Forced 9

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Forced 9
Forced black suck Chapter IX

Jamie get used by Daddy’s friends

Like I said I was very happy with my new life. I was very comfortable being Daddy’s toy and being able to dress up and be a gurl at times.

Daddy didn’t care that I wore panties all the time now, and he knew that I would go lingerie shopping and buy cute outfits to go out to the club in with Tommy. He just said that I could do what I wanted with Tommy but HE didn’t want me as a gurl and that I was his turned out boi bitch to him.

I was fine with that, I loved Daddy for showing me who I really was.

Then one night I was just sitting around relaxing in my panties and t-shirt, because Daddy told me he was going to be fucking the wife of one of the white guys at work.

I’m pretty sure I figured out who the two white guys were who’s wives daddy kaçak iddaa was fucking.

They were big tattooed guys who always gave me dirty looks when the word got around that I was Daddy’s bitch.

I thought it was because they were macho men and hated gays, faggots and sissies but when I saw Daddy talking to them on the side I knew he was telling them that he was going to fuck their women that night.

I realized that for all their tattoos and macho acting they probably had little dicks that couldn’t perform and that they would be cleaning up Daddy’s cum from their wives pussies and sucking on Daddy’s cock to clean it.

Maybe Daddy was fucking them too.

Anyway, from then on I knew they were giving me dirty looks because they wanted him for themselves and were jealous. So when they gave me dirty looks I just perabet güvenilir mi gave them a knowing smile and wink and soon they stopped.

So I was just relaxing, not expecting company when I head a knock on the door. It was three guys from work and Daddy wasn’t with them. I told them that it wasn’t poker night and Daddy was busy with the white women but they said they wanted to use me anyway.

I told them, oh no! Not without Daddy here, I’m his bitch and I’ll only do them with his permission. They said Derrick knew and he wanted me to take care of them.

I still said no because Daddy didn’t tell me that. So one of them called Daddy’s cell phone and I heard him say, Derrick – your bitch doesn’t believe that you told us we can have him tonight.

He handed me the phone and Daddy said, listen tipobet giriş bitch, from now on you do what they tell you to do. They are my crew and if they want to fuck you and have you suck them then whenever they come over you get on your knees, understand? I said, yes Daddy and he said then do it.

I handed him back his phone and without saying a word I got down on my knees and pulled the nearest guy’s cock out and started sucking. The others pulled theirs out and soon I was surrounded by three BBC’s all wanting my attention.

I gave them the attention that Daddy told me to and they all gang banged me for a few hours. It turned out to be a very nice night with the guys, I got to know them a little better with Daddy not there.

We had fun while they fucked me and I sucked them, they made jokes with me about me being a slut and a sissy faggot and stuff and we all laughed about it.

I mean I was very comfortable with who I was by then and I took it as a compliment.

Eventually they were done with me and they left to go to the bar to watch the rest of the game.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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