First Time and Caught!

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This story involves many parts of my wife’ s and my fantasies that I took into my own hands recently. A little about us, Tina and I have been together for over 10 years. We consider out life to be of the normal working couple with two wonderful kids. Tina, while only five feet tall, has a personality that is bigger than life, as is her sex drive! Being of native American descent, Tina has dark features, deep brown eyes, and long, thick darn brown hair. Tina has a wonderful hot pussy, and gorgeous round ass that is wonderfully tight!

I am the average looking guy with average looks, how I landed Tina I don’t know! Just the sight of Tina makes my cock grow to its full rock hard length of seven inches. I stand six feet one inch tall and have light brown hair and eyes.

So one night while playing with each other, I told Tina of one of my fantasies. I have jacked off many times and really wanted to be with another man. Her reaction was not what I expected, just the opposite as we had some amazingly hot sex that night. Tina seemed to really get into the idea of another man in our sex life. She would ask if I wanted to suck cock, and my reply of yes resulted in a deep guttural moan and an orgasm that nearly squeezed the life out of my cock. But what was strange nothing was said after that night. I didn’t bring the subject up because Tina did not mention it either. As life would have things, time slipped away and we did not speak of it again.

As time went on, my desire grew, and I still jerked off to thoughts of my wife, but the thoughts would also include another man. The desire grew and I soon found myself on the Internet, looking for gay or bi sites and like minded men in my area. I chatted with some but was disappointed with many fakes and weirdos.

Tina had announced that she wanted to go see relatives, and leave first light Saturday morning, and would be back late Sunday. So as I left for work she and the kids loaded up, and was off for the weekend. That Saturday was very hot, and I decided to quit work early and go home and relax some. I started with a shower, then lounged in my favorite chair in our bedroom naked as became quite horny. Soon my hand was stroking my cock, teasing myself with short strokes to the sensitive underside of my purplish head. My other hand wondered south, and slid past my balls and I planted my middle finger at the entrance to my ass. I had gotten very good at teasing my self like this and could stretch the feeling out for what seemed like an eternity.

At times I would get the glass dildo we had bought for Tina, as she loved ass play, and used it for my own ass play! Deciding that this afternoon was on of those times, I got the glass toy of the the bag of tricks we had, along with some lube. I tried something new this time, I positioned the toy upright on the bed and knelt next to it as if it were a real cock with a real guy. I licked the length the shaft, first with the tip of my tongue on the up stroke, swirled the head like it was an ice cream cone. I had my eyes closed and imagined looking up as I sucked this toy cock into my mouth, to see the guys eyes roll back as he moaned. I got used to the sized and length of the glass dildo, and soon was feeling it deep in my throat, Bobbing up and down on it, sucking and licking it faster and faster. I soon realized that my cock was casino şirketleri twitching with hardness. I pulled the toy out of my mouth and while still on all fours, I reached over my back with my left hand and put the head of it to my ass, and pushed hard. It popped in on the first try, and I was now looking up between my legs as my cock bouncing around as I fucked my own ass.

Thinking of how it would feel to have a guys hands on my hips, and another man’s balls slapping against me as he gave me a good pounding. I was so hot, saying under my fast breath things like, “come on fuck my ass, pound me, fuck me and cum in me. I was lost in my fantasy. With the toy making full length strokes in and out of my ass, I started to stroke my cock with the other and lost control within seconds. I must have slammed the toy home deep into my ass just as I came, because I was shuddering with ecstasy. My cock felt twice its normal size and I felt my ass expanding and contracting around the glass toy that invaded it. I stayed in that position, with my ass high in the air, until I finally rolled over and dozed off to sleep.

I woke later to a growling stomach and smile on my face. I had really let go of myself and thoroughly enjoyed it. Getting off the bed, and nearly stumbling as my legs regained their strength, I headed off to the shower again. A good hot shower, with a smile still on my face, I dressed, I left the house to find something to eat. I didn’t feel like the normal places that Tina and I frequented so I drove and came upon a nice bar. I found the end of the bar and ordered a drink and looked at the menu.

The place seemed nice and was busy for a early Saturday evening. The stool next to me was open and I was enjoying the music watching the flow of people coming and going. Soon the stool was taken by a nice looking guy about my age and we struck up a conversation. He was new in town and couldn’t stand being at his place another night by himself. Eric was his name and I introduced myself as Dan. It turns out he and I do similar work, and we spoke for a long time. I invited him back to the house to play some pool and more drinks.

Arriving at the house, I showed him around, and when Eric saw the pool in the back yard, he asked if he could take a dip. I said sure and went into the bedroom to retrieve some swim shorts for him. I did not realized that he was right behind me. I found a pair of shorts and turned to go out of the room to find Eric in his boxers! I tried not to let my eyes stare but I kept looking down at his package then back up to his face. I kept looking up and down his body. He was on the average side of athletic like myself, with less hair. I was now staring at his package as was surprised to see the head of his cock slide out though the boxers. Eric asked if I was going to join him for a swim, and I could not come up with words but just nodded yes. I watched as Eric pushed his boxers to the floor, but I just stood motionless. I regained myself and was undressing and now I caught him stealing glances at my package. I did try to hide my growing cock as I turned away from Eric.

I grabbed another pair of shorts from the dresser, and as I leaned down to step into them I felt a presence behind me. Turning quickly, I was met with Eric up close to my face. He looked down to see my cock pointing straight at his casino firmaları cock as if ready to duel. He reached up with his left hand and pulled my face to his and our mouths locked together. I body went rigid for a second then as his tongue entered my mouth and started to dance with mine, I started to melt. His hand kept me in the same position, but I did not want to move. I pulled back to catch my breath and Eric now had both hands on my shoulders and mine were on his hips. I looked at him and knew that he wanted me to sink to my knees.

I bent down some and dragged my tongue across his chest to his left nipple. I circled it with my tongue then covered it with my whole mouth and sucked hard. Eric let out a moan and whispered, yes! I trailed my right hand down his leg and stared back up the inside. I was shaking with nerves and desire. I felt his sack, his balls felt bigger than mine, and very heavy. I moved my hand to one side of his crotch to motion him to spread his legs some and he complied. I then slide my tongue to his other nipple not wanting to let it go with some attention. I continue to bring my hand up and now had his cock in the palm of my hand. this was all new to me and so thrilling. I felt his heat and weight of his pulsing cock. I rubbed the end of his cock with my thumb and Eric moaned again.

I started to bend my knees and wrapped my hand around his cock. I let go of Eric’s nipple and licked and sucked my way south toward his cock. I knew what I wanted. I wanted to feel this man’s cock in my mouth, to feel it grow, and heat up in my mouth. I wanted him to feed me his cock and then fuck my mouth with it. But Eric stopped my progress and guided us to the bed. I followed his movements and we got into a sixty nine. I was trying to savor the moment, the first cock to enter my mouth.

My head was spinning, and I was actually salivating. I started with the tip of his head and lick the hole, which brought out some precum. As I licked the precum, I started to suck more of his head into my mouth. As I got more of his cock into my mouth, the easier it was and soon his cock was pushing against my tonsils. I slowly came up from the base and used a lot of saliva to get his cock nice and wet. Soon I was bobbing up and down on his knob like a pro. I would use suction for a while then press my tongue against the underside of cock. I held the base to hold Eric’s cock up, and swirled my tongue around the underside of the head.

I was getting just as good as I was getting, as I started to rock on top of Eric’s chest back and forth. Each thrust would pull his cock out of my mouth but shove it deep down his throat. The reverse happened as he thrust me forward onto his cock. I started to get daring, and moved my right hand down in between his ball sack and Eric’s inner leg. That must have been a signal to Eric, as he spread his legs wide apart. That gave me a great view of his ass as it flexed open then closed. I pulled Eric’s cock out of my mouth long enough to wet my index finger and slide his cock right back in the my hot mouth.

I was not sure of my next move but I gently placed the wet finger at his ass and moved it around in light circles. Eric responded with a cock that swelled even more in my mouth. Eric took his mouth off my cock and started to say something under his hard panting. As I continued teasing güvenilir casino his ass with my finger I didn’t miss a beat with my mouth. Still bobbing up and down sucking and licking like a person gone cock crazy. I kept the circles up but applied pressure and worked the tip of my finger into his ass.

Eric stopped me by putting his hand on my shoulder and pulling up to him. I slide off his body and turn to be face to face with him. My cock was aching and throbbing from his oral attention. Eric looked straight at me and as told me bluntly that he wanted to fuck my ass and blow his load deep into me. I was shocked but my cock betrayed me by bouncing even more and now was on his leg. Eric reached down and gave it a good squeeze and told me not to touch it and not to move. It was odd that he had control of me, but I was willing also. Eric got off the bed and stood beside it and reached for my legs. Pulling me towards him and up so that my ass was wide open and I supported my back with my arms underneath. Eric spread my legs and held them wide as he dipped his head and stuck out his tongue and stabbed my ass with it.

It felt so hot and wet and so nasty. I looked at him and saw only the top of his head and felt his hot breath on my ass. His nose buried in the hair of my ball sack. With some effort he opened up my ass and drove in his tongue. I knew what he was doing and I was all for it. I steadied myself with one had and searched the pillows for the lube I had used earlier. Finding it I told Eric to use it as I wanted something bigger than his tongue up my ass and that I wanted it now.

Eric opened the lube and put a generous amount on my asshole and the surrounding area, and some on my cock. I still held myself up for him, but Eric took control of my legs again, and lowered my ass to the bed and then bent my legs back to my chest to expose my pucker hole to him. I wrapped my arms around my legs and he guided his cock to my asshole. It felt so big and hot, and with steady pressure I soon felt a slight pop and Eric announced that I had take the head of his cock up my ass. It was not painful, but I guess that was partly due to my earlier activities with the glass toy. With in moments I felt his hairy sack rest against me and I felt the whole length of this man’s cock deep in my ass.

I felt so full and hot and nasty. I gripped by tightening my asshole around his shaft as he began to pull out. I didn’t want the pleasure to end, but Eric pulled out only about half way and then sank his cock deep again. I tried to lean up and watch but Eric said that I need to just stay there and take his cock. He began a good rhythm of pounding his hard cock deep into me and feeling his balls, and hearing them slap against my ass was a huge turn on. The feeling of my ass being stretched then the fullness of his cock in my canal was amazing.

I was really into his fucking, and urging him on by saying things like fuck me, don’t stop, pound me use my ass to make yourself cum, make me sore tomorrow. I was breathing so heavy and lost in this daze of ecstasy that I must have just about cut off Eric’s cock when I saw movement in the corner of my eye. Turning to see Tina at the door way. I froze. That didn’t bother Eric as he kept pounding my ass. Looking at her face I could read many expressions, but looking down her body to see her shorts unbuttoned and her right hand inside her thongs, I knew this scene she was looking at turned her on!


Please be kind with comments, as this is my first story. I hope you like it, and maybe I will continue the story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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