Football Sex Party part 2

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Football Sex Party part 2
You should read Part 1 before continuing.

As I was in the bathroom washing myself from cum that was still dripping out of my pussy, Jocko knocked on the door to see if I was alright. I guess I was in there a long time. When I came out, there was a large, fat, white guy waiting for me. He must have been 6’6” with a lot of blubber. He looked like a massive walrus with no chin and a huge hairy fat body.

He looked at me and with a deep voice bellowed, “Wow Jocko! This filly is real a looker! And you want only 2 bills to fuck her. Oh yeah! I’m in!” Then in a whisper voice he asked, “So Doll what’s your name?”

Oh My God! He wasn’t attractive at all. He was a large fat tub of lard. He was wearing tan shorts and a black t-shirt with his belly hanging out. What was funny the t-shirt had writing on it in white script lettering, “Fat Men Need Loving Too”. No way did I want him to put his cock I me.

But then there I was, smiling at him and acting like I wanted him. All I could do was to take a deep breath, meekly grin and sensually say, “I’m Kathryn. What is your name?”

I looked at Jocko with a pleading expression of please no. He just smiled and winked at me.

Then the fat guy answered, “Well gorgeous, I was named after that great governor of Arkansas. Clinton is my first name. It’s so nice to hook up with a filly as beautiful as you. You are so tempting.”

I guess from his point of view I must have looked tempting. All I had on was a sheer lace white top with my “D” cup breast protruding from under the material, my white thong lace panty and my clear plastic platform heels. I just put back on my red lipstick and cleaned myself from cum that the other four guys had left spattered on my face and hair. I put out my hand to shake it, but instead he took my hand and pulled me to him for a huge bear hug.

Chuckling he blurted, “We’re going to a lot closer than just a hand shake doll. Let me squeeze that cute little body of yours.”

He was sweaty and smelt as I was crushed against his blubber. Then like a rag doll, he lifted me up for a wet kiss. When I was let go, he pulled a wad of money from his pants pocket, gave Jocko 4 bills and said, “Dude, tuzla escort bayan she’s so hot, that I’m going to need her for more than one pop. Where are you guys fucking her at?”

Jocko told him the room at the end of the hall. He laughed, lifted me up for another yucky kiss, than carried me off to the bedroom. Once inside he closed the door and said, “Kathryn, you’re just a little thing. I don’t want to squash you to death. Tell me if I smother you too much when fucking that gorgeous little body.”

He told me to get naked as he quickly got undressed. He laid on his back as he beckoned me over to him to begin sucking on his smelly cock. I got it hard in a matter of seconds and was shocked that it was small compared to the rest of him. I bet it wasn’t more than 6”. As I went to straddle him to get the fuck over with, he pushed me off and told me to lie on my back. Then he slowly pushed that big lard body up to look at me. I had my legs tightly together with my hands over my boobs looking up at him.

“Don’t be so shy doll,” he bellowed. “Let’s get a good look at you.”

He took my hand off one boob and I removed the other. Then he said, “Now open those gorgeous legs up. I want to see that hot fucking cunt you have.”

I slowly started to spread my legs apart. He kept bellowing to go wider and bend my knees so he could see my pussy. When I finally did what was he asked, he began to gently massage my inner thigh on one leg working up to my pussy. His other hand went right for my boob and massaged one. He kept telling me how smooth and firm my body was and how much he enjoyed touching me. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel the same. When he reached my pussy he began rubbing my clit bulb with his thumb. When he touched me there, I gave out aloud sigh of pleasure.

Oh my god! I was now actually enjoying this. My thoughts went from no way to give me more.

When he pushed a finger inside my pussy, he softly said, “How does that feel Doll? I told you I was going to enjoy every inch of your body and by the feel of your pussy getting wet, you are enjoying it too?”

I didn’t say a word, but just began to slowly move my hips with his fingering. When he lowered his mouth orhanlı escort bayan over my breast and began slobbering on each nipple, I was actually getting stimulated. Soon he had two fingers then three in me and I had my eyes closed relishing the fondling. I could feel his huge belly smashing against me, but now I didn’t care. What he was doing to me felt so good. I was in a state of exhilaration and was working up to a wonderful orgasm. In another few minutes I began to shack in ecstasy. When I did, he stopped playing with my boobs, sat up and pushed his fingers in my pussy as far as his short stubbly fingers could go.

Then he whispered, “That’s it doll and cum for big daddy”!

It took a few minutes to calm down. Afterwards he removed his fingers and asked how I felt. I just moaned something like that I was in heaven. He laughed at my comment, took my arm, and pulled me up. Then he lay on his back and motioned me over to him. I knelt next to his big belly, took his hard cock in my mouth and got him rock hard. Then I put a condom on him, straddled his thick thighs and pushed his cock into my wanting pussy. I sat straight up on him and looked down at his obese body jiggling as I bounced. I no longer was disgusted by him, but only wanted to please him. I kept bouncing up and down with his hands tightly on my hips and helping me giving him pleasure. When I pushed myself all the way down to his balls and ground back and forth, created moans of elation from both of us. His constant groaning was music that was only interrupted by a few snorts from time to time. I kept the pace to bend over so he could play with my boobs again. He tried to sit up to suck them but couldn’t, although his hands moved from my hips to my breast. I had my arms over his shoulders and grinding my pelvic enjoying his cock buried in me. Suddenly he pushed me straight up and told me to fuck him faster. Taking my hips, he forced me like a rag doll to fuck faster and faster.

As I was enjoying him, I kept moaning, “Oh god Clinton. Fuck me harder. Oh yes! That’s it! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

It was about 10 minutes later until he shot a load in the condom. But I kept grinding on him aydınlı escort bayan trying to have another orgasm, until I finally felt him shrinking. Then I jumped off. As I went to get a towel to clean up, he grabbed my arm and said, “Where you going doll. I want you to take that condom off and suck my jism from it. Can you do that for me Kathryn? Can you suck and swallow my load from the condom? I’ll even give you another 100 if you do.”

I knelt next to him, took his cock and pulled off the condom. Tilting my head back, I slowly began to squeeze the sticky goo from inside it. It dripped into my mouth with a big clump falling out splattering my lips and chin. Taking my fingers, I pushed it to my tongue and sucked it off them. Then I licked my lips and asked if that was what he wanted. He nodded it was. But instead of being finished, I lowered my mouth over his cock and licked it clean. I kept sucking it trying to make him hard again but to no avail. Then I took a towel and dried him off and cleaned my pussy too.

Jumping on the bed and kneeling next to him I cheerfully said, “Well Clinton, did I make you happy? Was it what you were hoping for?”

He laughed and said, “Oh yeah Doll. I immensely enjoyed that. You are such an energetic little slut! I bet you can fuck all day just like in the bunny commercial. But it may take a little time to charge up again. Can we talk until I can get it up again?”

We talk for the longest time. I told him about me and not really being a whore, but was tricked into it. He told me that he was an ex wrestler and was very wealthy. He kept hinting about being my sugar daddy, especially since I didn’t mind having sex with such fat guy. I giggled when he said that and tried to build on his deflated ego. The stuff I said was all a big lie, but his smile made me happy. I don’t know how long we were chatting, but I no longer was completely disgusted by him. He seemed like a very nice guy who just needs a lot of loving.

Suddenly the door flew open and 6 naked black guys came in. Clinton bellowed that he wasn’t done with me yet. The lead guy answered that he had me for almost two hours and it was time for the rest of them to have fun too. They took me and lifted me up and began carrying me. Once outside the room I was carried by two big black guys into another room. Stopping just before they put me down, Jocko took a photo of me being held up with my legs spread wide open.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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