Fishin’ Trip

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I really didn’t have anything on my mind other than getting hold of a few good size bass this morning. With a little preparation I finally got out early enough that I could easily get my boat in the water and have a chance at some top-water action. The pre-dawn very heavy with fog made me a little nervous pulling the boat and sure enough I came over a small rise and saw the flashing tail lights of a car on the side of the road.

“Well damn”, I said out loud to myself wondering if this was going to keep me from taking advantage of my early start. Slowing down I pulled off the road behind the car, my headlights illuminating the scene and the likely cause of the flashing lights; the right rear tire was flat and slightly shredded. At least a tire change shouldn’t take too much time, and then I was completely blown away.

Just as I was stepping out of my truck the driver side door opened and this absolute sweet-heart of a Latina stepped out into my headlights and flashing emergency lights. What the hell was a young woman doing way out here at four am? Coming home from partying the night before based on how she was dressed. Not quit five foot tall, cute sandal pumps on, equally cute little feet, then up those delicious bare legs to a pair of extremely short tan shorts; the kind with barely room for a one inch zipper. Her blouse was black sleeveless with an elegant plunging neckline that even standing she was showing off her beautiful olive toned cleavage. On top of all of this, she had the face of an angel; big dark eyes, curly dark hair and she was obviously stressed about her situation.

Here I was, old enough to be her dad… no wait… her uncle, and with the thoughts going through my head I could have been thrown in jail on that alone. If this was an example of how my luck was going to run for the day I figured the bass would be just jumping in the boat once I got to the lake.

We introduced each other, she thanked me for stopping, two other vehicles had passed but didn’t even slow down. I was right; she was coming home from a party and had gotten a flat, admitting she may have taken a wrong turn because this road was completely unfamiliar to her. Since she had borrowed the car she had no idea where the spare was or how to get the jack out for that matter. After a little small talk to help calm her down I told her we could have her up and running in no time. I also learned she was nineteen which made me feel a little better about the thoughts running through my mind.

I asked her to open the trunk and she told me she wasn’t sure how to get it open so I moved towards her open driver door to flip the opener and she sort of nervously jumped but it was too late; I had already peered inside to find the latch and noticed sitting on the center console was a little pipe and a small bag of weed. Apparently she wasn’t quit through partying for the evening. I just smiled to myself remembering my younger days and miss-spent youth.

Once the trunk was open I retrieved the tools and the spare and began to change the tire. To my surprise and luck she was very eager to watch and learn how to change out the tire. She more or less squatted just a foot away from me, her legs slightly spread and due to her short shorts I could clearly see the darker area of skin hinting at her pussy. This was going to be one tough tire change especially when she leaned forward to see what I was doing and her breasts almost feel out of her blouse. I had the distinct feeling she knew that she had my interest. We chatted while I changed the tire and found out she had no plans for the day other than kicking back and enjoying a well deserved day off. As I was placing her flat tire in the trunk I half joked that she should just come out to the lake with me since the weather report was for sun and warm temps, it should be a nice day on the water. I was flat assed amazed when she accepted my invitation and really glad she actually followed me to the boat ramp.

I got the boat ready and helped her aboard from the dock. She missed her step just a little and fell toward me pressing her nice full breasts against my chest. She didn’t seem to mind at all that I held her a little longer than necessary to get her safely into the boat. As we idled out of the no wake zone I apologized that I would be trying to do some serious fishing before the sun came up. She surprised me by asking, “Would you mind me entertaining myself a little while you fish?” as she pulled her little pipe and bag from her purse.

“Not at all”, I answered, “but just keep it down in case the parks and wildlife folks are around, they tend to hide out at a distance and watch folks on the lake with binoculars then run up on you if they think you’re breaking the rules.”

She loaded her pipe then gestured towards the deck of the boat, “Will I be out of sight down here?” I just nodded as I set course for my favorite fishing hole. She got on her knees on the deck and bent forward on her elbows which pushed her sweet little ass bahis firmaları in the air and ended up pulling her shorts down just past the top of the crack of her ass. That definitely did not go unnoticed by me and my mind started wondering if I was going to get any fishing done today.

She came back up and exhaled… a huge plume of spent smoke escaping her mouth. Without a word she loaded the pipe again then smiling handed it towards me. “What the hell”, I told her. “Would you mind taking the wheel?” She jumped up into the captain’s chair as she handed me the lighter and I then bent down to the deck to take my hit. I came up and sat where she had been and she acted as though she was going to give me back the wheel but I said, “Naw… you look good up there driving, go ahead if you like. We’re heading right over there around that bend so go ahead and open her up”.

She just smiled huge as she pushed the throttle forward, then instinctively trimmed the motor a bit to bring us full on plane. As I sat there beginning to catch a buzz, nice smoke it was indeed, I just watched as her breasts bounced lightly in her top as we cruised across the lake. By the time we got to the cove I had planned to fish I believe we both had a pretty serious buzz on and my cock was definitely beginning to swell just for having such a hot little woman on board.

Still sitting in the captain’s chair she pulled one leg up on the seat as she loaded her pipe once again telling me she might as well catch a full buzz if I was going to catch fish. I couldn’t help notice the gap her shorts made with her leg up showing off some nice meaty pussy flesh and my cock was hardening thinking of how wonderful it would be to get a chance to taste her succulent pussy. I saw the flash from the lighter and looked up to see she was looking directly at me as I stared at her cunt. She just smiled broadly, took half a hit then handed me the pipe.

“You know”, I said, “you get me stoned and there’s no telling what I might do out here with you all alone in the middle of the lake.”

“Well”, she replied, “I can already see you enjoy looking at my pussy. Care to have a little closer look?”

I couldn’t respond in mid toke but she already knew the answer and unbuckled her belt, unbuttoned her pants and pulled that tiny little zipper down. Taking hold of the edges of her shorts with her thumbs she deftly pulled her shorts down, lifting her ass off the chair and pulling her panties down just a bit with them. She slipped her fingers just inside the crotch of her panties and pulled them to the side giving me a wonderful view of a neatly trimmed snatch with nice pouty pussy lips.

My mouth began to water and my cock was now at full attention straining at my swim shorts. I knew it wouldn’t be long before my cock would begin drooling as well. Exhaling the hit I was catching a little head rush so I asked to see the whole package. She looked to see if any other boats were around then pulled her top over her head and released the front clasp of her burgundy bra. The cups fell away from her breasts and I leaned forward taking her left nipple in my mouth while adjusting my cock in my shorts.

Sucking hard on her nipple she pulled my head tighter into her breasts with one hand while her other moved to her slippery cunt. I could feel and hear her moans as she slipped a finger inside her tight little fuckhole. Moving from her left to right nipple I gave it the same attention and looking down I could see her fingers slipping in and out of her hot little box. Her sexy aroma surrounded me and all I wanted to do was tongue fuck this juicy little Latina’s hot pussy and feel her shove her sloppy cunt against my mouth as she came.

She pulled her fingers from her vagina and painted her nipples with her sex which I immediately sucked from her tits. My god her pussy juice was intoxicating, enhancing my buzz and filling my entire being with lust. I kissed a trail down from her breasts to her navel and lightly tugged on her belly ring but continued down to where she had pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and I shoved my tongue deep inside her juicy snatch. Feeling her engorged lips spread open to the pressure of my mouth against her cunt, my tongue snaking ever deeper into the folds of her delicious pussy.

I began to rhythmically fuck her pussy with my tongue, my nose just barely touching her clit when I buried it as deep as I could get. Now and then I take her clit between my lips and suck hard while pulling, gently tugging on her clit with my lips, then back to sinking my tongue as deeply into her pussy. Her juices beginning to coat my chin and cheeks, my fingers moving around her legs and up the inside of her thighs till I could feel the heat of her sex. Spreading her outer lips I began lapping full long licks from the bottom of her hole to the tip of her clit, her juices began running from her pussy to her ass.

My fingers were getting slippery wet from her sex and they began to roam around kaçak iddaa her asshole. As a finger slid over her tight anus I sucked hard on her clit and she shoved her cunt to my mouth causing my finger to slip just barely inside. From then on she gently rocked against my finger in her ass as I sucked her clit and licked her pussy. Her rhythm increased to match her panting breath and I knew she was getting close to cumming. Just as her hands grabbed the back of my head, her ass tightened around my finger and she exploded in orgasm against my face, fucking me till I almost couldn’t breath.

She pulled me to her and kissed my lips… tasting her sex on my mouth. Her tongue began to explore as she fondled for my cock her nails finding my balls and gently raking them down along my sack… causing my balls to constrict in pleasure. Breaking from our kiss she slowly kissed down my neck to my chest and her lips found my nipples, sucking then tongue flicking over and over then sucking again pulling my nipple into her mouth. This was having its desired affect and my cock began to drool pre-cum.

Pushing me back I fell into the passenger seat, my balls hanging over the edge. She moved to her knees between my legs and began licking and sucking my balls one at a time into her wonderful mouth. My cock was rock hard now and an ample amount of pre-cum was escaping the tip, dripping down the underside of my shaft to her waiting mouth. Once it touched her lips she ran her tongue all the way up my cock following the trail of pre-cum till she got to the tip where she rolled her tongue round and round my cockhead.

She looked up into my eyes as her tongue made one more roll and captured my desires with her deliciously seductive dark eyes. I placed my hands on each side of her beautiful face and pulled her closer to me as I sat up towards the edge of the boat seat. With her still on her knees this caused her breasts to surround my hard cock and hold it in her cleavage, her mouth was at my chest level where she began to suck and tease my nipples again. I could feel the pre-cum oozing from my cock between her soft breasts.

I wasn’t going to be able to take this for very long before losing my load so I pulled her up to me. As she stood in front of me her breasts were right at my mouth level and I tenderly took each of her nipples into my mouth, first her right then her left and sucked her wonderful large areola as my tongue flicked over her taught nipples feeling them harden in my mouth. Her fingers were in my hair then I felt her nails on my cheeks, one hand running lightly around the edge of my lips as I sucked her breasts, her other hand teased and tugged on her unattended nipple. I began slightly tugging on her nipples with my lips… pulling them out from her breasts as she began to moan, telling me it sent tingles down to her pussy.

My hands on her back as I sucked her breasts began to move south to feel the gentle roundness of her sweet ass; my fingers kneading her flesh, spreading her cheeks and teasing the crevice between them feeling the heat from her sex as I moved my fingers lower. From this position I pulled her closer to me, causing her to shift and place her knees up on the seat straddling me, her ass resting on my thighs, her face level with mine now… we kissed. She tasted like heaven, our lips meeting then parting, then I took her upper lip between mine and sucked and kissed, my tongue running around her lips, touching her teeth then slipping deeper… meeting her tongue. She inhaled and my right hand now at her upper back between her shoulder blades I pulled her to me and we both explored each other’s mouths and tongues, lips pressed together, nostrils flared our breathing becoming anything but relaxed. This close, feeling her breasts against my chest her ass on my thighs and tasting… more like devouring her mouth I felt as though my whole being would explode.

Breaking away from our kiss, I pulled her tighter to me giving me access to her neck. Placing small sucking kisses just behind her ear then trailing down her neck, my god her skin was delicious and I could not get enough. Her hands found my hard cock between us and easily slid up and down my shaft with the huge amount of lubrication our kissing had produced. My right hand slid past her ass cheek along the crack of her ass, gently teasing past her asshole and up to her succulently delicious pussy. My fingers were immediately drenched in her juices, her pussy… not warm but actually hot to my touch… I had to feel her completely engulf me.

Standing her up, I spun her around to where she is facing away from me and pulled her back on my lap. Again she knelt straddling my legs her back to my chest and her dripping cunt just inches from the head of my cock which was pinned against the crack of her ass. She raised herself up a little and leaning forward reached between our legs and found the base of my cock. Pulling it forward she guided the head towards the entrance to her sex then slowly lowered kaçak bahis her body on to mine, her incredibly wet cunt sucking me deeper inside her; my cock had never been this hard before.

She began to ride my cock, up and down, she used her legs from their kneeling position to raise her just far enough that I could feel the head of my cock begin to lose contact with her pussy, then back down filling her juicy pussy with my cock. My hands reached around her and took a breast in each to hold, caress and tease her nipples. I pulled her closer to me which limited her motion on my cock, not necessarily a bad thing since I was so damn close to cumming. My left hand pulled her hair to the side and I started lightly kissing and biting the back of her neck and shoulders. My free hand continued to play with her breasts then slipping down her belly, teasing her belly-button then lower to the fine matt of pubic hair just above her slit.

Wetting my fingers in the delicate folds of her pussy wrapped tightly around my cock, I found her clitoris and I began strumming it rhythmically as she started rocking back and forth against my cock. I could feel the head of my cock deep inside her vagina the feeling so very intense. Her hands on my legs just back of my knees her breasts swaying gently with her rocking motion. Her breathing began to quicken and I could feel her rocking motions getting more intense as I stroked her clit.

The closer she got to orgasm, the wetter her pussy became, the more exaggerated her movements as she began to fuck my cock with abandon. I could no longer kiss her neck or back because she was pulling off of me then slamming back down burying my hard post deep inside her pussy, both our juices mixing and becoming noisy as she continued to fuck, those sexy wet sucking noises produced from our efforts, the slapping of my lap to the back of her legs and ass keeping tempo with my cock buried at its deepest. Her panting became short gasps, then little groaning moans as her orgasm built. I could feel her juices running between the inside of my thighs, I loved the way she was fucking me.

Her nails dug into my legs as she started moaning horsely, mmmph… mmmph… mmmph, her pussy getting tighter and tighter around my cock. Then she slammed down one last time, hard on my cock and froze, her vagina pulsing around my shaft started to bring on my own orgasm and I could feel my cockhead begin to spasm as I shot load after load of hot cum deep inside her. Pushing up towards her wanting to get even deeper inside, my balls flexed as they pumped my load into pussy.

Without letting go of her pussy’s grip on my cock she pulled her legs out from under her so she was now sitting flat on my lap, her back leaning against my chest, her head rocked back to the side of mine and once again I could kiss and taste her shoulders as we relaxed from our orgasms, my hands roaming freely over her legs, torso, breasts and neck. My cock reluctantly subsiding but she held me there as our breathing became matched. What a delicious breakfast on the water.

The sun was just beginning to break over the hills, the low puffy clouds moving gently northward with the morning breeze.

“Feel like a little swim?” I asked, standing up and diving nude off the side of the boat. The water felt great; with the humidity it was the same temperature as the air, not even the slightest chill. Surfacing and looking towards the boat I saw her delicious form standing where I had jumped. She bounced once and dove in right beside me. We swam around, cuddled and hugged as best we could while treading water then decided it was time to get back aboard.

Swimming over to the ladder we both took hold, then seeing the mutual desire in our eyes we drew together for a soft, extremely sensual and very wet kiss. Our tongues exploring then she began to suck on my tongue with a rhythm that caused my cock to stir. Floating there, supported by the ladder with one hand, her free hand slipped under the water and found my hardening member. Teasingly she stroked me up and down then took my balls in her hand and lightly squeezed and rolled them around. The whole time never missing a beat with her passionate kiss… my mind was flooded with sensual thoughts and images of pleasing this incredible woman.

Breaking the kiss with, “I’m starving”, she climbed up the ladder before me.

Just as she planted both feet on the deck I reached up and grabbed her ankle. She looked down with a curious look on her face and I told her, “I’m pretty hungry myself, why don’t you sit right here for just a sec”.

Sitting down, facing the back of the boat, her feet on the top rung of the ladder she looked down at me and asked, “now what”?

I moved up the ladder spreading her legs with my head as I got nearer and began kissing the inside of her thighs; my lips making a slow but direct path to her swollen pussy lips. I wanted to tease her a little but please her just the same before we actually took a break to eat some real breakfast. Lightly kissing her pouty outer lips then running my tongue deftly up her slit, the tip of my tongue found the little bud of her clit and I lightly flicked over and over as gently as I could manage.

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