Firecracker Ch. 02

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*I’m back, Baby*

The boy woke up, as he always did, opening his eyes to see the protective circle, etched in deep blue lines on the ceiling above his bed.

His mother’s hand was on his shoulder. The woman was tall, fierce in a way that many had a hard time describing. Her hair was fire-red. Her eyes had a ring of silver around the pupil, very close, very thin. She was dressed in boxers and a tank top, her breasts were sagging and flat from so many children, but she still looked regal as a queen.

“Wake up, Willem. It’s time.”

The boy yawned and rolled over.

“Willem, it’s nearly midnight, and there’s a new moon. We need to get this done tonight. Your birthday is in a few days, we will never get another chance.”

“Mommy?” The boy whispered sleepily, rubbing his eyes with one small uncoordinated fist. “What are we doing?”

The woman gently kissed his tussled dark head. “I’m going to make you strong, sweetie. I’m going to make you a hero.”

He rolled out of bed, pawing sleepily at his eyes. His faded Muppet Babies pajamas were worn at the knees and elbows, a few inches above his pale ankles.

“Come on, sweetie. I’ll get you some Graham crackers and milk when we’re done. It wont take very long at all.”

“Kay Mommy.” Willem murmured.

They went down to the kitchen, and Willem eyed the chaos boredly. Mommy was always drawing things on the floors and the walls. He had gotten in trouble at kindergarden for drawing some of them in his pictures. The principal had called Mommy, talking about what sounded like ‘Satan war ship.’

Willem had asked Mommy if that was a new TV show, because it sounded awesome.

The dining room table had been shoved into the kitchen. A huge basic pentagram had been carved into the floor ages ago, but Mommy had outdone herself.

Normally the pentagram was in white, but she had filled in the carved lines with black this time. She had scrawled layers and layers of intricate runes with black and red and yellow and ochre colored chalk. Some blue and white runes were in the middle. Willem knew that white and blue were protective, and the other colors meant trouble.

“Be careful, sweetie-pie. Careful, don’t smudge the chalk. I want you to sit in the middle.”

“Can I have crackers, mommy?”

“In a minute, sweetie.”

Willem picked his way through the chalk. He sat down on the small round pillow that Mommy had put at the center. He watched her with sleepy blinking eyes as she lit the multitude of candles. Normally the candles were white. He had seen her light yellow candles once or twice.

These candles were black.

She picked her way through, and put herself in the small bare crescent shape in front of her son.

“You are the fifth son of a fifth son, just as I am the fifth daughter of a fifth daughter. You will be more powerful than me, because you are born of a fifth daughter and a fifth son. One day, you will make all demons tremble.”

Willem yawned.

“Just a few minutes longer, Willem. Then we can have some crackers, and go to bed.”

She started to chant. When she chanted, her voice became low and unrecognizable, like the snarling of a beast.

Willem sniffled a little. The air was getting thick, and hard to breathe. His stomach hurt.

He felt… Hungry.

Mommy brought out a small mason jar, and he saw five pokey little lights buzzing around in it. Like fireflies. The lid of the mason jar had a pentagram drawn on it with red crayon. All of the flames on the candles went low. Nothing but tiny blue dots.

“Open wide, Willem.”

Willem obeyed. His front top teeth were both missing. He gave her his crooked gap-toothed mouth to fill.

With her elongated two fingernails, first and middle, she scooped up an immolation mite. Her fingernails were painted with tiny pentagrams. To contain it. The creature was ugly as sin, so small and stupid that it could not disguise itself even to humans. Like an ugly mutated wasp, far too many legs, swollen with poison.

She placed the dazed mite on her sons tongue.

“Swallow, my sweet.”

Willem started to cry. He swallowed it, but he whimpered with the pain. “Mommy! It hurts! It stung me!” He tried to get up.

“Stay in the circle, you little shit!” She bellowed. She grasped his jaw. Willem froze and opened his mouth when the second mite came. He writhed as it stung the inside of his mouth, and as his body was wracked with pain and a kind of savage pleasure that his young body had no idea how to handle.

Every hair on his body was standing on end. His pupils were so dilated, that the brown irises were nearly gone. Every muscle was stiff. His eyes were wide and starey with fear and pain.

The third mite came, dropped from his mommy’s long scoop of a fingernail into his open mouth. Like a mother bird, depositing some worm.

He cried out. He had stings stippling his small pink tongue.

“Two more, my sweet. Two more.”

Willem rose unsteadily, ready to totter out of the circle. His mother whispered a harsh word and suddenly invisible hands casino şirketleri were clutching him from all sides, holding him still, wrenching his mouth open.

“Hold him, Izarys. Hold him till I’m done.”

A rumble came from the naked air. The grip on her helpless son tightened till he squealed with pain.

He seized, unable to move from the spot, unable to close his mouth, tears streaming from his dilated eyes.

At the fourth mite, Willem nearly lost consciousness. His mother slapped his cheek to keep him awake.

“Stay awake, love. I have the antidote right here, but we need to finish the ritual, one more, one more.”

Her son’s face was swelling grotesquely.

She had to force the last mite in through his swollen lips. She started to chant as her son convulsed from the venom running hot and red through his veins. Steam rose from his pores. His flesh was swelling everywhere. His sweat was extremely inflammable.

She finished the chant, and suddenly the candle flames were back to normal. The light seemed normal. Sweat soaked her brow.

“That’s enough Izarys.”

Willem dropped to the floor. His heels drummed against the floor as he convulsed, smearing the chalk lines. He wasn’t making any noise, he had stopped drawing breath.

She plunged an old-fashioned syringe, with two holes for the fingers, into the swollen inner tube of her young son’s neck.

The skin on his eyelids and around his lips was pale lavender. His breathing eased right away, but it took a few minutes for the swelling to go down enough for him to open his eyes.

“Why?” Willem bleated. A helpless question, slurred by his swollen lips, and weak sobbing.

“You’ll know when you’re older.” The red woman soothed.

When Willem woke up, his skin did not burn. He was not swollen up like an inner tube. His tongue was not blocking his entire mouth in a swollen pus-filled boil. He could open his eyes.

He was no longer five, but twenty-seven.

He was alone in bed.

Disoriented, he wondered if the events of the last few months had been nothing but a feverish dream.

Then the door opened and in the light from the bathroom down the hall, he saw the silhouette of a curly-haired head with small horns.

“I didn’t mean to wake you.” Isaac whispered.

Willem turned onto his back and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. “You didn’t. Bad dream.”

Isaac closed the door behind him, and it was dark. Willem and the boy both had heightened senses, so Willem was still able to see his lithe naked form slip into bed.

Isaac burrowed under the sheets, and Willem could feel the warmth of his body before the younger man actually touched him. Isaac rested his head on Willem’s chest, and cuddled in close.

Willem buried his cheek in Isaac’s soft curly hair. The blunt point of one horn tapped against his cheekbone. They used the same shampoo, but Isaac had a smell all his own. Spicy.

“What was the dream about? If you don’t mind?”

Willem brought his hand up and touched Isaac’s cheek. The halfling gently sucked on the tips of his fingers.

“It was about when my mother fed me the mites.”

“Did it hurt?”

Willem closed his eyes. “It hurt a lot.”

“Why did she feed you the mites? You said that they were innocent.”

Willem sighed. “It’s how the vessel works. With every demon I eat, I become a stronger vessel. Immolation mites are about as weak as demons get. If she had just taken a human off the street, and fed them a mite, they would have died. Even with the antidote.

“She needed the ritual. I was stronger because my father was a fifth son, and I was a fifth son. The ritual strengthened me. Once I absorbed the energy of the five mites, I was a strong enough vessel to eat a small imp a few weeks later. After the imp, I was strong enough to eat another imp without getting horribly sick.”

Isaac shivered a little. “I saw what it was like with the Dreamer, and in that parking garage in Iowa. It must have been horrible, early on.”

Willem nodded, and then moved his fingers deeper into Isaac’s mouth. He sucked. Willem could feel the halfling’s cock against his hip. He could feel it twitch.

“It was. She was feeding me about once a month, and even being as careful as she was, I nearly died. More than once.”

Isaac abruptly spit out his fingers. “Could you still die now? If there was a demon strong enough?”

Willem laughed. He turned onto his side and kissed Isaac full on the mouth. Isaac kissed back, his eyes still full of concern.

“I’ve been eating demons since I was five years old. My mother started feeding me full-sized demons when I was eight. I’m the strongest vessel I know. Maybe the strongest in the world.”

Isaac laughed, and rolled so he was on top, giving up any pretense of snuggling and grinding his cock into the other man’s crotch.

Willem smiled up at the boy on his lap. Willem’s vestigial wings were flapping to keep balance. His horns were shiny and dark. Willem knew that Isaac liked to polish them.

Isaac grinned. His casino firmaları elongated eye-teeth were just barely visible when his lips were pressed together. When he bared his teeth, they gave him a feral look.

His crimson eyes glowed in the dark.

Willem ran his hands carefully up those slim hips. Isaac grasped their cocks together. He started to stroke. Willem groaned. Isaac’s cock was velvety hot and soft, the foreskin was like satin against his circumcised cock.

Isaac held their cocks together. Willem smiled up at the boy as Isaac rubbed the ball of his thumb over Willem’s head, spreading slippery precome.

Isaac bent down and kissed Willem’s mouth. Willem felt the heat. He whispered the protective words.

Willem gently bit those soft lips. Bit at the tongue that came out. Sucked on it. He reached down and stroked Isaac’s cock, thrusting up with his hips.

Isaac breathed out. The hot air surrounded them. Made the air crackle. Willem smelled hot cloth. The smell of singing fabric was a thoroughly erotic smell to him, by association.

Isaac groaned and ground his cock into his lover’s groin. Harder and harder until his breath was coming in frantic little pants. Willem gently teased one finger into Isaac’s taut little asshole. Isaac’s tail lifted, to give him better access.

Isaac arched his back and his come came out in three spurts. The first landed on Willem’s chest, the second one reached about as far as his navel. The third one just dribbled out into Willems coppery pubic hair. Isaac’s vestigial wings flapped wildly, sending puffs of hot air everywhere, balancing him. His breaths were coming in great gasps.

He could feel the cool spurts of Willem’s human come on his stomach.

After a quick rinse with washcloths and beating out the corner of a pillowcase that had lit on fire, the two men slept soundly till morning.

Isaac was not a morning person.

Willem knew better than to wake the sleepy half-demon, so he slid out of bed and pulled on a pair of boxers before going downstairs to check his computer.

He did his hour-long trawl of the websites he had linked to his main web page. He made a quick file of anything interesting. A series of grisly murders in Mississippi. A couple of missing person’s reports. A fire in a closed factory. Ninety nine times out of a hundred, these were regular crimes. Nutjob murderers, random acts of arson, runaways, but every now and then…

Willem checked his emails.

He quickly scanned and deleted all of the unimportant looking ones. Half were receipts of conformation of online shopping. Isaac bought most of his clothes and things online. Willem enjoyed buying video games, and he purchased his chalk and candles and the occasional bit of equipment from a Wiccan website.

Then he went down to the more important emails. There were three. All from his employer.

The first one was debunking the grisly murders. It had just been a crazy suicidal teenager on a killing spree. Horrible, but human.

The second email was a working order. A demon that had been under tabs had gone crazy and raped half a dozen people at a campground in Wyoming. Willem had to get there and track it down.

The third email was the one that made Willem feel sick.

“We’re going to Wyoming!”

Isaac groaned.

“Hup! C’mon, sleepyface.”

Isaac made a crabby squeaking sound when Willem yanked off the covers. Then started rubbing his eyes.

He stretched like a cat, sticking his rump in the air, two-pronged tail lashing, while stretching out his arms and arching his back and with his little vestigial wings fluttering at the air. Willem reached in to give his ass a playful smack. Isaac yipped and rolled onto his back. His cock was hard, laying against his belly like a thick piece of meat.

“Isaac? If you can get all your things ready for a weekend trip in the next…” Willem checked his watch. “Ten minutes, then I’ll give you anal when we get to the hotel.”

The tips of Isaac’s tail twitched, and Willem could see the pupils dilating. The half-demon practically sprang out of the bed and started yanking clothes out of the drawers.

“I’m boooorrreeed.”

The car was packed, and Isaac was bouncing in the seat. It was very hard to arrange air travel for Isaac, seeing how odd he would be to even the most cursory TSA checkpoint, so Willem was traveling a lot more often by car.

“Get the DVD player out and watch a movie.” Willem suggested.

“I’m sleepy, and horny.”

Willem sighed. “People will be hurt if we get there any later. I promised you anal, just remember that. And if you really have to go, jerk off in the car. I don’t care.”

Willem looked out of the corner of his eye and saw Isaac giving him puppy-dog eyes. Willem took a deep breath and sighed it back out.

“Just a quickie.” He grumbled, a small laugh underneath his grumpy demeanor.

He pulled the car to the side of the highway, pulling into the dusty hardpan behind a billboard. They still had the badlands ahead of them, güvenilir casino and if they drove hard for the entire day, they would be close. Isaac hastily pushed his car seat back and leaned back in it.

No time for finesse, they had a lot of driving to do.

Willem firmly groped the thick meat of Isaac’s oversized cock through the soft cloth of Isaac’s sweatpants. The half-demon groaned a little, twisting. Willem quickly turned the knob of the AC to full and murmured the protective words and yanking down his partner’s waistband.

Down went the underwear, and the pants, and Isaac’s fat cock sprang to attention. Willem went down on the soft pink head with a wet and slobbery kiss. He roughly cradled the shaved pink balls, feeling the soft beginning of stubble. He pushed his fingers under and massaged Isaac’s perineum, knowing that the little stretch of skin was capable of driving Isaac purely crazy.

Isaac squirmed. He made adorable little squeaking noises as Willem went down deep, feeling the blunt head against the back of his throat.

Willem went up slowly, sucking gently, before plunging down, letting Isaac’s cock pierce past any resistance.

Willem could smell singing cloth, feel how hot the air was getting, despite the AC. He slipped his fingers back and started to massage the taut little ring of Isaac’s anus, going up and down in a quick pumping rhythm with his throat and mouth.

“Ah! Ahaaaah!” Isaac yelped and jerked his hips. Willem choked slightly and stayed down long enough to suck out all of the come, sucking a little harder than necessary out of annoyance.

Isaac yipped and squirmed a little until Willem detached and spat a mouthful of boiling-hot semen out of the window. “Happy, my prince?” He teased. Isaac just grinned and tucked his dick back in the sweatpants. Lazily swatting at a smoking drawstring.

The badlands were hot and barren and alien. Driving through them was like driving between and around the craters on another world. Isaac was half-dozing, staring out the window when he heard the buzzing coming from the cup holder.

“Iz, my phone is ringing. Could ya pick it up?”

“Sure.” Isaac felt sluggish with the heat. In a good way. He had the old-fashioned flip-phone in his hand when Willem stopped him.

“Quick, Isaac. Check the caller ID first. Tell me who it is, and don’t pick it up.”

Isaac heard something in Willem’s voice that stopped him from trying to make a half-baked joke. He looked down at the screen.

“Screen sez Jo-Ann Whelk.”

Willem relaxed. “She’s from the agency, answer for me.”

Isaac flipped open the phone and answered. “This is Willem Yeoman’s phone, he’s driving right now?”

The curt voice that reached him made the warm sluggish feeling evaporate in a hurry. Made the two burgers in his gut do a slow greasy flop.

“I’ll… I’ll tell him.” Isaac whispered.

He flipped the phone shut and Willem gave him a sharp worried look.

Isaac looked down at his knees. “Whelk said that another demon-hunter got there first and tried to catch the demon. The demon was wounded, but got away. Six people are dead and another five are missing.”

Isaac was looking at his knees, so he didn’t see the look of pure alarm on Willem’s face. The speedometer needle inched up from seventy to ninety. Isaac didn’t see the resentment and anger and real fear.

“Isaac… I want you to call Whelk back and tell her to get you a room at a different motel.”

Isaac was startled out of his thoughts and he looked up at Willem, mouth already open and a slew of questions on the tip of his tongue.

He swallowed his questions when he saw how strained and pale Willem’s face was.

Instead of righteous anger, Isaac’s voice came out in a timid squeak. “Why?”

Willem took a deep breath. “That other demoneater… It’s not safe for them to know about you.”

“Willem… You’re going really fast.” Isaac’s small voice snapped Willem out of it a little. He looked down to see the orange needle trembling at just under 110 mph.

Willem loosened his grip on the wheel enough so that color seeped back into his knuckles. The needle inched down until it hovered around the 80 decal. Speeding, but for Willem, that was normal.

It was very quiet. Isaac gave Willem a wry smile. “Does this mean no anal?”

Isaac turned on the radio and kept an eye on Willem. Mostly the speedometer. He had never thought about other demon-hunters. Never thought that they might be a danger to him.

“I thought you said that the agency was okay with you and me? Why do we have to worry about the other one?”

Willem’s voice was calm, but Isaac could see the needle inching up again. “I’m not a part of the agency. Neither are the thirty other demoneaters. We’re not employees, we’re ‘independent contractors.’ I don’t meet them often, but I don’t trust any of them. There’s only one other that regularly does work in this continent. And even then, they’re usually further south.”

“Willem? Why do you call them demoneaters? In the agency, they always call you a hunter.”

He laughed grimly. “They distance themselves that way. They don’t like to watch. They don’t like the pure facts of it. When they call me and the others ‘hunters’, they can pretend that we are assassins. Soldiers, even.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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