Fashion Show

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The thump of my heart in my ears almost drowns out the slow, seductive music that is snaking its way through your apartment. I stand up straight, as I was told to, stark naked with my hands by my sides. I feel excruciatingly self-conscious, standing to attention in the middle of the room as you and your friend sip wine and converse in a low whisper. I stand facing you, separated from the soft, velour-upholstered sofa that you both sit in by a low table. In the middle of the table is a shopping bag from what looks like an expensive boutique, but not one that I’m familiar with.

This is all there has been so far: I arrived at your place about an hour ago, and was surprised to find your friend here, an attractive, stylish, composed woman with short blonde hair. You never introduced her, but simply led me to the living room where we are now and instructed me to strip for her. After a moment’s hesitation and a sharp look from you, I obeyed, as she looked me up and down with a slight smirk. And that was it. You got wine and the pair of you chatted on the sofa while I stood, my cock still soft but my whole body trembling.

“Well,” you say, suddenly raising your voice so I can hear, “let’s get started.” You lean forwards, putting your wine on the table and pick up the shopping bag. Reaching inside you bring out a handful of what looks like fabric. In the low light of the apartment I can make out a mixture of colours – pink, black, blue, yellow and more. I don’t know what I’m looking at until you start separating the bundle out and laying them carefully on the table.

Panties. You lay out in neat rows what must be about a dozen pairs of women’s panties. My heart starts to pump faster as I look at them. There are all manner of styles there, from super-plain white cotton panties, to lurid thongs. Your friend leans forward for a closer look as you finish laying them out and put the bag on the floor. “So,” you smile at her, “which ones first?”

“Oh, I think we should get started with something simple. The white ones.” She indicates the simple white cotton briefs, and you look up at me with a commanding smile.

“You heard the lady, put the white panties on.” I knew it was coming of course, but still I shudder with the confirmation of what’s going on. I’m to put on a little fashion show for you, I’m the entertainment for your friend tonight. I bite my lip, take control of myself and reach down for the white panties.

They’re soft, and the largest underwear on the table. Even so, just as I thought these aren’t designed for men – they’re women’s panties and they’re tight as I pull them up my thighs. They’re extremely plain, not even a trim, and the cotton elastic bites into me a little. You must have gotten the largest size for them to fit me at all, but they’re still a little small for my frame. And of course, the biggest problem arrives when I pull them up to my waist and into position. There’s no space in this design for the extra package that I’m carrying, my (still soft) cock and balls have to be carefully squeezed into the white cotton panties, and bulge at the front obscenely. Stretching the front of the panties of course means that the back cuts into my ass cheeks even tighter. The curls of my pubic hair aren’t covered at all, but I manage to hide my genitals.

“Very good,” you purr, “That’s the idea. No matter what I want that cock of yours covered up by the panties. And if it gets uncomfortable, well then that’s your own fault for being such a slut.” Your friend giggles. “You’re such a slut that you deserve to wear sexy lingerie, and that cock you’re carrying around is just a problem you’re going to have to deal with.” I feel my skin start to prickle, my body getting hotter. My prick is still soft though, and still fits into the white cotton panties – just. “What do you think?” you ask your friend.

“He looks so pure and innocent in those,” she muses, “that doesn’t seem like a good fit at all. How about the blue ones?” She points to a powder blue pair, still simple but a little more sexily cut, and with a thin floral lace trim around casino şirketleri the thighs.

“Put those on,” you order, and of course I obey. This time the lace trim makes the panties cut into my thighs more, and the front dips down a little more too. It means I have to tuck and squeeze more to cover my member, but again I just about get it covered. “Turn around,” you order, and when I do your friend laughs.

“I love how it bites into his ass like that, it’s so hot.” When I face you again she catches my eye. “Hey,” she runs a finger around the rim of her wine glass idly, “you’re a pretty sexy slut.” I feel my face flush with humiliation and look down at the table, only to see rows of further humiliation to come.

The fashion show continues, and somehow I stay in control even though my heart seems fit to beat right out of my chest. There are ruffle-butt boy shorts, some side-tie blue and yellow bikini briefs for the beach, and I somehow manage to stay unaroused as you make me twirl and peruse me. I somehow manage to hide my manhood each time. But when you bring out the second bottle of wine, the tide turns against me.

“Ok, no more messing around,” you say, and pick up a neon pink mesh thong. You throw it to me and I catch it, heart in my throat. “Time to get slutty.”

These panties really are scandalous – just neon pink and virtually transparent – the mesh is almost see-through. I pull them up and the back of the thong slips between my ass cheeks. At the front my prick is barely contained. I have to turn it to the side, pressing it along my body so it can stay within the bright pink mesh. And as I’m doing that I get a sinking feeling as the bulk of me starts to grow, my prick starting to plump up.

“Oh, now that’s fucking slutty,” your friend giggles. “I like how you can just see his cock so clearly through the fabric.”

“Yeah, and the bright pink is really him, right?”

“Oh yeah, this is totally club whore style.”

“Oh my God! That’s exactly what it is! You can just see him in these dancing like a real cock-tease can’t you? And then sucking…”

“Oh,” she interrupts you, raising her glass, “Uh, is he getting bigger?” Your eyes open wide in delight.

“Oh my God he is. You know,” you look up at me, “if that thing gets bigger, it’s going to be harder to try on panties.”

“I can’t…” I gasp, maybe the first thing I’ve said in an hour. And it’s true. I can’t control it now. The situation, the panties, you two sitting there and being so powerful, so sexy. I can’t turn my brain off now and I can’t slow down the speed at which my prick is getting hard in these neon mesh panties. My cock is past plump and on its way to hard and is starting to press at the pink mesh cage, trying to get straight.

“We’re not finished,” you whisper, and I focus just in time to catch the next pair of panties you toss to me. As I slide the pink mesh thong down, my cock, hardening all the time, springs up. Your friend gasps. This is going to be impossible.

The next pair are the essence of stereotypical femininity. A pale pink thong made of lace and satin, little ruffles of lace at the hips attached to the thin bands of the thighs, and some pearls stitched into the front as decoration. My cock is hard, pointing up, you’re both leaning forward eagerly. It seems impossible but I have to obey. I pull the hyper-feminine thong up my legs, realising just how tiny the front panel of satin and lace is, and when it’s in position – the now familiar feeling of a thong back slipping between my ass cheeks and the hip straps cutting into me – it’s clear that it’s impossible. The panties cup my balls perfectly, leaving my shaft jutting up out of them. A thick cock rising perfectly from the girly pink of the panties.

“Ok, that’s not good enough,” you say.

“You have to admit it’s hot as hell though,” your friend sighs, her fingers tracing idly around the side of her neck. “He’s such a girly little cock-slave.”

“If you can’t keep that slutty cock under control, at least you can cover the head,” you order. I look down casino firmaları at myself, almost completely hard, my cock jutting up far above the panties – how? How can I stretch these panties up to cover the head of my cock? There’s little give in the elastic. “Hurry up.” I do my best, I reach back and slip the back of the panties down so they’re not so much on my waist as cutting into my ass now, and that lets me pull the girly pink satin and lace forwards and up. I bend my cock, stretch the panties and somehow manage to cover my bulging cock head with the front of the thong. I look ridiculous though, the thong now pressed between my balls, which are totally exposed, and most of the fabric stretching up my throbbing shaft to where I can barely hook it over the tip of my rigid prick. And the feeling, the roughness of the lace parts of the panties against my cock head is turning me on even more. I shudder. You laugh.

“Well, done! I can’t believe you did it.” You get up from the sofa and move around to one side of me to get a profile view of how my rock hard prick is being bent slightly and forced into the panties. Your friend goes around to the other side. “I think,” you whisper, leaning a little closer, “That the girlier the panties, the harder you get. Is that right?” I don’t answer, just swallow. “Next time we’ll get more pink ones, okay?” You pick up another pair and hand them to me. “These next.”

I gasp as I slip the pink satin thong down, and my cock bucks and jumps free. My cock head is shining with precum now, and pleasure is starting to creep through my brain. These ones are black, and made of some kind of finer synthetic material – not unlike a sheer, smooth mesh. The back is not a thong but it would barely cover a pert female ass, let alone mine. The front is just as small, a little patch of semi-transparent black synthetic fabric with a design embroidered on it. A small pair of red cherries is stitched into the front.

I swallow, feeling you watch me and feeling your friend’s eyes on my cock. Then I step into them.

They’re too small. Again my balls are cupped by the smooth cool material, but I can’t stretch them up high enough. The fabric is stretchier though, but it just doesn’t reach, even if I slip the back down a bit. “I can’t,” I gasp again.

“We bought you all these beautiful panties, and you can’t even wear them properly?” You arch an eyebrow. I try to demonstrate.

“These ones are just too small.”

“I think he’s just not trying hard enough,” your friend suddenly speaks up. “Perhaps we should show him this one time?” There are a few seconds silence while you seem to think this over.

“Well, okay then, just this once.” My heart seems to skip a beat. “Put your hands down.”

I obey and stand there, cock jutting up, sexy little black panties cradling my balls as the two of you approach me from either side. I feel you tug the back of the panties down even more, so that they’re under my ass cheeks, and I look down to see her fingers take the waist band of the panties, and pull it up my cock. I see the cherry embroidery, and realise that with the way you’ve pulled the panties down even further, she will actually be able to cover my gleaming cock head in the sheer black fabric. Without even touching my prick she pulls the panties so that they’re cutting almost painfully into the top of my thighs at the back, and then hooks the elasticated waistband over the head of my throbbing manhood. And when she does it, the sensation – the sheer fabric with just a little texture to it dragging over the slick, sensitive tip of my dick – is almost unbearable. I can’t stop the groan of pleasure that escapes my lips.

“Oh my,” you whisper in my ear, closer than I had expected, “Are you that turned on?”

“I just want to make these are nice and neat,” your friend is saying, a teasing playfulness in her voice. “He’s kind of making a mess already…”

“Did you just get super, super hard just from wearing panties?” you continue to taunt me as I feel your friend tug the fabric of the panties, pulling it slowly, güvenilir casino the friction making my knees shake as I fight for control.

“I think I can get it so these cute little cherries are right on the tip of his cock.”

“Does it feel good wearing panties? Oh my God, could you cum just from wearing panties?” I can feel her tugging at the waistband, working that sheer fabric back and forth against my twitching, aching prick, I feel the slightly rougher stitches of the cherry design as they pass back and forth over my bulging head. I’m helpless, and it’s obvious that she has no intention of setting the panties in place. I know what she’s doing but I can’t do a damn thing to stop her, and all the while your seductive whisper is fucking with my mind. “You’re not such a whore that just wearing panties would turn you on so much that you’d cum, are you? That would make you such a fucking nympho, you know that?”

“I want to get these just right, but he keeps twitching and moving.” I feel the pleasure start to build, my legs are tingling and for a moment I forget where I am.

“You’re going to cum aren’t you? You’re going to cum in your panties because you’ve got no self control at all.”

“Ah!” I cry out, but manage to hold on somehow, as your friend just keeps sliding the tight front of the panties, stretched over my head, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Still, neither of you have touched my cock. I feel like I might collapse.

“It’s okay, in a way I’m just so happy you like them so much. So why don’t you let go?” you whisper, and I feel your lips brush my earlobe as you say the final sentence. “Cum in your panties…” There’s a pause, a moment, a hearbeat, and then, “Bitch.”

And I cry out again, my hips shaking and jerking as my cock jumps and bucks and spurt after spurt of my thick cum erupts into the sheer black fabric of the panties. It oozes through, but I look down to see the white cum has mostly been contained, just a creamy wet mess staining the panties and the cherry design. Your friend let go of the panties as soon as I came, and she steps back now, a broad smile on her lips.

“Oh. My. God.” She looks at you. “What a fucking nympho.”

“I know, right?”

“He just came while trying on panties, that is too funny.” My cheeks are scarlet as I fight to catch my breath. My cock still hard, my sticky cum oozing a little more through the sheer fabric of the panties. Not just from trying on panties, from that fucking teasing panty-job she gave me, I think, but I don’t say anything.

“Well,” you turn to me, “even if that did end with you making a mess, it was fun. Thanks for… coming. You can get dressed now, and go home. Oh, but… keep those fucking dirty panties on until you get home like a good girl, okay?” I nod, mutely.

As I dress, you confer with your friend, and seem to be writing something down. When I’m ready you step towards me, holding out the shopping bag that all the panties came out of. I look inside as you start speaking. I can see the satin and lace girly pink panties, the electric pink mesh thong, some red lace panties that I hadn’t looked at properly, something that looks like black silk and something white with pink and blue embroidery and ribbons. “Here you go, it’s your underwear for next week!” You grin, innocence personified. “There’s a list on a piece of paper which panties to wear on which day, and we want you to wear them all day at work.” My heart skips again, shocked at the thought of wearing some of this lingerie all day long at work. “And of course we’ll be checking! I want you to come to my desk in the morning and in the afternoon every day, pull down that zipper and show me that you’re wearing these lovely sexy panties that we spent so long picking out for you. And then after work, you can go and show her.”

Your friend hands me a business card. She works for a company a few streets away, it looks like. “I work late most days, so just come to my office after you finish, ask for me at reception and they’ll send you up. I have my own office too, so it’ll be much easier to show me.” I stare at you both dumbfounded. I think about the trip home tonight with my cock still wrapped in sheer, cum-stained fabric and about what you might make me do next week. This is going to be torture. Exquisite torture.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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