Found Out Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Eating Her Ass

(This story follows Found out, in my series of stories. JR)

I came home the following day and found my laptop on the bed. I heard the shower so I knew my wife was home. On the laptop screen was a story she had apparently just submitted to Lit, her first, about the other night when she found out that I was a closet writer. I opened her file and read the story. It was totally a hot story about how I ate out her ass and cunt as she begged me, after reading my story about our stay on Fire Island. I was totally aroused by the end of her story. Just then, the shower stopped and I heard the doors open. I decided to let her tell me about the story, so I reduced the file, and went downstairs as if I’d just gotten home.

I went into my study, and became involved in the mail for a few minutes, then my e-mail. Before long, I realized that fifteen minutes had gone by and I still hadn’t told her I was home. I walked down the hall to the bedroom, and heard what I thought was the tv. Just as I was going to say,” hi hon I’m home,” I heard what sounded like moaning coming from the room. I peeked into the room and was startled to see my sweet wife in an unusual position. She was on the bed totally nude with her ass high and her chest on the bed. Her legs were wide open and she seemed to be trying to stuff something bahis firmaları into her pussy. From where I stood, it looked as if she had had her entire pubic area, and her asshole area totally waxed of all hair. She was sliding a jell cock into her open hole. I didn’t even know she had a jell cock. I stood quietly in the hall watching this fascinating activity take place.

“Oh yesss…lick me…lick my ass…lick my hole….” She moaned as the jell cock slid into her then she with drew it. “Oh eat my cunt…lick my ass…”

I stepped quietly into the room, and allowed my pants to drop to the floor. I was stunned. I hadn’t known that my licking of her ass had turned her on so much. My cock got as hard as an iron bar. I watched from the door as the jell cock slid deeply into her than withdrew. She slipped her other hand back and began to stroke her slick asshole with her middle finger. After a moment she inserted her finger and was fucking both of her holes.

“Lick it, lick my ass…oh..oh use your tongue…”

I stripped and tiptoed into the room. My cock waved to and fro like a baton keeping time. I was watching from only five feet away when she became aware of me. She smiled and continued thrusting the cock into her cunt.

“You’re so beautiful babe, your ass is so inviting. Show it to me, show me what you kaçak iddaa want, tell me…tell me what you’re thinking.”

“Oh I’m thinking Ohhh…about last night and your mouth on me…on my open pussy and…”

“And what?”

“And my asshole oh god it was so hot…unghh..oh lick me baby, lick me again”.

I kneeled on the bed behind her

“You must say what you want, you have to tell me baby.”

“Lick me …oh please lick me…”

“What, lick what?”

“Me…my ass…my asshole, my pussy”

“Say cunt”

“My cunt yess… lick my cunt”

“You want me to fuck your cunt and asshole with my tongue. You are a dirty girl aren’t you?”

I licked my finger and reached out to stroke her newly waxed rose-bud. She jerked when I did.

“Unngh…yes oh yes…oh please”

“You made it pretty.”

“Yes…I waxed for you, it hurt, but it made me so horny for you. I’m so sensitive now.”

“What a nice jellcock…show me how you can fuck yourself baby.”

“Oh please I will, but lick me like you did last night please…”

“Say it as dirty as you can”

“Lick my asshole fuck my ass with your tongue, eat my cunt, suck my cum. Cum in my mouth cum on my ass, eat your own cum from my asshole…I’ll do anything you ask…”

“You want me to cum on your ass, then lick my kaçak bahis cum from your asshole?”

“Yes then let me suck your tongue with your cum on it.”

I was so hard now I felt like I would squirt cum on her face just from her suggestions. I lay behind her and licked her open cunt from behind. She removed the jell cock and I sucked it like a cock. I licked her cunt up to her asshole than down again I licked inside her cunt with my whole face pressed into it. It was as hot as a furnace. She was quivering and humping my face with her cunt. I slipped up to her ass and wildly tongued her asshole probing it with the tip of my tongue. I was so near the point of no return I kneeled up and pressed my cockhead against her ass and preceded to squirt boiling hot cum on her asshole and her hot open cunt. I couldn’t help but slip into her cunt for a few final strokes. I was wild with lust. I went back and tongue fucked her asshole, which was now slick with my own cum. I licked my cum from her asshole and cunt as she had orgasm after orgasm. I slid up alongside her on the bed and she rolled on top of me and licked my cunt juiced face and my cummy tongue. “Give me the cum from my ass you asshole eating man, let me suck it from your tongue and from your cock. You’re going to eat my ass every day baby… god I love it.” She gasped as she slid down and engulfed my cock.I nearly passed out as she made me hard again. We fucked into the early evening. I wish I had known years before how powerfully our sex lived would change, If only I’d licked her asshole sooner!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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