Friends , Family Ch. 01

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This is the first on many chapters of me growing up in the Midwest in the late spring and early summer of 1971 before moving to AZ to live with my grandmother and attend college.

All persons in this and any of my stories are of at least 18 years of age and the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

These chapters cover the times that I was just 19 thru 22 and being one HORNY, WELL HUNG guy that could and did keep many older ladies happy.

The ladies I will cover in these chapters were friends of my parents and all but one were married had husbands that were like my father, owners of companies in the town that we live in and attended the same business groups and church my family attended.

The ladies were in the same “sewing circles” and church groups as well as “personal” friends of my mother. (If you get the drift of this last statement as you will see in the many chapters to follow)

This chapter covers the mother of one of the girls that I went to school and church with and dated for a while before she went on to college and got her degree in chemistry. It goes into what her mother wanted to have happen between the three of us over the” summer of free loving” as Doris called it.

Doris J & her daughter Linda and myself Larry,

As I was growing up in the Midwest, I was surrounded by lots of the ladies that were in the groups my parents socialized with. (As in potlucks and women clubs / groups (my mother was part of), other couples that knew my parents thru work, church and neighbors.

Most of these ladies were of the usual build and all were very friendly. Many of the ladies in my mother “circle” were of the BIG BREASTED build and I was always attracted by them in a large way. (A lot of them were also regularly built but “HORNY AS HELL” as the rest of the chapters will cover.)

All of them always loved to hug me and pull me into those monsters that were always on display, but couples were much friendlier and used to sneak a grope of my crotch during the hugs.

The families always got together for picnics, dinner gathering and everyone’s birthdays along with going on vacations together. I was always playing basketball with some of the other boys and we loved to show off for the girls in the group. One of the girls, Linda, and I started dating as other paired up also. (Our parents just thought we were JUST friends, little did they know {we thought})

For my nineteen birthday, my mother was planning on a birthday party for me with the youth group in the church.

I had asked that she make sure that this one girl (Linda {18 ½}) was specially asked to the party. My mother asked why, and I outright told her that we had been going out after the Sunday evening service on what would be called “a group date” and were getting to know each other better and wanted to keep that relationship going. (I did not tell her that she had the largest boobs in the group and she loved for me to caress them when we snuck off alone. I also said, “her mother and father and our family went on vacation’s together, I thought it right to keep the friendship of the families together.”)

I loved to ogle as her breasts were large and swung free in her summer tops she wore at some of our get together and times I took Linda home after being out.)

She told me that Linda was defiantly going to be there along with her mother, as she (Doris) was helping my mom with the party. I just said, “Great.”

This was on Thursday and the party was to be on Saturday of this week.

Linda and I had planned on going to the movie this Friday evening, but she got food poisoning from the school lunch along with about a hundred other students and ended up in the e-room for six hours. So I was free for the time being.

Linda’s mother called the day of the party (Saturday morning) to ask my mom to send me over to pick up some things for the party, that would not need to be kept cold.

When I got to their house, Linda was out with her father doing some last minute errands and picking up some meds for her stomach problem.

Doris answered the door with just wearing a kitchen apron, one that had a strap that went over the neck and tied in the back, and pair of panties, and nothing else. Her ass was hanging out for all to see and her breasts were hanging free and showed out the sides of the apron top.

I quickly turned around as not to look at her, but she grabbed my arm and pulled me into the house and closed the door quickly.

She turned me so I was facing her and gave me a big kiss and said, “Happy Birthday Larry.”

As she moved around her breasts swung and pushed the apron top together and they were exposed for me to enjoy with the apron stuck between them.

I said, Thank you, but where are your clothes?, even though I am enjoying the scenery that is in front of me at the moment.”

She smiled and said, I know you love looking at my breasts, just as you like to ogle Linda’s, bahis firmaları so here they are for you to enjoy, as she untied the apron and took it off. (She told me later that she had caught me seeking a peek at her many times when our families got together.)

To fill you in on Doris figure, she was 39 at the time this story takes place, 5’7″, about 160lbs, sparkling blue eyes, beautiful red mane (top and bottom), slightly toned body, lightly tanned skin, and an incredibly hot 36G-26-36 hourglass figure perfect for fucking. (Her breast were of the SAGGY / PENDOULOUS nature but the rest was fantastic)

My mouth dropped open and my eye got the most wonderful “eyeful” that any boy could wish.

Her breasts were so large and pendulous, her areola’s must have been two and a half inches across and the nipples were over an inch long. They were a light pink and sat a little bit below the end of those monsters breasts. (My wife in later years called this position of a nipple on breast “Australian nipples, down under, you get it)

I just walked towards her and she took my hand and we went into the kitchen. I gave her a big hug and kiss as I reached for the apron tie to untie it. As I was doing that she slipped her fingers into her pantie top and pushed them down and threw them at me and said. Keep these for an early birthday present.

Doris’s pussy and inner thighs were covered with a thick mat of red hair, and you could barely discern her swollen labia and clitoris.

She took my right hand and placed my hand on her left breast and she took her other hand and placed it on my crotch.

She smiled and said, I see you like what you see Larry.

Is that the monster Linda told me about you have hidden in those shorts, is coming to life. (It was still semi hard and not to its full length when she grabbed me)

I looked at her with a “question look on my face,” and she then told me about Linda telling her about the times she had played with my 12″penis. (Linda had wanted to measure it one time she had it rock hard and dripping precum)

She said that she had not believed her daughter and had to find out for herself if it was that large, and now that she felt it hanging down along my left leg, she believed it and wanted to see and enjoy it for herself.

With that statement, I asked Doris when Linda and her dad were due to get home and she said, “In a little over an hour from now if the pharmacy was slow as always.”

She loosened my belt and unsnapped my jeans and they fell to the floor, she smiled as she saw I did not have any underwear on and out sprang my semi hard cock.

Doris took her right hand and cupped my balls and with the other hand held my cock steady as she rubbed the head of it.

My cock instantly grew larger and harder as she played with it.

It got to it full length and she licked her lips and said, this was going to be a birthday present you will not forget.

Her nipples started to get larger and hard and the areola’s got all wrinkly and hard as she played with me and she told me to sit down and relax as she got down in front of me and took my cock in her hands and lowered her head to meet my upward pointing cock.

She kissed the head of it and then put it in her mouth for the first time (I could never get her daughter to do this for me ever up until after this happening)

Doris just sucked the head for a minute and licked the precum off of my cock, all of a sudden she open her mouth and crammed my cock in as far as it would go.

She moved her head back and forth for a couple of minutes and then took my cock out of her mouth, stood up turned around and told me to follow her to the bedroom.

As we went up the stairs to the bedroom she swung her ass in my face and at one point on the stairs stopped, bent over with her legs apart to show me her ever so wet pussy and as she reached between her legs, ran her fingers between her lips and flicked her finger as to lead me on to the bedroom.

When we got to the bedroom door she turned and kissed me and told me to wait a minute, as she needed to close the drapes so the neighbors could not see in.

She then laid down on the edge of the bed and opened her legs wide and pointed to my mouth and tongue and said “lick me studly.”

I knelt down between her legs and started in licking and sucking her cunt and big juicy lips.

I continued voraciously munching on Doris’s juicy cunt until she began to tense and arch her back. I knew that I was mere seconds away from receiving my mouthwatering reward.

She groaned loudly, “Oh my god, I’m Fuuucking Cumming” and forcefully squired jet after jet of her hot and tasty cum into my awaiting mouth.

I raised my head and her juices were dripping from my face. She sat up and reached for my head.

She wiped my face off with her hand and licked the juices off her hand.

She then stood up, walked to the bathroom ad returned with two towels, one between her legs and one to wipe my face with.

She kaçak iddaa pushed me down on my back onto the bed and with my legs hanging over the side, dropped the towel, got on the bed next to me, swung her leg over me, straddled me and took my cock into her hand and guided it to her soaking wet cunt.

She held my cock at her entrance for a minute before lowering herself one to its head.

She then sat down further and further till she had all 12″ inside her pussy.

She stayed like that for a minute or two before starting to raise and lower her pussy onto my cock with a steady downward movement.

As I looked up at her and saw her boobs swing back and forth, I raised my hands and cupped both of them and pinched the nipples, as she let out a sigh of pleasure.

She leaned forward and I took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked on it. She screamed to keep going and took my hands and placed then the free breast saying, Play with them as my nipples are so sensitive, it makes me cum faster. (I later found out most women’s nipples are sensitive when they are aroused.

Doris just kept up the motion of riding my cock till I got the I am going to cum look on my face and she rose off me and I exploded all over her stomach and breasts

She looked down at me and smiled and just said, You cannot cum in me as I still of the age that I could still get PG.

I told her next time we will use a “rubber,” and she said, NO I like the feel of your cock in me, not a rubber and YES there will be many more time of us together.

Well I told her, “then we have to be ever so careful and just mess up and get you PG. (I later find out she started taking “the pill right after this mornings “play time” without her husband’s knowing.)

Doris smiled and agreed.

Just then we heard a car drive into the driveway.

Doris jumped off me and ran to the bathroom, as I put on my clothes and headed down to the kitchen.

Linda and her dad walked in just as Doris came into the kitchen carrying a box the she said need to be taken to my parents’ house for the party.

Linda asked if she could ride back to my house with me and her parents agreed along with saying, “We will be there shortly for his B-day party.

Doris smiled at me and winked as we walked out the back kitchen door to my car.

Once inside Linda looked at me and said, “Did you and mom have a good talk?”

I said, “YES!” and left it at that for the moment.

Linda slid over to be next to me and laid her head on my shoulder and her hand on my crotch. She squeezed my semi hard cock and made a sucking sound to show she wanted to suck me off.

I looked at her and she just smiled and said, “Your birthday present from me to you, later after the party.”

My cock instantly got rock hard in her hand and she just kept her hand on my cock and stroked it a couple of times.

I just smiled and thought of what her mother had just done for a birthday present for me and wondered if Linda knew.

When we got to my parents’ house, Linda asked if she could use the bathroom.

When she came back out she took my hand and secretly placed her panties into my hand and said, “KEEP THESE SAFE TILL LATER.” (That is two pairs in less than an hour to start a collection with)

I could feel that the crotch was wet when she placed them in my hand.

The party lasted till around ten thirty and then we left for me to take Linda home as her parents were still taking with mine about the upcoming vacation the two families were going to be taking together to the Wisconsin Dell in a couple of weeks.

I had not even backed out of the drive and Linda was unbuttoning her top and removing her bra. She took the bra and draped it over my head and hooked it under my chin. It made he look like a world war one fighter pilot with his head gear on she said.

I quickly pulled to the side of the road and pulled her to me and kissed her as I reached through the open top and grabbed her bare breast.

She sighed and just lie against the seat and let me play for a minute before saying, “We should go someplace so you can enjoy my present.”

I suggested her house as her parents were at my parents’ house.

She agreed and off in one hell of a hurry with he still holds my cock through my pants.

I told her to take it out and stroke it if she wished as it was a ten minute drive before we got to her house.

She undid my belt and lowered the zipper. Out sprang my cock as there was no underwear to restrain it.

She took it in her little hand and fondled it and smeared the precum all over it.

She laid her head back on my shoulder and started to suck on my ear lobe.

When we got to her house I put my cock back in my pants as best I could and grabbed her bra out of the back seat where I had thrown it.

When we got into the house I looked at the bra labels to see what size it was. (As any horny, all American boy would do, right?)

She saw me sneak a peek and said, “34 C kaçak bahis for your information.”

I just reached out and pulled her towards me with her top hanging open and her beautiful breast exposed.

She opened my pants back to expose my rock hard cock and took it in her hand as her mother had done hours earlier and led me to the family room sofa. (Her mother led me to the bedroom in the same manner, remember)

I took off her top and skirt.

She removed my shirt and pulled the pants off and we fell onto the sofa.

As we sat their naked, I put my arm around her and kissed her.

She just leaned into me and took my cock into her hand and stroked it.

She then got down on her knees in front of me and kissed my cock before taking the head into her mouth.

She looked up at me and said, “I have never done this before, so I hope I do not hurt your cock with my teeth.

I looked down at her and said, “I am sure you will not.”

She then tried to put more of my 11″ inch to mouth and gagged a little till she got use to it being in her mouth.

She took her tongue and licked its full length and cupped my balls with both her hands as she again tried o take more of my cock into her mouth.

As I lay back on the sofa to enjoy this present she stood up and straddled me with a leg on each side of me. She lowered her body down till the head of my cock was pushing against her pussy.

She then reached between her legs, took hold of my cock and rubbed it over her lips getting her juices and my precum to make her wetter.

I reached out and cupped her breasts and pulled her to me and said that we should be careful as not to do something she did not wish to do.

She looked at me and said. “NO penetration just yet, just rub my pussy and cum all over my stomach when you are ready.”

I looked at her, pulled her to me and pulled her head down and kissed her forehead.

I then had her sit up and again pulled her to me but this time kissed both nipples and let her keep moving my cock over her pussy lips.

I told her pull it out NOW as I shot my load all over both of us as we kissed.

Once we had regained our breath I placed her on the sofa and spread her leg so I could play with her pussy and getting on the floor I started to lick her cunt and now ever so wet lips.

She lay back as I had done and in a very short time she squeezed her legs around my head and screamed (like her mother had do earlier) as she climaxed to my licking and penetrating into her “tunnel of love.”

She leaned forward after that and pulled me towards her with my head in her lap, we stayed like that for at least ten minutes before she said we had better clean up as her parents would be home soon.

We were back sitting on the sofa watching a late movie on TV when he parents walked in and said, “Hello and what fun have you to be up to?”

Linda said, “We were just watching a show on late night TV.

I looked at the clock and saw it was after midnight, so I said good night to Linda’s parents as she waked out to the car with me.

She kissed me and suggested we go out after church tonight for a sandwich and other things.

I said, “Sure, we can go to the drive in burger joint, have a burger and park in the BACK row.”

She smiled and said, “I think that would work just out fine.”

When I got home my mom was just coming out of the bathroom with a big smile on her face and her “old ladies” nightie partially open and exposing her breast for me so see.

Her nipples were dark red and I could tell she did not have any bottoms on either as the light show off her bare ass to me as she walked down the hallway to their bedroom.

She smiled at me and said, “Did you and Linda have a go time tonight?”

I told her “YES! And we were going out tomorrow after evening youth service also.

She said, “GOOD and I hope you two were careful, with a big cheesy smile.”

Dad was in the bedroom and just said, “Good night, as mom closed the door with a sad look on her face.”

I went into my bathroom and took a wet wash cloth and washed my face and cock.

As I was washing my cock it started getting hard again just thinking about Linda and what had happen previously.

I went to my room and lay there in my bed, naked with my cock in my hand a wash cloth in the other.

I stroked myself till I shot another large load and fell sleep with the wash cloth over my cock retaining the cum.

Sunday morning after the party, mom came into my room with a different set of PJ’s on, from what I had seen her in last night as she went into her bedroom, and said that my sister had called when I was gone last night and she was sorry she could not make the party, but would be home in a couple of weeks after her finals with my present.

I said, “Great”, and rolled over so she could not see my morning woody.

She walked over to my bed and with one swift motion pulled the covers off of me exposing my woody with my hand on it. She smiled and reached down and patted my penis and said that needed to be taken care of.

She sat down on the bed and reached over and took hold of my hand moving it off my penis and replaced it with hers.

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