Friends, Sexcapades and Love Affairs Ch. 13

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Chapter Thirteen — Awake

Edward leaned into his shoulder as they walked inside the house as if he was drunk. Adrian was pretty sure they hadn’t imbibed that much so it had to be something else. Throughout their ride back, Edward had proven fascinated with sucking on Adrian’s thumb, and shivering lightly whenever touched.

Adrian just hoped it wasn’t because of Brown’s stupid show that Edward felt like that. It had to be because he had dared to put a collar on Edward, albeit not a suitable one. He would see to that, and soon.

“I’m sure you have a toy room,” he said as soon as they were inside.

Edward nodded and walked in front. Adrian reached for him and then searched for the end of the tie. He pulled at it to make Edward heed. There was no one else around, so they were safe to roleplay as much as they wanted.

Edward threw him a heated look, but he didn’t protest. He continued to walk, with Adrian holding him like that until they were in front of a black door. Maybe it was a bit too obvious, but Adrian doubted that the personnel who took care of the house ever dared to comment on certain secret habits of the master of the house.

Edward pushed the door open and then flicked the lights on. Adrian walked inside and stared at the austere design. The furniture was sparse, only a black leather sofa, and armchair, and a table that was covered with a large piece of the same material. The floor was granite or some other type of stone, polished to a shine.

“Toys,” Adrian asked curtly. “Where are they?”

Edward gestured toward a cabinet in one corner that Adrian must have missed the first time he had glanced around the room. He let go of the tie to walk over and pull open the drawers. Now it was no time to express his surprise; but, after all, he had expected some of that. The first drawer contained nothing but collars in all shapes and sizes.

“Undress,” he ordered Edward without throwing one look back.

The rustling of clothes let him know that his order was obeyed.

“When I turn, I want to see you on all fours.”

Movement followed. Adrian smiled to himself. He took a hard look at the collars. He had to pick and do it correctly. A fussy aristocrat like Edward probably expected him to guess everything now. It was in his DNA to succeed, so Adrian went for the heaviest of the bunch without one moment of hesitation. It was a training collar, the type that came with heavy metal insertions needed to exhaust a dog’s strength and make him yield.

He turned with the collar in one hand and read the surprise in Edward’s eyes. Edward was obediently sitting on all fours, completely naked on the polished floor, a blurred reflection of his nakedness in it.

He was a marvelous specimen, Adrian thought to himself. Unlike the first time, when he had tried to convince himself that he wasn’t impressed, now he believed Edward to be the sexiest man alive. He wasn’t a twink, and he wasn’t overly muscular, either, but he was beautiful like an old statue, his body lean and strong.

Adrian could feel his resolve shaking. His cock twitched painfully in his pants. Damn, he needed to get off so badly. But this was about conquering Edward for real.

“This one will do,” Adrian said with confidence and walked over to Edward.

He crouched to fix the collar around Edward’s neck. Edward looked down obediently, and his shoulders sagged a bit as if the weight of the collar did that to him. It was pretty heavy, Adrian had to admit. He let his fingers linger around Edward’s neck, enjoying the small shiver shaking that beautiful body.

Adrian risked one look across the reversed arch of Edward’s back. At the other end, the two mounds of flesh rose enticingly. He barely kept in a sigh. Delayed gratification, he told himself.

He stood up again and then went back to the cabinet to look for another item. He needed to keep it simple and efficient; that was one way of not doing it wrong. After a few moments of deliberation, he picked a training stick, although he knew that he would use it in ways much different from a real dog trainer.

With the stick in one hand, he moved back to Edward, who was waiting obediently on the floor. That had to start hurting, all determination and arousal aside. He used the stick first to draw an invisible line on Edward’s back from the tailbone to the collar that sat firmly around his neck. Then, Adrian brought the tip of the stick to his own lips and kissed it.

Edward watched it with curiosity. Adrian pointed the stick at him.

“What?” Edward asked.

Adrian smiled. “I’ve never had a dog, but I know a few basics. You should know what to do, too. It’s not food for you to lick, but –“

Edward rolled his eyes and stuck out his tongue to lick the tip of the stick.

“Good boy,” Adrian praised him. “Now, hop on the sofa.”

Edward obeyed, but Adrian could tell that he was unhappy about being made comfortable. Well, they would see about that just a bit later. Adrian plopped down on the sofa, with Edward next to him on güvenilir bahis all fours. Steadily, he let the stick to the side and opened his fly. With firm moves, he pulled at his strained cock until there was a clear bead of precum in its eye.

Carefully, he then picked it with the tip of the training stick and then offered it to Edward, who hurried to lap at it this time.

“Suck. No hands.”

Edward threw him a look as if he wanted to challenge him, but Adrian stared at him. The green eyes looked down, and their owner dropped his head to grab Adrian’s cock between his lips. The training stick was quickly abandoned. Adrian did not need it anymore.

“You’re such a good cocksucker,” Adrian praised him. With one hand, he began to caress Edward’s back. Bobbing his head up and down like that, with the heavy collar on, had to be a feat, but Adrian could tell that Edward welcomed the strain by how enthusiastically he did his job.

His cock was released for a moment. “If you’re too gentle, I won’t like it,” Edward warned.

Adrian stopped his caress. So someone wanted to play a little rough. But Adrian had his own set of values, and he would impose them on Edward without fear. He grabbed one muscular buttock, squeezed it, and then slapped it hard.

Edward had already returned to his sucking, but he gasped and dropped the cock from his mouth when Adrian spanked his ass. If Edward thought he would go easy on him, he needed to reconsider. Adrian could still recall the spanking he had gotten from Edward, not such a long time back. And he remembered that Edward had spared nothing while reddening his behind that time.

“Suck,” he ordered curtly.

Edward seemed even more enthusiastic now. To think that he had had the man all backward. The things he wanted to be done to him, Edward did to others in the not so transparent hope that he would be served his own lessons back. Lucky for him, Adrian was a keen observer.

Also, it frigging paid off. His cock was in absolute heaven. Edward slurped and used his tongue to tease the head and the sensitive skin under it over and over again. Adrian continued to spank Edward’s glorious behind, but this time, Edward didn’t stop.

Like this, he would come way too fast. He needed to up the ante somehow, and he recalled one particular thing Edward had seemed to like watching earlier that night. He snuck one hand between Edward’s legs from behind and caught his hard cock. Pulling it back, he brought it into a position he could use. Edward’s slurping intensified.

Adrian could feel his lips quirking into a smile. If Edward thought it would be this easy, he needed to think again. He removed his hand from Edward’s cock and pulled his own from Edward’s mouth, as well.

“Get on the floor,” he ordered.

Edward obeyed fast. Adrian could swear that if the man had had a tail, he would have wiggled it furiously by now. With one hand, he grabbed his cock and began pumping it slow, his release too impending to risk spilling it prematurely.

“Open your mouth. Here comes your treat.”

Edward stuck his tongue out, and Adrian could swear that he had never seen a sexier image in his life. Maybe he would snap a picture sometime and then put it in a super-secret folder so that he could fap to it later.

Right now, there was no time for that kind of stuff. Adrian pumped his cock hard as he got closer. He pushed Edward’s head back, pulling it by the hair, enjoying the gone look in the beautiful green eyes.

“Move your tongue, show me how much you want it,” Adrian whispered.

Edward began rolling his tongue slowly, lasciviously, licking his lips in passing. Adrian cursed and began spraying his lover’s face, making a real mess out of it. Edward’s tongue moved so fascinatingly now, trying to catch everything but failing.

Adrian laughed as he regained his breath. “You’re such a messy boy. Here, I need to teach you how to eat properly. On all fours again.”

Edward obeyed while he still used his tongue to catch the elusive drops of cum. Adrian knelt next to him, grabbed his cock from behind again, and began moving his hand fast. Edward started breathing sharply, and his entire body shook.

“Let me help you, you messy boy,” Adrian said lovingly and began licking Edward’s face for every droplet of his earlier release, only to push it into his lover’s open mouth.

The position was awkward, and the arm he used for jerking Edward off was starting to hurt, but it was all in the presentation. He was sure now that Edward would come and fast.

He didn’t have to wait long. Edward gasped and moaned into his mouth while still being fed cum, as he exploded in Adrian’s hand.

Adrian didn’t suppress a victory shout. “Yes!”

He pulled Edward into his arms and brought his face near his. Resting with his back against the sofa, he stood there, listening only to the sound of their breathing for a while.

Maybe Edward was a bit tired now, but Adrian didn’t intend to put him to work. On the contrary, he wanted Edward just to lie türkçe bahis down and welcome everything obediently. He stood, and Edward followed him with sleepy eyes. Adrian made a small gesture for the sofa, and Edward climbed on it.

“On your back,” he asked softly.

Edward obeyed. His chest was still rising and falling a bit fast; his lips were moist, and his gaze was dreamy. Rogue locks had evaded the carefully brushed hairstyle and now glued to the tall forehead, a sign of being spent. Adrian climbed on the sofa, too, and pushed Edward’s knees to his chest. He observed the naked body in front of him for a while, in silence.

With two fingers, he began teasing Edward’s backdoor. A small shiver was the answer. Adrian stood only so that he could get what was needed. His cock was conveniently hanging out, as spent and delighted as Edward, but Adrian trusted his stamina to get it all back in full force.

This time he teased the tight hole with lubed fingers. Some he poured on his cock, making it slick and ready for action with steady pulls, which Edward observed slowly, through his eyelashes.

You’re so beautiful like this, Adrian wanted to say, but he rightfully feared that Edward would scoff at such a declaration. The man in front of him needed something else to let down his guard and allow anyone in. Doe eyes and soft words were not enough to break him.

“One thing,” he said.

The sleepy eyes made an effort to stare at him.

“Have you ever been involved with that asshole?”

“Brown?” A quirked eyebrow expressed surprise.


“No. I would never.”

Adrian placed his cock at the tight entrance, ready for delving. “Have you ever thought about it?”


“Fantasize about it, then?”

There was a short hesitation. “No.”

“I will never be a prick like him, and that’s a promise.” Adrian pushed in, eliciting a short gasp from Edward. He didn’t wait for another reply; he clamped his mouth hard on Edward’s and kissed him deeply. There was still the faint taste of cum there, but that only made Adrian more heated.

He moved amply, making sure to gain momentum before slamming down hard and making Edward squirm. All the time, he didn’t allow either of them to breathe; Edward needed to understand that there was someone in the world who could give it to him as he desired.

Adrian withdrew each time to the point of almost being out completely, only to bottom out inside Edward’s ass over and over again. The stop and go strategy was arousing, but Adrian knew he needed more if he wanted to achieve his goal. So he started to speed up. At one point, he released Edward’s mouth only so that he could hear him moan and curse and say all the dirty words that surely didn’t belong on the tongue and lips of such a person of high status.

Adrian wasn’t sure if he was the only one to bring Edward to his level or whether, secretly, that was who Edward truly was. They were two acrobats, walking the same rope, from opposite directions. If they were careful, they would reach each other into a tight embrace.

“Adrian,” Edward whispered. “No more, it’s too much, I’m going to –“

Adrian bit down hard on the arched neck, presenting itself so prettily. He was sure it was a mess between them and that maybe Edward wouldn’t be able to sit once the arousal and the pleasure of the night would fade away. But, for that moment, it was everything they both wanted.

Later, Adrian kept Edward close to his chest while touching his collar once in a while. He was dying to ask a lot of things, but tonight was not, by far, a good time to do that. They were scratching the surface, and Adrian liked what he discovered. Now, he only needed to be patient.

“That guy, will he be all right?” he asked instead.


“Brown’s … I don’t know how to call him. Sub?”

“I will check on him tomorrow. We’re not close, but I feel like I should do it.”

“How do you think happened that he fell under that asshole’s spell?”

“That wouldn’t be hard. Brown knows too much about everyone. And he’s a real charmer when he wants to be.”

“Still. It’s written all over him that he’s an asshole.”

“Callan is young, and,” Edward sighed, “he has been kept on too short a leash by his parents. I have no idea how Brown got to know him in the first place. I’ve only seen him once at The Awakening.”

“The asshole knows how to pick his victims,” Adrian said through his teeth.

Edward laughed softly. “Your pissing contest tonight was a sight.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“I have to admit that yes, I did, albeit shamefully. I should be above such things.”

“Was it really okay to leave this young man, Callan, in Brown’s clutches tonight?”

“Brown wouldn’t dare to go further than he had already gone. And he achieved his purpose.”

“Or not. I kinda pissed on his parade.”

“You did. Callan will be fine, Adrian. I don’t want to sound cynical, but people with a lot of money often tend to fly over any sort of trauma like it barely touches güvenilir bahis siteleri them.”

“He appeared pretty desperate to me when that asshole exposed him.”

“Yes. And yet, I still wonder whether he would not dismiss everything the moment I call him tomorrow with the intention of offering him comfort.”

“Because of pride, maybe.”

“Or because not many things can touch someone like him. Momentarily, I’m sure.”

“How can you know that? You don’t really know the guy.”

“That’s true. But Brown has pulled all kinds of shenanigans up till now. People tend to forget all about his misdeeds, for some reason.”

“For some reason? You don’t know it?”

Another sigh followed. “I do. Rich people keep to themselves and are a pretty tightly-knit group. No word of Callan’s humiliation will ever get out. And I have seen people forgiving Brown for more than this.”

“I don’t even want to know.”

“Correct. And I won’t tell you, either. You’re too pure to be contaminated by such things.”

“Me? Pure?”

“Yes, you are. You have no idea.”

Adrian wondered what sort of comeback he could have to that. “I’ve done plenty of stupid things in my life.”

“Shut up. You don’t even know what truly stupid means. All right, maybe you do, but at least, you’ve never been evil on purpose.”

And like that, the balance between them was reversed once more. Edward might have been the one with the collar, but he was in charge again, and he made Adrian feel the age gap between them and not only that.

Edward stood with a groan. “I have a feeling I will experience some well-deserved pain when I wake up tomorrow.”

“I can offer a bit of massage first thing in the morning.” Adrian smiled and took in Edward’s behind, while his cock twitched in sympathy.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to pass. You should go, Adrian.”

Edward’s voice was switched to neutral in a heartbeat.

“Excuse me?” Adrian wasn’t sure that Edward really meant that. He was turned, and Adrian couldn’t see his face. “I thought I would spend the night.”

“Hmm, not a good idea.”

Adrian ran one hand over his face. So Edward wasn’t that easy to conquer after all. “What’s this about?”

“Sundays are dedicated to certain activities, and I can’t indulge a bed partner, as sexy and satisfying as he might be.” Edward turned to him and smiled. Then he caught Adrian’s chin and shook it gently. “I need to be at my best tomorrow.”

In charge. Adrian couldn’t believe he had fallen for the act. Could it be that Edward had played him and had him walk right into a well-crafted trap? No, it couldn’t be. There were way too many uncontrollable factors involved.

“Really? And what were you tonight? At your worst or something?” He didn’t want to sound petty, but he couldn’t help it. They had just had the best kind of sex, and now he was dismissed like a random booty call.

A shadow passed quickly over Edward’s attractive features. “I believe you could say that.”

So maybe not so much in charge and in control, Adrian thought. He stood and pushed his cock back in his pants. “Talking about being damned hot and cold.” Suddenly, he wasn’t that much in the mood for games. They had just shared something real. Or was it only in his head?

“Adrian,” Edward said reproachfully. “Sleepovers are earned.”

“Right? What do I have to do to you next time? Strangle you while I fuck you?”

It was annoying to see Edward just slightly amused at the suggestion. “Let’s not slip. We had fun together. Now each of us should sleep in his own bed. After all, I am quite certain my body would hate me if I gave in again, and that is why I should keep you as a reward. If we’re getting too familiar, I might get bored of you.”

Adrian could feel his jaw hurting. “Fine,” he said through his teeth.

“Come now,” Edward grabbed his ass and gave it a tight squeeze. “You know I like you.”

“But not too much.”

“Maybe too much.”

“How is that a problem?”

“It can be. I don’t do relationships, Adrian. I have my reasons.”

“Care to share them?”

“Let me fuck you, and I’ll tell you.”

“Ha! Nice try.”

He would find out, all in due time, Adrian was sure. Now he needed to rein in his neediness. As much as he would have loved to sleep in Edward’s bed and wake up with him, the fact that Edward was playing hard to get only made things more challenging. And he was always up to a challenge.

“So, when are we going to see each other again?”

“Next weekend would be a safe bet.”

“Are we going to that stupid club again?”

“No. I’ll take you somewhere truly nice.”

“I hope it’s nothing like this Awakening crap.”

“Nothing like that. I promise.”

“Will you call?” Adrian wanted to slap himself silly. He needed to tread carefully. Edward didn’t have to think that he was desperate; it would just ruin things.

“On the dot, as usual.”

“Can I kiss you?”



“May I kiss you? That would be the correct phrase.”

“Shut up, already.” Adrian pulled Edward close and relished in how the taut body in his arms relaxed as they kissed. He would find out all about Edward and get the satisfaction of truly bringing him to his knees.

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