Field of Dreams

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My name is Bob. I am a 27 year old, well-built guy, with dark brown hair.
My girlfriend Sue is a 21 year old blond, blue eyes, long shapely legs,
and C-cup tits. She plays soccer at her college. When I was 26 years old
I was lucky enough to have sex with a cute 12 year old daughter of a friend.
That was some experience. I’ve not had sex with anyone that young again
but I sure wouldn’t mind it. My friend moved away that year.

I was walking Sue home from the movies one night when I saw a field that looked
familiar to me. I asked Sue if she knew where it went and she told me it was a
short-cut toward her house but that she was afraid to go through it because
there were stray dogs that hung around there. That was it. I remembered now
that I used this short-cut one time to go home when I lived near where Sue lives
now and I ended up being raped by 3 stray dogs. As scared as I was that
night, I ended up liking it. I wondered if those 3 dogs were still around
after 2 years. I got a hard-on thinking about it.

We got to Sue’s house. She invited me in saying her parents wouldn’t be home
for about another hour. We went up to her room and she quickly undressed. I
did the same and dove between her shapely legs and began to suck her pussy.
This got Sue moaning right away. I sucked and chewed on her clit and drove a
couple of fingers in her cunt. Sue came quickly holding my head tight to
her cunt. I then got up and got between her legs. I drove my cock in her cunt
as she lifted her legs up in the air and wrapped them around my waist. I
drove my cock in and out of her hard and came in her as she met my thrusts.
I could feel her cunt spasm around my dick as she came again. As Sue winded down
from her orgasm we got up and washed before her parents came. When they got home
we were sitting on the couch watching TV. I left shortly thereafter.

As I was driving home I got to thinking about the field where I had been raped by
3 stray dogs a couple of years ago. I wanted to go by there again, but with Sue
this time to see what would happen. I got a hard-on thinking about it again and
I planned to take Sue to the movies next weekend and then convince her to cut
through the field with me.

I called Sue during the week and we made plans to go to the movies Saturday night.
She doesn’t live far from the theaters so as usual we walked. As we got close
to the theaters I could see the field which is a shortcut to antalya escort bayan her house and planned
to walk through it on the way back. We made out during the movie and I had a
hard-on just thinking about the walk back and wondering if the same stray dogs or
other ones were hanging out there.

When the movie ended we left the theaters and started walking back to Sue’s house.
As we got to the field I suggested we take the shortcut across the field. As I
was telling Sue that I stood behind her and gave her a few thrusts to her backside
which made her smile. She probably assumed I had hanky panky on my mind so she
agreed to cross the field. We were walking hand in hand and now and then I would
stop and caress her and kiss her. When we were about half way across the field I
saw them, a pack of strays, running toward us. When Sue suddenly heard barking
near us she got scared and quickly stood behind me.

One of the dogs, a pit bull, came up to me and immediately sniffed at my crotch.
I got an instant hard-on as Sue held on to me scared to death. As the dog sniffed
me some more he suddenly wagged his tail and jumped up on me. I suddenly got a
flashback of 2 years ago that a pit bull was the leader of the 3 dogs that raped
me. As I looked at the other 3 dogs I realized the German Shepherd from the
group was also there. The other 2 dogs, a boxer and a medium sized dog, were new
to the pack and were barking at us. The pit bull suddenly went behind me as Sue
spun me around to stay away from it. The German Shepherd then approached and
barked at Sue who froze. “Don’t move. Maybe they will smell us and leave”. I
knew what they really wanted and had a hard-on waiting to be unleashed. The
pit bull came up behind me and knocked me to the ground and barked. The German
Shepherd did the same thing to Sue who by now was crying.

The pit bull was nipping at my pants. Sue had on a mini skirt and the Shepherd
was sticking his snout under it sniffing Sue’s crotch. She was scared to death
and crying. “Honey. We are going to have to do what they want or we are going to
get torn up by them”. Sue got up suddenly and tried to run but the Shepherd and
the other 2 dogs immediately knocked her down and snarled their teeth at her.
She froze. The pit bull allowed me to get up and knowing what he wanted I
removed my pants. Sue saw me. “What are you doing”? “Honey these dogs obviously
want something. I hope they escort bayan will focus on me and leave you alone”. I then took
my underwear off. I turned away from Sue so she wouldn’t see I had a hard-on.
Once I got down the pit bull mounted me and started to hump trying to drive
his cock in my ass.

Sue watched terrified as the pit bull found his mark and began to fuck me. I
was loving it but Sue didn’t know this. I pushed back hoping Sue didn’t
notice. I suddenly came as I felt the pit bull drive his knot in me. The
mutt saw this and came running to lick it up and also licked my dick which was
throbbing and bouncing up and down. From where Sue was she couldn’t see this.
She could only see I was being fucked. The pit bull started to come in me and
I kept pushing back until he emptied his balls. When the pit bull pulled out
I got up. The mutt tried to knock me back down but the pit bull nipped at him.
The mutt backed off and went back to Sue.

I could hear Sue crying. As I looked back I could see the other 3 dogs nipping
at her clothes. She didn’t cooperate and the Shepherd nipped her heels with his
teeth. Sue screamed. The boxer and mutt were in front of her snarling their
teeth menacingly at her. “Honey take your skirt and panties off or they are
going to bite you”. The dogs allowed Sue some room and she started to take her
skirt off. The shepherd immediately stuck his snout in her crotch. Sue froze.
The shepherd nipped at her panties so Sue removed them. Without warning her fear
became an adrenaline charge and she started oozing pussy juice. The Shepherd
lapped at her pussy and I saw Sue spread her legs involuntarily. After lapping
at her pussy a while the shepherd went behind Sue and knocked her to the ground.

“Honey just cooperate. I am sure they will leave”. Sue was excited now realizing
she was about to get raped by a dog. The Shepherd mounted her and began to
thrust his cock at her. When he hit the mark and drove his cock in Sue’s pussy
she seemed to come as the shepherd started fucking her at a faster pace then I
could ever hope to achieve. The shepherd was enjoying himself and so was Sue.
She thrust her hips back to meet the shepherd’s thrusts. I saw the shepherd
grip Sue’s waist tighter and knew he was going to drive his knot in. When he
did, Sue gave a scream as she began to come uncontrollably. The shepherd was
shooting his load into her as he gave some last quick thrusts. After antalya escort he pulled
out Sue went to get up only to have the pit bull knock her back down.

By then I was standing next to Sue. “Honey I think all of them are going to
want a piece of us. As I said that the boxer came up behind me and knocked me
to the ground. As the pit bull was mounting Sue the boxer jumped up on my
back. Both dogs started fucking us as we ended up facing each other. Sue could
now see I had a hard-on. “I can’t explain it Sue. I am getting raped and for
some unknown reason I find it exciting to get fucked in the ass like this”.
Sue looked at me. “I have to confess. I came 2 times while the shepherd was
fucking me. I was scared to death and am now excited about being raped as you
are. As we were both being pounded I leaned forward and kissed Sue on the mouth.
I drove my tongue in her mouth and we were both beyond ourselves. She broke
the kiss as she suddenly yelled out obviously having another orgasm. The boxer
drove his knot in me as I suddenly came as well. Both dogs were emptying their
loads into us as I softly kissed Sue again. The dogs pulled out.

“Is that it”?, Sue asked. I knew it wasn’t but acted ignorant. “Just stay on
your hands and knees to see if they leave”. No sooner had I finished saying
that then the mutt mounted Sue and began to fuck her. The shepherd then
mounted me and began to fuck me. Again I got a hard-on and this time Sue
just smiled at me as I saw her pushing her hips back to meet the mutt’s
thrusts. I did the same with the shepherd. They both knotted us and we again
came. Sue started talking dirty. “Oh fuck me you bastard. All of you
stupid dogs, come fuck your bitch”. As the mutt pulled out of Sue the
boxer quickly took his place. His aim was off and ended up driving his cock in
Sue’s ass. She gave out a scream which made the boxer fuck her harder. “Oh my
God. Fuck me..come in my ass you stupid dog. You better make me come”. The
pit bull walked up to Sue and started to lick her pussy. Sue came instantly as
the pit bull kept licking. “SHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit I can’t stop coming”. The
boxer started emptying his load in Sue’s ass.

Each dog fucked us one more time each before they left us alone in the field.
“Honey I am sorry but I have never come so much in my life. I love it when
you fuck me but those dogs were something else”. “I know, Sue. I came about
5-6 times and saw you come at least 10 times. Let’s get dressed and I will
walk you home. I guess if we ever want to do this again we will have to take
this shortcut and hope these or other dogs are around and horny”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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