Expanding Horizons Ch. 01

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We, Bob and Hazel had decided to have a date night to just get out of the house and have some fun. Try to break the monotony of everyday life. I had been busy all day running around and Hazel wasn’t sure if I would have the energy for the night. At about 6:00 p.m. she went upstairs hoping to either talk me from wanting to go out tonight or else she would have to jump in the shower. When she entered the bedroom she saw that I was messing with the fan.

“What are you doing up there?”

“Trying to figure out why this thing is always squeaking. You mean you don’t hear this thing every night when you are trying to fall asleep because it annoys me?”

Sheepishly “Are you sure that you still want to go out tonight? I mean you have been busy all day. We could just stay in. I mean I’m sure you are tired.” Hazel was never one to say no to an outing but didn’t want to ever seem like a bother.

“The only thing that I did today was the errands that you gave me and nothing was major. All that I have to do is change since I just got out of the shower like 15 minutes ago so just take your time honey.”

Hazel couldn’t remember giving Bob any errands but it was just a fleeting thought and followed up with ” So what are we doing tonight? I need to figure out what I’m wearing.”

“I don’t know what we are doing tonight but we are getting out of this damn house.” I had realized my tone and corrected myself and said in a much sweeter tone “As long as I’m with you and we are enjoying ourselves, it doesn’t matter. As to clothes, I’m just going to put on a pair of jeans and a polo shirt. Nothing fancy.”

Hazel made one last attempt at a protest and started squeezing her breast and licking her lips. I cut her off and pointed towards the shower.

During the shower, Hazel tried coming up with ideas of what they should do and couldn’t come up with anything out of the ordinary and was hoping that Bob had something better in mind. After drying off, fixing her hair, and applying light makeup she walked out of the bathroom deep in thought as to what she would wear. About the time she cleared the door she realized that her clothes were already laid out on the bed. Bob had always been good at picking out outfits and looked like he had delivered again.

Hazel saw a note in familiar handwriting on the bed that read “Here is you outfit for the night, come down wearing it all and DON’T SAY A WORD about it or question the plans.” This raised some curiosity but ever the dutiful wife, she would go with it.

From left to right was a pair jeans that were slightly tight on the thigh but showed her ass off amazingly. Next to it was a deep V-neck shirt. She hadn’t seen it before but it looked nice so she figured it was a present from Bob. He prefers slightly more modest but something different is always nice. The fabric was like a thermal type material and slightly rough but figured that a couple of washings would soften it up. Next to this was one of her more lacy bras that just barely contained the lower part of her C-cups. She prefers one of her more padded ones but it wasn’t her choice. The panties caught her attention, they were her pink thong backed crotch-less ones. She was trying to figure out what was going to happen tonight. Ever the thoughtful husband, there was a pair of dark socks between the panties and a nondescript bag with “Included in Outfit” written on it. In the bag was a small purple butt plug. She wondered why Bib had bought this new one, they already had a pair like this with the his and hers ones that were in the armoire. On second glance the base was slightly larger but that was the only difference she noted.

After unwrapping and cleaning the plug, she walked over to the armoire for some lube and what she saw when she opened the door took her breath away. Staring back at her at eye level was a smooth purple dildo in a harness. She actually blurted out “A strap-on, what the fuck?” And was about to go and ask Bob what was going on but then she saw “This too!!!!” on another note.

After retrieving the lube and the harness, she laid everything on the bed and tried to figure out the correct order. Once the order was determined the assembly started. While she was never one to finger her own ass because it seemed dirty, the pleasure that hit as her asshole dilated around the plug and then constricted was always worth it. Then went the panties and bra. Up next was figuring out the buckles on the strap-on worked. It would be easier if she had some help but the note forbade it.

Once she figured out how to tuck the penis into her jeans she and threw on her shirt because she had to see how she looked. The reflection was oddly arousing because while not obvious, the line from her cock was slightly visible if you knew what you were looking for. With this, she saw her comfy dark shows by the door. Bob hadn’t forgotten a thing.

As Hazel started down the stairs I was heading up them. I stopped to drink it all in and remarked “You are as gorgeous as you had been our wedding day” and casino şirketleri gave her a quick kiss. “I have to grab one more thing and we can get going.”

When they hit the car Hazel had forgotten about the explicit instructions on the note and asked “Where are we going?”

I was planning for a slip up or two and remarked “Following the directions on this page for your navigation unit and putting in the address.”

After the info was put in we got under way. To tease her I left the paper out on the center console knowing that she needed to know what the night had in store and this would keep her occupied for the car ride. Besides the instructions for the navigation, all that was on the list was ‘Note 2’ was written on the top ‘Stop 1-Show’ and ‘Stop 2-Relaxation’ both locations had an address and phone number but no business names. Upon further inspection, the handwriting was hers.

About an hour later we pulled into a strip club parking lot. Hazel said “What are we doing here? I’m not setting foot in that place.”

Acting frustrated I said , “I don’t what is up with you today. When I got up this morning there were a set of lists waiting for me on the butchers block in the kitchen.” I pulled Note 1 from my pocket and gave it to her. Looking at it, it did look like her writing but she didn’t remember doing this. The list had a description of the outfit she was wearing, the plug that was in her ass, the strap-on she was wearing, $100 in singles and fives, $200 in twenties, $400 in fifties, $700 in hundreds and a reference to Note 2 and a Note 3. On the bottom of the note had ‘You must get all of these items completed exactly as described. Note 3 is for your eyes only and must not be spoken of to anyone. If you make any mistakes there will be hell to pay.’ I followed up “I have done everything directed no matter how awkward. You know the looks I got getting that harness and plug? I mean I saw Mrs. Bretz when I walked out of the sex shop and that harness came in a box that didn’t fit in a bag. I even called the phone number of what I’m guessing is this place that was on the Note 3 and asked for “Hazel’s favor…”

Hazel incredulously said “I have no idea what you are talking about! I didn’t create these lists. I have never ever been here before!”

“That is funny because when I asked about your table they asked if they needed to include the Amaretto & Coke as well. I mean what are you doing? How do you have the energy to come to this place that much that they know your drink? We are going inside and if no one recognizes you then we can go. I need to see if you are the prim and proper woman I married or the deviant that it looks like. Because if you are the deviant then I’m getting all of our bank records and contacting a lawyer on Monday.”

Hazel was starting to question herself and everything going on but finally said “Fa-Fa-Fine, let’s go in.”

With this I inaudibly sighed a breath of relief. I wasn’t sure how much more I could have pushed her but knew it was going to be a good night with this step.

As we walked up to the door at the club there was a line of people and as Hazel turned to walk to the back of it the doorman shouted “Hazel” and waved for her to walk up. She glanced at me with a puzzled look trying to figure out how this man knew her name. I, with a look that seemed to say well he knows you, pointed the way to the doorman and followed behind Hazel acting as if I was the guest of the VIP. I happily slipped the doorman $50 as we went past.

Once inside we were brought to “Hazel’s Favorite Table” and a waitress followed with her drink but had to take my order. With this she started pleading “I have never been here before, you have to believe me! We have to go, I must be having some sort of a mental break!”

“We can’t leave before paying the bar tab. Let’s wait until the waitress comes back and we can settle up. Might as well have this over priced drink first.” To calm her quickly frazzling nerves Hazel guzzled her drink and had it done before the first song was over.

“Please, can we just go?”

I knew that when the first drink hit bottom she would loosen up some. “Did you see the size of the bouncers, I’m not leaving until we pay up. They might not hurt you for ditching but they will most definitely kick my ass. Give the waitress a few more minutes.” After another couple of songs and I saw Hazel stop just staring at the ground I asked “Where is that waitress at? I’m going to go and square up so we can leave.” Their impending departure caused Hazel anxiety level to slightly go down but she still felt nervous and dirty being their with all these ladies objectifying themselves for some money.

As I walked towards the bar, I saw a pair of dancer getting ready to go on stage and had to act quickly as to which one would work the best. Candy was naturally voluptuous, late twenties and seemed to exude confidence both in her body and what she was doing. Pepper had a pair of fake tits, early twenties and seemed that she was forced to do casino firmaları this. Candy was the winner and I walked up to her and said “You see that lady at the end of the stage by the pole. Here is $100 for you to focus on that end of the stage and here is $50 for your partner to focus on the other end, no switching midway. There will be a lot more in it if you play it up.” Candy had a thing for the quiet, nervous, middle aged type. She owned the first pussy that quite a few seduced housewives had tasted. Candy took the money and headed towards the stage and didn’t take her eyes off of Hazel.

I then ordered another Amaretto & Coke plus two plain cokes from the bar. Hazel needed more calming so I added a half shot of Jack. As the bartender was making the drinks, Summer and April were walking off the stage and about to do rounds of selling lap dances. Based on their level of confidence on the stage, they looked to be either nineteen or twenty and didn’t seem as damaged as some of the other strippers and would fit in rather nicely into this following part of the plan. “How much for a song?”

Summer and April, at the same time, said “$20 a song in the back.” but were sort of stepping on each other and confused as to which one he meant.

Pulling out $100 for each of them and said “I want both of you but not right now. See the woman at the end of the stage that Candy is eye fucking? I’m guessing that in three to four songs she will have finished her second drink. That is when I want both of you to take us in the back. When we get in the back I will give $40 a song to each of you. Don’t care how many songs we do. Do we have a deal?”

Both ladies looked at each other and while they had never danced for a couple before, Summer said “Fine, but you better not screw us over.”

“I gave each of you $100 to not have to grind on someone for four songs. If after the fourth song I don’t raise my drink you keep the money. You’ll each be ahead $20 for nothing. That is based on the assumption that you would have a customer on deck.” With that the tender had the drinks and turned back to them “The next song starts the count.”

As I walked back I could see Hazel had calmed down. She looked annoyed that my arms were holding three drinks and before she could say anything I said “Two drink minimum each. Already paid and we can go as soon as you finish yours.”

As I was getting comfy in the seat, the next song started. Hazel was about to grab the drink from my hand to gulp it down but I set it just out of her reach. I knew based on her reluctant glances she needed a tad bit more time. To get her to look up more I went with “Look at all the money that, is it Candy? making. Seems like she is really good and look at her eyes, she is really staring at you. You might want to show her some appreciation for her hard work swinging on the pole.”

I pushed Hazel some $5’s and directed her to place it on the stage. After waiting 30 seconds to build the nerve up, Hazel took the money, stood, and placed it on the stage. At about this moment the first drink totally hit bottom and her concerns melted. As Hazel sat down she seemingly breathed for the first time since we got there. I slid the second drink within reach for Hazel to start having a good time. I slid some more money towards Hazel and pointed towards the stage. She didn’t need much convincing this time. With this, Hazel was building some confidence in herself and was staring at Candy’s engulfing brown eyes. Candy was enjoying the eye contact.

As the second song was ending, Candy got off the pole and started crawling over. She was like a tiger stalking it’s prey. Hazel had a feeling of exhilaration wash over her as the half naked women approached her for the money she had set on stage. While the thought of the woman demeaning herself was troublesome, the sultriness of the woman was over powering. The confidence that Candy was eluding as her tits swayed under her, as her round hips rolled was breath taking. But what really hit Hazel was that Candy never took her eyes off her prey. Was Hazel the prey or the money on the stage? She couldn’t figure it out but Hazel’s pussy was finally started to get awakened from it’s slumber.

As Candy was crawling over trying to seduce Hazel, Candy was realizing that this woman was intently staring back in her eyes. It wasn’t like most women who refused stared at anything except her swinging D-cups, this woman was wasn’t obeying and instead staring her in the eye and wanted Candy to submit. Candy took this as a challenge and was not going to loose.

As Hazel took another sip, Candy turned and presented her hip for additional gratitude. I slide $20 towards Hazel and pointed towards Candy. Since this was much more personal, she tentatively grabbed it. Candy sensed this apprehension and was confident that she wasn’t going to lose. Hazel extended her arm to give the money but Candy didn’t move from her pose. Hazel looked back at me as I motioned with one hand to pull the string on her hip and slide the money güvenilir casino under. As she placed the string down her hand lingered on Candy voluptuous ass and gave is a slight squeeze. Almost as if to show that it wasn’t an accident, she let her hand linger a second. Hazel felt a slight amount of perspiration and was thrilled that Candy was working so hard for her enjoyment.

Candy was feeling conflicted over this touch. She didn’t like that this woman had the gall to not wilt to her power but her flesh loved the softness of her hand and the gentleness of the touch. What really bothered her was the confidence this woman had and how much her pussy was betraying her due to this confidence. As Candy crawled down the rest of the stage she continued glancing back at Hazel trying to regain her control.

Hazel needed another sip from her drink as she sat down. I had to slow her down some because I didn’t want her getting sloppy, only fully buzzed. “Man that Candy sure has a thing for you. I mean she keeps looking back at you.”

“Cut it out, I’m not a lesbian.”

“It’s not that you are one, it’s that you have power over her. She wants to submit to you. All day long she has disgusting men staring at her like a piece of meat or wives that are too embarrassed to be here. All these people she looks down on. But for you, she wants to show you, this powerful, confident, rich woman that you are equals but deep down she knows that you are her superior. She will test you for a seat at your table but will gladly lie at your feet just to be near to you. You each get something from it. It’s a symbiotic relationship. You get an ego stroke and she gets to feel like she is better than the lowly scum that is is normally around and can one day not drink from your bowl but instead sip from your cup. Like it or not, nature is going to take away what gives her her power. Gravity is going to pull down her tig-o-bitties and her metabolism is going to change and her ass is going to get huge and saggy. She can choose to go at it alone or she can try to entangle herself with a dominant woman now. If I had that body I know what I’d do and I’d submit to you.”

Hazel was having a problem with the logic but I didn’t let off and closed with “She is crawling back here to worship at your feet and not walking as your equal. Here is a $20, a $50, and a $100. We know what she will allow you to do for $20. I’m willing to bet that for $50, she will lay on her back with her legs spread in the air and allow you to move her thong to the side and place the money under the top string of her thong. But for $100, she’ll probably stop right in front, with her ass in the air and move the thong for you. Can you guess where you will have to put the money? In her money purse. All while she presents her most private pink butt hole for your inspection.”

Hazel was having an issue with this last step and took a sip off her drink to get some courage and with that she grabbed all the money and signaled for Candy. With her trembling hands steadying, she acted calm and held up the $50. Sure enough Candy took the position on her back. Hazel slid the string to the side and got her glimpse of her first pussy that didn’t belong to her and cautiously placed the money under the top band. I noticed a hint of moisture on Candy’s lips that didn’t look like sweat and was shocked at how much Hazel had gotten to her.

As Candy got back on all fours and started leaving, Hazel held up the $100 and whistled for more attention. Candy got a small smile and got into position. It seemed like she really pushed her ass out and pulled the fabric to the side. The roll of Candy’s hips caused her large lips to part and the amount of cream dripping from her pussy was shocking. The rolled up money easily slide in and as Hazel was letting go of the deposit, Candy let the thong snap into place. It almost looked like Candy tried to trap Hazel’s hand with the fabric because she then reached to where Hazel’s wrist had previously been. Hazel was quicker and the snap startled her, causing her hand to quickly pull back.

After pulling the dripping money out of her snatch, Candy started crawling away again Hazel whistled and held up the $20. Candy turned and came back and as her face was a foot from Hazel’s and about to move into position and present her hip, Hazel flashed a $100 that she had palmed from the pile of money on the table and stuffed it into her bra. She pulled her shirt out and made Candy get it. When Candy had the reward between her lips she pulled her head out of Hazel’s shirt and Hazel flashed a crooked smile. She grabbed Candy’s hair with her right hand and pulled her hair down so her face rolled up causing the money to fall out of her mouth. Hazel then grabbed Candy’s tit and gave it a squeeze with her left hand and laid a kiss on Candy’s mouth. When they broke the kiss, Candy was starting to spread her mouth and stick out her tongue. Candy’s pussy had defeated her mind and was submitting all her flesh. Hazel hadn’t and realized that this lioness had submitted to her until she saw the look on Candy’s face. Hazel was buzzing from the alcohol but was thoroughly drunk with power. Her clit was fully engorged. It was now that I signaled for Summer and April, just as the fourth song was wrapping up.

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