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It was a hot summer day. I had just finished a visit to the dentist and was headed home. It is about a 40 mile drive and I was glad that I would beat the traffic. For some reason, I was feeling really horny and my mind started to wander as I was driving. I started stroking my 40DDD breasts through my blouse. This always triggers my pussy to start getting wet with anticipation. Soon I had unbuttoned my blouse while I continued to rub my titties. I was totally oblivious to the drivers and passengers that were getting an eyeful as I drove down the road at 70 MPH. As I continued, it was only natural that I get some skin to skin contact, so I undid my bra and let my monstrous melons loose. My breasts are very sensitive. My nipples were erect and longed for more stimulation. I was rubbing my breasts, rolling my nipples between my fingers. I was in heaven and on public display to all that I passed.

There was a tow truck behind me that wanted to pass, but I was to wrapped up in my titties. The tow truck got into another lane to exit, when all of sudden he got back into the freeway traffic lanes. That is when I became aware of him because of his fast lane changes. He pulled up along side of my car. I knew then he was watching me. My excitement was increasing and my pussy was getting wetter. I looked at him. We made eye contact. His eyes were fixed on my large melons. He licked his lips, and stuck his tongue out as if to lick them. I had never seen such a long tongue. I responded by picking my left antalya escort bayan breast up to my mouth, grabbed my very erect nipple into my mouth and sucked. As I released my nipple, I circled my tongue around my now 1 inch nipple. I played with my tits until I reached my exit. The tow truck driver was watching the entire time and encouraging me to show him more.

As I exited, he followed. The sexual tension was in the air. He kept looking to see if I was playing with my pussy. I made several turns and he always followed me. I wasn’t sure what to do. I had never had an encounter like this, but I was really needing my titties and pussy licked NOW. I pulled into a grocery store parking lot. I found an isolated spot towards the back of the lot. I parked and the tow truck parked right beside me. What do I do? I decided to go for it. I got out of my car – titties in full view and climbed into the cab of the tow truck. We were total strangers caught up in the moment. He was black and I am very pale white, but that made no difference

He was eagerly waiting for me to get into the truck. He groped for my breasts and pulled off my clothes. He started kneading them, sucking on them, twirling my nipples between his fingers. He managed to say, “I love big tits. I can’t get enough of them.” I told him my tits loved what he was doing and they are very sensitive. I was almost about to cum just from the attention my tits were getting. My pussy was getting electric shock after electric escort bayan shock wave as he nibbled on the nipples. I was soaked.

I noticed the huge bulge in the strangers pants straining to be unleashed. I reached over and began to stroke it. I undid his pants quickly and out popped a huge 8 inch, thick black dick. I began to lick the precum from the tip and suck it into my mouth. He moaned. As I deep-throated his dick, his fingers were finding their way to my pussy. He was amazed at how wet I was. His fingers traced the outline of my slit, then all of a sudden, he inserted one finger in my hole and rubbed my clit with his thumb. All while he continued to suck on my tits. That put me over the edge and his hand was immediately covered with cum. He brought his covered hand up to my tits, smeared some on my tits then sucked the remainder off his hand and my tits. I had to return the favor. I increased the pace as I took his entire length into my mouth. My tongue feverishly ran all over the shaft, as I suckled his dick like he sucked my globes. I could feel his balls tighten and he released a load of hot steamy cream down my throat. It was so sweet. I licked him dry. In the meantime, he had already positioned himself into a 69 as I was giving him head. He started to stick that magnificent tongue of his into my hole. He licked me clean, then proceeded to engulf my clit and suck. His tongue started fucking me as his hands managed to find my tits and tweak my nipples. I was screaming, “I going antalya escort to cum again.” He sucked, probed and tweaked even faster and I exploded. My cum juice shot all over his face.

We repositioned quickly. As we sat up, for the first time our tongues met in anticipation, exchanging our cum. I straddled him and lowered my dripping wet pussy onto his black flag pole. As I bounced up and down, I was able to offer my tits for more tonguing and sucking. The more he sucked, the more excited and wet my pussy became. I positioned my boobs so he could tongue fuck them. This turned him on and in no time he was shooting a hot load of sperm into my cunt. As I climbed off of him, he said, “I gotta do one more thing and that is I gotta fuck those massive titties of yours.” I never turn down an offer to have my tits fucked. I began to suck his cock back to life. It did not take long and it was back to its full 8 inches. We got in a position so I could envelope his big, black cock in my stark white tits. He again was able to maneuver a way to tweak my nipples at the same time as he feverishly fucked my tits. This was sending me into ecstasy as I began fingering my pussy. We both came together. This time he shot his load all over my tits and I squirted cum juice all over his cab window. He had to lick my tits clean and he wanted the windows left alone to remind him of his encounter.

I got dressed. As I stepped down from the tow truck, we both realized there was another man who had apparently watched the entire show. I was totally red from embarrassment. The truck driver said, “I don’t know her name, but she has great fucking tits.” I quickly got back into my car and drove away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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