Free Fuck Family 3: Aunt Julie Comes to Visit

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Free Fuck Family 3: Aunt Julie Comes to Visit
“You’re pregnant?” Will was astonished.

“Yes.” Answered Megan still crying into his chest. Will didn’t know what to say but he knew one thing: the baby was his. Although Will has had sex with multiple women, Megan has always been selective on who she has sex with. She has had at least five male sexual partners besides Will and she’s always told him when she’s had sex with them. Two guys from high school, who she stopped having sex with a year ago, Uncle Clark and their cousin, who they see a few times a year, and their father John, who in the last few months has only fucked Megan in the ass. Megan hasn’t said anything about having sex with her new boyfriend.

“I’m sorry. I was careless and I forgot to take the contraceptives a few times.” Megan didn’t want to look Will in the eyes, she didn’t know what to expect.

“What’s done is done now we just have to look forward. Whatever you want to do I will support you.”

Megan looked into his eyes now, he was sincere. Of course he would be, her twin brother, she always loved him ever since she was little and he always loved her back. After the month when they lost their respective virginities to their parents, they spent every night together doing everything their mom and dad taught them. Even though they had sex with other people, at the end of the night they always had each other.

“I’m going to keep it. What’s growing inside me is our love made into human form and I want to know if you have the same feeling for it just like I do.”

Will looked deeply into her beautiful Hazel eyes. “I love you and I will love our baby.”

Megan kissed him. Each other’s hands exploring every part of their bodies. They took each other’s clothes off in a hurry. Will lay Megan down on the bed, spreading her legs and taking her pussy in his mouth. He enjoys the taste of his sister, her pink pussy a delight. Megan loves when her brother eats her out, nobody else has ever given her an orgasm doing it. She wraps her legs around his head holding him there until she orgasms in his mouth. Megan still in the high of her orgasm feels her brother’s cock positioning himself to penetrate her.

“Please fuck me, I missed your cock.” She said looking deeply into his eyes. Will buries his cock deep into her, bringing a moan deep from within her. He thrusts deep and fast into her, he missed her tight wet pussy. “Fuck, Megan I love you.” He groaned as he came inside of her.

Will lay next to Megan and for the next ten minutes they spent it just tenderly kissing each other not saying anything. “We are going to be a mom and dad. I can’t believe it.” Said Will as he rubbed Megan’s belly.

“Do you want a boy or a girl?” Asked Megan.

“I want a girl and she will be as beautiful as you. What do you want?”

“I guess I want a boy, I think it would be fun to raise one.”

“Wouldn’t it be great if they were twins just like us?” said Will.

“That would be wonderful! When they finally get to maturity, we could do with them what mom and dad did with us. Teach them everything we know, love them and give them a great future.” Megan was excited.

Will looked at Megan, “Baby, can you give me a second, I’ll be right back.”

“Okay, but don’t be long.” She said with a smile.

Will went to his bedroom. Valerie was sleeping so he entered quietly so as not to disturb her. He opened a drawer and looked until he found what he was looking for. He went back to Megan’s room and lay back down with her. “What do you have there?” She asked curiously.

“Well, I got this for your birthday.”

He gifted her a beautiful expensive bracelet that she has wanted for a while. “Oh my god, thank you!” She hugged and kissed him. “Oh wait! I’m so sorry I didn’t give you anything, with everything that’s been going on and worried sick I forgot to get you something.”

“Don’t worry, you being here is all I need.”

“No, Will. Let me make it up to you.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Well, Why don’t you just lay back and relax and let me do everything.” she said with a smirk. “I have a few ideas on how to make it up to you.”

After having non-stop sex all through the night, Will and Megan finally exhausted, fell asleep as the sun was rising. They only had just a couple of hours of sleep when Valerie woke up Will.

“Wha- Hey Val, what’s the matter?” Will said still sleepy.

“Will, you were supposed to be sleeping with me, remember?” Valerie said in a chiding tone.

“I’m sorry, Val. Megan and I needed to make up for some lost time together. Don’t worry, we still have three and a half weeks to go. Now get in bed with us.”

Valerie got in bed, her light small frame body crawled over Will to land between him and Megan. Then, she began gazing at Megan’s naked body next to her. Will took notice. “Why are you looking at Megan like that?”

“Megan has big boobs and they are so pretty. I’ll never have boobs like that.” She said with a hint of jealousy.

“Don’t say that. You are very young and your breasts are still developing. You never know, maybe you’ll grow them as big as aunt Julie.”

“I wish I had aunt Julie’s boobs. I want to do with my boobs what aunt Julie does to Daddy and you.”

Aunt Julie is their dad John’s younger sister. She has huge F cup breasts that seem to defy gravity as she ages. If Will’s mom is the one to go for a world class blowjob and Kelly for rough anal fucking, then Julie is the one to go to if you want the biggest and softest breasts to give the best titjob ever.

“Don’t worry Val, in time those titties of yours will grow and then you can be sure that I’ll want to fuck them.” Valerie smiles and giggles. “But for now I like them small on you because I can fit them in my mouth and suck those beautiful nipples of yours.”

“You like them?” She said surprised.

“Of course I do! When they first started growing, I tried everything I could to peek down your shirt just to get a glimpse at them.”

Valerie blushed. She slowly started to remove her pajama top. Once removed, she pushed her chest at Will. “Ca- Can you suck on them now?” She said really shy.

Will didn’t waste any time. He place his mouth over her left breast and started to suck on Valerie’s pink nipple. She let out a gasp but then settled in to the wonderful feeling of her sensitive developing tits being sucked. Will then took the other one in his mouth while he rubbed and pinch the saliva covered breast. “You know Val, maybe we can do a titty fuck.”

“How? I don’t have boobs!” She exclaimed.

“Maybe not, but we can still do something close to it and have some fun.”

Will then instructed Valerie to lay flat on the bed. Will then straddled Valerie and placed his cock on her chest. “Huh, I think for this to work my cock is going to need to be wet.” He gave Megan’s ass a few light spanks to wake her up.

“Whu- what?” Said Megan as she flipped over only to see her brother straddling her tiny sister. Megan was astonished. “What are you guys doing?”

“I’m going to rub my cock on Val’s chest, can you suck my cock and get it wet?” Will asked with that goofy smile of his.

“Yeah, of course. I forgot for a second that dad gave you the job.” While Will was still on top of Valerie, Megan got on all fours and took Will’s semi erect cock into her mouth. She could taste the sex they had all night on his cock. Once he was completely hard she continued to make his cock wet with her saliva until Will said that it was enough.

Will squeezed Val’s tiny mounds close to his cock. They were the size of a lemon so she didn’t have anything to cover his cock. He crossed his thumbs on top of his cock so that he could use that and Val’s smooth skin for friction. “Here I go.”

At first it was awkward just rubbing on her chest with only his thumbs as friction. Soon enough it started getting pleasurable for Will as Valerie started giggling at the whole thing. “I’m getting my first titty fuck!” Valerie giggled. “When was your first titty fuck?” Val asked Megan.

“I was thirteen. We did it when we stayed in grandpa’s house and he was watching us do it.”

“While güvenilir bahis Kelly was sucking his dick, remember?” Said Will.

After just a few minutes, Will’s cum exploded on Val’s chest where it then pooled down to her neck. “Megan, I want you suck that cum up and then feed it to Val.” Megan lean down, pursed her lips and suck it right into her mouth. Valerie opened her mouth and Megan slowly dripped the cum into it. After it was done, Valerie opened her mouth to show everyone and with a quick gulp, swallowed it all.

Megan licked up what was left from Valerie’s chest and swallowed too. After that they took a shower, got dressed and went downstairs to eat lunch.


Three weeks have passed since Will was given the job to sexually train his little sister Valerie. She has taken to the training skillfully. She’s above average in giving a blowjob, her young pussy has been thoroughly fucked as to take a pounding, and she seems to enjoy getting fucked in the ass. One week is left until she is ready to be given to the family.

The tradition goes that once the young female has her first period, she is given to the assigned male to take her virginity and train her sexually for a month. Once she’s gone through the month with the assigned father or brother, her immediate family would gather to celebrate and to fuck the young female and each other.

The same happens with a young male of the family although it’s a little bit different. Once the boy enters masturbation age, the assigned female will give the boy a handjob twice a day. Once the boy has finally ejaculated his first batch of semen, he is then given to the assigned female to take his virginity and sexually train him for a month. After that it is the same celebration as the young female.

Valerie is excited. She can’t wait to finally feel daddy inside of her. She also wants to feel Uncle Clark, mommy’s brother, inside of her too. She wants to swallow their cum just like she does with her brother every night. Valerie has been touching herself lately thinking about what daddy and uncle Clark do to Kelly when they get together. Daddy in Kelly’s butt and uncle Clark in her pussy, the both of them fucking Kelly and screaming in pleasure.

In the living room, Valerie is swallowing her brother’s cum as their mom Catherine enters the room.

“Hey, mom.” Will said.

“Is she swallowing your cum like she’s supposed to?” Catherine asked.

“Val is doing great at swallowing, but in this last week together, I’m training her to relax her throat so that she can deepthroat.” Will said as he stroked Val’s hair.

“Good boy, I know you love your blowjobs so another person in the house other than me who can deepthroat will be great.” Catherine said as she sat down next to them.

Out of the five women in the house, Catherine is the only one who can truly deepthroat. She takes the entire cock in her mouth and lick the balls at the same time. Catherine credits her blowjob abilities on growing up as the only girl in a household full of boys. She was the youngest out of four. Getting fucked by her father and her three brother’s everyday made her pussy sore. Her father would come in her bedroom early in the morning and fuck her before going to work, then each of her brothers would take a turn in the morning before school. Then at home after school, her brothers would fuck her again, and at night after work her father would finish up the night cumming deep inside her pussy. Sometimes, when her dad was a little inebriated, he would not visit her but instead her brother Clark, who was bisexual.

One day, she complained to her mother that her pussy was sore and that she won’t be able to satisfy the men if she keeps hurting. “How do you do it?” She asked her mother, waiting for a solution. The next few weeks her mother taught her how to use her mouth to satisfy man’s needs. Before she knew it, her brothers most of the time wanted oral from her and that made them happy. Her father was the only who still kept fucking her, but she was okay with it as she now has to fuck maybe two or three times a day instead of nine or ten.

“By the way, your father left at noon to go to the airport. Guess who is he picking up?” said Catherine.

Will and Valerie thought for a second. “Is he picking up Aunt Julie?” Will spoke up first. “How did you know? Yes, she’s coming to visit.” Catherine said excitedly.

“Isn’t she a little early, my party is not until next week.” said Valerie.

“Yes, she said she wanted to come early so she can spend a little more time with us. She’ll probably stay a little longer with us. You know she’s a little lonely after her husband died.”

“Is Erika coming too?” Will asked hopefully with a glint in his eye. Valerie pouted and gave Will a light punch in his arm. Catherine chuckled remembering the little crush Will has on Erika. “Of course, she is. Would you like her to stay in your room the entire time she’s here?” Catherine giggled as her son blushed in embarrassment.

Erika is Aunt Julie’s only daughter. A sixteen year old redhead, with a splash of freckles on her face and a tight little body. Will loves and is in love with his sister Megan but he has had a huge crush on Erika since he was young. When the family was celebrating Erika’s turn to womanhood five years ago, Will was ecstatic. He was finally able to release his sexual fantasy of being with her that day. After being fucked by her father, Will’s father John and Grandpa, Will jumped in and took her aside. “I’ve wanted to do this with you for a long time.” Will said shaking with nervousness. “Me too, Will.” said Erika as she kissed him. For an hour, Will fucked Erika. He took her in all positions and Erika loved it. At one point, Will looked up to look around the room. His uncles and aunts fucking their nieces and nephews, dads fucking their daughters, moms fucking their sons, brothers fucking their sisters, and cousins fucking cousins.

At the corner he saw his cousin Brian, Clark’s son, fucking his sister Megan doggy style. When he looked at his sister, he saw she was staring daggers at him, there was jealousy in her eyes. Will guessed that she knew he always had a crush on Erika and felt embarrassed that Megan saw his lust for Erika that day. At one point after fucking her for an hour and a half, one of his uncles from his mother’s side interrupted him. “ Hey buddy, can you give someone else a chance to fuck the girl today?” Some of his family members around laughed at that and Will’s face turned red. “Of course.” He said as he backed away. He looked at Erika’s face as he left and he could see she was a little disappointed that they were done but soon he couldn’t see her anymore as she was soon surrounded by men and women.

“Well, I’m going to prepare a great dinner to receive your aunt and cousin. Valerie will you help me?”

“Yeah!” She jumped off the sofa and went to the kitchen.

Catherine got up and gave her son a kiss on the cheek. “Go clean up baby, you are getting cum on my sofa.” She dipped her finger on Will’s cock head and popped it in her mouth. “Yum, those supplements you take makes your cum taste good.” And with that she left to the kitchen.


John was standing outside arrivals waiting for his sister to appear. He has always been fond of his younger sister Julie and he’s excited to see her after a year. He doesn’t see his older sisters very often because one lives across the country and one lives in another country so they only get to see each other on special occasions. Julie is the one he gets to see more often, they have a special connection with each other. John took Julie’s virginity and took care of her when their parents passed away a few years later due to an accident. His older sisters were out of the house by then, one was in University and the other married, so he took care of her when John was in his early twenties and Julie in her teens.

They had sex everyday. It didn’t stop when John met Catherine and married her. The three of them türkçe bahis would share the bed together. They lived together for years until Catherine had her first born Kelly and then later on Julie would meet her husband and move away. They would often get together again and have sex. When Julie’s husband died, she decided that living far from her family wasn’t a good idea. She spoke with her brother John about moving close, so for a year she had to sell the house and get things in order before moving.

John finally saw her. He waved and she waved back. He went to her and they hugged. “I missed you so much.” Said Julie.

“Me too.” He gave her a kiss on the lips. “Let me take your luggage. Where’s Erika?”

“Oh, there she is.” Julie pointed out as Erika walked out. John was surprised at how much Erika as grown. When last he saw her, she had little boobs and a skinny body. Now, she had really big breasts, almost as big as Julie, her body was curvy in all the right places and her legs were stunning. “Wow, she really has grown a lot. “ John said aloud.

“Yes, isn’t she beautiful.” Said Julie proudly.

“Will is going to be amazed.” John and Julie laughed at that, they know how Will has a crush on her.

Erika finally saw them and smiled. She walked up and jumped on her uncle John, hugging him. “Oh my god, I’m so happy to see you. I hope I’m not heavy.” She giggled.

“Of course you are not heavy, but those boobs are.” John said as he felt them squeezed against his chest. “How big are they now?”

“Double D’s but I think they might get bigger. Want to feel them?” Erika said as she lowered herself to the ground.

“Oh yes, but let’s get home first. Catherine is making us dinner and then later on Erika, I want to feel those boobs around my cock.” Erika giggled at that. “Mom has been teaching me, I think I’m pretty good at it.”

They placed their luggage inside the car. Julie noticed that John was hard. “Oh my! Did Erika give you that?” She teased as she pointed at his boner. “As a matter of fact she did.” said John.

“I’m so sorry uncle John!” said Erika

“We can’t have you driving back home without that boner taken care of. How about I drive and you sit in the back with Erika and she’ll take care of it.”

“Oh please let me help you.” said Erika.

They got in the car. Julie was driving out of the airport while John and Erika sat in the back. Erika was rubbing and teasing her uncle’s cock over his pants. “Uncle John, you are so hard right now. I’m sorry for teasing you with my boobs.” John grabbed one of her boobs and squeezed it. “Wow, they are soft. Lift up your shirt.”

Erika took of her shirt slowly, teasing her uncle more. When they finally fell off from underneath her shirt, they were beautiful. Big, round and perky just like her mother’s. She gave him an innocent face as she rubbed them. “Do you want to suck them?”

“Bring them over here.” He took one of her hard nipples into his mouth. Erika unbuttoned his pants and took his hard cock in her hands. She jerked him off as he sucked and licked her breasts. “Aren’t her titties great?” Said Julie from the front. John could only nod as he enjoyed them.

“Uncle John do you want to feel them around your cock now?”

“Yes.” The back of the SUV was big, so John was able to slide his seat back and Erika was able to squeeze in front of him. Erika took her uncle’s cock in her mouth to get it wet. She expertly took his entire length into her mouth covering his entire cock with saliva. “Oh my god, you are good at that.” breathed John.

“Thanks, daddy taught me that.”

She sucked him for a few minutes until she took his cock out of her mouth. Erika pulled up and moved her breasts closer to his cock. She placed it in between and wrapped her big tits around it. She squeezed for the perfect amount of friction. She slowly slide his cock between her breasts, teasing her uncle more.

“Erika, your tits feel amazing.” She went faster, dribbling more saliva on his cock head. She smiled up at her uncle. “Am I doing good? This is my first time tittyfucking a real cock.”

“A real cock?” John had to ask because of the weird wording.

Julie answered from the front. “I taught her by putting on a strap on and having her practice on that.”

“Your mother is the best at this so you learned from a master.” said John to Erika. “The moment she grew those titties, I had her tittyfucking me everyday and everywhere we went.”

“Your uncle used to titty fuck me everyday before dropping me to school. One day he came so much over my tits that I didn’t notice I still had some on me when I put my shirt back on. I didn’t realize until hours later that I had cumstains all over it. I was so embarrassed!” said Julie as John and Erika laughed at that.

“Go on, Erika. Show me what your mom taught you.”

Erika jerked her titties faster on his cock. She started to bounce not only her breast but her body as well on his cock. She bent her head down and took the head of his cock into her mouth, sucking and licking it. John could only groan as Erika skillfully brought him to an orgasm. “Oh, fuck.” John said, as he came in Erika’s mouth. She kept stroking his cock with her tits until he completely emptied his balls.

Erika leaned back and swallowed his cum. “How was that, uncle John?” She said with a devilish grin.

“That was great, Erika. I think you should show off your new skill to Will when you get home.”

Her eyes lit up at the mention of Will. “You think he’ll like it?”

“Erika, I think he’ll love it.”


John, Julie and Erika arrived at the house. As they went inside they heard Valerie announce “Daddy and Aunt Julie are home.” Valerie ran up and hugged her aunt. “Valerie, you are all grown up! How are your lessons going?”

“Will has taught me everything, my last lesson now is deepthroating. I want to be able to deepthroat daddy and everyone at my party.”

Catherine appeared from the kitchen and there were squeals of delight as her and Julie hugged each other.
“I’m so happy to see you, I’m so glad you are moving in with us, it’s going to be like old times.” Said Catherine all giddy.

Catherine turned to Erika and was surprised to see her. “Oh my god, Erika you have grown so much. Where did you get those boobs? They weren’t that big a year ago.”

“I guess I’m a late bloomer.” Erika said. At that moment Will and Megan were coming down the stairs. Will and Erika lock eyes with each other and both smiled. Megan eyes flared up with jealousy as she noticed the look between them. Megan never cared who Will fucked because it has always been that sexual pleasure is shared, but with Erika it is different. She sees Erika as competition for Will’s love.

“Hi, Will.” Erika said as she hugged Will, making sure to press her breasts against him so he can feel them. Will felt them and he loved it. “Hi, Erika. How was your flight?” Will asked, feeling stupid for asking a dumb question.

“Good, couldn’t wait to get here.” They finished hugging and Erika turned to Megan. “Oh my god, Megan I love that bracelet.”

“Thank you, Will gave it to me.” Megan made sure to hit the words Will and Me so as to fuck with Erika. Erika noticed that so as to fuck with Megan back she hugged her and squeezed her breasts against hers to make her feel inadequate. Megan has a beautiful C cup compared to Erika’s big DD’s.

John, Catherine and Julie didn’t notice this game between the girls as they left to talk in the kitchen but Will did and he felt very awkward. He liked Erika and he wanted to fuck her immediately but with Megan there he felt weird making the first move. Luckily, Erika made it first.

“Will, let’s go to your room. I want to show you something.” Erika took Will’s hand and hurriedly pulled him upstairs. Will turned to look at Megan, but she pouted and stormed out to the back of the house. Valerie stood there not really understanding what happened, so she shrugged and went to the living room to watch cartoons.

John, Catherine and Julie were in the kitchen drinking wine and talking. “You know you can stay güvenilir bahis siteleri here and live with us, right? There’s no need to go and get a house when this one is big enough for all of us.” John said.

“I just don’t want to be a bother or be in the way here.”

“Nonsense.” Said Catherine. “You know that John and I love you. You and Erika aren’t a bother and we both want you here, that’s why we asked you stay. We have an extra room for Erika and you can sleep with John and I like we used to. There’s no need for you to be living alone.”

Julie was teary eyed. John and Catherine were always there for her. From when she was a teen to when her husband died, physically, emotionally and financially, they took great care of her. She hugged Catherine and kissed her on the lips and then she pulled her brother John into the hug and kissed him too. “You guys are so good to me.”

“Plus, think of all the daily threesomes, like we used to have.” said John as he cupped both of the women’s asses.

“Well, I’m still horny from watching you and Erika. How about we get this done now?”

“Now? I still have the chicken in the oven!” said Catherine.

“You girls go ahead to the bedroom, I’ll get someone to watch it for you.” John motioned them to the bedroom as he patted their asses and the women giggled. He looked to the living room and Melanie was sitting reading a book. “Hey baby, could you watch the oven? Mommy, Aunty and I are going to bed.”

Melanie looked up, her eyes wide and bright. “Can I join in too?”

“I’m sorry baby, maybe later. Mommy and Daddy really missed Aunt Julie and we need some alone time with her.”


Erika pushed Will on the bed. She giggled as she took off her shirt and unhooked her bra. Her breasts bounced out and Will’s eyes went wide.

“So, what do you think?”

He swallowed hard and was trying to find his words. “They uh they are amazing.” Was all he could say.

“I couldn’t wait to show you. It’s been a year since we’ve seen each other and I’ve been dying to show you.”

Erika straddled Will’s lap. Her sweet smell had Will’s cock go hard. He kissed her lips and she returned it, their tongues meeting each other. They’ve fucked almost two dozen times while they’ve fucked others countless times. “I always think about you.” Erika softly said. Erika and Will have always crushed on each other.

“Me too.” Erika pushed his back on the bed and slid his pants down. His cock sprung into action as Erika pulled her panty aside. With one quick move she impaled herself on his cock and rode him like no other. Her panting, and her release built as she made Will’s cock hit the spot that makes her orgasm. “I’ve always loved you. I know you love Megan, and I don’t want to get in the way, but I hope you have a little place in your heart for me too.” She said as she was coming down from her orgasm. Will couldn’t believe what he just heard. He loved her too and it felt right to finally vocalize it. “Ever since we were k**s, I’ve loved you too.” He grabbed her and moved her into missionary position. He swiftly penetrated her, both releasing a delightful moan. They kissed passionately until she squealed from his seed filling her.

Down in the parents room, Aunt Julie was eating Catherine’s pussy as her brother John fucked her from behind. Catherine and Julie have been best friends since middle school and they were each other’s first lesbian experience. It wasn’t until high school that Julie decided to bring in Catherine to share with her brother John. After several sexual encounters John and Catherine fell in love with each other and Julie couldn’t have been anymore happier than to have her best friend, and brother get married.

Out in the hallway, little Valerie was rubbing her tiny pussy, looking at her parents and Aunt Julie have sex through the door crack. She couldn’t wait to experience her daddy and all those sexual games that the entire family play. “Just one more week and I can finally have daddy fuck me.” She mumbled as she came.


Megan entered Kelly’s room in a huff. “What’s the matter?” said Kelly looking up from her textbook. Megan sits down on her bed. “It’s that bitch Erika! She appears and Will turns into a dumb drooling mess.”

“Are you jealous?” Kelly gives her a mocking smile. Megan is having none of it and gives her a mean stare. “Oh, sorry I asked.” Kelly says throwing her hands up and turns away back to her desk.

“I’m sorry. I came here to ask for advice. I just don’t what to do. I get so angry when they have sex and I don’t really care but it just… Ahh.” she crosses her arms in frustration. Kelly sits down next to her.

“Do you get angry when Will has sex with any of us?”

“No.” Megan gives Kelly a questioning look.

“Then, why do you think you get angry when they do it?”

“Well… I love Will but I just hate it when Erika is around because, I don’t know, I guess I feel ignored.”

“And you fear Erika is going to take him away from you.” Megan looked surprised. Kelly hit the reason why Megan resents Erika. “I know Will and I know that he loves you no matter what. So what if he has a crush on Erika, maybe even loves her too, but I know one thing: the both of you were meant to be together. Ever since both of you were born, there’s been an attraction between you two that’s natural. Just look at how Mom, dad and Aunt Julie are, maybe that’s what’s meant for the three of you. But if you start imposing a me or her situation, you’ll just create resentment.”

Megan looked teary eyed. “Do you think that it could work between us three?”

“Absolutely, our bodies are meant to be shared with family. Just talk to Will and work it out.”

Finally a small smile appears on Megan’s lips. “Thank you, Kelly. I always like talking to you.”

“No problem, sis.” Kelly plants a small kiss on Megan’s lips. Megan places her hand behind Kelly’s head bringing her in for another. Soon enough they are kissing hard, exploring each other’s mouth. “Lay down, you need to relieve some stress.” Kelly said as she pulled on Megan’s pants. Megan obeyed and soon enough she had her legs spread, with Kelly between them lapping at her pussy. Megan was in ecstasy, Kelly is the only woman she has lezzed out with. As she ate out Megan, Kelly started noticing two things: Megan was leaking more fluids than usual and her taste was salty. Kelly has noticed this two other times before with women, Her mom, and a close friend of hers; and they were both pregnant at that time.

Kelly stopped. She couldn’t in her mind find a way to ask her. “Why did you stop? I was almost there.” Megan said in displeasure. Kelly had to just come out and say it. “Sis, are you… uhh… pregnant?” Megan’s eyes went wide in shock. Kelly got the answer she wanted right on her face. “Wha… how did you know?”

“Because I know what pregnant pussy taste like. How long have you been pregnant and why didn’t you say anything to me before.” Kelly said offended, they always told each other everything.

“I’m guessing six weeks. I was just scared so I kept it a secret until I figured out what to do.”

“Are you going to keep it. Have you told Will? I’m guessing it’s Will’s right? Because you had a boyfriend at that time or maybe dad.”

“It’s Will’s and we decided to keep it because we want to be parents. I never had sex with my friend and it is not dad because around that time I usually slept with Will and never had time to have sex with Dad.”

“No wonder you were a little worried before. I just can’t believe it! My little sis is going to be a mother and I’m going to be an aunt soon!” Kelly said excited. “Keep it down. We don’t want to say anything just yet.” Said Megan but with a smile on her face.

They both hugged and laughed. Soon enough they went back to sucking and fucking each other’s pussies. All around the house everyone had sex. Will and Erika were on their second round. John was getting his dick sucked by Catherine and Julie. Valerie went to her room, still rubbing her nub to her parents fucking. Melanie was still sulking that she couldn’t join her parents. The chicken was finally done so Melanie called out that dinner was ready. Everyone slowly trickled out of their rooms and to the dinner table. And soon enough there would be two more pregnancies in the household.

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