Family Beach Party Turns X Rated Re-Issued

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Family Beach Party Turns X Rated – Re-Isssued by gregorthegrant
True Story, Cheating
Author’s infos
Gender: male Age: N/A Location: N/A
Posted Fri 3rd of February 2012
Message: I have listened to all the remarks. I now have an editorial adviser. He is gently editing my stories for gross spelling and sentence structure. I hope that this adds to your reading pleasure. All persons in this story are at least
18 years old.

Family Beach Party Turns X Rated – Re-Issued by [email protected] The sexual part starts around half way through this.

I know I had looked forward to the real beginning of summer. The Independence Day weekend. I was looking forward to fun with my gorgeous thirty eight year old wife Sandy. I loved watching her work out in the gym. She had firm 35 D breasts, a 23 inch waist and 34 inch hips. Hips for taking a hold of fucking her hot trimmed red haired pussy. I am also thirty eight. I compete when not working construction at a variety of body builder contests. Yes I am proud of my muscular body. I am also proud of my two sons, Matt was eighteen last year now he is nineteen and a half and a good inch taller than myself already. He is six foot two with dark red hair with a football muscular body. Chuck, Matt’s younger brother was seventeen last year and now is eighteen and a quarter and also the soccer champ this year. He had led his team to victory with the winning goal of the last game. He has dark black hair like myself and Italian ancestry. He is as tall as I am and also with a great athletic body. I have no idea what equipment they had between their muscular legs. Not having seen their naked bodies since probably they each were a couple years old. I can tell though by the looks of their tight fitting jeans that they both had a couple of big packages and nothing to complain about. Myself I considered myself lucky. I was of Italian decent and had a seven and half inches of uncut dick. My muscular body came from hard work, not from taking steroids.

I had nothing on my mind except looking forward to the long weekend coming up. The family and I would be spending the long weekend together. Lots of swimming playing family sports, barbequing, bond fires at night and just horsing around, having a good time. The car was packed up ready to hit the road by six AM. This was the very first time since Sandy and I got married we had gone away together to a secluded place. I had been to my parent’s cottage growing up but had stopped going with them after I got into body building when I was a teenager. Getting married at a young age and having to get a job was part of the reason we didn’t travel. It seemed because we both worked to support ourselves and our new born baby we didn’t have time to travel or the money.

Now at long last we would be able to afford a long weekend with just the four of us as one happy family. I sure was looking forward to getting away into the wilderness as I had with my parents while growing up. I hoped that Matt and Chuck would enjoy the wilderness. Unfortunately Sandy didn’t seem to be very happy about going away in the wilderness for three days. I told her it was only three days and she may even enjoy herself.

It was a long twelve hour drive from home to the secluded hideaway away from civilization. I didn’t have to drive all the way. Matt, Chuck and Sandy also helped out with the driving. We stopped on the way for lunch. It was just after six thirty PM when we pulled into my Uncle Jeff’s cabin in the woods close to the northern lake. It was a vast difference than the big city we left behind and over the many years we all had enjoyed many sporting and relaxing holiday weekends here.
Matt, Chuck and Sandy all helped me unload the car and took everything into the cabin. Thank goodness I didn’t have to chop wood for the wood stove. There had been wood piled up beside the stove. I knew by supper time I was starving. After supper we all pitched in and helped Sandra clean up the dinner dishes and put everything away. I was exhausted after the long drive up to the cabin. I am sure so were the boys and Sandra. I cleaned up in the lake before going back to the cabin and getting into my t-shirt and shorts before heading for bed. Matt and Chuck both headed to the rooms I assigned to each of them. They did look bushed.

I asked Sandy if she would make that delicious drink she had the habit of making for me for the past many years. I loved the taste and have been drinking it almost every night since then. I love chocolate and it had a strong chocolate taste. She told me she didn’t much like the taste. But then she wasn’t a big chocolate fan. She never drank any herself but was always happy to make it for me. I drank it down and put the empty cup in the sink.

Ever since I started drinking the chocolate drink before bed I had a strange taste in my mouth. Also what was strange it seemed to affect my bowels. A few mornings I had to take a big shit in the morning and my ass was quite sore for some reason. I often looked at my bowel excrement and it looked all thick and white. That was sure odd but the drink was delicious so what the heck about the side affects to the tasty drink.

I had never been one to think about sex and how it worked or a woman’s juices what it looked like or any of that stuff. The only girl and now woman I ever had sex with was my wife Sandy. All I knew I must have been doing something right because she never complained how I fucked her. I was always careful not to hurt her and not fuck her hard. I enjoyed being gentle and loving with her although at times I felt like fucking her long and hard. I tried to get her to suck my cock once before I fucked her pussy for the first time but she didn’t like that idea. I never asked her to suck my cock after that.

I figured I must have really pleased Sandy sexually because of the juices she produced even before sex most of the time. Most of the time when I pushed my hard cock into her she was wet with thick juices. I had to say she was on the lazy side in the morning. Most mornings she would lay in bed after I got up to shower and get ready for work or to work out at the gym. It also surprised me she would strip the bed most mornings also while I was still in the shower and put new bedding on the bed. I guess she just liked a good clean bed.

There were three bedrooms and both boys headed to their separate bedrooms antalya escort bayan for the night. I put on my pj’s and got into bed. I was surprised even at the cabin Sandy insisted on sleeping nude. It’s a wonder I didn’t screw the ass off her every chance I got. If I didn’t work out almost every night after work I probably would have. It was important for me to keep up my regular routine at the gym. I was proud of my muscular body. This weekend would be longest I would spend away from the gym but it was worth it to spend time with my family. I got to bed and I must have fallen asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke up to the smell of coffee as I stretched and got out of bed. The sun was shining through the bedroom window and I got up not bothering to put on my house coat and went right out to the bathroom and took a good shit. Yeah my ass was painful again for some reason and I had a strange taste in my mouth. I brushed my teeth then headed for the kitchen. I saw Sandy sitting at the kitchen table along with Matt and Chuck. They were drinking coffee and just talking. I went to the counter and pored myself a cup of coffee added some cream to it and sad down beside Sandy.

“Who’s up for a game of soccer you boys against your dad?” Sandy said out of the clear blue.

“Sounds good mom.” Eighteen year old Chuck said. He sat bare chested wearing a pair of ripped jean shorts and sandals.

“Okay with me.” Matt smiled his blue eyes seemed to sparkle. He was also bare chested wearing only a pair of navy blue gym shorts.

“What about you Jeff?” Sandy asked looking at me and smiling. It sounded like a good idea doing something as a family.

“Good idea honey.” I answered draining the rest of my coffee. I only had my shorts and t-shirt on. Sandy had on a pair of small fitting shorts and a bikini top. “Lets get going then.” I said getting up.

We all went out side to the side of the house and I picked up the soccer ball laying out beside the house. “Lets go boys.” Sandy said and smiled.

We were all soon running up and down the beach kicking the ball up and down the lawn. Sandy and I played against Matt and Chuck. We had agreed to play until the team that scored six goals first would be the winner. Finally after about an hour of playing Chuck kicked the sixth goal into Sandy’s goal to win the winning goal. We all cheered even though Sandy and I had lost by one goal. What counted to me it seemed everyone had fun and enjoyed the game.

I collapsed in the lawn chair and looked up. Sandy was about to sit a short distance from me. Chuck had gone over to hug Sandy in a son mother hug after winning the soccer match. There wasn’t anything unusual about that. Behind him his brother had dropped the soccer ball and looked like he was about to pick it up. Just then Matt slipped and I could see him reach out to grab something to prevent himself from falling. At the same time Sandy seemed to be about to sit down after Chuck and her had hugged each other. Just then I heard a loud rip. I saw Matt holding on to Chuck’s ripped jeans in his fist. When he grabbed something it had been Chucks pants. I guess because they were slightly ripped the jeans ripped even more. That’s not the thing that surprised me. What surprised me was when Chuck’s large hard throbbing cock sprang from his torn jeans. Chuck had grabbed Matt’s crotch somehow and ripped it open. Okay things like that happen, what’s to worry about. It happens and they’re brothers so Matt accidentally ripped Chuck’s crotch and Chuck’s cock popped out.

I guess what was sort of strange his cock was rock hard. I guess it wasn’t unusual lots of jocks probably spring boners with the excitement of a sports game. That was just the way things are but to my amazement was the way Sandy had been sitting. She was looking up just as she was about to sit down. At that very moment Chuck’s thick throbbing hard cock hit the left side of his mother’s face.

“Holy shit sorry mom.” I heard Chuck yell. I’m sure Chuck must have been embarrassed.

I could see a spray of thin gleaming liquid running down Sandy’s cheek and knew it had to be pre-cum from Chuck’s hard throbbing cock. Before I could react I noticed Chuck had fallen back toward his brother. Matt looked like he had been caught off guard. He was loosing his balance because of his brother almost falling. I saw Chuck’s throbbing cock move away from Sandy’s cheeks spreading his pre-cum across her face and lips. Something about the way Chuck’s brushing Sandy’s face caused her to push her chest forward. Sandy’s large breasts pushed forward and the tiny material in front holding them together burst and her large breasts burst out.

I was amazed to see how erect her large nipples were as her breasts freely bounced out from the thin fabric. When this was happening Matt leaned back pushing his butt to the ground. His shorts caught on a branch or a piece of rock and as he shifted to balance himself. Then his shorts were being tugged over his muscular ass cheeks and down his legs. His long, thick cock bounced out with his big balls pressing up against his cock.

In the mean time recovering from slipping herself, Sandy was squatting her legs spread open. Then I heard another rip and looked down to see the front of her shorts ripped slightly. I guess she couldn’t control the way her legs spread as she went down because suddenly the entire front of her shorts ripped open. I was surprised she hadn’t worn any undershorts. Her bare pussy was on full display and even more surprising I saw some of her juices leaking from her spread legs. I also noticed her clit was hard. Some how what was happening was exciting Sandy.

Just as Matt had pushed up he knocked his brother Chuck forward again. I guess the surprise of what had just happened with Chuck’s cock slapping my wife’s face, she had opened her mouth to scream. Sandy’s mouth opened wide as if to yell something. That’s when, Matt had pushed Chuck forward to balance himself. Chuck’s thick long uncut cock with his big balls pressed high under his shaft entered his mother’s gaping mouth.

“Fuck! What was I looking at.” My eighteen year old son’s thick throbbing cock was between my wife’s luscious lips lusciously, with his cock head actually in her mouth.

I thought I had seen everything until Sandy still slipping back with Chuck’s big cock still in her mouth. Matt escort bayan still had not caught his balance his thick hard cock sticking out throbbing in front of his muscular legs fell forward. He had managed to grab his mother’s breasts between his brother’s spread legs and amazing enough Matt fell forward. His thick cock entered between my wife’s spread legs and it was impaled into her hot pussy.

“Shit.” Was all I could manage to say. This was too much. I knew it was all a big accident and all would become normal soon. But at that moment it was shocking to me.

I thought I had seen everything with Chuck’s cock head in his mother’s mouth and Matt’s throbbing cock at the entrance to her hot pussy. What else would one possibly expect to see? I expected Chuck to pull his cock out of mother’s mouth and Matt to pull out of his mother’s pussy. They would some how pull things together and go into the house to change out of their ripped clothes. That’s what I had expected.

However it looked like nature had gone too far for that. Because as I watched I could see Chuck pushing forward his cock must have been pressing against Sandy’s throat. A place even my cock had never tried to conquer. In fact Sandy wouldn’t allow me to even put my cock in her mouth. Sandy’s neck seemed to be expanding and conforming to the shape of Chuck’s large cock. I expected Sandy to pull away as she had pulled away from my cock when I had pressed my cock to her lips. Instead her eyes watered but she didn’t pull away. To my surprise it was pushed even deeper into her stretched throat until his big bloated balls pressed against her lower lip. Meanwhile Matt who looked like he had complete control of his body was pushing his thick cock deeper into my wife’s now wet pussy.

“Oh mom this is hot.” Matt moaned really loud. “Oh it feels so good. I can’t believe we’re doing this right in front of dad.”

I felt shocked, hearing my own son, balls deep in his mother’s pussy, complimenting her tight pussy and sounding like he was bragging. The pussy, nineteen years previously opened up, to give birth to him.

Then I heard my other son Chuck. “Suck my cock mom.” I looked up to see he had pulled his large cock out until only his cock head was in her mouth. My real amazement was seeing Sandy sticking her tongue out and was licking along his cock shaft. She was massaging and rubbing her own large breasts as Chuck held her head, by her long dark hair. Suddenly he was pushing his cock in her open mouth and down her throat with no resistance at all.

“Suck my cock bitch. Suck me good you fucking whore.” My son Chuck was moaning to his own mother. “This is how you make a bitch suck cock dad. You worthless piece of shit. Watch and learn asshole. Mom’s nothing but a fucking bitch dog in heat.

“You got that right.” Matt suddenly yelled. “Take this cock bitch. Take my fucking. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you slut.”

“Stop that kind of talk.” I yelled. “That’s enough. It’s bad enough all this is happening because of circumstances way beyond belief. You boys don’t have to make it worse with such garbage talk.”

“Don’t stop boys. Your both right I am a bitch in heat. Fuck my hot pussy Matt. Fuck my pussy hard.” I heard Sandy yelling at the top of her voice. She had moved her mouth from Chuck’s huge cock and was moaning like a fucking street whore. “Fuck me son. Fuck my pussy like you’ve never fucked before. Ram that thick cock in me. Oh yes fuck me.”

“Yeah look who’s talking dad. Look at you and tell us you’re not getting off watching my brother and I fuck mom’s pussy and mouth. Face facts dad she loves our cocks.” Chuck yelled.

“Yeah I love cock. Love this big cock in my hot pussy. Fuck me son. Fuck me hard. Oh it feels so good.” My wife moaned.

“Shut up mom and get back on my cock.” Chuck said and grabbed his mother by her long hair shoving his thick cock into her open mouth. He wasn’t being gentle as I saw him ram that big throbbing cock down her throat causing her throat to balloon from it’s thickness.

I looked down at myself for the first time since everything unnatural had started. Sure enough I had my hard cock in my hand running it up and down with pre cum dripping out and my other hand was massaging my big heavy cum filled balls. “Shit what’s the matter with me? What’s the matter with this family? At least you boys didn’t need to be calling your mother those nasty names when you fuck her. She’s your mother and a saint. She’s so good and loyal to us all. It’s not her fault this is all happening. Well that’s what I thought for years that she needed tender loving care when fucking her. But now I could see what she really needed was to be fucked and fucked hard down her throat and real deep in her hot pussy.

“Damn dad you are the most stupidest man around. Fuck I’ve seen mom fucking an army of men. Sucking and getting both her ass and pussy fucked all at the same time. Most times right under your nose.” Chuck moaned shoving his big cock down his mother’s throat again.

“Yeah I can’t count how many times I peeked through the my bedroom door to see mom sucking and getting fucked by the local college football team. Your either one of the most sound sleeper or mom’s been feeding you sleeping pills by the dozen to get you to sleep so soundly.” Matt moaned as his thick cock pulled out of my wife’s wet pussy only to be slammed back into her again. But instead of being slammed hard into her pussy he had lifted her butt up off the ground and was now ramming his thick cock into her ass.

All I heard from my wife was a lot of moaning, groaning and slurping. In all the time I had been with Sandy had never thought of fucking her asshole. But here she was now with her son ramming his entire cock into her asshole. His big balls slapping her hot dripping pussy.

“Suck my cock mom. Suck it good. Take it down your fucking throat like the whore you are. You love this cock. I know you do bitch.” Chuck was yelling as he pulled his cock from Sandy’s throat until only his mushroom size cock head was remaining in her mouth and shoved it all down her throat in one rapid movement. “Take it. Take it all. That throat was made for fucking.”

I could also hear Matt’s voice mingling with his brothers as he pulled his thick cock out of her ass and punch fucked it back into her asshole all the way until his balls slapped his antalya escort mother’s wet pussy. Then suddenly he pulled out of his mother’s gaping asshole and shoved it into her wet pussy all the way till his balls were pressed against her ass cheeks. “Fuck mom. Oh fuck your pussy’s so hot I can’t keep my cum in my balls any longer.”

“Our fucking bitch mom has been fucking most of the black hoodlums in town also.” Chuck groaned slamming his cock deep into his mother’s throat again and again. “She’s been fucked by all the basketball blacks as well the football blacks at all the high schools in the city. She’s a fucking slut for black cock the most. Right mom?”

Chuck pulled his entire cock out of his mother’s throat and mouth. “Answer me slut.” Chuck yelled.

“Yes, yes I love black cock down my throat, mouth and ass all at the same time.” Sandy moaned. “Please let me suck that cum out of your balls son.”

“If this is all true boys. Just watching you boys fuck your mother’s mouth and pussy is getting me so hot I am about to burst my balls. I would probably enjoy watching all these hot white and black guys fuck her next time. Fuck you are a slut Sandy. I bet you all staged this in fact. Fuck what a fucked up family I have. But continue fucking your bitch mother hard boys. Maybe you can make a son Matt. Fuck her hard Matt. Oh yes shove that cock down her throat Chuck.” Wow was that me shouting. This had to be the wildest sex I ever felt and the most turned on and I wasn’t even fucking my wife.

At this point I was speechless as I found myself watching both my son’s screwing their very own mother hard and treating her like some worthless prostitute on the streets.

Then I heard Matt yelling. “I’m cumming, fuck I’m cumming. I’m going to fill your fucking pussy mom. Take it slut take my cum mom.” I could see how he was ramming hard in and out of his mom like she was some two bit street whore. Suddenly he was stiffening, his head fell back with sweat dripping from every part of his stiff body. His ass cheeks were clinched together and I knew he was shooting his first load into his first woman and that woman was his very own mother. I was just guessing it was the first women he had ever fucked. If it was his first woman he was a fast learner and knew how to treat a woman. He was better at it than I ever was. I had no idea my wife liked it rough. All these years I thought one treated a woman with gentle loving care when you made love to her. Well I was being proved wrong. The way my wife moaned and groaned as Matt filled her with his cum proved that.

Above I heard Chuck yelling also. “Take my cum you fucking slut take it all mom, take it down your worthless throat, you cum slut.” He became stiff with sweat poring from his slim muscular body. His large hands were digging into his mother’s long hair. His head jerked back and his hips forward pushing even more of himself down his mother’s throat if that was possible. I saw her throat widen even more with the outline of Chuck’s cock. Fuck it looked hot.

In the mean time I believe Sandy was in a deep lust. She seemed lost in world of her own as her eyes seemed to glass over and her mouth widen even more around Chucks cock. Then Sandy’s hips pushed up to meet Matt’s thrusting. They all looked in total bliss as I saw cum dripping out the sides of my wife’s mouth and down her neck. Between her legs her juices and Matt’s cum was bubbling out of her pussy. I guess it all got to me because I felt my hand sliding faster and faster up and down my own cock and couldn’t help pushing my hips forward as my balls seemed to explode shooting my own load all over my muscular thighs and down my legs.

Fuck I’d never in my entire life had such an organism. Definitely things were going to change and I wanted to get every detail of my wife’s fucking around. Did the boys know what they were saying while fucking their mother? Had they made it all up or was it true? Maybe the boys had just been so lusted up they rambled on about their own fantasies about their mother. Who knows! I just knew I was happily exhausted.

I never thought about what kind of reactions Matt and Chuck could have after screwing their mother. When I looked up at my son’s faces after they had just shot their big loads into their mother. Both were still nude ans looked up at me. Neither one said anything. They both just stood up and walked toward the house. Both looked as confident as ever. Their dicks now only semi hard.

I didn’t know what to think. I had so many questions to ask Sandy. I wanted to ask her if what Chuck and his brother Matt had moaned and yelled during their orgasms was true. It couldn’t be true? Not my sweet Sandy. Yes she did do a lot of moaning and groaning with lust but that had to because she had gotten carried away with some deep down unknown lust of her own. I knew she preferred my loving caring kind of sex much better than being used like her sons had used her.

I knew right now I couldn’t face her or my sons. I had to do some thinking on my own.

“I love you also Sandy. I will always love you. I just need to clear my head. I’ll be back don’t worry.” Looking back and seeing Sandy standing nude with her glorious body glistening with the aftermath of her hot sex with our sons. At least she had the decency not to smile.

Did she have to mention her lust for cock in front of our sons. Oh well I’ll just walk and maybe I can come to grips with all of this. I thought.

“Oh one more thing dear. Is it alright if the boys and I go to town with the car. I need some things from the market.” I said turning around and walking up the beach.

“Sure dear. See you later. Maybe the three of you can have dinner there. Just bring me back something like a sandwich. See you later.” I said waving to her feeling a bit better knowing at least her and the boys would get over what happened. The boys must have brought some clothes out for their mother because she was now wearing her summer dress with a low neck line showing her perfect breasts. The boys now in in shorts and t-shirts waved to me as well. I turned and headed up the beach.

Then I heard the car doors open and shut and the car starting up. I guess they were off to town already. I rubbed the back of my neck and didn’t try to think of anything just walk. I decided to just sit down after about half an hour of walking and trying not to think. I sat down on the grass and ran my hands through my thick black hair and laid down. I felt my eye lids closing and then blackness as I fell asleep. To be continued……..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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