Ethan and Ms. Appleby

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“Ms Appleby?”

“Excuse me, Ms Appleby?”

*clears throat to deepen voice*

“Gracelyn? May I sit here?”

Shit! It shouldn’t be this hard. I’ve known Ms Appleby, Gracelyn, for about three years now. My dad coaches her son’s Little League team. My little brother also plays in the team. We’ve spoken on millions of occasions and she’s even driven me and my brother home from games. I see her almost three times a week during baseball season as well as through the rest of the year for other tournaments and games but for some reason am now having issues trying to talk to her. When I’m around her lately I feel like I’m that same 16 year old adolescent that she first met.

My name is Ethan and I’m 19 years old. I’m about 5 foot 11 inches and still growing. I have a rangy build that really needs to see more sun but I’m not skinny. *grimaces* I do have muscles, they’re just small and wiry. My hair is dark brown. One of my old girlfriends used to call it molten chocolate. It used to be long and straight but I’ve just had it cut really short at the back with a longish fringe that hangs over my forehead. No…NOT like Justin Beiber! You can still see my eyes. My “sparkling blue” eyes as my mum calls them.

For the past month I’ve started to get really nervous whenever I see Gracelyn, gosh that’s a pretty name isn’t it? *looks off into space and gets a goofy look on my face* Sorry, I get side tracked easy. Whenever I see her I get tongue tied and then start to stutter when I actually do get a clear thought in my brain. I don’t know what it is. For some reason, I’ve started to think of her as a woman and not some kid’s mum. I mean, I knew she was always a woman….but you know what I mean.

Gracelyn just turned 38 a few months ago. She’s got a killer body, gorgeous smile and big brown eyes. She definitely DOESN’T look like anyone’s mum, let alone that she’s also a Grandma! I mean, her step-son has a kid and she gets called Grandma. Wow! I’m having sexual fantasies about someone’s Grandma/Mum! *sits back and rereads last sentence* That sounds gross doesn’t it? But it’s not gross. She’s hot…I wish MY Mum or Grandma looked that good. *smiles* Then again, I wouldn’t want some horny 19 year old checking out my mum or Gran’s goodies. I’d punch them for it.

And there it is. I’ve been having really hot and horny fantasies and dreams about Gracelyn. Ones where we’re watching training and then wander off to a secluded spot at the baseball grounds to make out while waiting for training to finish. Or we’ll be out somewhere and bump into each other in a night club (she’s a really great dancer. I’ve seen her at club functions getting down and dirty to the band) then leave together and go to some gorgeous hotel room and fuck like bunnies. I rather like that last one. *grins*

That’s the main problem. I’ve been thinking these things every time I see her and then get embarrassed and so uncoordinated trying to hide my woody that I usually make a fool of myself trying to sit down next to her. Close enough to smell her scent but not so close that she sees my predicament. God she smells amazing. Gracelyn doesn’t wear perfume. It’s just the body wash she uses. I know this only because I overheard her telling one of the other mums one day when they were having a conversation about some new perfume on the market. The other woman was asking Gracelyn what she used casino şirketleri and that’s when she told them, ” I don’t wear perfume because the body wash I use has a strong enough scent to last all day but not strong enough that it affects my allergies.” I kept listening until I heard her tell the other woman which one she used and the next time I went to the shops I bought a bottle to keep in my drawer. I like to get it out and smell it while I think about her…well okay, I like to smell it while I jack off thinking about her. Happy now?

Good thing I don’t live at home anymore. I don’t have to worry about my mum finding the bottle of wash in my bedside drawer along with the condoms, lube and wet wipes. That could have been very difficult to explain. My poor cock has been getting quite well acquainted with my left hand lately. I use my left hand so it kind of feels like someone else is doing it. At least that’s what I’ve heard it’s supposed to be like. To me, it just feels uncoordinated but I’m slowly working my way up to being just as good as my right hand. It also leaves my right hand free to hold the bottle of wash/lube/wet wipes as necessary. No fumbling anything for me.

I’ve also been practicing the way I greet her when we see each other. Trying to deepen my voice to sound more manly and mature and less teenager like. I know she’s got a daughter who is only three years younger than me and that’s how she usually treats me. Like one of her daughter’s friends. Like the kid I was when we first met. I don’t want her to think of me that way anymore. I need her to see me as a grown up. As a man. It’s becoming unbearable for me to see her and have her treat me like she would her son. Don’t get me wrong. I love it when she ruffles my hair with a grin on her beautiful face. She has this way of smoothing down the tousled hair which rubs her thumb lightly down the side of my face. I can’t help but close my eyes when she does that. I went to lean my cheek into her palm the other day when she did it but she moved her hand away before I could finish the move.

I think Gracelyn might actually be starting to see me in a different way. I’ve caught her looking at me when she thinks I’m concentrating on the game. However, she’s always watching the field when I’ve turned her way. Maybe I’m seeing things I want to see and not actually what’s happening. Maybe I’m imagining the things I fantasise about when I’m jacking off. I don’t know but I swear she started breathing deeper when I “accidentally” rubbed up against her the other day trying to get past. She went really still but I saw her boobs rise and fall more than usual with her breathing. It looked like she was trying to control her own reaction but she couldn’t slip those boobs past me. I’ve been studying them in great detail for the past month. They are gorgeous too.

Gracelyn has been graced (forgive the pun) with a very fine rack. When God was handing out the boobs, she must have given Him one of those beautiful smiles of hers and so He gave her a double dosing. She likes to wear t-shirts that support her favourite baseball teams and clubs. She has one for our club, of course, as well as a couple of Red Sox Nation ones and even a couple of Card’s shirts. She also co-ordinates with matching baseball caps. Got to love a co-ordinated woman. I wonder if they do baseball supporter lingerie. Now there’s a market! casino firmaları Maybe I should do some research into that and….sorry, side tracked again.

These shirts she wears are not skin tight but definitely, thanks to her breasts, hug her form nicely. I fantasise about getting my hands…and mouth…on those beauties one day. Whoever said more than a handful is a waste is a fool. If a man can’t think of how to handle a set of breasts with his hands and mouth, he should hand in his man licence. Or maybe he just had a woman with small boobs and was trying to make her feel better. Poor sod. I can feel sorry for him now. Gracelyn doesn’t have that problem. Thank you Lord.

I should point out that Gracelyn also has a narrow waist and lovely heart shaped bum. She always wears skinny jeans that outline her long legs but I have seen her in a dress and know that her legs are just as stunning as the rest of her. I often imagine them wrapped around my hips as I pump into her. Or spread wide open waiting for me on the bed. Her pussy plump and wet, glistening with her arousal.

I think that’s my favourite image. A king size bed with lots of pillows at the head. Gracelyn nude and reclining on the mound of pillows. Her legs raised with her feet on the mattress and her knees slightly open. I can just see her trimmed pussy curled up like a rose bud, with her pretty pink bum cheeks curving up to that shadowy area that hides her anus.

Freshly bathed and smelling like jasmine, she is idly stroking the side of her breast with one hand and rubbing the other over the mattress beside her. She then raises her hand from the mattress and beckons me to come closer. I, of course, am naked and hard, standing at the end of the huge bed. I raise one foot off the ground and kneel onto the end of the bed. I then start to stalk on my hands and knees, right up to her feet. I kneel at her feet and close my hands over the tops of her knees. Slowly rubbing down the outside of her thighs only to return back up to her knees. This slowly drives her mad and I can see her breasts rise and fall as her breathing deepens. She starts to move ever so slightly as her skin starts to prickle with heat and arousal.

She continues to stroke her breast, moving slowly from the side to her nipple. Gracelyn then takes her other hand, keeping her gaze directly on mine, licks the tip of her index finger and starts to slowly circle the nipple on her other breast. While she is doing this I have started running my hands down the inside of Gracelyn’s thighs but stop short of touching her pussy.

Angling myself down onto my stomach, I slowly but deliberately place her legs over my shoulders. I then look down at her pussy and lower my mouth. I lift my eyes to her gaze and keep them there when I purposefully stick my tongue out to touch the wet heat of her arousal for the first time. I flatten my tongue to lathe at her pussy from bottom of the slit to the top. Pointing my tongue slightly to dig through her folds to find her clit. My hands are curved around her thighs to pull them further apart so that I can access her pussy more easily. This action causes her pussy lips to part as well leaving me ample area to lick and play with.

Gracelyn moves one of her hands down her body to my head, weaving her fingers into my hair and curving around the back of my head to try and direct my licking. güvenilir casino I want to direct myself at my own pace so I move her hand onto her mound and hold it there firmly. Her other hand makes to move down as well but I stop my tongue play and raise my head shaking it negatively. She knows I want her to keep playing with her nipples so she moves instead to the other breast leaving the first nipple hard and beaded.

By this time, both nipples are hard and begging to be sucked. I stop licking the pussy in front of me and lay open mouth kisses up her body, moving between her legs and over her stomach to lay with half my body covering her and my cock nestled just below her mound and rubbing into the mattress still. I open my mouth wide over the breast Gracelyn is neglecting and latch on with tongue and teeth, suckling like a baby.

With this Gracelyn bows back and moves her breast further into my hot wet mouth begging for more. She grinds her mound up into my belly and again cradles my head. This time I leave her hand there and suck harder. I can feel her wetness against my belly and this turns me on even more. My cock is starting to run with pre-come by this time in the festivities and I’m making a small wet spot on the bed linen.

Gracelyn gets aggressive then and takes charge, rolling me off her body and onto my back flat on the mattress. The mound of pillows falling in disarray around us and onto the floor beside the bed. Gracelyn moves to my mouth and we share an extremely carnal kiss. Its not even what you’d call a kiss, more like a mating of mouths. Sucking tongues and lips leaving them red and puffy to match Gracelyn’s pussy.

While Gracelyn is sucking at my mouth, our hands are running over each other’s bodies at a furious rate. Trying to touch everywhere at the same time. I have enough of this and roll Gracelyn back under me, taking possession of her mouth and gaining the upper hand. I move her hand to my cock and show her how I like it stroked. Gracelyn gladly takes over and I move my hand over to her pussy.

Inserting my middle finger into her slit, I find a hot wet gash waiting for me to fill it with my achingly hard cock. Before I get too excited and come from Gracelyn’s ministrations, I move her hand to her pussy, using her fingers to hold open the lips while I manoeuvre my cock into position.

With a breathy cry from Gracelyn and an earthy grunt from me, I thrust my cock into the hottest place I know. Gracelyn’s beautiful wet pussy. It’s almost like coming home. I lay still for a moment while the shock of my entry wears off both of us before I start pumping in and out of that divine snatch.

Two bodies heaving into each other, arms and hands holding each other tight. Legs tangling together and mouths trying to devour each other. This is the closest to heaven that I think I will ever get. Pumping in and out of Gracelyn. Too soon it all comes to an end and with a mighty groan I empty myself into Gracelyn’s body.

Laying there replete, I then usually wake up alone in my bed, holding my wet come covered cock and gulping in breaths like an athlete that’s just run 100 metres in ten seconds flat. I clean myself up and snuggle back in my bed, doing my best to go back to sleep and dream again about my beautiful Gracelyn.

One day I might even get the nerve up to do more than talk to her…but not today. Today I’m happy to just sit next to her at training, breathing in her scent and pretending she’s there with me and not her kids and husband. Yes, today I’m content to just sit back in my chair and dream my favourite dream…that she’s mine.

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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