Friend’s Father Ch. 02

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When I woke up Saturday morning an odd feeling swept over me. Had that been a dream? No. It was real. My best friend’s older father came into my room, and fucked me. I had had my first gay sexual experience.

‘But I’m not gay!’ I thought to myself.

‘But I did enjoy it’ I responded to myself.

I lay in bed, still nude and warm beneath the comforter. The dried cum still present in the small amount of hair at the bottom of my stomach and the top of my pubic area, proof that last night’s “sexcapade” did indeed really happen.

I could hear voices coming from living room on the other side of the door to my room. I would soon be expected to make an appearance out there. No doubt my friend Jeffery would be up by now, having passed out relatively early last night. The combination of weed and liquor surely aided him in a deep sleep. His mother Valerie would be serving her famous bacon and eggs. Sister Allison would be there, still pouting about how unfair her life was. And of course, he, Jack, would be there. The man whom I had shared a passionate sexual experience with only hours ago. This would be the first true eye contact we would make since before it happened, seeing as the encounter took place in near total darkness.

Reluctantly I threw on some basketball shorts and a comfortable shirt, and exited the room. I was greeted with the usual “There he is” and “sleepy-head” comments of welcomes from Valerie and Jeffery, as I was the last person to arrive. Jack simply smiled at me as our gazes met. He was filling his place with meat as I sat.

“Bacon and Eggs sound good to you, Greg?” Valerie asked as she handed me a skillet sizzling with eggs.

“Thank you,” I replied, filling my plate.

“I think I have some sausage if you’d prefer, Greg,” Jack said. His eye seemed to twitch, as if resisting a wink. His smile dared the room to discover his double entendre. I quickly responded to cover it.

“Bacon is fine. My favorite.” Once the plates were full everyone was soon enjoying our breakfast with silent voices and loud utensils.

“Did you boys have a good night?” Valerie asked, breaking the silence created by our eating. Jack shot me a glance, filled with the memory of our “boy’s night”. She of course was referring to my and Jeffery’s night.

“The usual. Gaming.” Jeffery replied with food still in his mouth.

“Allison and I are going shopping today, if anyone would care to join us.” She looked around hopefully. She was met with muted faces. Her gaze held on Jeffery. His gaze responded with confusion.

“What?” He said through the mass of food in his mouth.

“You need new shoes. And clothes. You’re coming with us.” She said frankly. Jeffery groaned.

“But Greg is here, I can’t go shopping.” He responded.

“He’ll be fine here without bahis firmaları you for an hour or two. You’re going. Those shoes of yours are disgusting. Time for new ones.” I suddenly had a rush of concern run through me. If Jeffery, Valerie, and Allison were all going shopping, that meant I would remain behind with Jack. The two of us home, all alone. My heart started beating quickly.

“So, everyone’s going but me?” I asked just to clarify.

“I’ll be here, Greg.” Jack replied. “Have a few things I need to take care of here.” Again, a twitch of the eye. “Besides, it’ll just be clothes shopping. Very boring. You’ll have more fun playing here.” Valerie nodded in agreement. The breakfast was all but finished only a few minutes later.

“Well gang, everyone get ready. Shower up, get dressed and meet at the door when we’re ready.” Valerie said, standing and grabbing the finished plates from the table. I didn’t exactly know what to do next. Everyone started getting up and heading to their rooms and bathrooms. I remained behind, still fiddling the remains of my plate with my fork. Jack was slowly finishing the last of his bacon while reading something on his phone.

Upstairs the final door shut. Jack moved almost immediately. He stood, walked over to my chair, grabbed me by the arm and gently, but firmly, pulled me from my seat and brought me to stand before him. He glanced quickly up from the kitchen to the stairs to make sure no one was present.

“We have to be quick.” He began to undo his belt buckle quickly. I was paralyzed by the situation. I looked away, back at the stairs. Half of me was hoping for an interruption, the other half was immensely aroused by the situation. I had no real idea what was going to happen next.

But then, he pulled his zipper down, undid the button on his boxer shorts, and exposed his semi-hard cock to me. He placed his hand on my shoulder and began to push me downwards. He didn’t have to push hard, as my knees buckled at his demand and I found my self staring directly at the cock that had taken my anal virginity the night before.

In that moment I wasn’t sure what drove me exactly. The memory of the immense pleasure this cock had given me only hours ago filled me with a passionate desire to show my gratitude. The cock was in my mouth before my knees touched the ground.

Having never given a blowjob in my life, I was worried at first that I wasn’t going to be able to do it right. But I quickly thought back to the blowjobs my girlfriend used to give me, and tried to mimic her technique as best I could. Apparently this was working, because after a few moments of stroking his cock with my hand while bobbing up and down his shaft with my mouth, slurping and sucking back hard, Jack tilted his head back and began to vocalize his pleasure with soft moans and kaçak iddaa deep breaths.

Faster and faster I went, my mouth giving off noises, my chin dripping with spit. His cock had become rock hard by this point. As I sucked, and toyed the tip of his cock with my tongue I was met with a new flavor. I realized quickly it was his precum, meaning he was building to an explosion soon. It was somewhat sweet, but only just a little. It was moist, thicker than water, but less thick than syrup. As I continued to suck his cock, more of the precum entered my mouth. I would swallow each drop as it seeped slowly from his tip.

“Fuck. Keep going, I’m going to cum soon.” At this request, I began to move quicker. My hand tightened around his shaft as it went up and down stroking, my mouth following it down and back up. His cock was huge now, fully engorged, ready to exploded. But just then…

“Jack?!” Called Valerie from the stairs. Her footsteps sounded as she descended the final flight. Jack quickly pulled me along the floor toward the kitchen counter, hiding me from sight as Valerie entered the kitchen.

“Yes?” Jack tried to stand casually, as if his cock wasn’t standing fully erect from his boxers, as if I wasn’t on the ground wiping my chin of spit. Luckily the height of the kitchen counter hid him from the waist down.

“Have you seen my keys? They’re not upstairs.” She asked. He shrugged in response.

“Maybe in the drawer?” He replied. She must’ve turned to check, because I could hear a drawer open and shuffling noises come as Jack looked down at me and mouth ‘Keep going’ to me. I slowly inched forward and wrapped my lips around his cock again. I made sure to go slow and not make any noises. However, this situation made me very excited. All she would have to do is walk around the kitchen counter and she would find her son’s friend, barely an adult with her husband’s cock in his mouth.

“Shit, they’re not here.” She replied slamming the drawer shut. I froze, cock in mouth, not sure where she would move to next.

“Relax,” at first I thought he was talking to me, but he continued, “Just take mine. They’re up on my nightstand.” She sighed heavily.

“Ugh! Alright. Keep an eye out for mine though, okay?” She said as she exited the room and made her way back upstairs.

“Will do,” The sound of a door closing was our cue. He put his hand on the back of my head and forced me down. His cock was going deep into my mouth, making me gag slightly each time he forced my head toward his body. He began to breath heavily “Fucking suck it!” He commanded. My lips were tight around his shaft as it fucked my mouth. Each time I gaged, my lips would open and spit would flow down my frontside.

“My balls, play with my balls.” My hand shot up to his sack and I began rubbing and caressing them. kaçak bahis Jack’s head went back and he moaned. “I’m gonna cum.” Gaging, slurping, playing, sucking, I kept going and going for what seemed like minutes until he grabbed me by the head with his one hand and pulled me away from his cock by only about an inch or two and began aggressively stroking his cock in my face. “Open your mouth.”

Having watched plenty of porn, I knew what he wanted. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. He stroked hard for another few moments before moving his cock’s tip to just meat my tongue. He pushed my head so it tilted back, facing me directly upwards. And then, he erupted.

The first shot of cum was large, long like a rope, and went right over my mouth, landing on my face, running from my nose to the top of my forehead in one long strand, just over my right eye. Luckily I was smart enough to close my eyes just as the shots came. Next came another large rope right to the top of my mouth, and dripping down to the back of my tongue. More and more cum as he continued to moan and jerk his cock into my face and mouth. If felt like half of my face was covered in the warm, sticky substance, and at least half his load filled my mouth as he finished with intense moans.

I closed my mouth, tasting the subtly sweat, somewhat dull substance on my tongue. I opened my eyes slowly, making sure to not let any cum get into them, and looked up at him. We locked eyes, his face contorted in pleasure, and I made sure he watched me swallow his load. It felt somewhat similar to swallowing a large amount of snot at the back of your throat, but warmer, and better tasting.

He grinned widely as I opened my mouth again, now emptied of his load. I took his cock in my mouth again, cleaning the tip off and sucking the remaining cum out of his cock. He laughed slightly, and buckled under the overwhelming sensation of the continuing oral pleasure.

“Easy now. Sensitive.” He said with a smile. He reached over the counter and grabbed a cloth, handing it to me to wipe my face with.

He backed away, pulling his now shrinking cock back into his boxers, and closing his pants. I stood up and checked my shirt. It had a stretch of moisture down the front from all the spit, and spots of cum here and there.

“You better get changed before they come back out.” I nodded in agreement. I felt dizzy. I wasn’t sure if it was from all the head motions, or just overcome by the moment. “Get showered. You and I are gonna have some fun once the house is all ours.”

He moved forward, grabbing me by the waist and pulled me into an intense, deep kiss. I had never kissed a man on the mouth before. Not since my father had stopped kissing me when I was a very young boy. And I was never really kissed like this. I melted in his arms under the force of his mouth on mine.

He pulled back and smiled at me. He then walked away, out of the room and up the stairs. Leaving me there to process what happened, and more importantly to wonder what was to come.

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