First Weekend Alone with Marlon

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It’s been a few weeks now that Marlon has joined Amanda and I in the sack…and by joined I mean completely taken over. From that first night where Amanda had become completely enamored with his large black cock as well as watched me succumb to it too, our sex life had revolved around him. We barely fucked or fooled around anymore except for a few times where she had taken me with her strap on, apparently a thick black dick sliding into my ass turns her on more than anything to the point where it’s all she craves! I have to say I didn’t mind either, Marlon had such a high sex drive the three of us spent just about all weekend every weekend fucking, sucking, and cumming and more than a few weekdays! His cock was never soft! Since that first night that he opened Amanda’s eyes to needing big black cock in her life and making me realize that too, I’d become a lot more adept at handling his large phallus. Everything from sucking him, riding him, and just taking a pounding had gotten so much easier I impressed myself!

I am a white guy, mid 20’s, about 6 foot, 190, athletic build with a nice ass from squatting a lot and a 6” cock. Not small by any means, but tiny next to Marlon! He stood 6’4”, former college football player he was a thick, muscle bound 230, and while I haven’t measured it yet, next to mine and just by eyesight, his cock was at least 9” and twice as thick as mine! And I’m not a pencil dick either!

However, Amanda was going away this weekend to visit her family and as much as I’d like to say I’d miss her, I think I was missing Marlon dropping by to fuck us senseless more! Luckily while we were closing early Saturday afternoon, Marlon and I wound up alone out back.

“Hey I know my white ho is out of town, but I still gotta get it, ya know? So I’ll be coming over later.”

He said, almost commanding in that deep powerful voice of his!

Not going to lie, it sent shivers down my spine, ass, and along my cock!

“Oh ok, are you sure? I thought you wouldn’t since Amanda’s gone?”

“Haha well I know you love this cock and I love that white ass so I’m gonna get mine! What’s a matter? Afraid you can’t handle me all to yourself?”

He asked flashing his big smile at me.

“Haha well I think you’ll give it to me anyway, so bring it on!”

I teased feeling so girly flirting like this, but immediately not feeling as silly when he grabbed my ass tight as he walked past inside.

I swear I was hard the rest of the day, but finally we left and I went home, showered and slipped into some sweatpants and a t shirt, something easy for him to remove I guess! I hung out and drank a couple glasses of red wine before I finally heard him knock. I popped up and almost ran to the door, opening it and letting him and the cold air inside! He came in, stomping the snow off his boots and shaking himself before muttering:

“God damn I need some ass real quick to warm me up!”

I turned and walked a couple steps into my living room and turned, arching my back, “Will this ass do?” I said smiling.

He walked up behind me and smacked my ass, “mmm you know I love that big white ass!” he said as he flashed his big smile again.

He dropped his big coat, scarf, and gloves to the ground and I walked right up to him, letting him wrap his arms around me and casino şirketleri bend his head down to kiss me deeply. He moaned deeply into my mouth while his tongue penetrated my lips and I moaned back, albeit a little more higher pitched. I felt his big strong arms wrap around me, his large fingers drifting along my lower back, down my ass cheeks, gently roaming my crack, before laying his palm down and gripping my ass, bringing me up to my tip toes!

We broke our kiss for a second as I lifted my shirt up and over my head, making him bring his fingers up to trace around my nipples, making them hard. He licked his fingers and pinched my nipples again making me gasp as I hooked my thumbs around my waistband and dropped my shorts and underwear to the ground, my white cock hard as a rock, pointing straight out. Something was so undeniably sexy about being completely naked and at the whim of his big black hands while he was still dressed!

I stepped back into him, my hands on his big bulge and moaned in between some more kisses that I can’t wait to suck his big black cock, giving his bulge a squeeze every word I emphasized. He walked me back to the couch and guided me to sit down before standing right in front of me, I put my hands on his big thighs as I undid his belt and jeans, dropping them as his big black cock hung there, inches from my face! He took them off, but kept his boots on, so fucking hot!

Before putting his hands through my hair, “Get to work baby.”

He groaned as I reached up and gripped his semi hard cock, still so fucking thick and heavy I lifted it and teased his tip with my tongue. Gently tickling the tip before starting to swirl around him, one hand reaching down to cradle his balls as he got harder and harder and his cock stood up for me. I moaned, vibrating my lips around his head before diving down, down, down as far as I could go to start, his thick dick poking the back of my throat. I came up for a quick breath before choking myself on him again.

“Fuck I love the way you work slut, you love that big black cock, don’t you?”

“Fuck yes Daddy I love your big black cock!”

I moaned up to him as I started to suck and blow him harder and faster, looking up to maintain eye contact. I run my hands up and down his thighs, over his big strong abs, around his balls, before jerking him off too as I sucked.

I pulled off him for two seconds gasping for air and I guess he could his chance to push me on my back on the couch, turn to like a 69 position, but instead he just picked me up! I found myself face to face with his big cock hung upside down so I reached out and grabbed him so I could orient myself while my legs were around his neck and shoulders and then I found out why he had done this as I felt his big tongue push between my cheeks and circle my hole!

“Oohhhhh fuck yes!” I moaned out in appreciation.

“Relax slut, let me in.”

He commanded and I did, only to feel his tongue push right into me, his wet tongue making me shake almost as I went back to sucking him upside down! We went at it like this for a couple minutes, his cock dripping with my saliva and my ass wet as Amanda’s pussy after he fucks her before he let me down to the ground gently. Marlon stepped in and kissed me, walking me backwards til I was at the edge casino firmaları of the couch, then turned me around and I knew it was time for me to give my ass up to him tonight.

His big black cock pressed against my wet hole and crack as I felt one of his strong hands on my hip, the other on my upper back, bending me over the couch arm. I arched and pushed my ass up for him as he ground his dick up and down my crack.

He took the hand off my upper back and gripped his cock, “Time to split that ass wide open bitch boy, hope you ready slut!”

I moaned back, “Fucking give it to me Daddy, I need that big black cock!”

And as I finished saying cock, I felt my eyes bug out as his head popped right in!

“Holy fucking shit Daddy yes!”

I moaned into the couch cushion as he worked it into me, deeper and deeper til his balls were resting on mine. My ass was pretty well accustomed to him by now, but fuck he’s so big it always takes a little while!

I felt his heavy balls drag off of mine as he started to slide in and out of me, his big black cock fully stretched and penetrating my white hole.

“Fuck yes Daddy!” I moaned as he long dicked me, inch by agonizing inch.

Finally after a couple minutes he started to pick up his pace, both hands on my hips he drove from his tip to his balls in and out of me, my ass stretched and begging for him!

“Fuck I love this ass white boy, you such a good slut for me aren’t you?”

He taunted as I moaned under his powerful cock.

“Yes Daddy I’m your good slut!”

He pistoned in and out of me before I felt my legs start to shake a little, fuck no one can make me cum as quick or as hard as Marlon! I thought to myself. I’d grown used to him making me cum hands free just from how well he fucked my hole.

“Fuck you gonna cum already slut? This big dick ain’t stopping for a while, you better be ready to be cumming all night!”

“Make me cum Daddy, make me cum Daddy, oh fuck fuckkk!”

I half moaned/half shouted as I felt my cock pulse and the first shots shoot out and land on my chin and the couch cushion.

“Yeah bitch, cum all over like a good white slut!”

He shouted at me as he grabbed my arms and started to fuck me harder and harder, making me cum turned him onto another gear! I felt my eyes roll back into my head as he started his new onslaught onto my ass.

I felt his large weight lean over my back and his lips next to my ear as he started growling, “Fuck yeah bitch, I can see those eyes in the back of your head, I’m gonna make your bitch ass cum twice where you fucking stand, you hear me slut, mmmhmm! You love this big black dick and you’re gonna cum for it again!”

He kept saying these things and fucking me senseless and before I fucking knew it he was right! My cock was swinging up and down with his strong thrusts and next thing I knew I felt myself squeal, I sounded just like Amanda when she got fucked, and my cock started to spurt again! I couldn’t fucking believe it!

“Damn right!”

He stated proud of his work on my ass as he gripped my thighs and brought them up on the couch so I was in a fetal position curled over on top of the couch arm, He leaned over me and started pumping with more purpose now and I knew he was gonna cum soon. Just as güvenilir casino I started to think that I heard him moan deeply and his cock stretch and expand inside of me before I felt him start to let loose…or more accurately hose my insides down! I swear he cums like a fucking gallon when he first cums!

“Holy fuck that was unbelievable!”

I stammered out when he finally pulled his dripping wet, semi erect cock out of me and I stumbled to my feet.

“Got some more dick for you where that came from!”

He stated as he took a large drink of water and then sat down, his big cock flopping onto his thigh. I sat next to him and he put his arm around me as I leaned against his chest, my fingers tracing his big veins and tip for a few minutes before I could tell he was hardening again. I smiled up at him before dipping my head down and softly sucking him to full mast, his big black cock now standing up proud and leaning against his abs. I softly went up and down on him, playing with his balls too and I could feel his muscles relax. I deep throated him as best as I could in between sucking his head and after about 10 minutes he rewarded me with another spurt after big fucking spurt of his warm cum into my mouth and I swallowed all of it!

I finally let his cock out of my mouth with a big pop and smiled up at him making him laugh.

“Damn you love being my white bitch don’t you?”

“Hell yes Daddy, anything for that big black cock!”

I said leaning in and kissing him. We kissed deeply for a few minutes on the couch before we stood up and he guided me to the bedroom, collapsing on top of me, his big phallic member grinding against my own semi, but tiny cock next to his! Before long he was grinding against me and I could feel he was hard again, as he bit and sucked my nipples, he came up a little to my neck and his legs deftly pushed mine apart and I felt his big black cock enter me again, my ass ready to take him! I moaned deeply as he pushed all the way inside of my white ass!

“Fuck me Daddy!”

I moaned in his ear and I felt his hips start to buck up and down, drawing out long, squeals and moans from me! He always started out by long dicking me until I was begging for him to use all his muscles! Finally he had my legs wrapped up around his torso and his hips flying in the air as he pounded my ass into submission! I grabbed Marlon’s neck and pulled him in to kiss me as I felt my cock release again from his prostate pounding. After I came, we rolled and I wound up on top of him, grinding and riding his cock for all it was worth, which was a lot! His big black hands gripping my thighs, hips, and smacking my ass. I felt him buck up into me which made me hard again and I felt my cock release all over his chest before he groaned that he was going to fill me up again! I surprised him by popping up off his big cock and replacing my ass with my warm, wet mouth and grunted deeply as he fucked my throat, his cum shooting straight into my belly!

I kept him in my mouth til he went to a “soft” state, which was always still pretty big! Before I released his tip, and used my tongue to clean his shaft and his chest before dropping my head onto his shoulder.

“Damn, I love that white ass! Gonna be breeding you forever, you keep this act up!”

He groaned making me smile before we drifted off to sleep.

Per custom I made sure to wake him up the next day by sucking him til he finished in my mouth again, a big black cock like that should never wake up without a warm, white mouth wrapped around it!

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