Fortunate Confluence of Events Ch. 02

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Fortunate Confluence of Events, Chapter 2.

Dear readers: This story seems to be writing itself faster than I had anticipated. If you have not read Chapter 1, I strongly urge you to do so before reading this one; it’s not long and will give you the needed context to truly appreciate the story line and characters. This one runs a little longer, and deeper into the characters’ fetishes (pee play), so those squeamish about that sort of thing, be forewarned!

I originally felt that this chapter would belong in the mature category, with the main characters being 55 (male) and 61 (female); but have come to realize that it more appropriately belongs here in Fetish.

Approx. 8700 words, with apologies for any typos.

Cheers, twelfthmonkey

~ . ~

No woman from my past had ever indicated any interest whatsoever to watch me urinate, so for us this was yet another unexplored rabbit hole to go down.

Ingrid followed me from my bedroom into the bathroom, and just stood behind me, as I pondered the depth of her curiosity, and wondered just what sort of shenanigans she might have in mind.

“Wanna aim it?” I asked provocatively.

She came right up behind and against me, reaching around one side and peering down around the other, as she held me softly. I felt myself swell up a bit again, so I took a deep breath and thought about drywalling to calm things down. It took a couple of minutes, but my stream finally started.

Ingrid watched intently as my flow picked up speed, and was careful to aim it toward the centre of the bowl. As the pressure on my bladder waned, and a few seconds before I finished, she moved to my side and ran her fingers through the almost clear stream. I watched in stunned silence as she then proceeded to lick them off.

That took me totally by surprise.

As I stared at her in disbelief, she cracked an elfish grin.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to shock you. It just looked so erotic, I had to taste you. Pee is quite sterile, and harmless as long as you don’t have some awful disease. You don’t have one of those, do you?”

“Uhm .. no, I don’t think so. Is that your first .. taste?” I wanted to know.

This was uncharted territory for me; I resolved to maintain my cool demeanour and appear as though her peculiar behaviour hadn’t shocked me. I had consumed lots of water and beer that afternoon, so I supposed I was well hydrated, and not too revolting.

After a brief hesitation, she answered with a pouty look about her, “No it isn’t. Do you think any less of me?”

In an instant, I proceeded to respond to her question in the best way I could think of. I turned toward her, and kissed her, cautiously at first, tasting the residue of her indiscretion inside of her mouth. I was curious what the attraction was to that sort of kink, and, well, she looked so damn sexy I just couldn’t help myself anyway.

She kissed my back, and we stood there for a couple of minutes, lips locked together and sucking the saliva from each other’s mouths. I found that first fleeting taste surprisingly mild, not off-putting at all … then felt myself going rock-hard again – almost painfully so – and even after having already cum twice that day. My reaction came as somewhat of a surprise to me, and probably as quite a relief to her. Rather than being revolted, her actions had in fact aroused me.

When we broke off our kiss, she giggled, “My turn!” – then lowered the toilet seat and sat down, facing directly into my groin.

“Mind if I suck your cock some more? It looks like it needs to be cleaned off.”

I laughed out loud, what with the convenient position she occupied.

“Is the pope Catholic?”

I couldn’t think of anything smarter to say in the moment.

As I heard her blast – and I mean BLAST – into the bowl, she bathed my cock and balls with her loving mouth again, sucking off all remaining drips from where they still clung to me. Rather than taking an aggressive posture like I did last time, I just let her do her thing while I gently stroked her long, white hair.

At this time, I really didn’t have the balls to try and sample her nectar; besides, I was otherwise conveniently occupied. So I just relaxed and enjoyed her oral attention while she finished and wiped herself.

“Do you think I’m deranged for wanting to taste your pee?” She asked, letting my penis slip from her mouth. “I hope you forgive my indiscretion. I was being rather bold.”

“Well,” I spoke candidly, “No one has ever done that with me before. Hell, no one has ever talked to me as deliciously filthy as you have either. Today is .. well it’s all pretty new to me. But I am open to try anything once.”

“I was hoping you weren’t too vanilla,” she confessed with a smile.

I went on to attempt to explain my ‘vanilla-ness’ as we returned to my bed and laid beside each other, cuddling close together.

“I learned how to treat woman from my father, who never so much as raised his voice with any of us, or anyone else for that matter. casino şirketleri Neither of my parents ever swore in front of me or my brother; and they treated each other with the utmost respect at all times. My dad always treated my mom like a queen, and was always offering compliments that I knew were heartfelt and genuine.

“As I grew to a young man, and learning by the example thus set, I never would have treated a woman otherwise.

“You, dear Ingrid, are a different sort of woman than any I’ve met before. I feel like I could tell – or call – you anything, and it would just feed your desire for me.”

“Yup, that’s pretty much it in a nutshell!” She agreed.

“I had a mini-health crisis, right about the same time Gus started getting sicker,” she went on. “After that, I resolved to seize any opportunity I got to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest extent possible. I may only have a few good years left to try out all the things I never could while I was married. It’s sort of like a second coming-of-age if you catch my drift.”

“I’m right there with you, Ingrid. None of us know how much quality of life we’re going to have once we hit middle age – or rather once it hits us. So many people out there run into that wall and have totally given up on having sex. I feel sorry for them – and I don’t want to become one of them.”

“You never know what lies around the corner . .” she said, her voice trailing off.

“Would you like me to fuck your ass now?” I asked jokingly, dramatically changing the subject, and reached around and down to feel her there. She had such an attractive butt, her cheeks round and full, but not anywhere near what you would call ‘fat’.

She planted her face right over mine again, not three inches away.

“If you lick me first, you can fuck me there. I don’t think I’m quite ready for that tonight though. But when we are, I want your tongue inside me first. What do you say to that?”

“I say ‘Deal’. And no rush at all. My evil twin here is likely finished for tonight anyway,” I said, looking down at my thoroughly warn appendage. I had indeed softened again, and would not likely get much of a rise again until morning.

“I might know something you’d like ..” She suggested.

“I just fucking bet you know a lot of things I’d like!”

“Roll over.”

I wondered what she had in mind, but had my suspicions.

She got on top of me and worked her way down my spine from my neck and back, finally coming to rest between my ass cheeks. I felt her spread me there, and all of a sudden, I felt strangely vulnerable. No one had ever gone there before, even though in my past I gleefully provided just such pleasure to all of my lovers. Having never felt such desire from another, I didn’t know what to expect.

Suddenly her breath was cooling that very warm and dark place I thought would be forever off limits to any woman. Then – a warm wet tongue – licking up from by balls to the top of my crack, and back down again.

I moaned with a pleasure never before felt . . and was relieved I had taken the time to wash myself thoroughly there before she’d arrived.

“How does that feel?” She asked, between slurps.

“Absolute heaven. No one has ever done that for me.”

“I don’t see why not. You have probably the nicest ass I’ve seen on any man. If I had a cock, I’d be fucking your brains out every night.”

She then started sticking her tongue inside me. Like, really far inside me. I did not know she had such attributes to go as deep as she dared to go. I squirmed from the pleasure, not wanting to buck her off, but hardly able to help myself from writhing in ecstasy.

“Do I need to tie you to the fucking bed to do this properly?” She asked, her dry humour obvious in the inflection of her voice.

“It might help .. but no, I just can’t help it. It feels .. so ..”

“I’ll take it easy for a bit,” she interrupted, still penetrating me but with slower penetrating strokes.

After several minutes of absolute bliss, she asked if she could also put her finger inside me. I felt so relaxed and somewhat dilated, that I readily agreed. In fact, I was practically ready to beg for it.

“Let’s see how that prostate feels,” she said twisting her finger around to the anterior wall of my rectum, and gently pushing against it.

“Oooh, that feels real good,” I told her truthfully. It was pure pleasure, and I almost felt dizzy. “You’re a magical woman, my dear Ingrid.”

“Not too much enlargement there,” she said as she rotated her penetrating fingers inside my canal; “It feels pretty healthy to me.”

I remembered from our meeting on that cruise years back, her saying she worked at a hospital as a nurse.

“Well thanks for the exam, Nurse Ingrid. You could make a good living just doing that.”

“I’ll bet I could,” she giggled. “But for the time being, I’ll just be your private nurse. How does that sound?”

“Fucking awesome. How about some more of that tongue?” I begged.

“You like being casino firmaları tongue fucked?”

“Yes, most definitely I do.”

“How would you like to get fucked one day? Would you let me fuck your ass if I were a man?”

“Absolutely, no question.”

“What if I strapped on a fake dick. Would you let me take you like that?”

“In a heartbeat.”

Her line of questioning only added to my arousal.

“Well, I think we have some interesting times ahead..” She said; and with that, she went right back to tonguing my asshole again.

“Oh fuck .. you could do that all night long.”

And she did continue for several minutes before begging off; she confessed that her jaw was getting sore, and with good reason.

“Will you still kiss me after I’ve eaten your ass?”

That was a question with only one correct answer, as I saw it.

I rolled onto my back and pulled her face to mine, licking her all around and in her mouth. I was familiar with the taste of ass – just never mine before – and was eager to go directly to her source for more.

“May it please the lady for me to reciprocate?” I asked. I really and truly wanted to taste her, especially after the up-until-now forbidden pleasure she’d brought to me.

“Not tonight. I have to leave now. But tomorrow is a new day.”

“I will look forward to a lot more of this and other delights, tomorrow then.”

We kissed some more before she departed for home.

“Coffee in the morning?”

“Sure, what time?” I asked.

“Seven thirty sharp.”

“I’ll be there with bells on.”

“And balls on too, I hope!” She said, grabbing me there for a quick squeeze.

“They’re filling up again as we speak.”

After Ingrid left, I laid awake for at least an hour, reliving the memories of everything we’d done that day – all the ‘firsts’ – and fantasizing about what was yet to come. Eventually I must have surrendered to the sandman and fallen asleep.

~ – ~

As promised, and precisely on time, I arrived at the abode of the object of my desires at the appointed time, to find Ingrid in her kitchen, her bathing-suit wrap un-tied and openly revealing, the welcome smell of fresh coffee permeating the air.

We fixed our mugs and sat down by the beach, where she agreed to let me take her out for breakfast. The stunning sunrise, and calmness of the ocean – tiny waves splashing gently ashore just fifty feet away from us – seemed to me a most optimistic and welcome omen of what was to be, for both me and my new-found lover.

After showers we dressed ‘respectably’ and walked the 400 yards down the beach to the tiny restaurant in the town adjacent to our little resort. Ingrid briefed me on what was good – pretty much everything on the menu looked great to me – and we dined leisurely, chatting away about nothing in particular.

From there she took me on a tour, showing me the local market and hardware store that was combined under one roof. What I loved about the place was that there were no corporate logos to be seen anywhere. No McDonalds, no Walmarts, just small privately owned businesses struggling to eek out a living. It kind of reminded me of the place I grew up.

By noon, I had been introduced to and was now pretty much on a first-name basis with the dusting of merchants there. We purchased a few staples to get ourselves through a couple of days, and they had three or four brands of beer in stock I could pick and chose from. Ingrid grabbed vegetables to cook for dinner that evening along with 2 large bottles of white wine (pickings were slim but adequate) and I grabbed a couple of decent looking steaks for the BBQ. And, more beer, of course.

There were a few dozen homes that I could see in the little town – if you could even call it that, modest by even Mexican standards – that I imagined housed service people from the larger resort I’d passed in the bus on my way here from the airport, about ten miles back on the main road.

It was almost noon so we carried all of that back to our casitas, lost the clothes, and proceeded to the beach. Ingrid moved her chair under the mottled shade of a palm tree, and I laid out on a towel in the sun for some much needed rays. I almost fell asleep to the sound of the water softly lapping on the shore, while Ingrid read her mystery novel.

As I laid there soaking up the rays for the next hour and a bit, it wasn’t long before my mind started wandering back to you-know-what, and I felt the beginnings of a ‘woody’ pleasantly sprouting between my legs.

My companion obviously had noticed too, and came over and laid beside me in the sand, running her hand up my leg while cautiously checking for anyone up and down the beach within view. Apparently the coast was clear, and I felt her firmly squeeze my roiling balls.

“I have a little surprise for you next time you let me suck your cock,” she told me, leaning down for a kiss.

I couldn’t stifle a laugh.

“And what might that be?” I asked.

“Well, you’ll have güvenilir casino to wait and see now, won’t you. Just let me know when is a good time – when you’ve recharged that horse-cock of yours enough for a good round of fellatio. I think you’ll be impressed.”

Well if that was an invitation I didn’t want to miss, there never was one. Here was a woman, alone with me on a tropical nude beach with no one else around to disturb us, begging to do all manner of things to my body – and more – that would have seemed such a chore for all of my previous lovers.

Had I died and gone to heaven? I could not imagine that heaven could be any better than this place. Perhaps, I was already there, and just didn’t know it.

“I think I’m ready now, Ingrid. And I love surprises. Especially your surprises!” To say I was anxious to find out what she had deviously planned would be a gross understatement.

She looked around again, then beckoned me to come back to her place. By the end of the one minute walk, my cock was almost pointing straight up.

Once inside, she again led me over to stand by her chair, but first reached for what looked like a cough drop or mint, placing it discretely into her mouth.

“Sore throat?” I asked.

“I probably will have when I’m done with you. This numbs it a bit.”

For several minutes, she just teased me, stroking me slowly, rubbing my full spread of genitals all over her face, and squeezing my balls with her other hand, while she sucked on that lozenge.

“You really know how to handle a cock, Miss Ingrid. Where were you when I was young and looking for wife-material?”

“I married young – Gus and I were together for almost 44 years. So I would have been unavailable. But that’s all in the past. We must concentrate on the present. And, your present untenable dilemma. Ready for your surprise?”

“Oh yeah..”

Ingrid then began to take my cock into her mouth; deeper and deeper she took me into her throat. I watched as her eyes watered, and the drool started cascading down in ribbons that almost reached the floor before releasing and splatting below.

“I hope you don’t mind me being a messy eater,” she asked humbly.

“Oh fuck, the sloppier, the better. I’d lick all the excess off your face if I could reach it.”

“Here,” she said, swiping some off her chin and reaching up with her hand to my face. I grasped her hand, and sucked the dreamy mess of her saliva and my pre-cum from her fingers.

Slowly and methodically, her lips advanced up my shaft, until she got to the last inch. Then – down the hatch it went!

“Oh my fucking GOD, Ingrid..”

I watched with amazement as she took all of me, a feat never before accomplished or even attempted by any of my previous lovers. It’s not that I’m that long at a tad over 6″, but I am pretty girthy, as cocks go.

After about 20 seconds buried balls deep, she withdrew, and gasped for air, the drool now running down like a stream from her mouth. She swiped off another wad of it and held up her hand offering it to me, which I hungrily licked and sucked off her fingers.

“How do you like your surprise?” She asked; but before I could answer, she took me straight down again.

“FUCK . . No one has ever been able to do that to me before. You are full of surprises, my dear Ingrid. And they just keep getting better.”

I let her work that dick in slow strokes, in all the way and out, for a couple more minutes before asking her ‘secret’.

“Haha, well, these little lozenges numb the back of my throat enough to allow me to better control my gag reflex. Sorry if they’re numbing your cock too.”

“Not enough that I would notice..” I answered.

“They only last about ten minutes. Why don’t you take me on the bed so I can lean over the edge?”

We moved into her bedroom, and I watched as she laid herself down on her back, with her head tilted down over the edge. What an inviting sight.

“Now come closer. I want to taste more of your hot cum, baby, so don’t hold back.”

I shinnied up against her, grabbed her firmly by the tits to steady myself, and easily found her open mouth with the end of my cock. It was the perfect height and angle.

“You really want me to fuck your throat, don’t you, you horny bitch?” I said, feeding her appetite for the dirty talk. I wanted to impress her with my courage to unabashedly let out my inside voice.

“Fuck, yeah. Feed it to me, baby,” she said as she licked all along the base of my shaft.

“I’ll push you gently here if I need a break; otherwise, have at it!” She instructed, placing her hands gently on the front of my thighs, before moving them around to my ass.

Well I did just that, albeit tentatively at first, and let me tell you, she took my cock like a pro. I gradually picked up my pace, trying to read her body language and follow her non-verbal signals.

She would gently move me forward into her throat by pulling on the back of my butt cheeks each time she wanted me to plunge all the way in, and hold me there until she moved her hands to the side, prompting me to withdraw and begin the process again. We had a pretty good non-verbal communication going, and gradually, in harmony with her signals, we picked up the pace.

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