Fay Ch. 01

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Fay never liked getting up in the morning; she was more an afternoon/night type. She turned the alarm off and contemplated her day at work. Using her left arm she pushed herself upright in bed and pushed her paralyzed right leg over to the edge with her good left leg. She scooted towards her wheelchair alongside the bed and using her left arm again, and left leg, got over on to the chair. She went into the bathroom and sitting on the john backwards did her thing and got back on her chair and into the shower and on to the bench. She washed everything including what was left of her right shoulder. She shaved her legs and the very atrophied right one did not take much time. Her muscular left one, a little longer.

She rinsed off good and dried herself putting the towel on her wheelchair seat for her bottom. She brushed her teeth, ran a comb through her short hair and rolled into the bedroom to get dressed. She got a bra and thong and her “uniform” out. It was always a white, short sleeve, knit top and Culotte type pants that went to just above her knees, also white. She took hold of her long leg, locking knee brace and slipped it on to her right leg. She fastened the straps that held it on, one just below her knee, a knee cap with 4 buckles, a strap just above her knee and another strap at the top of the brace which was at the very top of her leg. Her foot rested in a plastic piece that had been heat formed to fit around the bottom and sides of her foot.

She managed to get the foot into a white walking shoe that was built up just over an inch. The shoe used a Velcro strap as she was unable to tie shoe strings with only one hand. She also pulled her left shoe on and fastened the Velcro strap. Fay lived in the north central part of the country and worked at a VA hospital in the physical therapy department teaching amputees how to use their arm prosthesis. She had three of them at work, and depending on what type of prosthesis the patient used, determined what type she wore. One was a simple arm with hooks, another was more advanced with a thumb and index finger that worked and the last was a bionic one where all five of the fingers worked.

She personally did not like to wear any of the arms and left all three at the hospital most of the time when she went home. Whichever arm she had on at work did not matter as she was an expert with all of them. She had been in the first Iraq war and was wounded badly there. She lost all of her right arm including part of the shoulder and shrapnel hit several nerves in her hip and leg that paralyzed her right leg. Part of the upper leg bone was also shattered accounting for the shortened leg. The bone was in bits and pieces and when all of that was removed, and the pin put in to hold it together, it was shorter than her left leg. That all happened around 10 years ago so she had become quite adept at using her brace to walk.

She was still in the military and assigned as a medical technician to her current position which she loved. She put her bra on, already hooked together, and slid the thong up her legs along with her pants. She was able to stand and locked her brace then pulled the thong and pants up to finish dressing. She looked in the mirror and liked what she saw. Her 36 D breasts filled out the top, she was 5’6″ tall and a slim build. Fay got her forearm crutch, put her left arm through the ring and took hold of the handle. She walked with the crutch into the kitchen and fixed a cup of tea and some toast. She was used to only using one arm and hand and did things quickly. After she was done she got her purse and headed to her car in the garage.

The apartment she lived in had been adapted for her wheelchair use. She got in her car and twisted slightly so she could use her left leg and foot on the gas and brake. It would be much easier to use hand controls but with only one arm she needed that to steer the car. She got to work and the hospital was great about having lots of handicap parking spaces for both the employees and the patients. She crutched into the hospital enjoying the walk even though it was not that easy for her. Fay had to get into a rhythm, lifting her right leg and swinging it through with her hip. The brace was heavy but she liked how her leg looked with it on. She almost never used her wheelchair at work but did use it often when she was shopping or other things outside.

She clocked in and checked her assignment sheet to see which patients she was seeing today and which prosthetic arm she needed to put on. She was happy to see that her three patients in the morning had simple arms with hooks. This was her favorite arm to use and wear. She went to her locker and put her purse in and got the arm out. She put the shoulder cup over her knit top and gently pushed the arm into the wall holding it in place while she fastened the straps. She put her left arm through the leather strap and got it up her arm and over her shoulder. This was the wire that operated the hooks. When she moved her left shoulder forward the hooks opened and relaxing it let the hooks close. Different movements elsewhere caused the arm to flex casino şirketleri up at the elbow or extend back down.

Fay wore it over her top so the patient could see it clearly and what movement she made did what to the arm. She got her crutch and went into her treatment room and got the things she needed set up. Her first patient was a new one and had only had his arm for about a week so they were still doing basic things. Just as she got ready Mark was brought in to the room by the PT orderly. He was in a wheelchair while his leg wounds healed. He had also lost his right hand and forearm but it was badly damaged and not ready for a prosthetic. His left arm was gone above his elbow. They chit chatted as Fay got his left arm on and fastened in place. She ran the wire behind his shoulders and put the leather shoulder strap on. He had no trouble moving the right shoulder, so he was able to operate the hooks with it.

She had him move his right shoulder forward and the hooks opened fine. She had him hold it for a while explaining he needed to practice this movement. She then had him slowly relax the shoulder so the hooks would close slowly. Sometime he would need to grasp something gently and not just let his hooks close rapidly she explained. They did that several times then she added having him pick up something and move it to another position on the table. This brought into play his having to use a different muscle in the arm that caused the forearm to lift up. This was the main thing she wanted him to learn now, not necessarily griping something with the hooks. But that gave him a goal to work towards.

Mark seemed to be a fast learner and he soon had bringing his forearm up and down mastered. She then threw in using his stump to raise the arm out from his body while he was lifting his forearm. This changed the configuration of the wires some and so it changed how the lift went. She had not warned him of this and he got a puzzled look on his face when the forearm stopped lifting. He soon caught on and was able to accomplish the task. As it turned out he needed to do both movements to get the arm to clear the table and then he could move his stump towards the object he was to move, move his right shoulder and open the hooks, move them into position and slowly let them close and grasp the object!! He did it first try and they were both very happy. She had him set it down, release it and move his arm back to his lap.

Mark had been at it for just over an hour and was surprised at how fast the time flew but was very happy with himself for the progress. Fay gave him a big hug and told him how great he had done. She removed the arm and stump sock and put it away. Patients were not able to take the arm to their room until they became more proficient so they did not learn bad habits. She told him if he progressed as fast as he had this past week he could keep his arm very soon. She asked him how his other arm was coming and he said not good, they might have to take more off as it did not want to heal right. She said she was sorry to hear that but hang in there, everything would work out. He said he was ok and there was a patient in his same area that had lost both arms and one leg and he was going fantastic.

She noticed that he, like all of her patients, was looking her over good. The straps on her arm fit in such a way that they seemed to go around her breasts and accentuate them. It did not bother her one bit; she liked to give them something to think about. Fay liked to work with amputees very much and liked being one herself. Since her injury and working with other crippled vets, she had become a devotee. Her next two patients were farther along in their rehab. One only had one arm missing and the other had both an arm and leg missing. She was a female and had been a truck driver that hit an IUD. Margo was making progress but felt sorry for herself. She kept thinking that her life was ruined.

She was an attractive woman, used to dating all the time. She felt that no man, or woman for that matter, would pay her any attention anymore. Fay just kept after her about her attitude just like she kept after her to use her prosthetics right. Margo had learned to use her above knee prosthetic much faster than her arm. She did not have much of a stump left as her arm had been blown off along with her leg. Both were on the left side. He arm stump was so short it was hard to move the whole arm around. Fay had started making her look at her arm, of which nothing was left, to show what she could do. Margo was starting to come around and Fay had a plan she was going to spring on her today.

Margo wore her prosthetics all the time and she walked into the PT room and greeted Fay. They went to work working on arm movements first. Margo had a “C” leg which is the new modern one and she did not try to hide either of her limbs. After working on the arm stuff Fay said she had a bet for her. Margo asked what it was. Fay said she would get a pass for her and they would go out to dinner Friday and a bar after. The bet was that Margo would have several, meaning more than 4 men, hit on casino firmaları her. If so, Fay won the bet and Margo had to pay for the meal and drinks. Margo thought that was an easy bet for her to win and took her up on it.

Fay said one change to make on you and brought out a peg leg. Margo’s eyes got real big and she said will it fit me. Fay said it would as it was made from the same cast her “C” leg came from. Margo was hesitant but finally decided to try it. Fay helped her change legs and for Margo to stand up on it. She said wow it was so much more comfortable and took a few steps. She was able to walk across the room without any help first try. She was thrilled with it and asked if she could keep it. Fay said yes and that is what you will wear Friday night. That stopped Margo in her tracks but she thought for a few seconds and said deal.

Fay asked her if she had anything to wear and she said only some shorts and tops. Fay said that would be great and she would wear the same. Margo agreed and they set up the plan. Margo was a couple of inches taller than Fay but was on the thin side as her injuries had done a job on her. Like Fay she had large breasts and Fay noticed she went braless most of the time. Fay wondered if she would be that way on Friday. They spent the last of the hour with Margo walking with her peg leg and how to sit and release the lock at the knee joint. As she left Fay grinned at her and said very sexy. Margo grinned back at her.

Her afternoon patients use “bionic” arms so Fay switched after lunch and worked with those two patients. Her last patient of the day was up on the inpatient floor. She liked to go up there and get out of the department. Her patient had lost all of his limbs and the bomb blast did a lot of other damage to him. He had one stump just above the elbow, and she was doing exercises trying to get some strength and range of motion back in it. She did not wear her arm when she went to see him and she knew he could see her braced leg. She wanted him to know he was not the only one with severe injuries in the world. They had hit it off good and he was always glad to see her. She tried to always have a joke for him as he always had one for her.

Fay had spent time with him other than exercise time. He had no family or friends in the area to visit with him. A couple of times they had talked so long his dinner tray came and she fed him so it would not get cold. She was sure that as busy as the floor people were he had eaten several cold meals. Today as she was working with his arm she noticed a tent form in the area of his penis. Tim knew she had seen it and he said he was sorry. Fay said nothing to be sorry about, she was glad he was feeling better and thanks for the complement. She worked with his stump a while longer and it did not go away. She asked if he had a girl friend and he said not any more. Fay then moved down into his full line of sight and asked how long it had been since he had cum.

He blushed hard and finally answered about 6 weeks. One of the night nurses had masturbated him a couple of times but she had been transferred. Fay said ok and that they had worked enough with his arm today. She said she needed to go do some charting and left. She did chart his treatment then went back into his room. She told him she was off duty now and she wanted to stay and talk with him for a while. They had done this before and Tim was always glad for her company. Fay had worn her white lab coat up and she took it off and asked if she could use his bathroom for a minute. He said sure and she went in and took her bra off and left her top pulled out of her pants.

When she went back in he could immediately see she was braless. Fay closed and locked the room door and went over to his bed. She asked if he would mind if she pulled the covers down and he said no. She did and looked his body over. He was still in a full body cast for his back injury and both of his legs were gone at the hip. His penis started to get hard and he had a catheter in. She said to him wow, you are nice and big. Tim grinned and said thanks. Fay put a towel on the cast so his cum would not make a mess. She asked if the nurse had done him with the catheter in and he said yes, she even pulled on it which put a lot of pressure on his prostate from the inside. She took him in her only hand and started exploring him, noting the huge head of his penis. She stroked down his shaft and explored his balls which were also very large.

She gently pulled on them pulling them away from his body. She moved up the side of the bed a little and removed her top. Her large breasts rode up and out on her chest and her nipples were very distended. She encouraged him to move his stump to them which he did. He could only get to one breast as she stretched her arm to keep masturbating him. He moaned a couple of times that it all felt so good. Within a short time he said he was going to cum and he did, a big load on to the towel. Fay kept it up for a while, and then he said for her to stop as he was very sensitive with the catheter in. She wiped his cum from her hand on the towel and güvenilir casino then moved up to his head.

She found the button that lowered the bed and put it down some. She leaned her breasts over his mouth holding herself up with her arm on the bed across him. She fed him her nipple and he sucked it very good. She moved them back and forth so each breast got some attention. She wished there was an extra hand somewhere to get to her clit. She knew her thong was soaked. Fay finally straightened up and said hope that is better for you and Tim said much better. I wish there was some way we could do more, you are a very sexy woman. Fay ran her hand down his cheek and said hurry and get better, you never know what might happen. She picked up the towel and pulled the sheets back up. She threw the towel in with the other dirty linen and put her top and lab coat back on. She told Tim she would see him later and he said he hoped so and she left.

Everyone was gone when she got back down stairs. She got her purse and went out to her car and headed home. She picked up some Chinese food on the way and when she got home she put it in the kitchen and went immediately to her bedroom. She undressed, left her brace on, and got on the bed. Her hand immediately went to her breasts and then between her legs. She pulled her good leg up and out so she had good access to her pussy. Her hand went to her engorged pussy lips and started to pull and rub them. She soon had her finger in her vagina then added two more. As she rubbed her G-spot, her thumb found her clit and she came big time over and over seeing and reliving what she had done this afternoon with Tim.

This had not been the first time she had gotten one of her patients off, and a lot of the nurses did the same, especially the long term patients that could not do themselves. Fay relaxed in bed for a few minutes then got up on the side of the bed, took her brace off then got in her wheelchair. She went into the bathroom and into the shower and washed good. She dried off, got back in her chair and ran her hand through her short hair. In her bedroom she put an old short blouse she used around the house, left it unbuttoned, and went into the kitchen to fix the Chinese to eat. She was good with only one arm and hand and soon had something to eat ready. She ate and got the kitchen cleaned up.

As she finished the door buzzer went off. Fan wheeled to the intercom and asked who it was. A voice she immediately recognized answered and said she was here for her house call. Fay laughed and buzzed the outer door open. A few minutes there was a tap at her door and she looked through the lower peep hole and confirmed who it was. She opened the door and rolled back out of the way. A tall, blond woman walked in and leaned over and the two kissed full on the lips. Fay said hi to Sheri and they went into the living room. They laughed and giggled like school girls about things that had happened since they last saw each other two weeks ago. Fay had made no effort to cover herself up.

Sheri was a bilateral arm amputee with the right side being a forequarter amputation, everything was gone there, arm, shoulder joint, scapula, clavicle and the skin was down on her ribs. The left side was an above elbow, about half way up. She wore a simple hook prosthesis on the left with special hook ups as there was no shoulder on the right to work the hooks. She had on a t-shirt and shorts with sandals. No underwear and Fay could see her camel toe as Sheri had her legs wide open to her. Fay said so your Horney tonight and Sheri said yes. Fay said well you are at the right place, so am I. Sheri stood and followed Fay to the bedroom. As Sheri entered the room she sniffed and said you must be, I can smell you and Fay laughed saying yes she had already started.

Fay sat and watched Sheri get out of her clothing and she lay on the bed and undid the one strap that held her arm on with her foot and toes. Her pussy was fully exposed as she did so. Fay laughed again and said looks like you are very wet, you must have started also. Sheri said guilty but I sure need you to finish me. Fay took her top off and transferred to the bed and got beside Sheri. They kissed for sometime then Fay worked her way down her chest. Sheri had no breasts, just burn marks and skin grafts. She was in the turret of an armored vehicle at the machine gun when an explosion blew flaming material all over the truck. Her helmet and face shield saved her face and the lower part of the turret saved her lower body. But her arms and chest were burned very badly so her arms and breasts had to be removed or what was left of them.

Her left arm stump also had scars but she could still get use out of her prosthetic arm. Fay had tried to get Sheri to open herself up to men but she was still very self conscious of her burns and no breasts. She said the arms were no problem, just the burns and no breasts. Fay kissed areas that she knew Sheri had feeling in and worked her way down to her slopping wet pussy. She rested her armless side on the bed and used her hand to play with Sheri’s big lips, clit and vagina. She got her off a couple of times then worked her face and mouth into play. Both Fay and Sheri had trimmed pubic hair. Fay loved to eat Sheri as she was so receptive to what was being done to her. She could have multiple orgasms and keep on going.

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