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Come into my parlour said the spider…

The sensor picked up her entry to my room so the camera started and recorded her carrying a duster and an air freshener spray, but instead of using them, she laid them on my bed and then opened the drawer in my bedside table. After checking the contents of the drawer, and presumably finding nothing of interest, or value, she closed it and moved to the wardrobe.

Fifteen minutes later, she had completed her inspection, she gave my room a light dusting and spray then she left the room.

I switched the monitor over to the camera, which, with her knowledge, I had installed in my daughter’s room. The motion sensor picked up her entry to Gemma’s room and the camera and mic’ became live. I watched as she checked all my daughter’s belongings.

She obviously knew where to look for what she wanted. She went straight to Gemma’s wardrobe, took the vibrator from its hiding place in a shoebox, and moved to the bed. Lifting her dress, she removed her knickers then opened her legs to display a very tidy bush with a slight opening down through her pudenda, before lying on the bed.

She, bent her knees, placed the soles of her feet flat on the bed and then began pleasuring herself with her discovery. She switched it on and used it to arouse her little pink clitoris prior to sliding the buzzing instrument deep inside her vagina.

When she was satisfied with its position, she transferred her attention to rubbing her clit, unbuttoning and opening the dress top and revealing her extremely ample and unsupported breasts, then fondling them and pulling on her big nipples.

It took thirty minutes to for her to achieve an orgasm and I had already spurted my own cum into a couple of tissues and then tidied myself up.

I had the video record of her activities and after I had taken a few stills for my own, later, pleasure, I prepared to confront her with the evidence of her actions. I had no means of knowing if I was going to be successful in my endeavour to obtain her compliance but I was optimistic.

I had begun to suspect that our cleaner was going through my things and asked my daughter if she had found any items in places other than where she expected them to be or not how she would normally leave them. She thought for a moment and then said yes, but she had put it down to forgetfulness.

I told her of my suspicions and she gave me permission to install a camera and mic’ in her room.

“No peeking dad, I want to be able to switch them off when I’m in the room.”

“Just because your mom left me doesn’t mean that I’m desperate for a peek at young women doing whatever it is that young women do when in their bedroom.”

“Sorry dad, it is just the thought of having recording equipment hidden in my room.”

“Well it won’t be in there for long my love. She comes tomorrow morning and if she does anything she shouldn’t be doing, it will be recorded and then I’ll remove it.”
Having obtained the video, I went to my boss the next day and booked a flexi-time day off in lieu of the extra time I had worked. Now my cleaner would have some company on her next visit.

I rang the cleaner at home and told her that I had an extra job for her on her next visit. It would mean her being kept busy until at least lunch time, but I was willing to pay extra if she could come round at 9am and see to me.”

“I didn’t think that she realized the phrasing had a double meaning and it amused me.”

“Dad, what are you going to do about the cleaner?”

“Getting hold of a cleaner can be difficult love, so I intend being here when she comes and I’ll have it out with her. As the old adage has it, a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. I do not want to have to look for someone else.”

After Gemma had gone to bed on the evening before my cleaner was due, I connected my lap top to the TV and made certain that the video file I wanted was ready to go. I also made certain that the slide show of the stills I had made from the video was ready to run. All was in readiness, I had my condoms, slim vibrator and lubrication downstairs handy for what I hoped would be the start of a very tiring morning, and not only for the cleaner.

She antalya escort bayan arrived on time. She had a house key and so, when she walked into the lounge and found me sitting there in my bathrobe it surprised her. I hit the play button and the 42-inch TV displayed a very revealing picture of my cleaner’s pussy, with the end of a vibrator protruding from it as she rubbed at her clit and pulled o her nipples.

From my point of view, it was a good picture because it also included her face. I set the slideshow running so that she could see the ten shots of her that I had chosen.

“Sit down Freda it is Freda isn’t it? Yes, I thought so. No not there, just here with me. I want you to have a good view of everything. It won’t be of surprise to you that this is what I saw when I looked at what my cameras had recorded last week.”

“I said sit down. In case you think I missed something I’ll play this video for you.”

I selected the video and hit the play button. She began to cry and gabble about how sorry she was and that she was on medication and it did odd things to her.

“Freda, shut up and listen. You say you’re sorry, well I’m not because now you are going to do things that have nothing to do with cleaning and as you’re used to that it won’t be difficult for you, will it?”

I opened my bathrobe to show that it was all I was wearing It also showed just how aroused I was in anticipation of the next three or four hours.

She stared at my erection and then reached for it.

“Don’t be so eager, kneel in front of me and masturbate me. Do it gently. Come on woman I want to feel your hands round my cock.”

She moved slowly at first, but then she did exactly as I had ordered and for about ten minutes, my world became a happier place.

“Stand up.”

She did so, and without asking me, she unbuttoned her dress all the way down the front. I had my first close up of her breasts which were big and plump, but oh wow, they hardly drooped at all and I knew that because she wasn’t wearing a bra’. It seemed that she was happy to have them bouncing about as she worked, or walked. I doubt that she ever ran anywhere.

“Everything off. Come on, you know what I’m going to do and you had better understand that it will last a damned sight longer if you mess me about.”

I stood up to feel her breasts and hard, erect nipples and then I had a slow, tactile tour of her hard body, culminating in cupping her vulva and gently pressing against her clitoral hood.

I am 6ft tall, weigh 250 lbs and go to the gym’ twice a week.

She is around 5ft 9 inches tall, weighs around about 180 lbs and is the possessor of a fantastic pair of breasts adorned with long, hard nipples. She did not appear at all fat or flabby and I decided that she must also work out somewhere.

She knew that she was about to be fucked and appeared to decided that she may as well try to enjoy it, so she knelt on the sofa. Even though I was getting a wonderful view of the amazing globes that formed her backside and I was quite willing to take her from behind, in fact, I intended to have both her entrances in that manner; I was not ready for that delight at this moment.

I reached down, took a good grip of those magnificent breasts and hauled her to her feet then I led her to the table and sat on the edge. Taking her hand and placing it on my cock, I told her that she had 20 minutes to fellate me. She did, I couldn’t fault her on that activity, but I got the feeling that she was enjoying herself, and that was unexpected.

After her allotted time I lifted her head up to release my cock. I then got off the table and told her to get on it and kneel at the edge with her thighs as far apart as she could manage. Soon I was looking at her slit, which was slightly open with puffed labia.

Pushing my face into that pussy and kissing it was like saying ‘open sesame’. Her lips parted and what had been a slit was now a slot and my tongue was between her labia and forcing its way through her inner lips and into the entrance to her vagina.

Once I’d tasted her inner sanctum’s juices, I knew that we were going to be seeing a lot of each other, or better said, we’d be seeing each other on a regular basis.

I escort bayan took my vibrator and rolled a condom down it and then used the lube’ on it. I also poured a little lube on her rear doorway and as I applied the vibrator to that orifice, I told that as she had shown her liking for vibrators I had decided to give her a treat and was willing to share mine with her.

A little pressure and Freda’s back door opened.

“OH, OH fuck, what are you d…? Oh, mmm. OW, that is fucking weird.

A little more pressure and the vibrator made its way down her anal canal.

“OOH, oo fuuuck, aaahhh I’m nnot ooh, OOOH.

Soon it was all the way in and so I fucked her anus for a few minutes as she moaned and wriggled around. I told her to stop wriggling, but she took no notice so I slapped her big, soft bottom, hard, several times and that got her attention.

I let go of the vibrator and began inserting fingers into her open sex tunnel until I had three fingers pumping in and out of her wet sex. The pressure of my fingers against the thin wall of her vagina caused Freda to become intensely aware of the vibrator in her anus.

As I recommenced fucking her anus and finger fucked her vagina she squealed and swore that she would not give me the pleasure of hearing her begging me to stop. I let go of the vibrator once again, but this time I reached for one of her fabulous tits and squeezed her enormous nipple. She climaxed very soon afterwards soaking my hand in her cum.

I removed my hand from her tunnel and moved round the table to offer my fingers to her so that she could enjoy her own body fluids. After I told her that we would repeat what we had just done until she did as she was told, she licked my fingers.

I removed the vibrator and told her to get off the table and then and wash herself and as she did so I dealt with the condom and then had a wash. I brought a blanket from my bedroom and covered the top of the table, and then, when Freda returned, I told her to get back onto the table, but this time I wanted her on her back with her legs open and high. Placing a chair in between her legs I sat facing her pussy and told her to lower her legs over my shoulders.

I sucked her labia, I sucked her clitoris, and I licked deep into the interior of her warm, very wet, pink vaginal passage. As I did so, my hands were busy roaming over as much of her body as I could reach, thankfully that included her breasts and I did spend a lot of time fondling, mauling them and their hard nipples.

It was time. I stood, pushed the chair away and then I held my cock and fed it into her vagina. Once the head was well seated inside her, I pushed it as far as I could get it as fast as I could do it

My cock slammed into her cervix and she rewarded me a loud:

“OOFF, OH FUCK AARRGH OHH, fucking hell. Please, not so hard, please don’t be sooooh, don’t, oh fuck me.”

“I am doing. Would you like me to stop?”


“What would you enjoy the most? How often do you have sex, who with because I know you’re not married? What position do you prefer and do you like anal sex?”

“I just like being OHH, ooug. FUCK, fucked, but it doesn’t happen often, not many men like a woman Ooohh, my size. I don’t care what position I have it I’ve never ha, had anal sex, if what you did with that vibrator is anal sex then I could probably get used to it. OH, mmm, fuck.”

Oh boy, she was in for a surprise. As we spoke I was pumping into her body with a steady rhythm and bouncing her breasts about just to see them wobbling. As I did this, she had reached down to her clitoris and was giving it a good rubbing, which caused her to gasp and twitch occasionally.

“Why did you search my room?”

“There are very FFUCK; few men of your size in this town, there are only two whoooo are unattached. The other is flabby and he’d probably have a heart attack. You’re in good shape and I like that, I was hoping to find out anything about you that I could use to help me to attract you if I could.”

“Well that worked. So what was the scene in Gemma’s room all about?”

“I found that shoe box under her bed one day, OOH, that is sooooh mmm, and I admit it turned me on a little antalya escort when I saw what was iihinn it. I used it. I cleaned it and returned it to the box, but I forgot to put the box back where I found it, I think I left it on the dresser

“The last time I was here I looked for it in the wardrobe which is where shoeboxes are normally kept. You were videoing me when I found, and used, it so you set me up to do this. All you had to do was tell me that you fancied fucking me and I would have been all over you. .” I’M CUMMING, oh Fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cmmm haahh.”

“What can I say? I’m shy; I wouldn’t know how to tell a woman that I wanted to fuck her just to find out if she was good in bed.”

“Take me to bed and you will find out without asking.”

It seemed to be a reasonable offer so I did. She was discovering all about the delights of real anal sex when Gemma walked into my bedroom.

“Good god dad. You two are unbelievably noisy. Why are you…? Oh, I see.
I came home for lunch because I wanted to see how you dealt with the problem of inquisitive cleaners. I never imagined you’d want, or be able, to force her to go to bed with you.”

“I’m not forcing anyone, she asked me to take her to bed.”

“What? No coercion at all?”

“Well, one has to start any negotiation from a position of strength, which, believe me, can be fun.”

“You must teach me about negotiation techniques; it sounds like an interesting subject.”

I have to assume that the presence of Gemma would have a dampening effect on Freda’s lust, but it made me excited because in any conversation, Gemma and I had never touched, even very lightly, on anything with a sexual content. I was unprepared for the sudden stimulation of seeing my daughter I pumped a lot of semen into Freda and listened to her reaction as it triggered a response from her body.

The mood was broken. Freda and I parted and I still say that when I turned to go to the bathroom I had not taken into account that I was about to give Gemma an unrestricted view of her father’s genitalia.

“Wow; dad. That is a sight I’ll always treasure.”

I scuttled off to clean up and put a ‘robe on. When I returned, the women had gone downstairs and Freda was dressing. She said that she was going home to have long soak and try to recover from the morning’s activities.

I stood in her way and produced a £50 note.

“I know that at one point, you might not have expected to be paid for the cleaning you thought you would have been doing. I know that you can’t afford to lose any money and I did tell you that I’d pay extra if you’d come and see to me. Well, you came, twice as I recall and I came, which was nice.”

“Take this, and I have to tell you that as of today you are to come and ‘clean my house’ on Saturdays, because I have to work during the week as well.”

“You want me to clean for you on a Saturday?”

“No, I want you to tell anyone who asks, that you clean for me on a Saturday. What you will, hopefully, be doing is screwing with me. What you forgot to mention is that there are very few women of your size and with your looks in this little town.

I’ve been lusting after you ever since I saw you, I couldn’t believe my luck when I found that you did cleaning and Gemma was over the moon because she would have less of it to do.”

“Are you up for it?”

“I’d be stupid not to be. I told you I wanted to get close to you. Well I couldn’t have been any closer, could I?”

She promised to come on the Saturday and then went home.
“That evening, my 20 yrs. old daughter, 5ft 7in tall, 168 lb with what are probably 38D breasts, walked into my bedroom, naked, climbed into my bed and told me that she wanted me to fuck her.
She knew exactly what she had to do to overcome any initial negative response from me and she did it. When she had finished sucking, she said that she’d never had a man inside her because none of the men she knew wanted to have sex with her because of her size.
“I even used that bloody vibrator to tear my hymen so that I could feel something hard inside me.”
“Please dad, fuck me, just for the fun of it.”
She knew that I always did what she wanted me to do for her and this would not be an exception.
For two years, I had gone without any sexual contact with a female. I now have two willing female bodies to give me what I want as long as I give them what they want. We are all satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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