First Time I Finger Fucked Jade(My Brothers Fiancé

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First Time I Finger Fucked Jade(My Brothers Fiancé
Thing’s continued to be hot and heavy,between Jade & I,we would constantly feel each other,grope each other,latch on to each other,when the chance presented its self,we would be constantly feeling each other’s body’s,even if we went out into public places.

Jade & I,would grope each other,which would mean i would always be walking around with a semi half the time because I was constantly feeling felt up by her.

So to carry on with the story,I was starting to spend a bit more time over Jade’s house,I would help with the cleaning & the k**s,or just chill out,so one of those days,Jade & I was downstairs with the k**s watching some tv,it bit of a boring day.

Nothing to do,was not really sunny,and pretty cold,so Jade sat in the corner of the couch,with a blanket over her,the k**s eyes glued to the tv watching some cartoons,in their own little world,whatever made them happy and quiet at least.

As usual my hand found its way to Jade,I started to rub her mound through her PJ’s,it was a pretty thick material so couldn’t really feel much of what i wanted to feel,so I started to work my way up to her wait band,making canlı kaçak bahis sure the little ones around us were still in their little world.

I slid my hand,under her waste band,and on top of her panties, this time I had a better feel,the heat was immense,but lo and behold Jade still had a little padding,Jade looked up at me and told me that she was on that day,but I was willing to risk it,and slid my hand under her knickers,to feel those nice thick fleshy,meaty,vaginal lips of hers.

Now Jade was starting to get turned on by this point,I could see the cute little bottom lip bite that she always done when she started to get excited or turned on,her pussy was getting so moist,my cock was getting so hard,but of course,we was unable to have sex that day.

I continued to work my fingers around her outer lips,in a circler motion,feeling her fleshy folds,move with my fingers,I really wanted to fuck her so bad there and then,she would later tell me if I had got behind her,with how horny she felt she would of let me fuck her there and then.

As I continued to swirl my finger,I started inching it a little deeper,first there was one finger,I stuck it in as perabet giriş deep as I could,I started motioning my finger as if I was telling someone to come here, I just wanted Jade to “Cum here” where we was laying,there and then.

Jade’s breathing was getting a bit more heavier now,her lip biting continued, I continued to finger fuck Jade with my one index finger,then proceeded to introduce another finger,now Jade was really starting to get into it,I made the same motion with both fingers impaling Jade knuckle deep.

I started off slowly,getting into a rhythm,watching my surroundings as well as reading Jade’s body signs,to see how she was reacting to the finger fucking I was given her under the blanket, I started to speed up,and as I got faster,Jade got wetter,and her breathing got heavier.

That was my alert,she was going to cum soon,so I continued pushing my fingers deep inside of her pussy,feeling her soft juicy insides,pushing my fingers up against her pussy wall,until she hit that point of no return,her teeth latched on to the blanket to make sure she stayed in silence.

Her hand gripped on to mine to make sure I could no longer finger tipobet fuck her,as she started to orgasm ,my hand was soaking,as were the panties she was wearing.

This was the first time I finger fucked her,the second time was a quick finger fuck,she was upstairs getting changed,k**s downstairs with my mother,i went up to go to the bathroom,then knowing she was just in the bedroom,poked my head inside.

She stood there with her red panties and top on,i walked up to her for our usual embrace and feeling her ass as i thrust my pelvis into her,with her returning the same action feeling my cock bulge push up against her mound,i slide my hand under her panties to feel her ass cheeks.

As I grabbed onto her ass,I let one finger wander,and found her pussy slit,Jade looking at me in the eyes,knowing what i wanted to do,allowed me to move the band of her panties from her crotch,I got down to my knees,then inserted two fingers knuckle deep into her.

Jade then clutched my hair,leaving out a little gasp,ready for the finger fuck I was about to give her,this time I went a bit quicker from the off set,as we had limited time,Jade’s pussy juice was running down my fingers,I continued to finger fuck her as quickly as possible,and within 5 min’s Jade was leaning up against the wall,letting out a little moan,as she again cum for me.

This was the first time,I heard her moan,and it turned me on.

(More stories to come)

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