Filled up at the store

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Filled up at the store
He was beating me at the game and i would loose my chance to get the rare card
I was so mad I wanted that card so bad for my deck

the manager must have seen my disappointment from accross the room and came to talk with me

He had more he said asking me if i wanted to help him in the backstore

I followed him , his name was Joseph , nice owner of the store , in his 40s tall black dude

he closed his office door , alone in the backstore

”this card id worth 60 you know?”

”yes i do, i need it for my deck”

”its ok, here put this in your mouth and you can leave with the card boy ”

his bbc out sit on his office chair

”go on get under my desk and suck my cock, no one will ever know boy”

i was afraid and frozen in place his bbc between his legs, spread waiting for me to take place

”i….i never sucked a cock…”

he reach for me, pull me down

”here dont be shy, just get down like this, yes open your mouth now ”

i was under his desk , mouth open his cock help in slowly

just the tip , big black mushroom head , the velvet feeling of it pushing deeper each time he pull my head

”like that on all 4 , no hands mouth open , like this boy let daddy teach you to be a good cock sucker”

looking up at him happilly fucking its way in my young mouth

”oh yes you feel good, go on try by yourself now boy, make me cum for your card”

”if i dont cum you wont get that card boy”

i was trying my best, working my mouth down on the big black cock , wanting to make him cum , wanting my card

”damn i love getting service like güvenilir bahis siteleri this you sure you dont suck cock of friends at school?”

”no i dont your my first ”

”your so big , its nice ”

”yes boy, suck on the big cock, have fun boy its ok no one will know”

”a lot of young boy with small cock prefer big cock to suck on dont be shy”

”lets see that cute cock”

he help my jeans down and i was up , 5inch lil cock all hard on my knees a big one in my mouth

”there you go little cock boy, you like my big cock better dont you?”

”you want to make me cum in that small pink mouth ”

”mmmm mmmm”

”cute boy get naked , it will make me cum faster”

under the desk all naked ass up on all 4 mouth open on him

”you are so cute”

”here let me show you how to cum like a small white boy ”

i was pull out of under the desk and walk to a big cabinet behind the desk

he opened the door and i coudnt stop him from pushing me in

”stop wait what you ahhhhhhhhh wait noooo awwwwww”

i was sit down on a bench some hard lubed pole pushing in my hole until i was sit on it looking up at him

”wait no please”

my ankle lock to the bench

him smilling at me helpless trying to get off the 7 inch black dildo pouring lube in me each time i hit on the big balls on the end of the toy

”look at this, there is one in you already, feels good ?”
setting the black cock toy on the door

”im going to close the shop see you in a minutes boy”

closing the cabin door with a bbc toy set on it

making sure it was in line with my mouth before perabet closing it properly

sound of me gagging drooling on the toy

cabin locked and left alone

naked 2 bbc toys in me unable to move

drooling on the cock , all of it falling down my naked chest

soon feeling wet and gooey , the toy in me still pourring lube inside my tight boy soon to be cunt

when the door open, i was a wet mess , i saw him open the door the cock pulling out leaving me to breathe

”hi, you must have been missing this ?”

pushing his cock in my gaping weak mouth

”there you go, good slut taking it all in now”

he was fucking my face hard , making me do wet slippery noises

i was way to weak to stop him from lifting me out
drop on his desk legs spread his bbc pushing inside my prepared cunt

”oh yes this is what i needed”

i did talk, i was lost broken and weak fucked by the older black guy like i was his bitch

my ass on the desk side , pumped in by a big real black cock

”yes thats what i needed , look at me fucking you in your cute boy pussy”

”you will never be the same . this cunt is mine now ”

i watch him fuck in me, my small cock flapping away, legs spread him pumping me hard holding me like a doll

”tonight you sleep with your new pussy full of my cum”

”there , there , take it boy ahhhhhh”

my body shaking , my lil ass stretch up and now feeling warm cum pourring down deep inside

leaving it all in me before getting out and mouth used to clean it

deep inside, i was feeling it , like a wet deposit in my belly , i was full of perabet güvenilir mi his cum

left to recover and dressing back up

he gave me my card and slap my ass gently on the way out

”now go home and think about my cum deep in you, if you need it again come see me boy”

”i will fuck that cute ass whenever you need it”

i curse him all the way home and was terrified when i got in the shower, my ass was open like a looney , wet and looked just like a pussy

i fought the need for 2 days

but on friday , at the store closing hour i knocked on the door looking around shy

i was help in by him smilling

”i knew you would be back my cute boy”

walking to his backstore

”here boy this is what you want?”

my knees hitting the floor his big hands rubbing my hair like a pet

his bbc out my mouth eagerly taking him in , slurping on him like i was missing this alot

”good boi, get that cock all wet for that cute pink cunt”

”i need to unload in that cute hole again”

i was feeling so lucky , mouth drooling on him, in secret with the older black guy

about to be feeling him in me soon

trying to wet all off him

before turned around ass up pull on boxes feet floating off the floor

daddy fucking its way in me

making me moan of joy , the feeling i needed , big black cock hitting deep in me

”ahhhh daddy yes yes”

”that cute pussy needed my bbc , give it to daddy boy , cute slut want her ass fuck ”

”yessss yessss ahhhh fuck meeee ahhhhhh”

”there you go there you go moan boy, you fucking cute slut white boi are the best”

”you are my slut? ”

”yes im your slut , i love your cock , its so gooood ”

”how old are you slut?”

”im 19 , ”

”nice young slut, im 48 , that cunt so mine ”

”yes yes ”

”tonight u sleep with me boy , im fucking you all night”

”fuckkk yessss ahhhh”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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