First Brown Shower

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I’m ready for my first brown shower.

Well, not entirely ready — it still seems a little gross to me. But your excitement when I finally suggested to you that I was ready is a little contagious, and the idea that this turns you on so much excites me.

Maybe I’ll enjoy it, and get turned on in a way that I never thought I would. I remember when you first said that you wanted to piss on me, I was grossed out, and insulted that you didn’t think of me as being any better than a toilet. But now, when I feel your warm golden flow on my body my flesh tingles. And when your piss runs down my skin I feel like you have given me a gift.

So perhaps when you take a shit on me it will feel the same as well.

I definitely don’t think that your shit don’t stink — I know that much from when you’ve stayed over. And when it’s on my body, it’ll certainly smell even sharper. But you want me to smell it. And to feel it, the warmth of your body sliding on to mine.

I wonder what it will look like? The texture will be a mystery until you push it out of your body. Will your shit be solid and chunky? Thin and runny? Will it come in a long coil unfurling patiently from your asshole, or bursting out explosively? You want me to watch, to look at your asshole carefully as it comes out.

You’ve taught me a lot about your asshole, from the first time I acquiesced and gave you a rimjob. And you’ve taught me more about my own asshole than I ever thought I’d know — lessons learned from all the times you’ve fingered it and fucked it, and even casino şirketleri the special occasions like the time you froze that package of fresh raspberries and then carefully poked them into my rectum, one after another. That was the first time you made me look at my own shit, when I expelled the pulpy red mass mixed with darker brown lumps.

And I know how you’ll do it when you shit on me — you’ve described it many times while I gave you head or while you fucked me. I’ll be laying down, and you’ll kneel over me, your knees outside my arms, pinning them in place. You’ll start by playing with my cock while I watch your mysterious dark hole twitch and pucker. You’ll have to piss as well, and you’ll aim it at my cock, which will be getting hard. You’ll use that slickness to jerk me off while you relax your sphincter and begin to shit on me, letting it drop and splatter onto my chest. And you’ll shit out more, turd after turd plopping onto me, because I know that once I let you do this, you’ll save up as big a load as possible.

The smell will hit me, and I’ll feel that dizzy moment I’ve felt every time you’ve introduced me to a new sensation. Or maybe I’ll feel intoxicated, for as you finish pushing out the last of your shit you’ll be pumping my cock with a vengeance. And as you finish shitting on me, I’ll lean back my head, closing my eyes, feeling the warmth that you’ve dropped onto me, and smelling your harsh aroma — all until your expert hands make me come, my seed bursting onto both of our bodies.

And then the part that casino firmaları I know you anticipate the most, and me the least. You’ll shuffle back a bit, moving your ass toward my face. And I’ll open my eyes to see your butt hovering over me. I’ll tilt my head forward.

I’ll pause for a moment, just to give you a chance to savor the thrill of anticipation. And I’ll be looking at your shitty asshole from close-up, and your pungent odor will be even closer now, surrounding me like a blanket.

And then I’ll lean forward, darting out my tongue — and I will lick your asshole clean. Whatever remnants that are sticking to the crack of your ass will be a special gift, one that you’ve wanted me to have for so long. With slow, broad strokes, I’ll collect them all, and swallow each one.

I don’t know what that will taste like — and to tell the honest truth I think it will taste foul — but I know that this is what you want me to do. You want my mouth to be your toilet paper. So I will lick your shitty asshole. And then lick it again, now polishing the area.

Soon your asshole will be incredibly clean, but I’ll keep licking. I’ll use all the experience I’ve gained from rimming you to give your asshole the most incredible tongue-lashing I can muster. And as you reach back and pry your asscheeks apart, I’ll even push my tongue into your anus as far as it will go, passionately french-kissing your puckered rosebud in case there was any more inside of you. Knowing how much you savor the feel of my tongue on your asshole, I’ll keep güvenilir casino this up while you jerk off, tonguing your asshole until you come and your semen joins mine, sprayed on our bodies.

I even suspect how you want it to end, even though you’ve never described it to me. You’ll lift yourself up a little and move forward, until your pretty ass is above the pile of shit on my chest. Then, slowly, you’ll lower yourself until your body touches mine, your shit smearing between us, across my chest and your ass.

And then you’ll get up, but only enough to turn around and lower yourself onto me again, this time chest to chest, belly to belly. Your shit will spread between us, and as you rub your body against mine, it will be smudged over an even-wider area.

You’ll lean forward to kiss me, to kiss the mouth that just licked your shitty asshole. And I’ll feel that familiar tingle of excitement that I get from giving you pleasure, and the little electric current from our bodies touching tongue to tongue, belly to belly, and cock to cock.

And then you’ll get up, helping me to my feet. Hand in hand, we’ll walk over to the shower. When the water is as warm as our bodies, we’ll step in. And with care and slowness and tenderness, we’ll clean each other. This will take a lot of soaping and rubbing, and we’ll go very slowly, taking our time. So it wouldn’t surprise me if soon enough, our cocks would begin to awaken, and we would have to spend time slowly and carefully rubbing and cleaning those too. And maybe the shower will end with us making love, as you slowly but forcefully fuck me, with no rush to interrupt our warmth and closeness.

I know that all of this is what you want — and I want so much to make your fantasy to come true. Lover — come here and get started!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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