Experimentation And Exploration Part 3

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Our morning together firmly ruined by my work, I’m in the car driving to the office. Samantha, my stepsister, was extremely disappointed that I had to leave. We had made plans to play all weekend long. In her frustration she yelled out, “If you don’t hurry back, I’m going to find some random dude of the street and have him service me.”

I had gotten a summer internship at my stepmom’s company. It wasn’t anything glamorous, I did order checking. And from what I understood from the very upset voicemails, I had listened to on the way to work, I gave the okay for an incomplete order to be shipped out. Since mistakes like that could cost the company thousands of dollars, the boss was understandably upset.

When I arrive at the office I get my first text message from her.

“I’m wearing the teddy again and playing with my plug, xxx.”

I erase the message (one of our rules) and head in. My boss is waiting for me with an angry expression on his face.

“You took your sweet time getting here!”

The problem is explained and I get to work. Thirty minutes later I get my second text.

“Decided not to be mad anymore. Preparing a surprise for you. Hurry home.”

It’s almost impossible to concentrate on my work knowing that my sexy minx of a stepsister is waiting for me at home. Within an hour I find out, the problem was not caused by me. The boss says he doesn’t care and tells me to fix it anyway. Fucker. Then my phone chimes in again.

“I’ve been a naughty girl and am in need of punishment.”

I’m glad I can sit down at a desk for the work I do, cause hiding my raging hard-on would be impossible otherwise. Finally after what seems like hours, I figure out what the problem is. The boss seems happy again and tells me to go home.

In the car I text Sam that I’m on the way. I promptly get a reply.

“Your little whore is waiting for you.”

Breaking a few speed limits I finally arrive home to find the house quiet. I call out Sam’s name but she doesn’t answer. I head upstairs and when I get to the hall that our bedrooms are on I can almost smell sex. When I turn into her room I inquire, “Sam?”

What I see on her bed makes my cock almost jump out of my pants. She’s lying on her stomach, spread-eagled. Her hands and feet tied to the bed. She used the handcuffs for her hands and the ropes from our robes on her feet. Upon closer inspection I she her plug is inserted into her ass and that she’s gaged and blindfolded herself. The surprise box is laying in front of the bed with a note on top of it.

I pick it up and read.

Dear Brian,

This morning I was terribly rude to you. For this I will need to be punished. You may use everything in the room and on your body to do so. I do not wish you to stop until you are satisfied.

Your slave,


I put the note down and open the box. In it I find the items she has not yet used. I undress myself and pick up the whip from the box. It’s a whip with soft leathery tassels, which I slowly stroke over her body. An approving moan eggs me on. When the whip has touched every part of her I pull back an flog her ass for the first time. It’s not very hard but I guess from the shock, Sam strains against her bonds and arches her back a little. The second whack elicits a smaller response, “she’s getting used to it,” I think.

I flog her ass a few time and then move a little up to her lower back. Sam moans with every hit. When I think she’s enjoying herself a little too much, I let her have it. A firm strike lands on her ass and for the first time I hear a muffled scream. The hit has left her skin a little red tint. I swing again and again the same response. That’s when I talk to her for the first time.

“Ten more of these and you get some pleasure.”

She sobs disapprovingly. “And count them out,” I command.

I strike her ass again and get a muffled, “one.”

Nine more time she’s counts after I hit. When I’m done she moans slowly and starts to relax her body, which had been straining against the bonds, pushing and pulling, trying to get away from the whip.

I antalya escort bayan kneel in between her legs and kiss her ass cheeks. They have become nice and red. With my mouth paying attention to her ass my hand moves to her pussy and starts stroking her clit. I lick all over her ass to make it wet and then blow on it. This cools it down and she starts moaning in a manner I recognize as pleasure. I use my chin to push her plug further in her ass while still rubbing her pussy. By now I’ve gone down on her enough times to notice the signs of her pending orgasm. So I stop and whisper in her ear, “first, more punishment.”

I grab the lubricant out of the box and apply the liquid to my cock. I crawl in between her legs again and slowly remove the plug, only to reinsert it again. Moving it in and out of her a few times, I finally pull it out to lay it next to her body as I hover over her. I place my cock at her asshole, then lean forward without entering and whisper, “you know what comes next, right slave?”

I get an acknowledging moan and push my cock forward. She grabs her bonds while I feel her muscles tighten. Slowly I feel myself going deeper into my sisters ass. Even though the plug is wider at the base, then my dick, she’s still very tight. When I can go no further I decide to step out of my master role for a second and check if she wants more. Cause, even though she wanted punishment I don’t want to hurt her to bad.

I whisper, “good?”

I get a positive response when she nods and moans. With that checked, I start moving in and out of her. Since I don’t care if she cums right now, I am the master after all, I make no effort to control myself. Slowly I feel my orgasm building. She feels wonderful under me and a few moments later I feel her ass clench and her body got stiff, her orgasm sets in. If she wasn’t gaged I’m sure the neighbors would hear her scream in pleasure. The contractions of her ass are fantastic and I too start cumming. With every rope of cum shooting out of me, I insert myself deep into her.

“That’s it, take that cum, like a good little whore.”

When I’m drained I pull out and quickly grab the butt plug and put it back into her ass.

“Now you will have my cum there, until I let you take it out.”

I get up from the bed and give her a firm whack on her ass with my hand. She jolts and I say, “I’ll be back later.”

I walk out of her room leaving her tied to the bed. I go into my own room and get my laptop. Laying down on my bed I log onto my favorite porn site and start watching. I want to get hard, as soon as possible. Even though I have something far better than the best porn movie ever, in the next room, I want her to be alone for now. Just let her wonder when I might come back. I watch a few BDSM videos to maybe get some inspiration. They all involve intricate setups with lots of ropes and a wall full of sexy torture instruments. I feel my cock begin to rise when I watch a scene with two women. A master and slave. The master is beating the slave to tears and when the master asks if she wants her to stop, the slave replies with, “no.”

“Maybe Sam also enjoyed her beating,” I think.

A few more video’s and my cock is ready for more. I think of what I want to do to her and set my plan in motion. Entering her room I smack her on the ass again, “ready for round two, slave?”

I get no response, so I smack her again and repeat my inquiry. Now she moan and nods her head. I grab my plug and place it beside her. I crawl in between her thighs and bite and lick my way up to her neck. When I reach it, my cock has lined up with her pussy and I thrust forward. Without any resistance it goes in.

“mmm, wet and horny, aren’t we?”

I waste no time waiting for a response as I start to fuck her at high pace. I’m propped up on my hands and have a perfect angle on her pussy. Deep and long thrusts are repeated in high velocity. She moans and grips her bonds again as I continue to ravage her cunt.

“Are you enjoying your punishment?”

I get the affirmative double hum and she cums right after. Her pussy is contracting around escort bayan my cock. “She’s cumming, the little bitch is cumming again,” I say to myself.

I slow my tempo but increase the force and depth of my thrusts, and when her orgasm sets in and her pussy walls close in on my cock again I finally cum too. Again I choose to cum deep inside her. Every one of my orgasm waves ends with my cock in the deepest part of her pussy. When I’m done I pick up my plug and pull out. Quickly replacing my cock with the latex device.

“There, now you have two holes filled, one more to go.”

I leave the bedroom again and head for the bathroom. There I start by running the water into the bathtub. It a huge tub and from previous experiences I know it easily fits both of us. I fill the tub up to a point where I can sit down an my cock will still come up above the water. I go back to my sisters bedroom and start to undo the bonds at her feet after which I free her hands. I turn her onto her back and she goes for her blindfold. That’s when I stop her.

“I didn’t give you permission for that. I guess you haven’t learned yet.”

She starts nodding her head and mumbles through her gag, “yes I have.”

“No, you have not.”

I grab her hair and pull her toward me. I remove the scarf that she used to keep the gag in place. The gag was made out of a pair of her nickers stuffed in her mouth. Sitting on her edge of the bed I guide over body over my knees so that her ass is sticking up.

“Ten more, count them out.”

I give her my first whack and she counts.


“Are you going to be a good little slave now?” whack

“Two, yes.” Whack.

“Yes what?”

“Three, yes master.”

After her ten smacks I start to feel a slight stirring in my cock again. I turn her over and pick her up into my arms. I get up from the bed and carry her to the bathroom.

I step into the bath an set her down, “get on your knees.”

“Yes master.”

I sit down and she kneels. I bend forward and kiss her. It’s deep and passionate. When I feel my cock getting harder I lean back against the side of the tub and with my hand on the back of her head, guide her mouth onto my cock.

“Your last assignment is simple, suck and swallow. When that’s done, I’ll remove the plugs and your slave duties will be done for the day.”

Needing no further incentive I see and feel her head move up and down the length of my cock. Her mouth goes down as far as it will go and then she slowly brings it up. When her lips reach my glans she creates extra suction with her mouth to generate a vacuum. While my cock is being sucked to its breaking point, her tongue flicks over the tip creating a feeling of both pain and bliss. Sam has sucked my cock many times before but what she’s doing now is not just giving head, it’s high art. In the art of cock sucking I’m being given Rembrandt. The pure ecstasy of my cock in her mouth coupled with her flawless skill, makes my body react in the desired way and I start to cum.

I usually warn her when I’m about the cum, so she can stop sucking and let me cum on her, but not this time. This time she’s going to take it all. Of course she too can tell, after fucking me so many times, when I’m about to cum. I can’t hide it as my cock swells up and my leg muscles tighten. She however, is keeping true to her slave role and takes only the head of my cock into her mouth. When I cum she starts to swallow everything I give her. Which isn’t much after cumming twice already, but she still a trooper for doing it.

When I’m done I guide her body against mine so she is sitting with her back to me. I pull her close into me and hug her from behind. I pull the bathplug and let the water start pouring away. Then I turn my attention to the two latex toys still inside her.

With my hand in her pussy plug I ask, “you ready?”

“Yes, master.”

I pull, and out squirts a combination of our liquids. It’s pulled toward the sinkhole and disappears.

“Now for the last one.”

She raises her ass a little and I slowly free her ass. No liquid comes antalya escort out this time.

“I guess you came very deep in me.”

“Guess so.”

Finally I take off her blindfold. I close the water plug and start filling the bath with warm water again. With her in my arms we soak away our sex high. When the water cools I turn on the hot tap and we have our debrief.

“Did you enjoy this?” I ask, a little nervously.

“Every second of it.”

“How was your first anal sex?”

“Very intense and I came, I had read that most girls don’t, their first time doing anal. How was it for you, playing my master and fucking my ass?”

“Your ass is fantastic, to beat as well as to fuck. And since you’re usually the bossy one, it was nice being so very in control of you.”

“Me, bossy??”

“I’m pretty sure, that if it wasn’t for your bossy nature, we never would have had that first time in the cabin.”

“And what a shame that would have been.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

“That was a stellar blowjob, by the way.”

“Thank you, I thought you might like it.”

We stayed in the bath for what seemed like hours. Talking about our sexual experiences together. What we liked the most, what we still wanted to try and what we shouldn’t try again. Although neither of us has a notion how to pull it off, a threesome was high on both our lists of desired experiments. Much to my surprise she too wants it to be with a girl. The challenge will be finding the right one. Having sex with a brother and sister would freak most people out, even if we are not directly related. When we finally have enough and we were both as wrinkled as dried prunes, we got out. After drying each other off we headed downstairs.

It was getting dark outside. I had come home from work at twelve o’clock in the afternoon and our sex play had lasted almost six hours. Besides exhausted, we were both starving from all the exercising we had done.

“I prepared some food for us, sit down and I’ll get it ready.”

I sit down at the table and we enjoy a nice meal together.

After a few glasses of wine we decide to head off to bed.

“Your room or mine?” I ask.


No explanation given, just hers. I don’t really care. As long as she’s naked and sleeping close to me. I take off her robe and let my hands slowly feel their way down her body. I end at her knees and come back up again. When I reach her waist, I slip one of my fingers past her pussy. She jolts.

“Ah,.. I’m really sensitive right now. I think we should not get each other too excited, cause I can’t take much more right now.”

She turns toward me and we hug.

“I feel we are to late on the, not exciting each other, part,” she says, while my hardening cock is pushing into her stomach.

“That’s your fault. He can’t help himself. If there is a sexy girl standing naked and this close, he will rise, exhausted or not.”

Completely naked we slip under the covers and after a few moments chatting, I doze off. I dream of our encounters in the past few months. Her naked body in all variety of positions flashes through my mind. Oddly enough I dream of the SM porno I saw, but instead of the actors I see her face in beautiful agony while I whip and fuck her. The dreams fades and deep sleep comes.

We I slowly awake, I feel cold and uncomfortable. It takes me a few seconds to wake, to the point where I start to notice my surroundings. The sexy girl I was holding when I fell asleep is gone. She has been replace by a matrass. I’m lying face down with my arms stretched to either side. When I try to move, I feel restraints on my arms. There is slight panic which causes me to wake fully. A host of sensations rush through my body. I’m biting down on some fabric and when I try to spit it out, it won’t leave my mouth. I look around and my arms are tied to the bed using the handcuffs and rope. All the way down I feel my knees on the floor, which leads me to the conclusion that I’m kneeling in front of the bed. However the most prominent feeling is at my hindquarters. When I squeeze my cheeks together I feel something inserted into me.

When I calm down a little, I feel gloved fingertips stroke my back.

“Good morning little brother, it’s your turn.”

I can’t wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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