Free Ride Ch. 03

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All participants are over 18. This story takes place in 1989.


It had been several weeks since my encounter with the limo and the passengers who seduced me into gay sex for the first time. That time was not uneventful. I had become the casual lover of my Middle Eastern neighbour, Mr. Al Madani, and I occasionally picked up men or women at the club, depending on what was on offer at that meat-market.

Autumn had faded, giving way to the onset of Winter. Christmas was a few weeks away and New Year’s was just around the corner. It was my day off with neither work nor college classes to occupy me. I was just thinking of some Christmas shopping for friends and family as I stepped out of my apartment building and descended the steps to the sidewalk.

A limousine was parked in front of my building.

I didn’t know if it was the same limo that had stopped for me that night many weeks back, but my building was not high-end. It was unusual to see such a car in this neighbourhood. As I started to walk past, I heard the hum of a power window opening. I looked back and recognized Leonard, the twenty-something black man who fed me my first cock, looking back at me. He addressed me by name.

“Would you like a ride?”

Those were the exact same words with which I was lured into his limousine the last time. On that occasion, it had been raining hard and the offer seemed kind, especially because it had been extended by a beautiful, naked woman. In truth, Leonard and his friends may have treated me in an extraordinary fashion, but they hadn’t been unkind… until the end when they left me naked and shivering in the rain.

This time it was not raining. I was home. I didn’t need a ride.

I got in anyway. Leonard looked as I remembered him from last time: he was black, muscular, sharply dressed, and his entire head was shaved bald.

As usual, Leonard was not alone. By his side sat Martin, the man who took my ass for the first time, perhaps in this very same car. He was well-built and heavily muscled with black, wavy hair and green eyes. He wore a black suit. Opposite, facing them from the front of the passenger section, were two other well-dressed men whom Leonard introduced as Auguste and Vincent. Auguste was blond, with a long, lithe body, muscled like a dancer, not a boxer or wrestler. Vincent was shorter than his friends, but he was dense and wide-shouldered like a block of granite.

The only place for me to sit was between Auguste and Vincent; my narrow frame fit easily into that space. Leonard reached over to me with a fresh-poured Scotch, just as he’d offered me on the previous occasion I’d been in his sphere. I told him it was a bit early in the day for me, perhaps half-suspecting that it might be drugged. I might be stupid enough to get in a car with strangers and pleasure their cocks but I was not so dumb that I would take candy from them. Leonard nodded without concern.

“I said we might try to find you again.”


“I believe you are a natural submissive homosexual.”

This man had fucked my mouth and I had enjoyed it. I couldn’t tell him he was wrong.

“I wondered if we might experiment a little further, without using girls as a sweetener this time. Have you found yourself drawn to men’s cocks since our last frolic?”

There was no point in lying. “Yes.”

“Very good. Are you normally the submissive partner?”

“Yes,” I confirmed it, wondering if that should make me feel ashamed or something.

“Excellent. Suppose I offered you the opportunity to experiment further with your new-found sexuality?”

I was interested and my dick was interested. Leonard saw my cock shifting in my pants. I was getting hard at the thought of being shared by these strangers.

“I can see it does interest you. Perhaps this would be a good time for you to undress for us.”

I hesitated, gauging the men’s faces. Asking them to let me out of the car would have been the sensible thing to do. But I was charmed by Leonard. His dark eyes were honest and his smooth voice got inside my head. I wasn’t hypnotized; I knew what I was doing. I was horny and I wanted cocks inside me.

I took off my coat and threw it down on the floor of the car. My sweater, t-shirt, shoes, pants and underwear soon made a pile there. I was utterly naked before them, my boner conspicuous.

“As before, you are looking just fine,” Leonard said.

I appreciated the compliment, but on my plain exercise casino şirketleri regimen of walking and the occasional swim, I knew I was not a physical specimen to match any of these men surrounding me.

Leonard took his suit jacket off and draped it over the seat beside him. He gestured for me to come to him. I understood the purpose, so I dropped to my knees and wobbled over between his legs. I opened his belt, unbuttoned him and unzipped his fly. He let me pull his pants and underwear down to his thighs, exposing his enviable cock. It was thick and it curved toward me. I took the root of his dick in my hands, to hold the swollen member in place while I licked the tip of the organ. I recognized Leonard’s same alluring crotch scent, a heady mix of perfumed soap and musk, from the last time I’d blown him.

I was not surprised when I saw Martin dispensing with his jacket as well, but not before he fished a tube of lube from out of its pocket. He had been the first man to fuck my ass and he seemed ready to take it again. My heart raced with the anticipation of being fucked a second time by this virtual stranger.

As I swirled my tongue around the head of Leonard’s cock, I massaged his balls with my fingers. He sighed appreciatively.

As I sucked cock, I felt the cold touch of lubed fingers preparing my asshole for penetration. I had become accustomed to this sensation in the weeks since Martin had taken me last. My one worry about such encounters as these was the possibility of contracting AIDS, the so-called gay epidemic. I was determined to keep my sexual adventures safe.

I stopped blowing Leonard just long enough to mutter the word “condom” over my shoulder at Martin.

Leonard answered. “No. Martin is not going to wear a condom this time, but you have our word that he will not come inside you. We won’t force you. The decision is yours, but if you insist on a condom, we will have to terminate this encounter.”

I was too horny for that. I agreed on the understanding Martin would pull out before orgasm. Leonard nodded and Martin mumbled something in agreement as well.

I went back down on Leonard, loving the feeling as I flattened my cheeks around his cock, sucking on it with delight. He tasted good to me.

Martin was neither overly gentle nor aggressive. He was direct with every movement. I heard him lube up his cock before I felt his fingers probing my anus and lubricating my ass. He wiped the excess lubricant on a hand towel from a small, neat pile of linens on the floor. He spread my ass-cheeks apart to widen his access to my asshole. When I felt the latex-sheathed cock brushing up against my sphincter, my first thought was that it felt cold, but a second later the spear of flesh penetrated me in a single thrust and my bowels were warmed. My ass had been well-used since my last encounter with Martin and I wasn’t hard to unlock anymore. I groaned with ecstasy and felt a tingle from my hole to the tip of my dick. I was already leaking pre-cum as the men began to fuck me earnestly at both ends.

“Do you like this?” Leonard asked me.

My honest “yes” was lost against the flesh of his cock, but he took my meaning.

“Do you wish you could have even more cock?”

I nodded awkwardly given the thrusts at my back end and the tool in my mouth.

“Yes, you are a natural indeed. Now, as we fuck you in the face and in the ass, you are doing nothing with your hands.”

In fact, I was using my hands to hold my position against the thrusts coming at me from before and behind me.

“Idle hands are said to do the devil’s work, but really, it’s active hands that can do far more.”

Out of nowhere, Auguste and Vincent knelt on either side of me, unzipping themselves and letting their cocks hang out.

“Use your hands,” Leonard ordered.

It didn’t even occur to me to disobey. I could only barely see the cocks I was to manipulate. Auguste had a long, slender cock with a large purplish knob while Vincent had a shorter shaft, red in colour, with much greater girth. I lifted my hands from the floor and all my weight was supported by my knees and my feet. Somehow, I found my balance despite the thrusting action in my orifices. Gaining confidence, I reached out and took the very different dicks in my hands. I petted them and fondled them until the organs were full-size and I heard the men starting to breathe hard.

“Very good,” Leonard said. “Now get them off.”

My fingers tightened casino firmaları around their dicks and I started wanking the two men off, largely in the same rhythm as I was being fucked by Martin. Leonard seemed content with this and the men sighed with pleasure.

Leonard’s cock tasted delicious to my mouth, especially as he expressed some salty pre-cum onto my tongue. The fluid mixed with my saliva to produce a natural lubricant and this made less friction between my mouth and his cock; I imagined that for him my mouth must have felt like an iron fist in a silk glove. I looked up at Leonard through the top of my eyes. He had closed his own eyes and set his head back against the seat.

Somewhere in the vicinity of my backside, I could hear Martin grunting as he fucked me forcefully. His cock penetrated deep up inside me, massaging my prostate but also giving me a deeply satisfying feeling of fullness.

I couldn’t see the expressions of Vincent and Auguste any more than I could see Martin, but I could feel their excitement. They were perhaps in the best position to watch me being defiled at both ends and I think maybe they found it exciting to watch.

Leonard, ever the ringmaster of events, lifted my head off his cock and ordered me to lie on my back. Martin pulled his dick out of my ass as if he too received an order. I released my hold on the cocks of the other men and obeyed Leonard’s command to get on my back in the middle of the car. The floor of the limousine was surprisingly soft and comfortable.

“Cover him,” Leonard said. In an instant, Vincent and Auguste were kneeling on either side of my body; I had moved my arms up so that their knees were against my ribs. Their cocks hung out above my chest and I instinctively reached up and continued to masturbate them enthusiastically. Leonard knelt with one knee on either side of my head. He told me to lean up and lick his balls, and I obeyed. Martin was between my legs, jerking off with a will. As much as I was enjoying this, I missed the feeling of the dicks inside me.

Vincent, the owner of the thickest cock I’d ever seen, began to groan urgently and it was obvious he was close.

“All at once, gentlemen,” Leonard said, apparently close to orgasm himself, but in complete control of himself. “On three.”

As he counted down, I lay back on the limo floor, releasing the cocks I’d been pulling and dropping back from Leonard’s balls.

When Leonard called it down to one, all of the men erupted simultaneously. I felt warm splooge striping crisscross over my torso as Martin shot up from between my legs, covering my belly; Auguste and Vincente blasted across my chest. Semen pooled in my navel and in places around the sparse hair on my chest. I felt the most heat on my face as Leonard unloaded his cum all over it. Sperm collected in my eye sockets and dribbled into my nose and mouth. It made me terribly horny to imagine myself looking once more like a well-used slut and I begged Leonard for permission to add my own load to the silver streaks across my body. He nodded.

It barely took two pulls before I felt the semen coursing out of my balls and into my cock. I burst in ten rapid-fire ribbons of milky cum, as big a load as any of the other men had shot on me. I convulsed with sexual pleasure as my penis twitched until it was dry.

By the time I was coming down from my sexual high, the other men had buttoned up their pants, replaced their jackets and straightened their ties. I alone was nude and I was covered in spunk. I had a flashback to my last experience with Leonard and Martin, in which they left me cum-covered and naked on a street hours before dawn. Today’s experience was mid-morning and the streets were busy under daylight.

“Rest assured, you won’t be turned out the way you were last time. That was the idea of the young ladies who entertained us all that night. There are towels here and you can dress at your convenience.”

I felt self-conscious now that the sexual frenzy was over. Here I was naked in front of four men, wiping their cum off me. What must they think of me? When I snuck looks around the space inside the limo, I caught looks of lust from three of them; only Leonard kept his face completely neutral.

When I had completely wiped off the cum, I finished dressing and Leonard gestured for me to resume my seat between Auguste and Vincent. I did so. It felt odd to have been so intimate with these men, only for them to resume their aloof demeanour. güvenilir casino

“I may have a proposition for you,” Leonard said. “You have proven yourself well-skilled for a novice on two occasions now. You perform well on command and also under the conditions of being watched; some people shrivel up under that kind of attention. You don’t. You thrive on it; you’re turned on by it. Am I right?”

I just nodded. I couldn’t deny what just happened. If I was honest, I could have gone on as we had for much longer, watched or not. I had enjoyed every second.

“What’s the proposition?” I asked.

“My employer is looking for performers for a very special show, a show in which you could be one of the star attractions. The money is significant, and before you object that you are not a professional, that status is not required or desired. My employer finds something artificial about professional performers—well-toned, plastic men and women playing in over-rehearsed puppet shows. He prefers to hire free-range, authentic, homegrown, amateur talent.”

I had to admit that I was in that category. I didn’t have the repertoire of tricks a professional would have and I may have retained a portion of my former innocence that would be wanting in a pro.

“What’s the nature of this show?”

Leonard looked at me with a raised eyebrow. He was right to look at me as if I was simple; it was obvious.

“You mean,” I speculated. “I take cock every which way I can—in my hands, in my mouth, in my ass—and what? There’s an audience of one?”

“You would be well-used in every orifice and your hands would be kept busy, but not just with the pleasing of four men. No. You would be used by at least twenty men, very possibly more.” He let that sink in and I felt nothing of fear; I was instantly gifted with a fresh boner. “And the audience would be large. You would not be the only attraction, you see. Your performance would be graded and scored and compared to the other performers, and spectators would bet on your chances of winning the competition.”

“How does that work?” I was really curious.

“Simple. You will be timed for how long it takes for each man to come on you. The faster you get them off, the higher your score. In addition, the more lovers you work to completion, the higher your tally. Extra marks can be given for style or technique or enthusiasm. A bonus is given to subjects who come hands-free themselves. Whether you win or you lose, when you are finished, you will wear enough cum to be mistaken for a snowman.”

I was shallow enough to ask about the money.

“Your entrant’s fee will be paid by my employer. He is also willing to pay you one thousand dollars for your services, upon completion, win or lose. In addition, you will get twenty-five percent of any profits taken in betting.”

My mind was whirling.

“So, this time and the last time you picked me up, you were… talent scouting?”

“That’s exactly right.”

I felt strangely flattered, despite the humiliations that happened to me on my first limo ride with Leonard. How many men (and women?) had Leonard and Martin tried out in this way with the same competition in mind? Was it an honour to be selected to attend this… event? As the kid who was never picked for the team in school, I felt an unfamiliar thrill at being singled out for my talent.

“I want you to take a week and think about it,” Leonard said. “If you accept, you must be prepared to be used extensively.”

My erection wriggled in my pants.

“I don’t need a week,” I said, either resigned or determined. “When is it and where do I have to be?”

Leonard was surprised at my zeal.

“In that case, I will draw up the papers—entrant application and photo releases—and bring them for your signature. Tomorrow, shall we say? Two p.m.?”

I agreed, wrote down my name, address (including apartment number) and phone number on the back of a card he gave me. He in turn gave me a business card with the name LEONARD McRAE, Executive Consultant; there was a phone number, but no business name or address.

“Sorry, photo releases?”

“Ah, yes. The event you will participate in is just one of several competitions at a sexual exhibition followed by some European magazine distributors. The pictures will not be distributed in North America, nor widely even in Europe. I could arrange for you to have copies if you are interested.”

Fuck it, I thought. Who hasn’t wanted to be a porn star? I’d take copies for sure.

“I will be at your door with the paperwork at two o’clock tomorrow afternoon. Perhaps we will all come tomorrow to keep you in practice.”

I nodded, because that would be alright with me too.

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