Feet of Dreams

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Big Tits

Let me start out by saying that sometimes dreams… make that fantasies, do come true.

I used to work in the Technology field. I started at a software company right out of college. By the time I was 26 years old, I had become a very successful salesperson there. Granted, it was Technology in the mid-90’s, so lots of people were doing well..but… I was doing really well for myself.

The company as a whole was very young. There were 25 sales people, and 20 of them were between 23 and 30 years old. There was one girl however, that got me excited to show up for work every day.

Her name was Wendy. Se was also a salesperson there. She was 25 years old.

There were 5 of us that had offices, while the rest of the salespeople were in cubicles. I was the luckiest, because Wendy’s cubicle was right outside my door. Her back actually, was 3 feet from my door.

Wendy stands about 5′ 7″ tall. She has wavy, brunette hair that that goes just past her shoulders. Her eyes, which are big and expressive, are a deep brown color. Her face has high cheek bones, full lips, and an ear to ear smile.

Her body… oh that body… I spent way too much time looking at that body. She loved to work out. Aerobics was her favorite. She loved her gay instructor. She always said that his enthusiasm motivated, pushed, and entertained her so much, that she took his class 4-5 times a week. Well those classes paid off. She was toned from head to toe. Not an ounce of fat on her. She had square shoulders that capped off her long torso. Her arms were defined, but not bulgy. Her stomach was flat… I mean flat. In addition to her aerobics, she also did push ups and sit-ups every day. In fact, she used to do weird numbers, like sets of 29, or 33. I asked her why one time, and she just said that those numbers felt right to her (she was a little quirky, which also added to her allure). Wendy had real womanly hips… not big at all… just curvy. And her ASS. She could have been an ass model. It was a heart shape, with full cheeks. The full cheeks added a little “bubble” to her butt, which caused your eyes to follow her ass’ every move. Her legs were like her arms… very toned and defined. With thin ankles. And, that brings me to my favorite part of Wendy… her feet.

If I added up all the time I’ve stared at her feet, it would amount to dozens of hours. Every curve and crinkle. I could pick them out of a line up anytime anywhere. She used to joke around that her feet were like ham hocks: real meaty with meaty toes. She’s right, they were meaty..but in a succulent way! She had a size 7 foot, which fit so proportionately to her body. To me, her feet always stood out. I’d look at this perfectly toned body, the arms… shoulders… stomach… legs… then these “fatty” feet. They were a little wider than normal, but not too wide. Her toes, from the big toe to the pinky toe, were almost all the same size. They just ever so slightly decreased in size from one to the next. Also, all of them stuck straight out, with the nails all facing up. Not one tilted to the side, or bent like it had been squished in a shoe… straight out and straight up. But… here’s what really got me about those feet… they were really thick! Not wide, but thick. From the sole to the top of the foot, they were like 4″ tall! They just looked “fleshy”, if that makes sense. In fact, the top of her foot actually looked toned and muscular. It was her soles that seemed to be fleshy… but a good fleshy… Kind of like looking at a Filet Mignon. Her feet just looked juicy, tender, soft, firm, warm… perfect. Even with that thickness, she still had a nice size arch. Normally, you would think a foot like I described wouldn’t have an arch, but like I said… these were feet to admire. Even though she joked about her feet, she always took care of them. She’d get weekly pedicures, and she was one of the first people I know that wore a toe ring. Remember, we’re talking mid 90’s… it wasn’t as main stream as it is now.

If someone would ask me if she was “hot”, or “sexy”, “cute” or “classically beautiful”,etc, it would be hard to categorize her. She had parts of all those things. She was one of those girls that could wear any type of clothing and look the part. Or, I should say, looked great in the part. When we worked trade shows, she would wear business suits. She gracefully and confidently moved in a way that made her look like an executive that has been walking the convention hall for years. When I saw her at a co-workers wedding, she wore an ankle length dark green gown. She accessorized it with a pair of matching green, open toe, 4″ heels. The shoes had one thin strap that went over the top of the toes, and another that went up her Achilles, with a little ankle loop at the top (this is one of my favorite outfits of hers by the way). She moved, danced, and walked sensually and elegantly all at once. And, I’d see her in various styles of dress at work. We were a causal company, wearing jeans, shorts, casino şirketleri t-shirts, etc. So sometimes she’d wear old, faded Levis with torn knees, and sometimes it was causal slacks.

For me, it was the jeans that always got my blood boiling and my mind racing. When she wore those Levis, she usually had 1 of 3 shoe choices: Brown leather slides, black clogs, or Nikes. As you might guess, Nikes were not my shoe of choice for her.

As I said earlier, Wendy sat right outside my office, with her back to my door. Every day, I’d look out to see what shoe she was wearing. This would determine how often I would get up and walk out so I could pass by her and sneak a peak. With the slides and clogs, it was like having a live foot fetish movie playing. While she sat, she’d slip the shoes on and off… on and off… dangle them on her toes… twirl her foot… etc. Often, she’d have the shoe flat on the floor, and lift her foot so just her toes were in the shoes and her soles would be facing me. I always loved this on the hotter days. After walking around a little, her foot would get red and warm. So she’d lift her feet to air them out a little… and flashing before me are these soft, warm, red, glistening soles. Needles to say, it would drive me nuts. 8 hours a day… looking… fantasizing… getting hard… Many, many times I had to go to the bathroom at work to jerk off in order to relieve the tension. I couldn’t concentrate on work Thank god we had private bathrooms! Jerking off would give me some immediate relief… but then there I was… staring again… So many times I would get home and have to jerk off right away with Wendy of course, in mind.

As you can tell, Wendy was my dream girl. What made things even harder, is that over the course of a year or so, we started to become really good work friends. You know how work friendships are. You learn intimate details of each other lives. You become confidants, and share almost everything. But, with a work friend, you never seem to go out socially at all!? You know what I mean?

In fact, Wendy and I would talk about our respective love lives all the time. Well, Wendy talked more than me. She always seemed to have a boy friend. When one relationship would end, she always had a guy on deck to take his place. I guess when you look like her, it’s not hard to find someone. Unfortunately for me, I was going through a terrible dry spell at the time. Some dates here and there. Some hook ups here and there..but nothing serious. I think some of it can be blamed on my infatuation with Wendy. She was on my mind all the time. If I wasn’t staring at her feet, I was at home jerking off about her feet. Sometimes twice a night. Anyways, as the year went on, Wendy and I attended some trade shows together. While we were out of town, our friendship became even stronger. We would sit at the bar, have some drinks… and just open up about our lives.

We learned that we both lost fathers at a young age. We learned that we liked some of the same music. We learned that we had similar sets of values. We also learned a lot about each other’s sex lives!

Of course we did… when the alcohol starts flowing… you know what happens. Wendy would tell me how much she loved to suck cock. She loved the feel of it sliding in and out of her mouth. Rubbing on her lips. She loved the smell of dick. She told me that when she gave blowjobs, she would hold the cock right under her nose, and just slowly breath in. She also told me that she likes to be “taken”. She loved it when she got home, and her boyfriend would pull her pants down, bend her over the arm of a chair… grab her hair… and fuck her doggy style… HARD! She loved hard fucking!

You can imagine how knowing this about her made it even worse for me. Now, I’d stare out my door at her, and not only think about her feet, but of her loving to fuck. I’d fantasize about how I would seduce her, by rubbing her feet to warm her up. How I would tease her pussy with my tongue, have her suck my dick. All my thoughts would combine my lusts with the information she gave me. Needless to say, more jerking off.

I know I’m building Wendy up as this goddess, so if I had to say anything negative, it would be that even though Wendy was very cool, she knew how to manipulate men. She knew how to flirt. She knew how to pout. She knew how to use those brown eyes to stare you down. She knew I had the hots for her. She caught me on several occasions staring at her from my desk. It got to a point where she would even joke around with me when she caught me, saying, “Matty, snap out of it and make some calls.”

One trip in particular, brought us even closer. We were again sitting at the bar having drinks. It was the last night of the trade show. We were relieved it was just about over, and looking forward to going home the next day. Our flight wasn’t until the next night, so we planned on hanging out at the pool during the day. But, here we were again… drinking… casino firmaları talking sex! Our main topic that night was about who at the office we’d like to fuck..and why! We laughed at some of each other’s choices and reasons. I liked this one girl Monica. Wendy kept giving me shit about it, saying, “Monica? Monica? Isn’t she a Grandmother!” She was older, probably in her late 40’s. What Wendy didn’t realize was that next to her, Monica had the sexiest feet in the company. She too was always freshly pedicured. Her shoes of choice however were fancy flip flops. I could always hear her walking down the corridor, with those flip flops smacking her soles. The flip flops are great, because the whole foot is pretty much naked. I kept defending my choice by talking about how I like older women. Wendy finally let up, so I attacked one of her choices.

Wendy said she liked this one guy Paul. To me, Paul seemed like just an ok looking guy, not the model type that she always got. When I pushed her on it she said, “He has incredible hands.”

“Hands, what about his hands? Are they big, so he should have a big dick?” I laughed.

She got shy for a minute, then said, “I always see him putting on lotion. Plus, his nails are always neat and clean. Not manicured, because I hate that on guys.” She continued, “Plus, his palms are really wide.” Her face flushed a little. “So, he has nice, big, soft strong hands, and I just want to suck his fingers!” She laughed. So did I.

“Ok, ok,” I said.

We each had a couple dinks in us, so our inhibitions were let go.

Wendy laughed, then said, “I guess I have a hand fetish. I just love looking and thinking about hands.” “I just love the feel of strong hands caressing and grabbing my body,” she said in a husky voice.

I laughed, but it was a nervous laugh. It was nervous because now that she shared something personal about herself, I knew it would be my turn. Of course… the question came…

“So Matt, how about you. Any fetishes?”

I paused, and the thoughts again went crazy in my head. I was still a little uncomfortable with my fetish. I never really heard other people talking about liking feet. In fact, I had friends that were grossed out by feet. I had one girl my freshman year of college that liked when I massaged and sucked he toes. However, that relationship didn’t last long. She was really the only girl whose feet I was able to enjoy…

“Matt… Matt… stop avoiding the question. Everyone has something… what gets you going?”

I paused again, looked down… then back up at her eyes. “Well, I like feet,” I said..or I should say mumbled.

She looked at me… a little surprised… “Feet?”

Oh great, now I felt like an asshole.

She looked at me… started to say something… stopped… then said, “Do… uh, do you like to suck toes?”

My eyes popped open. I looked at her… she giggled… but not at me… kind of with me. “Yeah, I like to suck toes,” I said with a grin.

She took a sip from her drink “I,”… she giggled… “I love to have my toes sucked. It’s so kinky.”

She noticed I was looking down towards her feet. Unfortunately, she was wearing boots… but the thought of her toes being sucked… it was like having x-ray vision as I stared at her boots. My cock was jumping in my pants. It was hard..and it was twitching. Imagining what it would be like to suck the toes of my dreams.

“Matt,” I was interrupted, ” do you like to massage feet?” she asked sweetly.

“Yeah,” I said with anticipation.

“I love that too. There’s nothing more relaxing than a good foot massage,” she said. “What is it about a foot that turns you on,” She asked playfully.

I didn’t want to totally open up about my fetish. Even though it was out in the open, I stillkept it pretty generic.

“Well,” I started, “I love the look of a clean, pedicured foot. I love the softness of the sole in my hands. And I especially like it when a girl gets as much pleasure from me playing with her foot, as I get from playing with her foot.” I didn’t tell her things like that I love to have a foot rubbed over my face, and all over my body. And how I love when a foot has a faint odor to it.

“Matty, I never knew you were so kinky,” she said proudly. “You need to start getting that foot rub into your game more often with these girls. I’m sure that will win over at least a few of them! Girls love a kinky guy,” she announced.

I was sooo fucking turned on with all this conversation. Here I had a hot chick telling me that it’s ok to have a foot fetish, and that I should embrace it! Plus, it was a girl whose feet I’ve dreamt of and jerked off to dozens of times telling me how much it turns her on.

Wendy then changed the subject. Well not really the subject, we talked more sex for a while. You know, favorite positions, the best sex you’ve had, worst sex, etc.

Maybe because we were laughing out loud, we kind of drew güvenilir casino attention to ourselves. Soon, other co-workers came over to see what was so funny. We didn’t exactly give away our intimate details, but got everybody joking around about sexual topics. Wendy, now being aware of my foot fetish, noticed every time I would stare at the girls’ feet. She even started pointing out girls that were walking by us… “Hey Matt… look left..sandals,” or “Quick right, heels… heels.”

We all stayed up pretty late, and got in the elevator at about 2:00 am. My head was spinning from the booze, and my dick was tingling form all the talk. Wendy got off at her floor, at said, “I’ll call you in the morning and we’ll hit the pool.”

“Cool,” I said. Thoughts of Wendy in a bathing suit, with bare feet right next to me made my cock swell back up.

Unfortunately, we all were doubled up in rooms.

“Fuck,” I thought… this was going to seriously impede my jerking off. I thought about maybe doing it in the bathroom, but… I don’t know. It would be too weird with a roommate there.

So, horny as hell and a little drunk I got into bed. My roommate John fell asleep pretty quickly. I on the other hand… I couldn’t stop thinking of Wendy and her feet. My cock got hard. I rubbed it a little through my underwear to relieve some tension, but the last thing I needed was John waking up and catching me playing with myself.

Wendy at the pool… rubbing oil on her legs… her feet glistening in the sun. Bare feet… I’d get to see her soles… her toes… her toe ring…

My cock was rock hard when my mind came back to reality. “Shit,” I thought as I slowly rubbed a little harder… “A fucking roommate.”

I tried to get my mind off of the sex… I started breathing slowly… thinking about sleep… laying in bed… relaxing… the feel of the sheets… the feel of Wendy… feeling her spoon against me… rubbing her soles over my leg… playing footsie with me… grabbing my dick and jerking me off while her foot rested on my leg… moving her hand..faster… faster… breathing heavily in my ear… “Cum Matty… cum for me,,,feel my toes on your legs… rubbing… so hot… I was close… “Cum Matty… yeah that’s it… soo hot under the sheet… ” I felt it in my toes first, then it traveled like an electric shock through my body… cum sprayed out of my dick… one burst… two… three bursts… my body tensed… my asshole clenched… my temples pounded and my eyelids shut… after a minute or so, my body finally relaxed… I laid still… calm…

My hand went into my underwear, and the realization hit me… “I just had a wet dream, a fucking wet dream,” I told myself.

I felt inside my underwear… it was filled with cum. In fact, it had started to leak out of my underwear and all over my crotch. “Shit,” I whispered. I looked over at John. Thank god for alcohol, because he’s still passed out. I quickly ran to the bathroom, grabbing another pair of underwear on the way, and closed the door. I peeled my underwear off, and it was amazing. It was like someone had poured half a jar of mayo in there. It had to be one of the biggest loads I’ve ever shot… and I was pretty much sleeping when it happened.

I cleaned up, wrapped my dirty underwear in a small towel, shoved it in my suitcase, and got in bed.

… My body and mind we’re as relaxed as can be… I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I got the call from Wendy to meet her at the pool at 11:00. I laid in bed for a while, and thought about last night. I still couldn’t believe I had a wet dream, and blew cum all over myself. I started thinking about what a great day I had ahead of me, and my cock started to swell a little bit. What would Wendy be wearing, I thought. What kind of pool shoes… flip flops hopefully!

I headed down to the pool, looked around, and realized that I was there first. I found a good spot with a couple of chairs, got some towels and claimed our space for the day.

As I sat and waited for Wendy, I decided to start putting my lotion on. As I was rubbing the lotion, it felt great on my already warm skin. Even though it was only 11:00, it was already 85 degrees. As I rubbed the lotion into my arms and legs, I started thinking how great it would be to watch Wendy rub the lotion into her skin. Her smooth legs… arms… and of course those feet. I started getting hard again. But, the reality of sitting at the pool in a bathing suit made me decide that it probably wasn’t a great idea to have my cock poking through the thin material. So I stopped thinking about Wendy, and just took in the aura of the pool. Work sucked, but the perks weren’t too bad!

At about 11:15, I looked up and saw Wendy making her way towards me. She was wearing a beach cover up robe, so I couldn’t even guess what kind of suit she had on. As she got closer, what I was hoping for came into view… Flip Flops! Blue Flip Flops. The old fashioned, cheap, rubber flip flops. Closer and closer she came… my sunglasses were on, so I was able to stare only being slightly obvious.

“How’ya feeling this morning,” Wendy asked

“Good, relaxed, maybe a little dry mouth,” I joked

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