Extreme Cuckold Fantasy

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Marcus Is a tall Black man with alethic and muscular features. He and his friends Cal, Jay and Rick call themselves the black knights because of their black skin and muscular toned bodies. They used to run a web site called The Black Knights dot com. On this website they offered a service to a select people who were always married women whose husbands would like to watch their wives be gangbanged by four hung and black men. Marcus and his knights enjoyed what they did in many ways because they loved married white women and they loved to humiliate white men who cannot compare to their sexual prowess.

The service they offered was always on their terms. They would not agree to meet anyone who disagreed with any of the following demands.

• All applicants must be white married couples

• The husband must watch only and serve the knights as they request

• Husbands must be ok with being humiliated verbally and physically

• Couples must accept that the knights will be riding bareback during the session

• Husbands must accept they are cuckolds and must wear a chastity device

• Couples must be ok with being filmed

• Couples must provide accommodation and transport to the venue

Marcus and his knights would offer this service to a couple every weekend on a first serve first come basis and must be members on their website for two months before being accepted. The session would last the entire weekend, from Saturday morning to Sunday night when they would leave. All of the female clients would enjoy the experience fully, however some of the males in the couples they attended would feel the humiliation too much thus not use them again. It was not very often that they would be called upon by the same couple twice.

After a while the website was shut down and they stopped their services altogether. They would occasionally meet a couple who they had met before but it had been a long time since anybody called at all, Until one day Marcus received a phone call.


David was a 40 year old man who had a successful clothing business. He was 5 feet 6 inches tall and had an average body. He was married to a beautiful woman called Jenny who was his childhood sweetheart. They had been married for twenty years and they were very adventurous in the bedroom. After their marriage they tried to have a baby but had no success, so they turned to IVF treatment and sure enough Jenny was pregnant. David did not have a particularly low sperm count and there was nothing wrong with Jenny either. So David googled why they struggled to have a baby and ended up being led to a porn site that had a video entitled (the reason you can’t conceive with your wife). David clicked on the video and it started off sympathetic to his issue. But soon it changed the tone. According to the video the reason was because he is a weak white man and his wife deserves real men, in particular black men.

David thought back to when his wife confessed she had fantasized about black men before. He knew he was more submissive and was becoming more submissive through his marriage. David and Jenny told each other everything including sexual fantasies. Eventually they began to role play in the bedroom and Jenny would humiliate her weak white husband. Soon this became the normal for them, they had found what they both liked and kept playing along.

David found a website called TheBlackKnights.com and was immediately drawn to it. He showed his wife and they both began to admire this site. One day they went to log on to the black knight’s website and were denied access due to the site being shut down. That was over a year ago. They had talked about using their services but were very nervous so they missed the chance.

Now at 40 David and his wife Jenny were getting more and more adventurous with their role play. Jenny bought a chastity cage for her husband and locked him up. She sent the key for the cage in the post to her own house by the slowest delivery possible. This was usually five working days so he would often go over a week without release. Jenny found David much more submissive to her during this time. She would dress slutty when their son was not around to tease him and humiliate him. Their son was at a sleepover one day and came home early due to his friends grandmother being ill. He saw his mother wearing a boob tube top and a skirt not much wider than a belt. She wore suspenders and tights with extremely high heels. Luckily David was upstairs tied to the bed wearing a pair of knee high socks, his chastity cage and a corset.

He was a little embarrassed so he went to the living room to play video games while Jenny changed and untied her submissive husband. Their son was fifteen and always wanted to go to his friend’s house so they often had time to play their games.

One day David reminded Jenny of that site called the black knights. They agreed that they wanted to see if they had the confidence to arrange something with the right people. So David began to search and soon he found a blog that casino şirketleri mentioned the black knights. It turns out they were very notorious and had sunk into legend. The blogger claimed to have used the knights before and found them exactly what she needed. David attempted to make contact with her. She said that she could give him their phone number but it’s unlikely that they will accept. She also warned him that it was so humiliating for her husband that they soon split and divorced because she could not get enough black cock afterwards.

David ignored her warning and took the phone number. He went to his wife straight away to tell her he may have found them. Jenny and David both agreed to call the number and see what happens so they called the number and waited as the phone rang.


Marcus was just walking into his house as his phone began to ring.

He scrambled the phone out of his pocket and swiped the green button and said “Hello” in his deep voice.

For a moment there was no answer but the voice replied “Hello, is this the black knights phonenumber?” he said trembling.

Marcus paused for a moment confused before asking “Who is this?” he said.

“My name is David, I’m looking for the black knights!” he said.

“I used to be, we don’t provide this anymore!” replied Marcus.

“Oh, that’s a shame, my wife and I have been searching for a while, we were members of your site before but it was shut down before we could call!” said David.

“We haven’t done this for over a year I’m afraid!” Marcus started but was interrupted by David.

“I’ll pay you to make an exception!” he said.

Marcus thought on it. It had been awhile since the knights rode together and he had wanted to keep it going.

“I’ll think about it and speak to the others but I won’t make any promises!” said Marcus.

“That’s ok, that’s all I can ask, could you contact me on this number when you have an answer?” asked David.

“Sure!” replied Marcus. And he put the phone down and thought on that phone call all night.

The next day Marcus went to Cal’s house to help him build a shed in his garden. He didn’t mention the phone call just yet. Jay and Rick were there also but wasn’t until the end of the day when Marcus noticed Cal’s neighbour peeking through the curtains.

“I think you have an admirer Cal!” said Marcus.

“Yeah, that’s my neighbour’s daughter; she’s a pretty little thing and only 18. I’m just waiting for her dad to go out the house one day so I can ask to borrow some milk if you know what I mean!” said Cal with a wink.

Jay gave a cheer and added “Hey man don’t keep her to yourself now, remember the old days when we were destroying white wives for fun?”.

Cal smiled “Yeah, I remember those days!” he said disappointed.

Marcus saw an opportunity “That reminds me! I had a phone call yesterday, someone found our number and he wants us to fuck his wife!” he said while watching for a reaction.

Rick asked “What did you say?”

Marcus paused and said “I said I’d ask the boys if they were up for it!” Marcus looked around at the knights.

“I’m in, but we need to know the details first!” said Jay.

Marcus looked around and they were nodding. “Alright I’ll ring the guy and find out what he needs.”

Marcus returned home and showered before he called David. The phone rang twice before David answered. “Hello?” he said.

“Hey, the black knights are in business but first I need you to know what you expect from this!” said Marcus.

“I remember that on the site it said you will decide how the session goes because you are the masters of our house until you leave!” he said.

“That’s exactly right. I need you to tell me a description of your wife!” said Marcus.

“Well, she’s called Jenny, She is 5 feet 8 inches and she has 34 dd breasts which are very perky, she is slim and blonde with blue eyes and looks like a model!” said David.

“Perfect. do you remember what our terms were? because you need to accept them first!” said Marcus.

“Yes, my wife already keeps me in chastity and I accept the other terms!” said David.

“Good, in that case from now on we will address you as wimp! or cuckold! and you will address us a as sir! do you understand?”

“Yes sir!” replied David.

“You will arrange for our transport and you’ll provide the accommodation! when can you take us?” asked Marcus.

“My son is leaving for a week on a school trip in two weeks! I’ll send you the details in an email sir!” said David.


David had arranged for a train for the black knights and a limousine to pick them up from the station in which he and his wife Jenny will be waiting. Jenny was wearing a black tight strapless dress which barely covered her arse. She had a pair of matching panties and matching high heels. She gave the limo driver a peak as she stepped into the limo. She had David wear his chastity cage under his trousers and his knee high socks that were pink and white striped. The pink casino firmaları matched his pink chastity cage. His wife had made him shave his pubic hair so he had a little tuft above the cage. They brought a bag with them that had a pair of heels for David to wear. The plan was to undress and wear the heels and put the clothes he was wearing into a street bin forcing David to walk up the driveway wearing only a pair of heels, knee high socks and of course his pink chastity cage.

So they arrived at the station and David was stripped in the limo and on his knees awaiting his black knights. Jenny leaned out the window of the limo and threw a plastic bag of David’s clothes into a bin. There was no going back now as the door opened and four black and athletic younger men in their late twenty’s stepped into the car. Immediately they introduced themselves to Jenny.

“Ah! you must be Jenny, this is Cal, Rick, Jay and I’m Marcus!” said Marcus as he kissed her hand and each knight followed suite.

“Oh! it’s so nice to finally meet you all. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, it’s been a huge fantasy of ours!” said Jenny.

Then Marcus saw David kneeling on the floor with his hands behind his back, his pink chastity twitching as the four men all took turns rubbing their hands up her legs.

“So! this is the wimp husband!” said Marcus.

“Yes that’s him. That reminds me I have the keys for his cage and I thought you might want them!” said Jenny as she handed over the keys to his cage on a chain.

Marcus put the chain around his neck and they all sniggered. The knights were wearing completely black suits. Two sat on one side of Jenny and two sat on the other side.

Marcus asked “So! how big is that white dick?”

“It’s only four inches hard, sir!” replied David.

“And why is it that you want four black cocks to fuck your wife? wimp!” asked Marcus.

David replied “Because after we could not conceive our son naturally. I realised that I wasn’t man enough so I confessed to my wife that she needed real men to fuck her and we have fantasized ever since, sir!”

Marcus smiled and said “That’s right, wimp! all of you white husbands are wimps, incapable of giving these fine women what they need so we provide that service and remind you as we service her!” he said, followed by nods of agreement.

They arrived at the house and the waited for the chauffeur to open the door. First two black men stepped out followed by Jenny and then two more black men. The driver was a bit taken aback when David stepped out of the limo naked apart from the heels and knee high socks and his pink chastity cage. He shut the door behind him and drove away. David could feel the cold breeze around his small cock as he carefully walked to the door as he wasn’t quite used to the heels yet. He walked to the door and opened it and stepped inside.


Marcus stepped inside after the wimp holding the wimp’s wife’s hand. The knights followed and shut the door behind them.

The wimp said “May I take your coats sir’s?” and the knights each took off their coats and handed them to the wimp.

The knights left for the kitchen while the wimp put the coats in the cupboard. Straight away as soon as the wimp was out of sight Marcus kissed Jenny as passionately as he could and the knights then proceeded to feel her body and lifted up her dress to reveal her shapely arse. They squeezed and caressed and then lightly slapped her arse.

The wimp then entered the room and saw the sight before his eyes and Marcus noticed his chastity cage twitch repeatedly at the sight.

“Kneel down wimp!” Marcus commanded.

So he did without hesitation. Marcus was keen to see how much humiliation the wimp could take before he stops enjoying it. This is what Marcus enjoyed most, the humiliation of the cuckold.

They pulled down her dress to reveal her breasts leaving the dress around her waist. They began to caress her breasts and arse as well as take turns kissing her. Jenny was not shy at all.

The knights started to remove their shirts and ties to reveal their toned and muscular bodies to Jenny. She was touching their torsos and they were touching hers. Marcus went the step further and dropped his trousers. He wasn’t wearing any underpants and as his trouser slid down and a huge black cock sprung out. Jenny gawped at the sheer size of this cock. It was the biggest she had ever seen as she had only ever been with her husband. Marcus looked at the wimp kneeling next to them. He was also in awe at the huge black cock dwarfing his own.

Jenny dropped to her knees and began to stroke the cock carefully. Each knight then turned to the wimp.

“Wimp! come here and remove our trousers!” they ordered.

The wimp crawled over to them and undid the buttons and zippers one by one and pulled them down. Out sprung three more huge cocks. Each one was at least nine inches giving an inch at most. They all had balls that were twice the size of his. Each bollock was twice the size of the wimp’s. The güvenilir casino wimp removed the trousers from their ankles and took their socks and shoes to be put in a neat pile on the table.


David removed Marcus’s trousers and put his clothes into a pile next the others. The four black knights were now standing around Jenny, all their cocks across her face as she began to lick and caress them. She was still wearing her high heels as she crouched down. Her dress was now around her waist and her panties were still on.

“Kneel wimp!” said Marcus.

David said “Yes sir!” and knelt down a few feet away from his wife.

He watched as his beautiful wife began to suck on four black cocks, alternating between each one as they grew harder. They grew to an unbelievable size. David’s pink chastity cage was now twitching so violently that the pad lock was tapping of the cage.

After fifteen minutes of Jenny exploring the huge black cocks, the knights pulled her to her feet. Jenny went over to the counter in the kitchen and picked up a collar and a leash. She walked over to her husband and placed the collar around his neck and tightened it. She passed the leash to Marcus took it in his hand and looked at David as if to say “you’re mine now!”

Marcus said to Jenny “lead the way to the bedroom” and Jenny started to make her upstairs.

Marcus tugged on the leash and said “come wimp!” to which David replied “Yes sir!”

The four black men followed Jenny upstairs, all the while still as hard as rocks. Their huge long and thick cocks bounced and swung as they moved.

As they entered the bedroom Jenny sat on the bed with a wide smile on her face. Marcus pulled David into the room and said “Kneel!” and so with a “Yes sir!” David knelt at the foot of the bed.

They continued what they had started down stairs for a few minutes when Marcus said “Wimp, come here and take off your wife’s panties, using your teeth”.

David crawled over and took hold of her panties with his teeth and pulled them down. He held them and could feel how soaking wet they were.

“Open your mouth and stuff them in!” Marcus ordered.

David open up and stuffed them in with his fingers. He could taste his wife on his tongue. He knelt there as the four black men looked down at him smirking and his wife was biting her lower lip. He felt humiliated but he felt right. He felt overpowered but the place to be was on his knees and at their feet.


Marcus looked down at the wimp, he wondered how he could really make him feel the humiliation. He knew that his lust was making him desire this, so he had to get rid of his lust. He bent down and unlocked his cock, the wimp looked confused as did his wife. His tiny cock was erect and twitching.

Marcus said to the wimp “I want you jerk your tiny cock until you cum into your hand! do not spill a drop!” he demanded.

“Yes sir!” replied the wimp, his voice muffled by his wife’s panties.

He began to wank his tiny cock over his hand and it wasn’t very long before he couldn’t hold his useless sperm and it dribbled onto his hand, he moaned as he orgasmed. The wimp held the sperm in his hand and looked at Marcus standing in front of him.

“Good, now come with me and ill show you what will happen to your sperm from now on!” said Marcus.

Marcus pulled on the leash and the wimp stood up and followed.

He took him to the on suite bath room and told him “Put your hand in the toilet!” Marcus ordered.

The wimp put his hand holding the sperm into the toilet water and looked at Marcus. Marcus leaned over and flushed the toilet.

“This is what your sperm deserves; it’s inferior to ours so now we will show what happens to real men’s sperm!” Marcus said.

The wimp pulled out his hand and saw that his sperm was gone and his cock shrivelled back to its one inch pinch. He washed his hand and Marcus put the cage back on and locked him back up and put the chain with the keys on it around his neck.

Marcus led the wimp back into the bedroom and said “kneel!”

“Yes sir!” the wimp replied.

“Now, watch what happens when real men take your wife!” said Marcus.

Cal pushed Jenny further up the bed and Marcus went straight down to lick her pussy. Instantly she began to moan as his tongue touched her clit and was then silenced by Cal’s cock as he pushed it into her mouth. The wimp’s cock cage was no longer twitching and Marcus felt he had the desired effect. Cal’s balls were resting on Jenny’s forehead and she was stroking Rick and Jay as they caressed her breasts. The other knights switched around as to who is getting sucked by Jenny. Marcus stayed between her legs making moan and spread her legs with pleasure.


David was kneeling behind Marcus as he licked Jenny’s pussy; he had a view of his balls as he licked her. He had lost the desire to be the wimp but he knew that it’s what he was and couldn’t change it, he wanted Jenny to be happy and satisfied and he wasn’t the man to do it. He was still enjoying watching but he just knew his place. Just then Marcus stood up and positioned himself on the bed while holding her legs apart. David could see his low hanging balls and his huge cock waiting to enter her pussy.

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