Flea Market of Lust: The Denim Queens

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It was a Saturday afternoon, the high tide of buying and selling at the Nimitz Road Flea Market. I walked straight through the entire lot towards stall 137, where Sheila kept her shop. When I got there, the door was pulled down tight, and I could hear strange noises coming from inside. In two seconds I knew what the sounds were, even though I had never heard them before. Sheila was fucking someone. Those noises were the ones we had made. So, Sheila was fucking someone else. Right now.

I’d gone through a lot since I had hooked up with Sheila, and I think that’s what kept me from being a boring, dumb ass man at that point. Sheila wasn’t my wife or my girlfriend. She didn’t owe me shit. The cinematic ego part of me supported the idea of me banging on the door and getting all Aggro. But you know what, man? There was enough of that shit going on already, and I was lucky to get a second look much less all the fucking I had already got from Sheila. I breathed it all in, and and resigned it all in my head, putting it all in that fuck-bucket of experience we call life. For a second I wished I was Willie Nelson so I could write a song about it. But I was just a College student who liked to hang out at Flea Markets.

I turned away, but before I could do my lame walk of shame out of the Nimitz Road Flea Market, I saw two ladies at the stall just across the aisle from Sheila’s. It was Jenny Madison and Francis Jerkinsky, the Blue Jean Queens of the market. They were about Sheila’s age, which was less than old, but older than my Mom. You wanna know their exact age? You ask ’em. My Momma didn’t raise no fool.

Jenny had dyed red hair, cut short and plastered with hairspray to her head all but for a large curl going up her cheek, like a senorita in a Old West Cantina. She had huge almond shaped eyes and a sultry mouth, which she coated with a lipstick the same shade as her hair. Jenny favored jean skirts and short sleeved loose knit sweater tops that plunged deep into her respectable cleavage. She had dangly bracelets and gold earrings that tended to swing around a lot.

Francis had black hair, yes, it was dyed, and it was sprayed up like Betty Ford., She had a thin figure and only wore the kind of denim dresses that they sold. She had a huge smile, and she was always full of exuberance. Jenny, not so much. She preferred to sit a little aloof and be snarky from the side.

They were both looking right at me as I turned away from Sheila’s stall. Jenny with amusement, Francis with pity.

“You had to know she had other men, son.” Jenny said with a slow drawl.

“I never really thought about it. But hey, I’m okay. She didn’t owe me nothing.”

“Oh my dear,” said Francis, coming right to me and putting her hands on my arms consolingly. “You sound so brave and mature. How old are you again?”


“Oh my, 19.” Francis said and clucked her tongue while looking me up and down, in a manner that all of sudden didn’t feel like it was consoling, as much an ogling. She had a zipper on the front of her denim dress that traveled all the way down to the hem. At the moment it was down just a couple inches, revealing the bare beginnings of her cleavage. To my wonder, I could see no evidence of a bra.

“I do need to tell you,” Jenny said from her chair while Francis continued to stroke my arms, forgetting the pretense of consoling me., “. . . both me and Francis were impressed with how you’ve been such a gentleman with Sheila.”

“Oh that is so true!”, agreed Francis. “You didn’t tell tales, or spread gossip and even defended her honor that one time, like a gentleman.”

“Just . . like. . . a . . . gentleman.” Jenny drawled out the words so long and sweet she shoulda been leaning over a black metal balcony in New Orleans.

“Well, that’s awful kind of you.” I said. The moment hung in the air for a bit, both of the women looking at me, and me looking back and forth at them. “Miss Jenny, Miss Francis, are you in need of a . . . gentleman . . . for some reason?” Francis looked over at Jenny, Jenny gestured randomly to güvenilir bahis the back with a shit eating grin on her face, while Francis said, “For some reason indeed, Mr. John. Right this way, please.” Francis took me by the arm and led me to behind their stall. They had put in a mini camper, just big enough for one, but fully equipped with mini sink, mini bed, mini toilet and mini windows. Francis opened the door and turned around then sat on the step just inside the door, with her face positioned straight across from my crotch. She smiled a big smile that matched the housewife innocence of her hairstyle.

“So, now that we’re alone. . . ” She pulled down on her the zipper at the front of her dress until it was down to her naval. She pulled it open to show her sweetly small tits, which the tight denim made bulge out a bit. Jenny slowly pulled the fabric to stop just before her nipple. She sighed a pleasantly exasperated sigh. “John, do we really need a whole lot of exposition? We’d like to have sex, we don’t need husbands, most men are pigs, and you are not a pig. So . . .?” She reached out and undid my own zipper, and pulled out my cock. She spread her legs a little, forcing the slits on the side of her denim dress to reveal her knees and shins, which were tanned a healthy mellow brown Zonker would be jealous of. The wrinkles on her face took nothing away from her beauty, in fact they added to the charm of her pretty eyes and happy smile. Her chest reminded me of Farah Fawcett, or any of those slim chested Angels and the fact that she seemed to be from a different era was an extra turn on, for me especially.

She placed the tip of her tongue on the tip of my semi hard dick, flicking it gingerly and then smacking her lips. Then she took a firm lick, taking a full taste of my cock.

“That’ll do I think. Let’s see. . .” She surrounded the head of my cock with her slim lips and sucked into her mouth while massaging my balls. My cock throbbed to it’s full hardness and Jenny chuckled in approval.

“Oh my yes! This is the cock that made Sheila grunt like a pig. I’m going to enjoy this!” She started giving me a fine blowjob, sucking and bobbing up and down at random, happily making yummy noises around my hard dick. Back and forth, slurping and sucking, deep and shallow! I put my hands on the trailer in front of me to steady myself. Francis was blissing out on my dick, in an almost non-sexual way. She was enthusiastic and attentive, but it was like my dick was candy, or a cigarette, or the thumb of God. I could tell she wasn’t trying to get me to come at all. Her smile couldn’t be erased by my thick cock moving in and out of her sweet lips. It was a weird thing to adjust to, for about two seconds. A single lady you know and trust wants to suck your dick? Shut the fuck up and let her! Her reasons are hers.

I started slowly pushing forward and back, and Francis wiggled in her seat and leaned forward, opening her mouth wide and looking up at me. She wanted me to fuck her mouth! Holy shit, Betty Ford in a trailer trash denim dress wants me to face fuck her in her Mini trailer! My cock twitched with the nasty ass sight and thought. Keeping my hands on the aluminum trailer walls I slowly thrust my cock to about half it’s length and back again. Her lips opened to let me in, and then closed tight as I pulled my hard cock out of her mouth like a sword from a tight sheath. This was a new thing for me, slow and easy, no pressure to do anything but enjoy what was happening, damn this was nice! The minutes slid by, just like my cock between her lips, and I started to bliss out as well, getting lost in the tantric nirvana of the constant squeezing and caressing that her tongue and lips were lavishing on my pulsating dick.

“Hey! Time to tap out!” came the languid voice of Jenny from the other side of the curtain separating the stall from the space where the trailer was parked. Francis stopped going down on me immediately, which was a jarring sensation. “Excuse me please, Mr. John.” Francis said, wiping the corners of her mouth and slowly rising to her feet türkçe bahis as I leaned back and out to let her pass. I must have looked a little ridiculous, standing there with my pants around my knees, my hard dick bobbing in that silly way that turns every dick into a circus clown’s prop. Jenny strolled behind the curtain and gave a little laugh just looking at me. Her big eyes then focused on my dick, and her laughter disappeared and her smile widened. “So Jenny got you all worked up, did she? That’s my girl. Take you pants off and get in the trailer.” I did so, and and sat in the dining area, facing the small bed on the other side of the trailer. Jenny came in and went straight to the bed and got in a doggy style position, with her side facing me. With her eyes boring into mine the entire time, she lowered her head into the mattress and reached behind her, pulling her short skirt up to reveal black panties on a round bubble-butt ass. She somehow pulled down her panties all the way down her curvy legs and then over her high heels, all in one sexy continuous movement. She smiled at me as she flung the panties away.

“Francis is a very oral person,” Jenny was practically purring as she spoke. “Me, I like to have sex. But I’m not as limber as I used to be. So you’ll need to do most of the work…” She rose up on her hands, throwing her head back and sticking her ass up as well, ” . . . is that okay?”

I hit my head on the roof leaping up from seat, which made Jenny giggle. I made it to her eventually and got her ass in my hands and leaned in to give her pussy a few licks and kisses. Jenny pushed back into my face, completely covering my entire face with her soft ass flesh. Her pussy started getting wet almost right away, and I needed to fuck that thing as soon as I could. I was trembling with anticipation as I sat up and without a second thought shoved my dick into her pussy. Jenny yelped.

“Whoa now! I ain’t a spring chicken you can truss up and stuff as you please. I need you to go slow.”

“Oh, fuck, I’m sorry Miss Jenny. I’m just so hard right now.”

“I understand, Francis is very accomplished at the fine art of fellatio.” She gave out a nasty little sound, something between a giggle and a scoff. “And do not swear in my presence. Now slide that sweet epitome of manhood into me, and stop when I say.”

I was holding my breath I was so turned on. I placed my dick right on her pussylips and started to put it in. “Aaand stop!”, she said when I was about three-quarters in. Jenny kept giving orders. “Now out…good. Now on ‘One”, insert your member to the previously indicated depth,. On ‘Two’, remove it as you just have, understood?”

“Yeah. . .yes.” I was having trouble catching my breath as I waited for her to start counting. My hands were on her hips as she put her head all the way down on the mattress, preparing her self to take my thick dick. “Well then, One.” I put it in. “Two.” I pulled it out. She kept counting, measuring out the beat she wanted to get fucked to. She felt wet and smooth. Her pussy wasn’t as tight as the other women I had been with, but she still felt incredible! She kept going with the old ‘One, Two,’ her voice becoming labored as she started to get more turned up and picked up the pace. The faster she had me fuck her, the more I had to focus on not fucking her any deeper or shallower than three-quarters. Actually, I was glad to have something to focus on, as the sensation of my cock coming all the way out with each stroke was a cum-inducing-cock-hardening-glory. She used me like a metronome, and my pendulum made excellent time in her cunt.

“Allright, time for Position number two.” She pulled off of my cock and rolled over on her back, spreading her legs before me. She kept all her clothes on, even her high heeled shoes. Demurely, she tucked her skirt under her back, away from her pussy and waggled her finger at me to get me closer. I leaned in and she took my cock her in hand and started to put back into her pussy.

“Now, let’s how deep I can take you like this. Come on in.” As my cock filled her up I güvenilir bahis siteleri watched her smile widen and her eyes close. I was almost all the way in when she stopped me, gasping between words. “That’s…that’s about all I can take. I have been cursed with a rather shallow vagina, I hope your pleasure will not be curtailed by this?” I was having trouble using words, looking down at this hot Grandma in a tight sweater and yanked up blue jean skirt, her pare ass slowly twisting, begging for a cock. “Are you going to count this time?” I croaked. Jenny smiled. “Nope, I’m gonna let Link ray do that for me.” She reached behind her and pressed play on a small boombox that rested on the headboard. The song ‘Rumble’ started to play. It’s an instrumental rock-a-billy song, you’ve heard it even if you don’t know it.

“Any rhythm you like, Johnny. As long as it keeps to good ‘ole Link’s song.” Jesus Kelly Christ! How can any woman be sexier? Fucking to rock and roll— and good rock and roll! In a mini-trailer! With a woman in a fuzzy sweater!

The song kept playing and I kept fucking, fast and slow, mellow and quick, all of it was possible with that great tune. Jenny must have looped it on her cassette, because it was going on a lot longer than any radio hit ever has. Five, ten, fifteen minutes went by. Link kept playing an Jenny kept gasping and oohing as I fucked her.

“Positions number Three.” Jenny said with a growl, and she pushed me up and back just far enough to swing her right leg over my head and into a position where I was, I guess…fucking her sideways! And my cock never left her pussy!

“That was amazing!” I gushed. She smile a wide, nasty smile. “Well then reward me, young men. Show me some ap-pre-cia-tion.” She drawled out the last word so sweetly I almost came right then and there. God! What a sexy voice! With Jenny’s body twisted like it was, her round ass was facing me but one of her tits was visible, especially as she was holding her own ass cheek with her bright red-nailed hands. The angle felt totally different on my cock, and the primal beat of the music took me over, and I began rutting like an animal, not too deep for her, but I thrust my whole body into hers. My hands roamed all over her ass and back. I held her waist with a firm grip, and almost picked her up off the bed with my thrusts, controlling her entire body, but only by her bidding.

“Yeees. . .that’s the sweet love I need Johnny.” She hissed out the words, but her eyes were as huge as I had ever seen! She locked her gaze on to my eyes, and began to thrust back into me, linking up with Link Ray and my pulsating cock, sliding in and out of her now dripping pussy. There was no way I could hold back for much longer.

“Miss Jenny, I really need to. . uh, can I say cum?” I gasped out.

“I’d prefer ‘finish’.”

“I really need to finish, may I?” I was breathing heavy between the words while never ceasing my strokes.

“Indeed. I shall finish with you. Now, give it too me sweet Johnny, show me how much you want me.” She flipped back over on her back. Her eyes bored into me and her long nails dug into my hips as I thrust my cock faster and faster into her.

“Ohhhhhh…yes, baby, yes sweet Johnny, do me, do me…” Jenny’s sexy southern drawl was as sexy as her sweet tits, and I began to pull in and out, fucking her deep with each stroke, tapping that deep, deep part of her that made my toes curl with pleasure and satisfaction. As I shot my load, she came as well, pulling me down to her, clasping me two her fuzzy sweater while her hips twitched against me. She lay still for a bit, cooing to herself and smiling like a cat sleeping in the sunshine. I dismounted and put on my clothes without bumping my head into anything.

“You will do us the kindness and slip out the back, won’t you? Thank you, Johnny.” She murmured without looking my direction or opening her eyes.

I stopped inside the doorway. “I do hope you will allow me to return?” I asked.

For that she leaned up on her elbows. “Honey, that is entirely up to Francis. I only entertain gentlemen she entertains first in her fellatiatic way. So, she is my gatekeeper.” She smiled at me, and I grinned back, turned and walked out.

I need to buy Francis something nice, I thought to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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