Family Cabin Ch. 05

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=== Friendly warning: Parts of this series include incest between a man and his father ===


I was woken up from the blissful sleep by the familiar sound of raindrops hitting away at the window screen. I opened my eyes and tried to get my thoughts in line for the first couple of seconds. It seemed hard to remember what was the reason why I had arms of two different guys around my naked hip.

All three of us fell asleep on Mr. Cooper’s bed last night. I was sandwiched between the toned body of my boyfriend, spooning me from behind, and the furry body of his father, pressed against me from the front, his chest hair right in front of my face. Both of them were still deep asleep – my boyfriend hanging on to me tight and Mr. Cooper snoring softly right into my face. With the sound of the rain dropping on the window persistently, I desperately wanted to stay in bed, but the pressure in my bladder was getting harder and harder to ignore.

I slipped out of bed, trying to be careful and not to wake anyone up. Completely naked, I quickly jumped off to the adjacent bathroom and took a much-needed piss. After that, I went to splash my water on my face a little bit. I needed to get my head straight. Did all of that really happen yesterday or was it just a crazy dream?

Yesterday, after the intense threesome, all of us were so tired that we crawled in bed right after and pretty much fell asleep immediately. I felt both the men cuddle me as I dozed off and everything felt so right. And… it still did. What we did was probably not okay by the dad-son standards, but god, did it feel good! Having both of the men penetrate me at the same time, feeling so close to both of them and remembering the sparks fly between the two was giving me a pretty solid morning hardon.

I was finishing up in the bathroom and wanted to come back to the bedroom, but I stopped in the doorway. I saw that both Hunter and his dad were already awake, and have filled in the gap between them I previously slept in. Both of them were smiling and their hands were going up and down each other’s arms. They were naked and all the bed covers were on the floor, so I could see both of their cocks slowly stiffening up. It was a sight to behold. Two generations of incredibly sexy studs slowly descending more and more into their lusty desires. Yesterday, they double-teamed me, but there wasn’t that much interaction between them during that time. It seemed like they were about to fix that…

Hunter made the first move. His hand went up to his father’s chin and he pulled him in for a kiss. A long kiss, the kind he would give me after a long time of not seeing each other. I could practically feel the long, long years of pent up desire pouring away as I saw him tongue his father’s mouth. Mr. Cooper closed his eyes and leaned into it – he shuffled closer and held his son tight as he allowed him to make out with him obscenely.

“Fuck,” I heard Mr. Cooper grunt, “Your mouth tastes amazing, son.”

“Heh,” Hunter responded with a devilish smirk, “You haven’t even tasted the best part of me yet.”

His dad raised his eyebrows and his gaze slowly fell down to his son’s cock – now throbbing hard, grazing against his own hairy thigh, leaving a clear trail of precum over there. His hand went down and he played with it with apparent curiosity. I understood well at this point that Mr. Cooper’s experiences with men were very limited.

I leaned against the doorframe and reached to play with my own cock. I wasn’t quite ready to interrupt the beautiful scene in front of me yet and was happy to stay an observer for now.

“Go on, dad”, Hunter said, nodding to his dick. I could sense from his tone that he was now comfortable enough to be ready for his dominant self to come out. His dad didn’t have an issue with it. I saw him reposition himself and putting his bearded chin right over his son’s excited cock. His meaty fingers grabbed the dick at the base. I saw him close his eyes and lean in, his fat, wide tongue out to give his son’s dick a long, hungry lick.

“Oooh goood…” Hunter moaned, tilting his head back and burying his fingers in his dad’s salt and pepper hair, “I’ve been fantasizing about this ever since I learned how to jerk off…”

He started thrusting against his father’s lips but Mr. Cooper seemed determined to savor this experience. He grabbed the cock by the shaft firmly and his tongue started going to town on his son’s exposed, sensitive tip. Hunter started moaning all over the room. It seemed that even though he has probably never sucked a dick before, Mr. Cooper knew exactly what would work on his son.

It took a while before licking transitioned into sucking. Mr. Cooper wrapped his bearded lips tight around the throbbing cock in front of him and started giving it the proper treatment. My eyes looked down and saw the fat erection of Mr. Cooper, pushing up against his hairy belly. Doing this has made him rock hard and his erection was rubbing over the bedsheets.

My fingers milked out a fat casino şirketleri bead of shiny precum out of my own dick as I watched Hunter being serviced by his dad, as cock-hungry as if he was a common whore. The echoes of my horned-up boyfriend filled the room, together with the smacking sounds of his father’s lips around his cock.

“Fuck, dad,” I heard him exhale, “I don’t wanna blow my load yet. Lay down and let me see what you’ve got to offer.”

Mr. Cooper seemed more than eager to submit to his son’s wishes. As perfect in his submissive role as in his dominant role, he crawled up on the bed and spread himself on the back to give Hunter full access to his beautiful, manly body. I saw the eyes of my boyfriend light up as he saw the figurative feast on the bed beside him. Two seconds later, he was already sitting on his father’s naked belly, rubbing his pecs. I saw a mean smirk appear on his face as his fingers moved to his dad’s rock-hard nipples and squeezed them hard.

“Aaah!” Mr. Cooper said through his teeth. His body stretched and his hands found the sheets under him to grab onto tightly, “Hunter, you-“

“Ssshh…” Hunter interrupted him as he leaned in and flicked his fingers over his father’s sensitive nipples, just like he did to me. And Mr. Cooper reacted just like I always did. His voice reached a much higher pitch and he started moaning and whimpering, his body shaking with need. I saw his fat, full cock pushing out bead after bead of precum, so eager for attention.

“H-Hunter…” Mr. Cooper got out in between the moans, “…please…”

“Please what, dad?” Hunter teased him, visibly enjoying every minute of this. He leaned in even further and whispered into his father’s ear.

“You want your son to suck your cock?”


“Wanna blow that load, huh? Want your son to milk your balls dry right here and now, isn’t that right?”

“Hunter, come on, this is ridicul-“

My boyfriend’s hands gave the nipples a real twist, which sent his dad into a lustful agony.

“Aaah! Yes, Hunter, PLEASE, do whatever the fuck you want to my body, just make me cum!”

“That’s more like it,” Hunter uttered in satisfaction, as he started moving down. He got to his knees in front of the bed and spread his father’s legs – needless to say, he didn’t object. Hunter enjoyed the sight for a second, looking hungrily over his father’s massive tool, throbbing right before his face. His hand wrapped around the shaft and he let out a sigh.

“You have no idea how long I fantasized about this.”

He licked his lips and pulled down his father’s foreskin, exposing the glistening tip. His waiting mouth opened and enveloped the entire girth without any issue, pushing the cock past his throat very quickly. I knew that even though a lot of dominant tops are not like this, Hunter could suck a dick like a pro. His father found out in the next couple of seconds. He threw his head back and let his body relax completely, as Hunter’s mouth and tongue started doing wonders to his dick. His moans softened and I saw his chest bobbing up and down from the heavy breathing. The slurping sounds and Mr. Cooper’s verbal response almost sent me over the edge, but I managed to hold it.

“Fuck… Hunter… Just like that. Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” Mr. Cooper begged, now in a completely submissive tone. His son decided to do whatever he wanted, though. He deep throated his dad’s massive cock for a while, then he took it out and started jerking it off, while his mouth made out with the tip. When he got tired of that, he moved on to the balls. He was very careful while edging his dad, letting him go as close to the edge as possible and then changing the technique. It drove his father crazy, sending his hairy, sweaty body into shivers, making his mouth plead for release even though it wasn’t going to come until Hunter decided so. His dominant son had him by the balls – quite literally.

“H-Hunter, please, it’s enough, just let me-… What are you doing?”

His son moved on further and started pushing his mouth onto the twitching asshole before him. He was about to give his father one of his famous rimjobs. His dad seemed a little bit shocked, but he didn’t back away.

“Son, what are you thinking?” he asked, nervously.

“Just relax, dad…” Hunter spoke to him reassuringly, as his hand gently stroked his cock, “I’ll be gentle with you, don’t worry.”

Mr. Cooper was about to ask a couple more questions, but then he felt his son’s hot, nimble tongue on his virgin asshole. He gasped and grabbed onto the sheets even tighter. His face went beet red and it was obvious that this was a very new and unexpected sensation. He started to realize that his asshole’s virginity was soon to be taken away – by his son, of all people – and that thought turned him on so much that I saw another fat bead of precum leave his piss slit and trickle-down Hunter’s fingers.

Hunter’s mouth started working magic on his father’s hole. He opened his lips wide and really got casino firmaları into it, pushing his fat, hungry tongue as deep inside as possible. I knew the effect it had on Mr. Cooper. It made him calm, horny and relaxed – a perfect state for Hunter to stick his cock in very soon. Hunter didn’t slack off. He ate his dad’s ass for a long time before pulling away, leaving the wet, open hole to the room’s view.

“Where’s the lube, dad?” Hunter said as he stood up, looming over his dad’s lying, sweaty body.

The question was direct and clear. Mr. Cooper gave his son a long, silent look before nodding to the dresser across the room. Hunter didn’t waste any time. He jumped out of bed and reached for the bottle of lube with a throbbing erection swinging around before he noticed me.

“Gary!” he exclaimed, with a chuckle, “Have you been here the whole time? Why are you just standing and watching?”

My face went a little red and suddenly not joining them felt really stupid.

“I… Sorry, I didn’t want to ruin the moment.”

“What are you talking about? Stop choking that cock of yours by yourself and join us in the bed,” Hunter turned to his father with a smirk, “He’s going to need something to keep his mouth occupied.”

Mr. Cooper was so visibly horny at this point that I couldn’t even imagine him refusing. He ran his fat tongue along his lips and gestured me to come closer.

“Let me see that ass of yours, boy.”

The thought of his beard scratching me and his lips exploring my hole… I didn’t object. Hunter put his arm around my shoulders and lead me to the bed. It felt so nice and loving… in a really, really weird way. I finally started feeling like a part of this nasty, perverted, hot family.

I climbed over Mr. Cooper’s sweaty, heated body and knelt over his face, facing my boyfriend. Immediately, I felt something warm on my ass and moaned in surprise. I thought that Hunter’s dad would be a bit more hesitant, but it seemed like his son’s charm got to him and turned him into a complete, perfect slut. His tongue started dancing around my ass, lapping on the hole, eagerly demanding entry. I succumbed to the feeling and sat on his face slowly, feeling the scratchy beard on my sensitive ass. Mr. Cooper’s tongue slit right in, like it had been there thousands of times already, and started pushing in and out, sending waves and waves of pleasure through my body.

“A natural,” his son nodded in approval, before shamelessly spreading his father’s legs and pulling himself closer, “Let’s see if you’re as good at taking cock as well. But first…”

He squeezed a generous amount of lube onto his palm and promptly slid it between his father’s legs. I could feel the moan Mr. Cooper let out on my ass and his tongue got much wilder. He started squirming under the weight of my body. I knew from experience that Hunter didn’t have any trouble finding the G spot of any guy on the first try. A sneer on his face confirmed it.

“What do we have here? Hmm, I better prod around the area and check it out…”

His fingers started directly abusing his prostate and Mr. Cooper was helpless to the pleasure that started surrounding his body. I felt his hands grab my hips and squeeze them hard, just to have something to hold on to. His moans, muffled by my ass, were so loud it was echoing throughout the room, bouncing from the walls.

“Hunter!” he said, when he pulled his tongue out of my hole, “Please, just…”

“Just what, dad?” Hunter said, speeding up with his hand knuckles deep in Mr. Cooper’s ass, “What do you want, exactly?”

“I… aaaah!”

I watched as Mr. Cooper trashed around, his dick leaking out obscene amounts of precum, covering his fat dick like a frosting. The poor guy just discovered the pleasure of bottoming.

“Just fuck me already!” he said, with a booming voice. Hunter laughed at that.

“Wow, so honest, huh? Can’t believe my old man is asking me to-“

“Hunter,” his father interrupted him, his voice low and angry, “If you don’t stick that dick in my ass RIGHT NOW and fuck me senseless, I swear to God I will pin you down and ride that dick until you have nothing left to cum, you got it, mister?!”

My boyfriend and I shared a surprised look. It seemed like Mr. Cooper didn’t care if he was on the dominant or the submissive side, as long as he got what he wanted. And his tone was enough to get his son to stop fooling around.

“Yes, dad,” Hunter said obediently, grabbing his dick by the base and guiding it between his dad’s furry legs. I saw him close his eyes and focus on penetrating his father before I heard a squishing sound and saw him slide in almost completely. Hunter’s eyes opened wide, so shocked at how easy it was to fuck such a virgin hole.

“Geez, dad, your ass is so flexible… but so tight at the same time!” he sighed, “Almost as if it was made for fucking!”

“Well, maybe it was, boy. Are you gonna just stand around with your mouth half open or are you gonna do something about it?”

Hunter güvenilir casino grinned and wrapped his muscular arms around his father’s legs as an answer. And then it all started.

Once again, I completely lost track of time. I was riding Mr. Cooper’s face, his tongue eating me out like an expert. It was like he was actually hungry, starving, and this was a way for him to satisfy that. His bearded mouth irritated my sensitive opening, but it also felt strangely good! It didn’t take me even a minute before I started jerking off, because it was simply impossible to stay still with this big brute eating me out like a box of chocolates! I reached for my cock and started beating it hard, trying so eagerly to replicate the kind of pleasure I was feeling from the man’s mouth on my hole. I was rock hard already and my dick was leaking onto the sweaty chest of Mr. Cooper, the precum glistening on his chest hair.

Hunter didn’t waste any time either. His cock got used to the virgin hole of his father very quick and the experience became addictive fast. I saw him speeding up, piston fucking the hairy hole between Mr. Cooper’s legs, sealing the dirty, nasty connection that a son isn’t supposed to have with his father. Mr. Cooper didn’t disappoint – he kept taking all of his son’s thrusts with vigor and focused all of the sexual energy that was resonating from this filthy act into eating out my asshole, which was now more relaxed than ever.

Mr. Cooper’s dick, fully hard and ready to burst, was swinging back and forth, sprinkling drops of precum everywhere. Hunter, being the selfless lover as always, wrapped his fingers around it and began jerking his father off while fucking him. The scene was as hot as it could get, with our moans and sighs showing exactly how much each one of us was enjoying this entanglement of manly love and passionate sex. We all knew our cocks wouldn’t last long.

I was the first one to break. Mr. Cooper’s tongue finally defeated my body and my prostate had enough. I felt the pressure in my balls building up and my dick finally being able to release everything. I looked up in Hunter’s eyes, mouth half-open, a big drop of sweat running down my chin.

“I’m about to cum,” I exclaimed. Hunter nodded.

“Good. Shoot it all over us, boy. Show me what you’ve got.”

I was about to give my cock one of its final strokes, but then I noticed a hairy palm pulling my hands away from my manhood and wrapping its fingers around it instead. Eating me out wasn’t enough for Hunter’s father – he wanted to personally send me over the edge too. His calloused, big fingers started running over the length of my dick, quickly jerking it to orgasm.

My mouth let out a loud moan and my mind almost collapsed. Hunter’s dad finally got what he wanted from my body. My cock, still choked by his strong hand, started shooting a geyser of cum – strong enough to hit Hunter’s underbelly with the first two shots.

“Fuck, that’s hot!” Hunter growled as he watched the rest of my cumshots land over his palm and his father’s dick. It was definitely a sight to behold. When I finally opened my eyes, I noticed that both Coopers were stained with my load. It looked perfect.

Hunter could never last for a lot longer after he saw me cum. The image alone drove him to orgasm almost instantly. Today was no exception. I saw in his sweat-covered face that he was close.

“Dad… fuck, dad, I’m about to breed your hole!”

“Go for it, son. Fill it up. Don’t make me wait!” his father grunted from beneath me. Hunter closed his eyes and gave his dad a couple more violent thrusts before I saw him open his mouth and let out a howl.


He thrust his dick all the way in and started injecting his father with his load. There was no doubt this was a lot of cum – and all of that was inside Mr. Cooper now. I saw Hunter was shaking – the strength of the orgasm probably surprised him. I guess when you finally fulfill your dream sexual fantasy, it can throw you off a little bit.

“God… dammit…” Hunter said. He stopped thrusting now, but he didn’t seem to be too willing to pull out just yet. It seemed like the idea of keeping his cum inside as long as possible was making the situation even hotter for him. Hunter’s dad had a different idea, though.

“Are you boys just gonna stay there like this, or are you going to help this old man finally get over the edge?”

Hunter and I shared a look. It took me exactly one and a half seconds to get in position to my knees before Mr. Cooper’s open legs. My boyfriend was kneeling before me, and we both had the beautiful image of Mr. Cooper’s hairy hole leaking out Hunter’s cum and his fat dad dick throbbing before us.

Both of us leaned in and started licking it like a popsicle. I let Hunter work on his father’s tip while I went down to work on his pair of hairy balls.

“Oh fuck… that’s it, boys… I’m almost there…” Mr. Cooper said in between moans, his body shaking a bit too. My mouth started going up and met with Hunter’s on the very top. We were making out with our tongues, with his father’s dick between our wet, hungry lips. I sucked on Hunter’s lips and on the wet mushroom head before me, impatient to get the promised load. As I’m sure Hunter was too.

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