Frida, Kinks an Warts, the real girl and her sex.

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Frida, Kinks an Warts, the real girl and her sex.
I was 18 when in my first year of university I used to see these flyers littered across campus. They were fluorescent, highlighter yellow of bright colours that caught the eye, with the words HOT FEMALES WANTED 500 POUNDS A DAY spelled out in bold. For weeks I passed by the flyers without much thought, but one day after a cancelled class I went into the Uni bar for a soft drink and just to kick back and reflect when I saw one and actually went over to fetch it to read the fine print. They were looking for people willing to strip then masturbate on webcam. There was an email address and website urging people to contact for more information.

The term, ‘Fucking wow’, crossed my mind as I sat there contemplating masturbating for strangers and being paid for it. I felt the heat rising in my face, not from the very idea but from a little shame, I masturbated, at times unabated and enjoyed it, in fat as a young girl I excelled in frigging my little man in his boat, sometimes in the month, three times daily.
I was an exhibitionist and this sort of shit a few years back, would have been something right up my street, and something I did for the pleasure of seeing a man shoot his load for me, never mind £500 a day. There had to be a catch, I always sensed porn was about exploitation, thuggery and ****.

My Bohemian parents were from the sixties and into free love and there were old 50 feet reels, about 3 minutes of parental soft porn, of mother and daddy expressing their physical free love, I saw daddy with mothers sisters, Jackie and Mary, banging them both, and I suspected that was where my genes came from, as my poor worn fingers could attest from about the age of twelve.

Mother and her two sisters were borderline nymphomaniacs and I saw this on beach holidays to obscure and secretive holiday camps for mixed swinger parties, where richer men had the three girls massage them simultaneously, mother and her sisters could be i****tuous whores and trampish when the moon struck them.

Of course I saw this and was mildly shielded by daddy, and I emphasise the mildly, as he always did things slow enough to let me put two and two together as men arrived for sex and the three daughters ran around naked shrieking and laughing knowing sex was close.

One year one of daddy’s brother in law came along with us, as daddy’s sister had decided to get in on illegal bahis the fun, and daddy had decided he was going to shoot some film, and George, knowing I had to conveniently disappear, offered to take me on a long beach walk, which for some inexplicable reason I sensed there was something else and as we walked away I began questioning and his answers were very revealing to a little girls ears, as George liked to think girls my age were adult enough to know about the facts of life.

I saw as we walked he developed an erection and I took pains to ask him why he got one and he told me bluntly, ‘Because I want to fuck you’, he was my first honest man, and as his blunt words sunk in, he asked me if I wanted to ride his shoulders, and I said yes, I suddenly had one of those urges where my crotch needed touching, and as we were both nude, it would be nice to press against his neck.

he came in behind me and picked me up slowing as my buttocks came level with his face, and he drew me in close and pushed his tongue between them and licked me, even more so when I opened my thighs to straddle his broad shoulders, he licked my cunny and forced and opening to hidden pleasures not meant to experienced for years ahead.

I nestled onto his shoulders feeling very strange indeed, as George walked and I jostled and rubbed against his neck muscles, with a continuous feeling from my tiny hood, George put his hand behind his head and cupped my buttocks and forced my pussy into his neck that when it happened and I exploded, my warm pee ran from me and down Georges back, buttocks and legs, and George laughed out loud. I think, but can’t be certain that George gave me an orgasm, it was a powerful delicious feeling, one that I was afraid to admit I had, so when George focused on my ‘Golden Showering’ him, we agreed to keep it our secret and it still is, that is, until you my readers finish reading it, then you are part of my naughty secret too.

After my first experience with George, I was acutely aware of men and their cocks. George took advantage of my curiosity and would stop on desolate sections of the beach to educate me on the pleasures of being tongued, now I am into oral big time.
I even allowed my dog to sniff between my thighs and and have a good lick as I masturbated to a porn film, aided with my fingers of course, and as daddy snored alongside me, that is something I really should perabet giriş talk about someday, let me know if you like that sort of chat?

This sort of experience at an early age simply led into using my body as I developed to earn money. I was acutely aware of my need to have a solid education, but my need for sex and all things sexual, initially led to a conflict of interests so as a compromise I went on a celibacy run for six months to moderate and control my urges which then led onto my starting my career in this industry as a nude/boudoir/lingerie model. It wasn’t until someone told me about camming that I knew what it was. I felt that because it was so similar to what I’ve already been doing in my modelling work…it just made sense. Work from home, channel my exhibitionism, connect and chat with hundreds of people from all over the world. It enticed me immediately.

I had enough financial power to get going and even hired a guy who was tech savvy and into teen girls to do all my setup, he had access to my new site as well as the occasional fuck session for the continuing maintenance of my equipment. The video of us was sufficient to control him as fucking me was still a crime, so he had a choice, jail time or great fucking orgasms, it was a no brainer, so you see, I was getting really good at looking after myself.

At that age I was caught somewhere between the indie rock and emo aesthetic, svelte with long hair, small suggestive breasts, flat stomach and bald pussy that look meant the creeps and p**o’s would message my profile with lewd requests or suggestive flirtations, and of course, why should I not try and turn that attention and my mild addiction into money? What better way to make a quick Pound?

Initially you are naive and willing to please, you are aware of your body’s power, but not its full potential, so you go out and spend on toys and clothes, and when a man want’s to see your tiny slit of a pink pussy, your pulling your leg over your shoulder to stretch your opening, and pushing the cam inside, I realised by that point I wanted the real thing, and started suggesting men meet me and give me what thy wanted, taking note of where they claimed they came from and just how close they were to me.

I still do meet with some but they need to fill a criteria, which I wont bore you with, but if I am going to go, you better be worth my time and give me perabet güvenilir mi a fucking to remember you by.

Like all people who have difficulty with plain old vanilla sex, I am into the stuff that is considered forbidden both by nature and by law, as you have read, I have ventured outside what would be considered unnatural or i*****l and experienced the best orgasms my body can give. If only people were honest enough to follow their hearts desire then sex would be awesome for everyone, from when a girl bleeds to a boys first hard-on.

I stayed over at my aunts house to babysit their son, about my age when I started messing around with George. There was six years between us and he grew very fond and clingy to me, more so when his parents went out for the night and we were alone.
I was on the couch and feeling horny and he was beside me, lying between my legs his neck on the ‘V’ of my panties and my cool soft thighs nestling against his cheeks as my fingers stroked his face. I could feel the need for a fuck coming on as each movement he made, crushed my clitoris and my pussy began wetting and swelling, I was sure my scent would sexually make him aware and the dampness now soaking my knickers was leaking onto his swan like neck.
At one point he turned his head to look at the TV screen and his mouth brushed my soft inner thigh, and I felt him softly kiss my hot flesh, as I instinctively pressed his head down against my wet crotch, ‘Kiss it again’, I demanded and he did, turning to look at my face, this time his mouth and nose were in my ‘V’, ‘Fuck’, I groaned as I reached down and pulled my knickers aside and pushed his sweet face into my swollen cunt, ‘Lick it’, I moaned over and over, gasping as he did, and with such precision, right on my button and I squirted right into his open mouth as I orgasmed.

Months later I was being driven home by his father who stopped in a lay-by in the countryside and just started r*ping me, he knew what I had done to his son, and as far as he was concerned it was payback time, as he flipped me in the back seat and hammered into all my holes with a convenient tube of KY in the back seat pocket.

Father and son, i****t and p**o sex, camming and whoring, you name it I have tried it and my verdict is always the same every time, if it feels good, do it, and if you get paid for it, so much so the better.

NB. I realise men like to read this sort of stuff but shy away from commenting but the truth is guys, if I am brave enough to admit I like doing it, why not join me, get in touch, even just to say, ‘Hi Frida’, I need you as much, maybe more, as you might want to meet me.
Just saying, love Frida

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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