Finding New Interests

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We arrive at the hotel in the late afternoon and check into our room. We are both tired from a long week and looking forward to some adult conversation without the kids. It is too early for dinner so I offer you a massage and you quickly accept. I instruct you to remove all of your clothing and get on the bed where I have laid out some towels. I take the massage oil and soak the bottle in hot water while you do this. I take the foot massage cream and begin working over your beautiful but tired and achy feet. I lovingly kneed each arch and heel and work every inch of your feet. After a long foot massage I get the oil out of the hot water and then commence to give you a full body massage starting at your head and slowly working my way through every inch of your body from your shoulders and arms through your back. I arrive at your gorgeous ass and start to massage each cheek, creeping my way around your thighs to the front and teasingly work my hands close to where you thigh meets your pussy. I feel your warmth but don’t dare touch you there yet as I want you to savor every minute of the massage. I then work each leg hard focusing again on the thighs and moving lower to the calves and then back to your feet. It has been over an hour now and you are completely relaxed. At this point I have you flip over and begin to massage your chest and torso and again your legs from the front. You begin to drift off into sleep. This allows me to very casually secure your wrists and now ankles to the restraints I had purchased earlier and hid under the sheets. I tell you now its time for the fun to really begin and you wake up from your rest and realize you cannot go anywhere.

You start to complain and say, “this is cute but really, now let me go.” I insist that you aren’t going anywhere as I have only just begun your relaxation therapy session. I pull out a rather interesting dildo that is curved slightly at the tip to reach the casino şirketleri “g-spot” and begin to tease you with it running it between your tits to your lips and then down your stomach across your now moist pussy down your legs and back again. You continue to protest but I tell you to just lay back and enjoy it or else I will have to put a gag in your mouth. At this point I am now fully teasing your pussy lips with the dildo and slowly begin to penetrate you with it. Inch by inch it goes in and comes out, goes in and comes out, every so slowly and agonizing.

I can see the frustration building in your eyes and relish the moment. I now have almost the entire dildo in you when I switch on the vibrator. You jump as you weren’t expecting that and begin to squirm telling me to stop that because it tickles. I ignore you and begin to fuck your pussy with the device starting slowly and then quickly and back to slow again etc…. After 20 minutes or so your mood begins to change from frustration (and maybe a bit of anger) to one of pleasure as the fucking your pussy is taking starts to bring you close to an orgasm that is probably 10 years overdue. Your hips rise every time I begin to re-enter your pussy with the vibrator and your breath becomes quick and heavy. You have that glossed over look in your eyes and I can tell you are getting close. I quicken the pace and you begin to moan with each thrust and suddenly I withdraw the dildo leaving you quivering on the bed and you look at me and say Why did you stop and I just look at you with an evil grin and say “beg me for it,” to which you say “please keep going.” I say “no beg me to fuck your pussy!” You then respond “please, please keep fucking my pussy” and I begin to fuck you harder and faster before sending you over the edge to strong climax.

Your body goes limp with satisfaction but I do not stop pistoning the dildo in and out of your lips and you have little casino firmaları time to rest a you are now on the verge of a second orgasm. I slow down the pace and ask you what will you do for me if I bring you to another orgasm and you respond “anything” so I quickly swing my legs over your body so my cock is positioned in front of you and tell you to suck me to which you hungrily take my cock in your mouth. I am perfectly positioned for 69 and remove the dildo and dive head first into your hot pussy and begin to eat you as if my life depended on it. I have waited years to taste your sweet juices as you never really liked having your pussy eaten but I know now that you are in no position to complain. I know you are enjoying it as your moaning again picks up as I fuck your face with my cock and tease your cunt with my mouth. After a while you are getting close again this time I stop for a second to flip around and thrust my cock into your now well-lubricated pussy. I start to fuck you rapidly and this is all it takes to send you over the edge, by this time I cannot hold back either and I cum hard into your waiting pussy shortly after you. We both collapse into a heap on the bed.

You ask me to untie you, which I do, and you quickly take advantage of my relaxed state and flip me over and rapidly put the same restraints on me. At this point I am too wiped out to fight and I see a look in your eye that says revenge! You find the vibrator and feed it to me, which tastes delicious with your juices on it, you tell me to clean it good which I do. You then turn on the vibrator and start to roll it over my limp dick, which starts to twitch again at the touch of the dildo. But you don’t stop there you start to go lower and begin to tease the crack of my ass with it and the taint between my scrotum and the top of my ass crack driving me wild. You see my reaction and says “now I am going to fuck YOU!!” She then takes the dildo güvenilir casino and rubs some of the massage oil on it and begins to invade my anus with it. Again I am too much in lust and too tired to fight (and cant resist anyway given my predicament) so I go with it. She slowly manages to fit all 7 inches of the dildo into me and switches it on but instead of fucking my ass she just leaves it there and straddles my face and says “suck my cunt and get every drop of your cum out of me.” To which I quickly begin to eat out her pussy and taste my salty semen touch my tongue. I hesitate but she says, “listen slut you are mine now and you aren’t getting untied until you do exactly what I say.” Realizing she has me by the short hairs (literally) I again start to suck on her pussy, she helps me be squeezing her cunt muscles and a big glob of my cum squirts into my mouth, she tells me to swallow it which I do and must say it doesn’t taste too bad.

You squeeze my cock and say “well-done slut,” I see by how hard you are again you are enjoying this. I tell her yes and you tell me to beg to have my ass fucked. I say “please fuck my ass with the dildo” to which you say “say you are my little cock whore and I want you to fuck my ass with your cock!!” I then repeat the phrase and you then begin to piston the device in and out several times but stop again this time to mount my cock this time facing away from me so you can fuck my and my ass at the same time, you put the vibrator on the highest setting and I can feel another load building. You are now fucking my cock with abandon till you orgasm again and this is too much as I shoot another load inside of you. You turn around and quickly bring your pussy back to my mouth and say open wide slutty boy and suck out your new load. This time I am too close to coming and really am not that turned on by this idea but again realize I am tied up with a dildo in my ass and have little choice so I begrudgingly suck out the second load. After I clean you out you remove the dildo and untie me and we both agree that we should just order up room service as its going to be a long night that neither of us wanted to miss even a minute of.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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