first time

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first time
i love to chat anytime with you 13:06
hehe sure, do you like to chat about your experiences growing up? 🙂 13:08
yes i do and my first kiss 13:08
yay perfect 🙂 i wonder if we had similar experiences, when did u first start touching urself? 13:10
i was about 7 when i got my first kiss from this girl that was about 10 and when you look at some one that is 10 she was very sexy girl 13:11
that sounds hot, did she touch your cock 13:13
you when come to it i think is when i was with that girl i did not touch my self i know i rub up by he leg and after a bit i felt this wet running down my leg and sticky i did knot know what it was but it felt good 13:14
nice 13:15
i never felt her she gave me nothing 13:15
then when i go a bit older i meet a girl she was hot i must say we kiss and she put her thong bach my mouth god i jump for my life i as her what the hell was that for she said it was a french kiss 13:18
yeah i first touched myself when i was 7 13:20
had a feel of my selfwell after a few week going out we kiss and then i try it on her put my hand on her tit and she slap me one god i as her to stop the she let tuzla escort bayan me rub her nipple after that god then i felt the same wat coming down my leg and i ran home to have a look that was the first time i 13:22
you did did you cum then 13:22
i was about 9 when i first touched my self and never stop 13:23
no coz i didnt know what i was doing so mum showed me how to do it 13:23
but after a long time i got my first blowjob 13:24
your mum show you well that must have been fun 13:24
yeah it was, we were in the bath together and i asked her about it but she said maybe i was too young but i asked her if she could please show me so she played with and rubbed my pussy and it was amazing 13:26
i was out one night and meet this girl and we were talking about first time and she said she would have love to give someone a blowjob so out comes my cock and i got it and i never seen her again 13:26
your a lucky woman 13:27
yeah she was really good, i was very curious after that so i wanted to learn from dad as well 13:28
you know i could stay here all day and night talking about my time but i have to have my dinner it just 1 30 orhanlı escort pm here now but i will put it all on here tonight for you and hope you will have fun reading it 13:29
your dad what did he show you 13:30
i got to learn about his dick and what it does etc and feel it while its soft and then feel it when it gets hard 13:32
I say your dad had a big dick well I sad I add more to this so after I found out what my dick was for out side having a pee the I meet a girl and we were together for a year so I did my best to get her to touch my dick but no way she let me play with her tits but that was how far I got so after a year of tit and a wank every night she was out the gap that her then I was 15 that was a good time I meet this one she was big girl and she was 15 as well and a wild girl the first night we meet I said to my self this is it I am going to feel her pussyfoot off we went for a walk it was dark and cold that night so we found this place were we could stand in and no one could see us we kiss and kiss and my lips were so fucking wet from her every time we kiss my lips got wet so after a hour there I touch her aydınlı escort tit and she let me do it up gos my hand up her jumper and under her bra her nipples were so hard my dick was hard as well then I go so brave down with my hand and I rub her pussy out said her panties then I put my hand inside her panties and felt her pussy it was so hairy I try to find her pussy lips well got there in gos my finger now this was my first time I ever rub a pussy so I was so hard all I want was to take my dick out and put it on top of her panties but she did not want that I ask her to hold it and she did as I was finger her so got wet I thought she pee on my hand I said to my self the fucker piss on my hand but what I did not know it was her juice she had cum on my hand then I just came in her hand she know what cum was but I did not know a girl would cum like that I smell my finger all the way home after I left her and went in to the bathroom and pull my disco so fast god did I shoot my load again we keep meeting for about a year I neve got my dick into her pussy that was one thing she did not want but I was happ 15:29
With all that pussy every night we meet a wank when I got home and a sticky underwear what more did I want 15:30
wow hot 15:36
yeah i learned how to suck it too 15:36
Then I was at home one day my sister friend call in to see her but she was out I was in my room playing music

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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