First Visit to the Salon

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This wasn’t the first time I had looked up at the typical Victorian terrace now situated across the street in the slowly diminishing light of dusk. I’d often driven past, and occasionally walked, wondering if I’d ever have the courage to enter, but also knowing that once that seed had been sewn it was almost inevitable that I would one day be in the situation I now was.

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, as though I just run a fast 400 meters. This time it was just due to pure adrenaline from anticipation mixed with fear or what the next couple of hours may involve. I had finally booked an appointment with one of the mistresses and my personality would not permit me to back out now, the mistresses after all did have a business to run.

Crossing the street I ascended the stairs, hoping no one in passing cars had recognized me. Standing close to the door and not daring to turn around, I pushed the doorbell. There was silence for a few minutes and I briefly considered whether I should take my last chance to turn and leave. The sounds of someone approaching on the other side quickly refocused my attentions, completely blocking out the noise of the passing traffic behind. Everything seemed to move in slow motion, in an almost dream-like, surreal state. The sequence of events that follow in only the next few seconds would normally be of no significance, but their familiarity mixed with intense anticipation, gives them a whole new life: the sounds of someone approaching a door, the small pause as their eye goes to the peephole, checking who is at the door, knowing that they can now see me but I still have no idea what, or who, is behind the door, the hand going to the catch, the slight resistance then creak as the door begins to open…

The shaft of light widened as the door opened, revealing a conservatively appointed entrance foyer.

“Hi, and welcome,” smiled a tall slim lady, dressed all in black. “Do you have an appointment?”

My mouth dry as parchment, I managed to stumble out a few words, wondering if they could be heard over the pounding in my chest. “Yes, …hi., I’m Bill, I had an appointment at 6.00 o’clock.”

“Ah, yes Bill, your mistress has been expecting you, follow me. This is your first time to The Salon isn’t it?”

Wondering whether she knew that from the appointment book or from my obviously nervous demeanor I wasn’t sure, but I managed a stuttered, “ah, ha”.

The room is not quite ready but if you’ll take a seat in the waiting room, your wait wont be long.”

I was lead into a small comfortably furnished waiting room and took a seat in a soft leather couch. Standing almost over me, forcing me to look up steeply, the “receptionist” asked if I would like a drink. Having more time to focus on my surroundings I slowly raised my eyes from their vague focus on the floor to meet hers. Her knee length boots gave way to coarse fishnet stockings. Her lithe body was covered in a skin-tight leather corset, high cut over her thighs, accentuating the mound of her pubes, her breasts trussed to reveal a deep cleavage, which from my lowly position, served to frame her face, with it’s pale complexion, and bright ruby lips.

“Thankyou, just a large glass of water would be fine.”

She turned and left me alone.

On the small table in front of me were numerous magazines all obviously devoted to the subject of bondage and domination. Although placed there to be read I was too nervous to pick one up in case I was caught looking at them.

I jumped slightly as I noticed the receptionist standing in the doorway with my drink in one hand. How long had she been there, watching me pondering the magazines in front of me?

“If you will follow me, Bill, your room is ready, and your mistress is preparing herself. I must say, she seems in a particularly playful mood today.”

I followed the leather-clad bottom up the stairs, my face only inches from her cheeks. I inhaled deeply, trying to focus on the scent of the leather mixed with her own delicate body odor. At the top of the stairs we entered a short passage then stopped outside a solid looking door.

“Mistress will be here in precisely ten minutes. Inside you will find a towel and other items necessary to ensure that you are completely clean for mistress, both inside and out. I suggest you use them. When you are ready assume the knees/elbow position on the floor in front of the mirror. Your head should be in your hands, and of course you should be fully exposed for your mistresses inspection.”

I entered the room alone. This was my first view of a dungeon, although the room was strangely familiar from images seen on the net and those from my own dreams and fantasies. I knew time was precious as my mistress would soon be here. I moved to the small en-suite where I found a towel placed on a stool beside a toilet and shower. Neatly placed in the middle of the towel so that it couldn’t be missed was a small plastic tube with casino şirketleri a nozzle at the end. Suspecting what it was, I picked up and read the instruction sheet.How to use:


2. With steady pressure, gently insert enema tip into rectum with a slight side-to-side movement, with tip pointing toward navel. Insertion may be easier if person receiving enema bears down, as if having a bowel movement. This helps relax the muscles around the anus.

3. Do not force the enema tip into the rectum as this may cause injury.

4. Squeeze bottle until nearly all the liquid is gone. It is not necessary to empty the bottle completely, as it contains more liquid than needed.

5. Remove Comfortip from rectum and maintain position until urge to evacuate is strong (usually 2 to 5 minutes).
Having had no experience in such things before I undressed and took the cap of the nozzle. I was pleased to see that it was pre-lubricated. Placing one foot on the stool, I fumbled around, eventually slipping the full length of the nozzle into my rectum. This was a new and interesting sensation, but I knew I had no time to savor it. Squeezing the tube I felt a strange liquid sensation, but no discomfort. I removed the enema, throwing it in the bin.

Not knowing, how long things would take, I quickly jumped in the shower. After just a minute or two I felt a growling in my bowels. I clenched my anus and the sensation passed. Shortly after a stronger sensation forced me from the shower, and onto the toilet. A minute later I was ready for whatever my mistress was to administer. A further few minutes in the shower, out and dry, I re-entered the dungeon.

Realizing I had the towel wrapped around me, which was not as instructed, I returned it to the bathroom, and on returning to the dungeon began to understand the vulnerability associated with being naked, particularly in a strange environment that is both threatening and erotic at the same time.

My time was nearly up, so I moved to the mirror, which was opposite the main door to the room. I briefly looked around the walls, “decorated” with various implements, some I could see a use for, others I could only guess. Kneeling down on the floor on my elbows and knees, I realized that my buttocks and dangling genitalia were fully exposed to the doorway through which the mistress would soon come. I found this exposure somewhat embarrassing but at the same time quite erotic. Between my legs I could see my semi erect cock, my testicles dangling either side. A noise beyond this forced me to focus on the door, as it swung open. From my position all I could see were two long shapely legs, striding into the room, the heels of the thigh length boots announcing the arrival of the mistress.

The door closed with a thud as the boots crossed the room towards me, passing out of my field of vision to one side before reappearing, only to disappear on the other. I tried to follow but my field of view between my legs was too restricted. That was my first mistake!

“whack.” I felt a sting as a crop came down on the exposed cheek of my buttock.

“Eyes forward slave.” I obeyed, burying my face in my hands. There was no real pain in the blow but the unexpected nature of it quickly reminded me of what I had “signed up” for.

“There are only a few responses you need to remember, slave. One, “yes mistress”; two, “no mistress”; three, “Thankyou mistress”; and finally, “sorry mistress. It would be wise not to have to use that last one too often.”

“Yes mistress,” I respectfully replied.

“Good, slave.”

I could sense her standing behind me; almost feel the warmth of her body. “Spread your legs slave.” I parted my knees, feeling more exposed than ever. I flinched as I felt the crop trace across my buttocks. It moved down over my anus and onto my scrotum, pushing in the midline separating my testicles, the soft leather tip teasing the shaft of my penis.

“I get pleasure from many things slave. If you please me you will be rewarded, and allowed to pleasure me. If you misbehave you will be punished, and that will certainly give me pleasure.” As she was giving me my instruction, I felt a collar being attached to my neck; a rattle let me know that a chain was being attached to the collar. “To your knees slave.” As I raised myself, I kept my eyes down, not wanting to incur my mistress’s wrath. As I did she moved forward in front of me making it impossible to rise higher than buttocks on heals. This bought my nose to the level of mistress’s groin. I inhaled deeply but quietly, trying to get a taste of her special odor. Through my downcast eyes I could see the skintight latex covering her pubic mound. “You’d like some of that wouldn’t you slave. You’ve earned no favors yet.” She pushed forward all but knocking me over, and causing me to put my hands behind me to save myself from falling. Mistress stepped forward casino firmaları again forcing me to stay in a frontally exposed position, laid bare in front of my mistress.

“I didn’t give you permission to do that!”

“Sorry mistress.” I tried to sit forward but with her legs now either side of my hips; I couldn’t straighten without pushing her backwards. That was not an option.

“What’s this we have here?” My cock at this point was pointing directly at my navel. Mistress took a small step backwards, just to increase my naked exposure. Using her crop she used the soft leather end to gently tease up one side, across the sensitive end, and down the other side. “A word of warning slave, do not lose control of this, I have plans for it!”

“Yes, mistress,” was all I was allowed, and required, to say. Stepping back she used the chain to pull me forward and up so that my thighs were now vertical. “I will have to restrain those hands though.” Tightly fastening leather bands to my wrists, which were then shackled to my collar, my mistress roughly placed her booted foot between my legs. Placing the crop under my chin she raised my head to be level with her navel then further backwards so that my eyes looked to her breasts and face beyond. Her breast were barely contained by her outfit, and only prevented from bursting forth by four straps coming over her shoulders. I felt her fingers gently stroking my left nipple, teasing it erect, as she smiled down at me. The pressure gradually increased until still looking up at her, I flinched. This resulted in a quick but sharp squeeze, and a stern expression appeared on mistress’s face. “I do not like being frowned at! I was about to reward you by releasing one of my top straps, but clearly that will have to wait. Now on your feet! And keep your eyes forward.” She moved off to the side, and I dared not avert my gaze from straight ahead to see what she was doing. I could hear “implements” being taken from the walls, then the footsteps of her return. Slinking behind me, her body glancing across my own, she came to stand behind me, pressing against me, tempting me to step forward to save myself from falling, thereby disobeying her again. Her hand slipped between my legs, grabbing the now semi-flaccid shaft of my penis. I’d softened due to the concentration of not falling forward. She dragged my cock and scrotum back between my legs. “That’s a good girl, maybe I should stuff this in here?” Her gloved hand pressed against my anus. “No, I think I want to be the first to fuck this one. Have you ever been fucked slave?’

“No, mistress.”

“Ah, a virgin arse, I am going to enjoy this. If you’re very good I promise to be gentle.” She let my cock loose, just before it felt it would snap off. It sprang back between my legs, slapping against my abdomen. As mistress moved back in front of me, I saw that she had released two of the straps holding her top up. Catching my eyes diverting to her breasts, she moved up close to me so that I could feel her breath on my face. “Like that do you slave? Why don’t I just release my breasts for you to worship? You’d like that wouldn’t you!” It was a statement not a question, but I replied, “yes, mistress.”

“O.K. slave, but before I do there’s one further thing we need.” Reaching up to my face she applied a blindfold, completely obscuring my view. I could hear the soft noises of clothes being removed, then felt the slightest touch of that I can only assume were nipples tracing matching tracks own either side of my chest, closely followed by a hot breath in the middle of my chest. I felt warm skin brush over my now achingly hard cock. “Ah, what do we have here?” mistress breathed onto my shaft. “A play thing, just for me.” I felt a cord pass over the base of my cock, then my balls elevated as the same cord was passed under the sac, before being tightened. That’s to make sure you don’t go soft on me slave. You won’t do that will you?”

“No mistress.” I felt her gloved hand give my cock a few gentle strokes, and had to concentrate just to make sure I didn’t come right then. This must have been obvious to mistress as she paused and squeezed my testicles firmly. “Don’t disappoint me now, slave.” With one final tweak, her hand moved away from my cock. Listening carefully I tried to anticipate what was to happen next.

Suddenly I felt mistress close behind me, her naked breasts pressing against my back. Her arms reached around, and suddenly I felt cold ice briefly applied to my nipples. Each time the ice was applied it stayed a little longer. Mistress meanwhile was whispering encouraging words in my ear, her hot breath mixed with the occasional flick of her moist tongue. One hand then moved down my body and I felt the fist cold drip land on my glans. The ice then stroked up and down my shaft, circling the head, occasionally her hand would grasp the entire shaft, giving it a few quick strokes, and continuing to whisper encouragement, and urging me not to come. güvenilir casino For the next few minutes she continued to apply ice mixed with a firm hand to my cock and scrotum. Finally, she stopped, and for a moment all was quiet.

“Well done, slave. You have earned a reward.” I wondered what this reward might be. Would she allow me a taste of her breasts, would I feel the full length of her nakedness? “Slave, I am going to give you the privilege of being a training tool for one of our novices.” This was not what I expected, but I was, literally, in no position to discuss the issues, “Thankyou, mistress.”

“To ensure you behave however you do need a little more restraining.” Within a few minutes, my legs had been forced apart by spreaders, and my hands were fastened outstretched above my head to the roof. This was the way a stranger was going to find/see me, and as the blindfold was still in place, I was not going to see her.

There was a soft knock at the door followed by the firm voice of my mistress summoning the novice. I heard the door open and then close again. A series of instructions were given to the novice, referring to me, and what they were going to do to me, as though I wasn’t there. Firm instruction was given that I wasn’t to come, as that was mistress’s pleasure. I heard and felt my mistress’s soft warm voice in my ear, telling me to be brave, as the novice was very inexperienced, and was bound to make some mistakes. She also told me that she was wearing nothing but a pair of panties, as it would be inappropriate for her to wear more than her mistress, but completely appropriate for her to be wearing more than a slave.

For the next fifteen minutes they teased and tortured my genitals, at times inflicting mild pain, and at times I had to fight back ejaculation. The feeling or pairs of breasts pressed against my front and back, distracted me from the ache in my now long restrained cock.

“Continue the ministrations while I prepare for the next part of your education, novice.” Mistress moved away, but as she did so the novice, who had recently released my cock from bondage, pressed up against me and whispered in my ear while taking my cock in her hand.

“Wouldn’t you like to come all over my tits?” Her hand ran up and down the length. “Come on honey, the punishment won’t be too severe, I’m sure.” She continued to masturbate me, and I knew I couldn’t take much more. I did my best to resist, but when I felt the cloth of her panties press against my shaft I lost control. Knowing what was about to happen, the novice dropped down, but continued to milk my cock over her tits, while squeezing my testicles and scratching the skin between my balls an anus, with the skill of a seasoned professional.

I knew I was in trouble. The novice gave a small giggle, as she backed away and gave a somewhat louder, “Oops.”

“What’s this!” came the cold voice of my mistress. “You were both given strict instructions. You will both suffer for this. Slave, I was going to be gentle when I fucked you, but now I can see I’ll have to use my large cock to milk something further out of your prostate. Novice, all toilet privileges are revoked! Now scoop that mess into that container. I may need it later. Leave the right breast as it is. I want to see slave clean up at least some of his own mess.”

I was then then taken down and laid on my back. My legs were still separated at the ankles, but my knees were bent, giving access to my genitals and anus. My arms were still restrained above my head, leaving me helpless, and with nothing to do but await my fate.

“What should I do with this?” asked mistress, presumably showing her a container with some of my ejaculate in it. “Leave it over there, I may need it to lubricate my cock with later. Now have the slave clean that other breast. And slave, make sure you do a good job.” I felt a presence above me as a nipple pressed onto my lips. I opened my lips accepting it into my mouth. It tasted strangely salty, and I realized I was tasting my own come. I now had the dilemma of wanting desperately to suckle of the novice’s breast, but at the cost of having to taste my own come. The feel of the sweet nipple won out, as I followed my mistress’s instructions intently.

‘Now see this, novice.” A gloved hand grasped my semi erect cock. “If you feed a slave his own seed it usually blossoms again quite quickly. Now come and watch this.” I felt the novice crawl down over me, to what was effectively a 69 position. As her crotch reached the level of my face, I could smell clearly the distinctive odor of the juices she had leaked into her panties. Obviously she had enjoyed her training today. “This is a virgin anus.” A hand, I’m not sure whose, pulled my scrotum up to give a better view. What followed next was an instruction session on how to properly lube an anus before invading it. The novice would occasionally sit up straight to listen to the mistress, and every time she did her (now moist) panty-clad vulva would press down on my nose and mouth. My only consolation was that if I was to suffocate this was certainly the way to go. The smell and taste lingered when she rose, and I had no way of removing it, not that I wanted to.

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