Fertility Down: Chapter 8. The Plan

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Fertility Down: Chapter 8. The Plan
“Do you really need to put that in?”

“Yes, it’s how we’ll track you if things….”

“Great, will they know to look for this if things DO go wrong?”

“I doubt it. They will make sure your phone is disabled, that’s the extent of their tracking checks.”

“Ok fine go ahead.”

“You really didn’t have much of a choice but OK.”


“Sorry it can sting”

“No shit”

“Ok go over the dummy plan one more time.”

“I go with Stacy to the motel room. We wait about 30 minutes. Then someone shows up to take the sample.”

“Now go over the full plan.”

“We go to the motel. After 30 mintes they show up expecting a full sample, and to k**nap me. From there I have to just sit back and wait until I get to the next level of people to figure out who they are and then you come running in to help.”

“OK enough chit chat.” The FBI agent in charge said. “It’s not a hard plan. We can hear everything with the new implant. Talk to keep us updated, but don’t be stupid about it. Don’t just randomly say things you see, or ask stupid questions. At the end of the day we literally just need you to be a package to get to the person running the operations in the area.”

“Gee thanks.” I said sarcastically.

“After that’s done Stacy gets immunity, for her crimes, and the IRS.”

“So I just go to the motel. Take the battery out of his phone, wait 30 minutes and hand him off, and wait for you guys to pick me up.” Stacy said.

“No you leave and go to this safe house here.”

“What if they want me to go with them?”

“Make something up and say you can’t.” The agent said. “But if you can’t get out of it, you’ll probably be with Logan the entire time and we’d scoop you up with him.”
We walked out of the safe house together. We obviously nervous. The motel wasn’t too far thankfully. I was surprised when Stacy reached out to hold my hand. I can feel her shaking, but I squeezed her hand tight, not just to make her feel better, but I honestly needed it too. Setting myself to be k**napped as bait to some sort of crime syndicate was not inside my comfort zone.

“You’re going to be fine.” I said.

“I know.” She almost whispered. “I’m more worried about you. These people are … dangerous.”

“We have lots of back up.”

“Thank you.”

“You don’t have to….”

“Yes I do. You have no idea how big this is. You barely know me. My closest friends, if could call them that, wouldn’t do this for me.”

“Sounds like you picked the wrong friends.”


I looked over at her and she was looking at me with a smile. I had never seen Stacy look so genuine. She usually has her ‘bitch’ shield up. In this second she didn’t look like a bitchy hot girl, but a sweet hot girl. It was almost enough to forget about the impending danger coming to get me.

We walked up tot he motel room. We had the key ready from the agents. I held the card up to the reader almost hoping the door wouldn’t unlock, but to my disappointment it unlocked on the first try. I audibly sighed at the working card reader. We stepped inside. She took out her phone and looked at me.

“Once I send them this text they’ll be here in 30 minutes.”


“Last chance to back out.”

“Just do it.”

“OK. Sent.”

“We have 30 minutes.”

Stacy started to undress. I was confused but didnt say anything. I just watched. I figured I would just manually put in a deposit into the condom myself. This part wasn’t discussed officially of course. Probably makes for an awkward FBI report. She was fully naked in front of me. I could kaçak iddaa barely move.

Stacy walked over to me putting her finger to her lips in a ‘shh’ gesture. The FBI can hear but couldn’t see. She got onto her knees and slowly undid my pants and lowered them along with my underwear. My penis was half hard just from seeing her naked. I was honestly surprised that I was able to get any part of an erection so easily because of the situation we were under.

Stacy started to slowly suck on my half hard cock. I could feel it slowly grow in her mouth. I enjoyed the feeling of having my entire cock inside of her mouth while I wasn’t fully hard yet. She was going slow and passionately while she was trying to be quiet. I was trying not to moan out loud, but I kept gasping from time to time.

After my cock was hard she pushed me onto the bed. I made a sound.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah… my back hurts”

“Don’t worry, it’ll feel better soon. “

She put the condom on and climbed on top of me in the bed. She was face to face with my and holding my cock down between her legs rubbing it against her pussy. She looked at me like she was going to make love to me. I wasn’t expecting that look. It made my cock throb and sensitive.

She gave me a deep kiss just as she sat down and pushed herself down onto my cock. We both couldn’t help but let out a moan. We kissed and slowly fucked with her on top. It was much more passionate than I thought it was going to be. I forgot about who she was on school and how awful she had been to me and other. All I could remember was how amazingly passionate the sex was. It felt like we were connected at a deeper level than I thought was possible.

We came together, it didn’t take long in reality, but it felt like time stopped for the time I was inside of her. She stayed on me, and we held each other, until I started to go soft. She kissed me deep before getting off. She took the condom off, tied it off, and put it into a thermos that already had ice in it.

Stacy laid in my arms on the bed while we waited. We stared up at the ceiling. I was nervous, but feeling her in my arms made things feel almost safe. After a few minutes she got the text message. They were outside.

She got up and stood off to the side. She look scared. I wanted to tell her it was ok, but I couldn’t, they guys could over hear me through the door before they came in. So I just nodded to her. Then 3 men came through the door, big scary looking guys. They stormed towards me. I didn’t even have to act scared, they came at me so quick, I jumped and tried to move backwards. They started yelling in Russian.

Two of them grabbed me. I realized I had to pretend to fight them off at least. So I struggled with them.

“What the fuck!” I yelled trying to win an Oscar.

Then that’s when I felt the needle in my arm. I looked at Stacy, realizing that I was probably going to pass out. I must have looked scared because the face she made didn’t make sense. She looked… sad? ashamed? I couldn’t tell. The world went fuzzy, then dark.


Pain. The back of my shoulder hurts. I start to open my eyes. It looks like a basement? A big one. Like some big building’s basement, not a home. It’s hard to focus on the people in the room. They are talking. I think I hear a familiar female voice. Did they take Stacy too?

No not Stacy. My head starts to feel less fuzzy. My eyes sharpen.


“Don’t look at her.” One of the men said. I must be mistaken. It can’t be perabet giriş her.

It’s hard to see who he is. He looks familiar though. He pulled up a chair to me. That’s when I realize that I’m sitting on a chair with my arms duct taped behind me, and my ankles duct taped to the chair as well. Panic sets in for a second, but I realize that there is a plan. I’m safe.

“Why am I tied up in this big empty basement?” I start to try to hint at my surroundings. “What is this like some old office building or factory?”

“You don’t have to do that. Nobody is listening.”

My shoulder. The pain. They must have taken the chip out. But how did they know? Only a few people knew. Stacy. She double crossed me. She gets the money, and the immunity. Bitch.

“So what now?” I sounded calm, but it was more disappointed more than anything.

“Nothing you have to worry about.”

I finally see him. It’s Rachel’s dad. It doesn’t make sense. But it’s him. I look over to where the girl was. It’s Rachel. I expected her to look guilty, or upset about this. But she is just staring at me with cold dead eyes. It all clicked like I solved a rubrics cube.

“There is no Russians is there?”

“Wow, you said he was smart baby, but … wow. Go on, please.”

“You’ve been what? Running a small operation, getting girls to sleep with viables for their samples for a while now. The feds start coming in and looking closer into the area, and you start dropping miss information about Russians here and there?”

“Well to be fair a few of the girls we worked with really did think they were working for a Russian gang.”

“What about Stacy?”

“No. Rachel was her handler.”


“yeah you are.”

“Rachel targeted me the first day back. But that was after Stacy tried to contact me online the night before… she was supposed to do it from the start.”

“And when you literally blocked her, I had to come up with a plan …. me.” Rachel finally stepped forward… making that awful joke. “We were going to keep milking you for that great money, but then we realized that the Feds where coming into town. Too many of the viables came forward about their samples being taken. So we needed a plan to trick you and the Feds.”

“This was all Rachel’s plan. She knew it had to be good to trick you though. Why else do you think Stacy was there the first night? There was no reason for it, other than to pretend to accidentally be exposed.”

He was talking about his daughter fucking me in a scheme like it meant nothing to him. I thought about angrily making a comment about his daughter in bed, but that made me realize, it wouldn’t effect him. Probably laugh at my attempt.

“Rachel knew I’d care enough to help Stacy.” Then it clicked, the way she treated Stacy that night… it wasn’t a random weird act of dominance, it was her being amused about using me and Stacy. Stacy took it not because she was desperate, but because Rachel was her boss.

“Then we put Stacy at your house to make a deal about the Russians.” Her dad said.

“What now though? They don’t have the Russians?”

“That’s because the Russians realized they were blown, and left town, but not after they took you.” Rachel sounded like she was smiling but I couldn’t really see if she was.

“Making them leave town trying to find me… dead or alive.”

“Don’t worry, you’re way too valuable to kill.” Her mother said. She was quiet until now, maybe because she doesn’t approve? “You’re our golden goose.” Fuck I guess not.

“It’s nice to see a happy family perabet güvenilir mi business I guess.”

“HA! I like this k** Rachel. It’s a shame … “ Her father started to say. “Who knows maybe you’ll some Stockholm Syndrome or something and start wanting to help us out.”

“Or maybe you’ll get Lima Syndrome and let me go.”


“Dad stop embarrassing me, it’s the opposite of Stockholm.”

“Oh. Sorry honey, I guess i’m not as smart as both of you.”

“Maybe you’re not as smart as you all think you are.” I said.

They looked at me like I was swinging a giraffe over my head.

“Now you got the chip out of my shoulder. The tracking and listening chip that could pin point my location and relay my conversations in real time.” I paused. Their face went from confused to concern about what I was going to say next. “Now the feds aren’t entirely stupid. When they put me in the room to put the big implant in the back of my shoulder. They also put a smaller back up bug… inside the the tissue of my ass cheek.”

“Bullshit, if that was true, they would have bust through the door a long time ago.” Rachel’s mom spoke out. “Nice try though.”

I smiled just staring at them. “ You’d be right, but this bug is smaller, it doesn’t give the exact location, more like a block radius. Probably has a delay in the sound too. So they’re probably searching all the buildings in the area now.”

“If this that was true you wouldn’t tell us, you know we aren’t going to kill you. You would just wait.” Rachel said trying to sound confident.

“Rachel, I don’t know what we had, but I care about you. I don’t want to see you go to jail.” I looked into her eyes. She was definitely starting to worry. “You obviously haven’t spent all the money you’ve made in this operation. You’ve been smart. Get out of here, take the money start over somewhere else.”

“LIES!” Her father yelled.

“Dad we need to go.”

“You can’t be serious! You believe him?”

“Think about it honey, the FBI wouldn’t send him in with just one bug.” The mother started to say. “Lets kill him and go.”

“What?!” Rachel yelled

“Might as well, if they catch us he’s a witness.” Her father said.

“They have the recordings, they don’t need him as a witness. We don’t have time kill him, let alone talk about this. We have to go now.” Rachel frantically said.

Not sure if she’s saying this to be nice and not have me die, or if she doesn’t care and wants to get out quick.

“LET’S GO!” She yelled as she started to turn and run away.

The parents looked at me, then their daughter as if trying to decide, but they turned and ran as well to catch up with her. I waited for what felt like forever. Until I was confident that they were gone.

My bluff worked.

I managed to break the chair under me. And break out from the duct tape eventually. I’d like to say it took me a couple minutes, but it really took me hours. I got out of the basement, and I was in the neighboring town, some old worn down factory district.

I made my way to the closest house and knocked.

“Who are you?” I heard an old lady yell through the door.

“I need help, you don’t have to open the door, but can you please call the police?”

I took a seat on the steps, I didn’t hear anything for a bit. I thought about getting up and going to the next house.

“OK, I called. I don’t know how long it will be though, they don’t usually rush to come to this neighborhood.”

“That’s fine. I’ll wait.”

And that’s what I did. Then I remembered Stacy. I realized I had a choice. The feds don’t know that Stacy lied, she could have thought she was working for Russians like the family wanted the others to think. I was too tired to think about her just yet.

I’d never been so happy to see police sirens coming my way.

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