your girlfriend?”

She got no verbal response. Allen was busy doing what he did best: cunt lapping! But allen was thinking to himself, “Yes you complete and utter Slut! I have four of my director friends and my girlfriend here watching your performance!”

Then Pete said, “Alright now Emma, here comes Allen’s girlfriend: Mary, to try out your tongue action on her pussy! Enjoy it!”

Opening her eyes, she saw a beautiful blonde and nude young girl standing just a few feet away! Emma was speechless as the blonde got on her knees on the couch and grabbed Emma’s hair! She pulled Emma’s face against her cunt and said, “Eat me Emma Watson! And don’t give me any blather about being innocent! I saw and heard everything you did tonight! If you’re lucky, I’ll make sure Allen pays for the rest of the night, and then he can eat your wet pussy until the sun comes up!”

“Oh yes…please make him pay for the rest of the night and then you two and your director friends can fuck the shit out of me! Please!” Emma begged.

“Do you hear that Allen? Give Dread and Pete the $50,000 dollars!” Mary ordered.

Emma felt Allen’s tongue leave her clit for a short while, but she kept on kissing, sucking, and licking Mary’s clit, which was the biggest Emma had ever had in her mouth! It was almost like a very small cock! Emma treated it as a cock and soon had Mary pushing her muff hard against Emma’s mouth!

“Fuck yes you’re good at this!” said Mary. “While Allen is away completing our arrangements, turn around and put your ass high in the air! I’ve got a strapon I want you to meet! Say hello to Big Mike!”

Emma looked back towards Mary and saw that she was doing up the straps of a long thick blue tentacle! “Fuck Mary! What the hell is that?”

“This dildo is guaranteed to make you cum, and cum hard! Now pull your ass cheeks apart and take it all in your tight little asshole! And you better encourage Big Mike! He likes to hear his women scream!” said Mary.

“Oh fuck! This can’t be happening to me! Ass fucked by a twelve inch tentacle! Please just use a normal shaped dildo!” Emma begged.

“Oh, oh! I think you just made Big Mike angry! Pull those ass cheeks apart NOW!” Mary demanded.

Emma saw no way out of this! Reaching back with both hands, she pulled her ass cheeks apart, and immediately felt Big Mike seemingly crawling up her leg! It felt very warm and slimy! Then the small end of the dildo slipped four inches into her ass! It felt good!

With a firm thrust, Mary buried another five inches in her! Now it started to hurt, canlı casino siteleri and Emma’s face became contorted in pain! It still wasn’t all seated inside her. With a final thrust, the rest of the rubber tentacle entered her asshole!

“Owe! Shit! It’s too big for my ass! Please no more! Take it out! Aaaahhhh! Oh shit it’s so big inside me! Your going to tear my asshole with it! Aaaahhhh!” Emma begged.

“Shut the fuck up and take it all Bitch! Now brace yourself, because Big Mike really likes to go in and out of little girls asses!” said Mary.

Emma felt Big Mike pulled most of the way out, and then Mary jammed it completely in again! “EEEEOOOOOWWEE! Please no more!”

Mary ignored Emma and began a vicious series of tentacle thrusts! Emma was being ass fucked by a very long and very large slimy tentacle! Emma looked back and saw many more slimy tentacles grasping her hips! Mary had some unusual gloves!

Emma screamed at the top of her lungs! “EEEEOOOOOWWEE!” She was sure she was bleeding from her ass! But in reality it was just the slime from the tentacle.

The tentacle just kept up filling her bowels! But after about five minutes of pain, she felt her clit being stimulated by the huge dildo! She changed her tune.

“God Big Mike! Don’t stop fucking my ass! I need you to finish me off! Please Mary, make Big Mike cum inside me!” Emma thought that last request was just for effect, until she felt the suckers near the end of the tentacle started spurting out fake cum. It felt very genuine though! And it sent Emma over the top! She was cumming!

“God Big Mike, you’re making me cum! I’m ccuuuuummming! Shit! FUCK! Don’t stop! I’ll do anything you want if you just keep fucking my ass like this. Please Mary! Tell me what you want! I’ll eat you out all night long in your bedroom! You can have your boyfriends sodomize me and fuck me at the same time! Anything!” Emma begged.

“That’s a deal Emma! Big Mike likes the idea also!” said Mary. Big Mike ploughed Emma asshole with renewed vigor and speed! You could hardly see the sucker’s on the tentacle as he fucked her ass! Big Mike was a blur! Emma’s ass cheeks shook like a nervous twitch!

One time Big Mike accidently pulled all the way out of Emma asshole, and left a large gaping dark hole visible between her ass cheeks! It was easily four inches in diameter and refused to close up. But this lasted only a moment and Big Mike was jammed full length in her ass again.

Mary couldn’t believe what an ass whore Emma Watson was! Just then Allen returned.

“Get under her hips and back to eating her out! Don’t worry about how she’s getting her ass fucked! Just make her cum!” Mary ordered.

Soon after, Emma felt herself being licked all about her cunt! She knew it was Allen. Of course the cameraman was still getting all the close ups of her cunt being eaten out, and Allen’s hands squeezing her tits. It was the horniest bit of porno he had ever recorded. These people weren’t pretending. They were making the most beautiful young woman in the world cum time after time!

This kind of sex with Emma lasted until dawn! At the end of it, Emma’s ass was sore from the pounding! Her pussy was very sensitive to any touch. But Emma had a big smile on her face, knowing that she had paid off her boyfriends debts and also that she had been fucked so well all night long. She had made at least one new friend in the young blonde Gabrielle. She had her contact information and a date for next Friday with her. Emma would have to rest up in preparation for whatever Gabrielle had in store for her!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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