Four Men, Sweat , Cum

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It was a hot day, and the light breeze coming in from the sea did little to cool things down. As I jogged along the shoreline I cursed my naïve belief that this stretch of white beach with its string of exclusive properties up on the dunes was a promising cruising area. As if! All I could expect to get out of this was serious sunburns and dehydration and another night of frustrated wanking in my lonely hotel room. The beaches I had frequented over the past two days had been full of families, heterosexual couples and loud groups of loutish stag parties, most of them not even attractive to look at in their swim gear. The new beach I had chosen this afternoon was not much better, and as it was nearly three miles away from the main tourist resort, I was facing a long and frustrating walk back.

Just as I had made up my mind to turn around and accept failure, I spotted a slim twink wading out of the sea towards the beach. He was not very tall, light skinned and smooth all over – as far as I could see – and had long blond hair that fell well below his shoulders. As he emerged from the water, I could see that he was wearing tight red speedos that accentuated a small bulge between his legs. At last something nice to look at!

I walked towards the spot where the guy would reach the sand, trying not to stare at him but also attempting to get as good a look as possible of his body. He came closer and smiled at me, then he stood still and turned around to look back to the sea. I got the distinct impression that he had not only noticed my attention, but wanted to give me an extra good look. As if to confirm that impression he now leaned forward to scoop up some water, so that I looked straight at his tight, round bubble butt, barely covered by his wet speedos. Was this an invitation? I could hardly believe my luck.

“Great day, isn’t it?!” he addressed me as he walked up towards me, suggestively running his hands over his shiny torso.

“It just got a lot better,” I couldn’t resist answering as I noticed the little bulge in his speedos swelling up and pressing against the red fabric. This guy obviously enjoyed showing off and being watched, and he made no attempt to hide his arousal.

“Are you planning to walk to the village down there?” he asked, pointing further down the beach.

“No, I guess that’s a bit too far. I was just about to turn back to the resort. I’m staying in one of the big hotels there. You?”

“Oh, I’m staying just up in the dunes, a friend of mine owns one of the little houses,” he answered. “It’s a bit isolated, but the view is great, and it’s really convenient for the beach. – You look rather thirsty. Do you want to come up for a drink before you walk back to your hotel?”

“That would be great! I’m Matt!” I said.

“Cool. I’m Chris.” He turned to walk up the dune. I followed close behind him, looking at his smooth back and legs.

He led me to a bungalow with large front windows. The main room was dominated by a huge black leather sofa, a low coffee table and a big mirror.

“What would you like?” he asked. “We have water, of course, but also apple juice or tonic, and there’s probably some gin and white wine as well.”

“What are you having?”

“Oh, I think I’ll start with water. Why don’t you come to the kitchen with me.”

I followed him and watched as he fetched two glasses and opened the fridge. He passed me a glass with cold sparkling water and brushed past me to return to the living room. Up close, he smelled salty from the sea water. Without thinking about it, I placed my free hand on his hip and stepped closer, pressing him lightly against the dishwasher. He turned to me with a broad grin on his face.

“So you want more than a drink, eh?” His arms were suddenly around my neck and his mouth pressed against my lips and before I knew it his tongue was in my mouth. I pressed against him, both hands grabbing his butt.

After a brief moment he leaned back and drew in breath. “Why don’t you join me on the sofa?” he asked and dragged me back into the living room. “It’s so much more comfortable here.”

He gently pushed me onto the leather sofa and leaned over me. His long hair fell forward, covering my head, and I drew him closer and started kissing his chest and small nipples. He smelt salty and bitter from the sea. As I teased his nipples with my lips and teeth, my hands moved down his back, trying to get into his tight speedos. Chris helped me get to my goal and pulled down the speedos, allowing me to grab his firm, round buttocks that were already getting sweaty. He drew back from me momentarily to remove the speedos completely, showing off his small, fully erect cock. His cock and balls casino şirketleri were completely hairless, only a neatly trimmed, triangular bush of pubic hair had been left. He smiled, then put his hands on his hips and started to gyrate slowly and suggestively.

Before long, I halted his movement with a firm grip of my hands and pulled his cock towards my mouth. I could easily swallow the entire length, and Chris started to mouthfuck me slowly and gently, releasing small drops of precum into my mouth while I rubbed his increasingly sweaty buttocks and ran a finger round his puckered anus.

“Don’t be shy. Push it in,” he whispered hoarsely and I didn’t need any more encouragement. He was already well lubricated, but also extremely tight, and as my middle finger slowly made its way up his back passage he started to moan. The grip of his hands on my shoulders suddenly became firmer, his cock pushed harder into my mouth, and all of a sudden he ejaculated, filling my mouth with salty cream.

“Shit! This wasn’t supposed to happen so quickly!”

He seemed genuinely embarrassed, but continued to move his cock inside my mouth, ejecting further drops of cum. I withdrew my finger from his arse and patted his back reassuringly. Although I hadn’t planned to suck him dry so quickly, I loved his enthusiasm just as much as the tangy taste of his cum in my mouth. Suddenly he pulled out of my mouth and bent down to kiss me, lapping up some of his own cum. When he sat up again he grinned and licked his lips.

“I really didn’t mean to come so soon. You just pushed me over the edge there. I hope we can continue this and try a few more positions.” He was now lying on top of me with his sticky cock rubbing against my T-shirt and shorts.

“Man, you didn’t even get a chance to get naked! I’m so sorry! Better get your clothes off before they get all sticky with my cum!”

“No need to apologise,” I told him as he got up and stood before me. “That was really hot. You have such a fantastic body, and you taste great.”

He pulled my shirt over my head while I pushed my shorts down. “God, I must have a taste of that,” he said as my hard cock came to light. Before I could reply Chris already kneeled between my knees and started kissing my thighs and groin area. “I love that musky smell”, he whispered between kisses, breathing in deeply before starting to lick the long shaft of my cock.

His tongue swirled around the cockhead, picking up some of the precum that had already come out, then went down the shaft towards my balls. I spread my legs to give him better access, and he was soon licking and kissing my balls, then taking them completely into his warm, wet mouth. His hands were now rubbing my ass with one of his fingers tentatively poking at my puckered hole.

Just as he was starting to kiss his way back to the tip of my cock, we heard a sound from outside, and a moment later two guys walked in. They stared at us, then grinned.

“Hey Chris, you can never get enough, can you?” one of them said. “Do you want us to leave while you finish?”

Chris got up slowly, one arm now around my waist. “Oh, hi. I didn’t think you’d be back so soon. You don’t mind that I invited Matt here, do you? He’s really lovely, and we only just started.”

“No, I’m sure we don’t mind. And he does have a great cock!” responded the bigger of the two. He was a tall, beefy guy with a dark beard and shoulder-length black hair. “You sure know how to pick them, Chris!” He turned to me, extending his right hand: “Hi, I’m Mark. I hope we didn’t embarrass you. We’re staying here with Chris.”

The second man now also moved closer and even placed a hand on my shoulder, looking deeply into my eyes. “Welcome, Matt. I’m Paul.”

Paul was about my height, but more muscular, with a shaved head and slight stubble on his chin. “In fact – you’re more than welcome. I think I’d love to join the two of you, if you don’t mind, and I suspect Mark would like a piece of the action, too.”

Both Chris and Paul were now rubbing my shoulders and back, and Mark winked at me mischievously. “I bet Chris didn’t tell you where he was luring you! And if you’d rather continue your little encounter with him, we’ll leave you to it. But if you feel a bit more adventurous, we could all have some fun together. What do you say?”

Without awaiting my response, Mark already started to unbutton his short-sleeved shirt, revealing a broad, muscular chest covered completely in a short, black fur. At the sight of this I stepped closer to him, placed my left hand on his hairy chest and my right behind his neck, and without saying another word, I pulled his mouth towards mine and started kissing him.

“All casino firmaları right,” I heard Paul say, as Chris lightly spanked my ass.

Mark had now grabbed my head, holding it in a tight grip as his big fleshy tongue pushed into my mouth. As our embrace continued, another mouth nibbled at my left ear, and a stubbly chin rubbed against my neck.

“Great! I bring him in, and now I’m left out of the fun!” Chris complained, standing back from us, his arms crossed in front of his chest. But his hard little cock suggested that he was enjoying the show.

Paul paid no attention to Chris’ complaint and continued kissing my ear, but Mark stepped back, a wide smile on his face, licking his lips.

“I’m sure there’s enough for all of us to enjoy,” he said calmly, as he got rid of his shirt and pulled down his shorts. Two solid, rubbery nipples were sticking out of his chest fur, and I couldn’t believe my eyes as his huge cock emerged, not yet fully hard, but already close to 11 inches long. This was getting better all the time!

Paul was now also getting naked, giving Chris another opportunity to step in and grab a piece of my bum. I drew his head closer, getting him to kiss my neck. With my free hand I rubbed Mark’s chest and started to pinch one his his magnificent nipples. Our eyes met for a moment, then he looked down at my hard cock, just as Chris also started to reach down to massage my joystick. Mark stepped back again, his hands now on his own massive cock, drawing back the foreskin and exposing a swollen red cockhead. I licked my lips in anticipation as I imagined the taste and texture of this enormous cock.

“You want that, don’t you,” Chris whispered into my ear.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you,” Mark added.

Paul now stepped in front of me and began to kiss me, giving me an opportunity to run my hands over his muscular body. His cock was now rubbing against mine, while Chris was poking his cock against my ass. We were all starting to moan, our bodies sweating under the touch of each others’ hands.

“Do you want us to take care of you?” Mark asked now as he also started to rub against me, pushing Chris slightly to one side. With my tongue in Paul’s mouth I could only moan my consent.

Leaning back to take a deep breath, I eventually responded to Mark’s question: “Sure, and I want to take care of you guys, too!”

The three men, surrounding me and rubbing my body, briefly looked at each other and smiled.

“That’s what we’ll do then,” Paul said.

Then, as if responding to a secret, pre-arranged signal, Mark grabbed me around my chest and lifted me up, while Paul took hold of my legs. They carried me to the low coffee table in the middle of the room and layed me down. Before I could move or say anything, both men knelt down on either side of me and started licking and biting my nipples. Two of Mark’s big fingers parted my lips and pushed into my mouth, silencing my gasp of surprise.

Chris had in the meantime moved to the end of the table and kneeled between my legs, massaging my thighs and slowly kissing his way towards my arse and balls. At the same time, Paul’s mouth moved downwards from my chest towards my dick, and Mark was rubbing his beard against my chin and jowls before his tongue plunged deeply into my mouth. As we were locked in another passionate kiss, Paul and Chris were both licking and kissing my cock, lapping up the precum that was now oozing freely from the tip. Eventually, one mouth found its way to my ass, licking around the pucker and slowly opening it up with rapid tongue stabs.

The sensation of three hot mouths and tongues covering and invading me was overwhelming. I started to moan and writhe, trying to somehow push my dick deeper into Chris’ mouth and simultaneously pushing my arse against Chris’ tongue in order to maximize the pleasure. My hands where wrapped around Mark’s head, as he continued to push his tongue into my mouth.

Eventually, our frantic kissing slowed down and all three men stood up, smiling down on me. I was surprised and disappointed as I didn’t want the sensations to stop, but I soon realized that they were just moving things onto a new level.

Mark now stood above my head, giving me a close look of bis shaved balls and his massive erect cock. Chris positioned himself between my legs and started to open up my pucker with one, then two fingers, apparently preparing me for a good fucking. As Mark lowered his balls close enough for me to lick and kiss them, I could also feel Paul straddling me, pressing his ass against my dick. And then, seemingly on command, Chris pushed his dick into me, Paul sat down on my dick and Mark shoved his dick into güvenilir casino my mouth.

We were transformed into a moaning, sweating fuck machine, slowly establishing a common rhythm. I was overwhelmed by the salty taste of Mark’s juices, my tongue and lips wrapped around his still growing dick, and I shivered in pleasure as Chris’ smaller dick pushed forwards and backwards. As one almost pulled out of me, the other pushed deeper inside, both briefly lingering at the furthest point before reverting in the opposite direction. In the meantime, Paul was rising and lowering himself on my cock, his ring muscles getting ever tighter to counteract the generous lubrication provided by my precum and his own juices.

The pace of our fucking quickened, and I grabbed Mark’s sweaty ass, rubbing a finger over his pucker, as he bowed down to pinch my nipples. I realized I could take no more – the pressure in my balls started to build up to the point of no return as Paul’s grip on my cock got even tighter and Chris took up a frantic, irregular rhythm which signaled that he was also loosing control. Three of us – Chris, Paul and myself – came almost simultaneously and with loud cries of release. I could feel Chris flooding my intestines with repeated bursts of cum while I was doing the same to Paul who sprayed his own cum over my chest. Only Mark did not come, and to my disappointment, he withdrew his cock from my mouth, leaving a sudden emptiness. For a moment, one of his fingers caressed my lips and shoved some of Paul’s cum into my mouth, but then he rose and stepped back from the table.

Chris had also withdrawn from my ass and Paul was standing up, leaving my cock and ass suddenly exposed. Both moved to stand beside my head and as if in response to my disappointment, dangled their sticky cocks over my mouth. I couldn’t wait to lap up their cum, trying to lick both cocks at the same time.

But I didn’t have long to savor the two men’s taste. Mark was now standing between my knees and grabbed my legs to hoist me up. His massive cock was rubbing and pushing against my hole which despite Chris’ earlier efforts wasn’t yet wide enough to take it. But Mark was now getting impatient and as he pushed and shoved against me I couldn’t hold on to the two cocks in my mouth any longer. I cried out in pain – and then in pleasure, as Mark finally gained entry and pushed his cock in one deep thrust deeply into my body. His balls slapped against my ass and for a brief moment he remained completely still, then slightly shifted his cock left and right, before slowly pulling out again. He repeated this movement several times, until all my sensations were completely fixated on the movement of his cock. And then the fucking really started!

Without any warning, Mark settled into a rapid, almost violent rhythm, fucking me like a piston on overdrive. The two other men had to kneel down and grab my shoulders to stop me from sliding from the table, as Mark’s pushes hammered against my body. Mark was now completely wet and gleaming, sweat running down his forehead and chest, big drops being hurled forward onto my chest and face like a hot tropical shower. I tried to catch some of the fluids with my tongue – my mouth was already opened in a perpetual loud moan.

How long this lasted I couldn’t say. Mark demonstrated incredible stamina, coming close to leaving me senseless – but not quite. Eventually I felt that I was getting close to another orgasm without anyone having touched my cock this time. And as I felt my cum rising, I could also feel that Mark was getting close. A final, violent thrust sent us both over the edge, but Mark quickly pulled out of me and sprayed his cum over my chest, onto my face and also on Chris and Paul’s faces. Chris started kissing me, while Paul rubbed the mixture of cum and sweat into my chest, leaving me sticky all over.

Then Mark leaned over me, grabbed my head and pulled my face to his left nipple. His chest was wet with sweat and still heaving from the effort which had left him out of breath. As I buried my face in his dark, wet fur, I breathed in the heavy, musky smell of his body, mixed with the stench of our combined cum and then I began to lick, suckle and bite his nipple. Chris quickly joined me, caressing Mark’s right nipple, and I could feel Paul pressing and rubbing against us from behind.

Eventually, Mark lifted me up from the table and lay me down on the soft carpet, then sat down behind me, his legs pressing against my thighs, both of his hands on my chest, and his beard rubbing against my neck. The two other men setlled down on our sides, gently kissing and rubbing our arms. I closed my eyes, taking in the feeling of the three men touching me, the smell of sweat and cum exuding from our bodies, and the lingering burning in my ass. I felt exhausted and exhilerated at the same time, completely spent and yet wanting the experience to continue.

To be continued…

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